Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 12 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Sorry for the delay people! The next two episodes will be up in a single recap soon! 🙂

Episode 12 Recap:

In Young watches Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun drive away with a scowl. As she heads home herself, she flashes back to finding out about Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun’s attitude towards her when she’d tried to get back together with him and the fact that he’s now happy and smiling with Seung Yeon. She vows not to let this slide. Woo Hyun drops Seung Yeon off and tells her not to go online since there are lots of bad comments going round about him. Seung Yeon blows their importance off and tells him not to think stupid stuff. He tells her there’s some work he’s gotta do so he’ll be up a bit. When she gets to the room, Ji Woo asks after Woo Hyun and bids her a good night. Seung Yeon giggles to herself as she remembers the kiss but then suddenly realizes she forgot something at his place-her chest binding cloth. Woo Hyun finds it and wonders what it is until he realizes what is and drops it like a hot potato! Haha! Woo Hyun uses the night to compose a song.

In the morning, there is a discussion going on about damage control and how to deal with the situation. Team Leader Han suggests having a lot of activities for M2 and their trainers agree that with proper practice, M2 Junior members won’t have a problem debuting. They decide to select members for M2 and promote them at the next showcase. Team Leader Han insists Woo Hyun will stay on M2 but Hyun Suk wishes to know what Woo Hyun has to say about the matter. She insists its Woo Hyun’s decision and asks Hyun Suk to ask Seung Yeon to quit on her own before there are more problems.

Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon go on a date. She’s afraid of being found out but he tells her not to worry. The theatre is almost empty and Woo Hyun joins her later when the movie is about to start. Meanwhile, the other Junior members are exercising. Tae Gun points out the current situation is in their favor since they have to be selected now. Ji Woo collects his wallet from the main desk and discovers the photo is missing. Woo Hyun dozes off during the movie and Seung Yeon pulls his head to rest on her shoulder. When she’s looking at him, he mumbles, “Stop looking at me.” Hehe, so someone wasn’t asleep after all. She tries to move his head away but he tells her to stop moving and stays there, saying its comfortable and good that her shoulders are so wide. She takes offense to that and shoves him away, warning him not to laugh. He reminds her, “Someone said I look much better when I smile!” She claims not to remember. He tells her to look at him, normally he’s so good looking, if he smiles, doesn’t that make her go crazy at how good looking he is. She tsks tsks at his Prince-syndrome. He refuses the watch the movie and keeps staring at her, she puts up her hands in embarrassment.

Woo Hyun’s waiting in the car outside but Seung Yeon isn’t coming out so calls her up. Turns out, she accidently went to the girls washroom again. When Woo Hyun calls, she explains the situation. Woo Hyun thinks of what to do and does the only thing he can-he heads inside and stands at a place he can easily be recognized. People start swarming around him and taking pictures. A girl excitedly tells all the others in the washroom who run out in glee to meet him. Seung Yeon sneaks off during that.

Team Leader Han looks at the pictures of Woo Hyun at the theatre and calls him up to meet, realizing he must have gone with Seung Yeon. When she calls, he tells her he’ll come over. Meanwhile, he cooks lunch for Seung Yeon while Team Leader Han cancels Woo Hyun’s stunt with the MC-ing. Woo Hyun is surprised at Seung Yeon’s inability to cook and wonder how a girl can not even know that, remarking no one would marry her and she replies, “That’s why ever since I was young, I said I’d marry Ji Woo.” That wipes off Woo Hyun’s smile, especially when she goes on and tells him Ji Woo is excellent at cooking. He gruffly tells her to try it out and she thoughtfully tells him its delicious. He’s like-that’s it? Tell me if its better than Ji Woo’s or not. Seung Yeon, still not getting that he’s jealous, remarks that he can’t compete with Ji Woo, which angers Woo Hyun and he takes away her plate, telling her to go and ask Ji Woo to cook for her. Seung Yeon notices he’s jealous and he goes on about how she can share the same room with a guy. Seung Yeon says she feels good about him jealous and he hands her plate back, insisting he is so NOT jealous.

Ji Woo is still wondering where the photo went when he runs into Seung Yeon. Meanwhile, In Young meets up with reporters. The reporter comments on how she looks different and wonders if she’s in love but she denies it. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun announces he’ll be quitting M2-he wants to rest and do some more songs himself. Team Leader Han argues-she won’t accept this decision but Woo Hyun tells her the Juniors have a lot more potential than she realizes and they’ll do well. She leaves, telling them she won’t accept Woo Hyun’s decision. Once she’s gone, Hyun Suk sighs, telling Woo Hyun to try and understand Team Leader Han since she’s always put in so much effort for him and M2. Woo Hyun understands but agrees that if they were less ambitious and greedy from the start, things would never have gotten to this. When he tells Hyun Suk he’s sorry, Hyun Suk stares at him dumbfounded. He wonders what the world has come to that he’s lived to see the day Woo Hyun apologizes to someone. Woo Hyun muses the rumors must be true-he’s labeled Dog Woo Hyun. Hyun Suk says, “Well, not up to the Dog part…” In Young meanwhile announces Woo Hyun will be appearing in her music video. She lets slip that Woo Hyun probably already has a girlfriend but reveals no more. She vows not to let Seung Yeon have Woo Hyun.

