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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 1 Recap

Okay, I just love this series! Exactly my cup of tea! Yup, this is definitely getting recapped people! 😉 My Korean might not hold up at times, but let’s hope we can get through this okay! Gaksital, You ROCK!!

Episode 1 Recap:

The episode opens on a funeral procession on a street for some ‘patriot’.  At the same time, soldiers are overturning people’s stalls and holding them back, arresting and using violence on the ones who resist. Some of the people speak up-“Patriot to whom?” calling the officers ‘turncoats’ for selling out their own country. As the soldiers load an old grandfather into the arrest van, his grandson comes up, wanting to stop them and gets beaten with a whip. As the arrest van drives away, in rides Officer Lee Kang To.

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