Seung Yeon and Ji Woo sit together trying to compose but he’s worried about the photo-she tells him not to worry someone might have just taken it thinking she was pretty. She’s batting her eyelashes at him and teasing him when Woo Hyun walks up. Ji Woo walks off when Woo Hyun asks if he doesn’t have anywhere else to be. Seung Yeon calls Woo Hyun childish for his jealous behavior but covers up by saying she’s referring to her lyrics. She amuses him by doing ‘aegyo’ and Team Leader Han walks out to see the two together. Fuming, she says she should have sent off Seung Yeon when she had the chance.

When Woo Hyun calls up his fellow M2 members their phones are switched off. He wants to hand something over to them. Time for the music video to be filmed. Woo Hyun comes too and is smiling broadly, especially after seeing Seung Yeon there. All during filming, he sneaks glances at her and there’s also a kiss scene between In Young and Woo Hyun. Hae Young comes to meet Hyun Suk and brought lunch she made herself but Hyun Suk is out so she shares them with Team Leader Han. She confesses she likes Hyun Suk. Seung Yeon heads off to cool her head about the kiss and Woo Hyun assures her it was simply acting. He moves in as if to kiss her but stays to the side and shows her-this is how it’s done so it looks real but isn’t so. Then he moves in to kiss her. In Young sees them like that.

Hyun Suk helps out Hae Yong and tries to contact Team Leader Han but her phone is off. Hae Yong remembers Team Leader Han’s confession-she had admitted she liked Hyun Suk as well but she wouldn’t try to tie down someone who didn’t like her back. Team Leader Han is meanwhile drinking her sorrows away at a bar with a guy. Hyun Suk drives Hae Yong home but gets a call from Team Leader Han. Watching him talk to her, Hae Yong spills coffee on her hand so Hyun Suk has to cut the call short. Team Leader Han messages him, “If you can’t make it in the next 30 minutes, I’ll just quit.” At the shooting, Woo Hyun is polite and nice to In Young but tells her he thinks of her more as a friend. This time, she refuses his hand telling him she doesn’t want to be his friend. Woo Hyun offers a ride to a few of the M2 Junior members but Seung Yeon tells him they can all fit in. Hence a ride home with everyone stuffed into the van. Hyun Suk goes to find Team Leader Han after dropping Hae Yong off but finds out she left with a guy. She is meanwhile crying on her way home, wondering what she’s actually gotten in her life since she can’t help M2 anymore and even Hyun Suk isn’t with her.

In the ride, Ji Woo and Seung Yeon are sitting together which irritates Woo Hyun, especially when Tae Gun pushes them even closer. Hence, they all change seats. After that, everyone but Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon are uncomfortable. At home, In Young broods over the kiss she witnessed. She calls up the reporter and tells him she’ll give him a big scoop tomorrow. She mutters, “You brought this on yourself, Ji Seung Yeon. Don’t hate me.” Woo Hyun drops everyone off and heads off to meet his fellow M2 members who have refused to see him. He gives them a CD-it’s the new song for their album. He tells them to use it or throw it-their choice. Jun Hyung throws it away and tells him to leave. Woo Hyun muses this is what it feels like to be ignored. The members tell him to not be so stuck up in his life and Woo Hyun mutters a sorry before leaving. Hyun Suk waits for Team Leader Han outside her house but  her attitude is dismissive and tells him she had a seon (matchmaking) date yesterday and the guy seems nice. As she’s walking away, Hyun Suk shouts behind her, “You can’t judge a person so easily. I’m not saying you have to meet him again and again…” but she’s already left. She goes to see Woo Hyun.

She asks if he’s changed like this because of Seung Yeon-chiding herself for not seeing it before. He tells her he’s no intention of hiding it and she scoffs at that-if he has a scandal with her everything will be over for him. No one can ever know Seung Yeon was a girl and trained as a boy. She warns him not to meet him again and continue with M2 activities but he outright says he won’t do it. She heads to her last resort. Meanwhile, In Young decides not to leak the scoop after all in honor of her good memories with Woo Hyun since the way he smiles now is the same she remembers when he was happy with her. She looks at the picture and mutters this is repayment for the heartbreak she caused him-seems she likes him more than she thought. She puts the picture in her car’s dashboard. Her phone rings-her and Woo Hyun’s dating pictures were leaked online.

The M2 members gather around the laptop and gossip about everything going on. Seung Yeon is alright but thinks of the hard time Woo Hyun must be having. He thinks this is In Young’s doing and heads out, only to find reporters glued to the door. His manager calls Team Leader Han but she won’t pick his call. At the same time, In Young confronts Team Leader Han for leaking those pictures. Team Leader Han corrects her, “It’s not to bury you two, it’s to save the two of you.” She tells In Young to prepare for a press conference and admit they are both dating now-she’ll take care of the rest.


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  1. Weee ~ Been stalking for 2 days after I read that you’re going to finish recapping this drama. Kpop Survival was a surprising find for me, I enjoy it more than I expected.

    The dates in this episode are sooooooooooooooooo cute. I love that he went out of his way to help her escape the bathroom scene. Such a sweet gesture. And the car scene! It cracks me up…. haha 😀

    Someone needs to whack that manager. She drains all the energy out of this fluffy drama for me!

    • I agree, that lady is crazy, don’t understand how she can think whatever she does is good for woo hyun.
      Akikosan thank u!!!

    • Haha, I would’ve had the recap out sooner but my brother came home over the weekend and hijacked my laptop! 😛

      N yeah, this is a really cute time pass! I had most fun when poor Woo Hyun was doubting his sanity n then witnesses the confession by Ji Woo! Haha! In this episode, me favorite moment was to see Woo Hyun petty jealous! 😀 When he asks Ji Woo “So, you cook THAT well?” and Seung Yeon just tsks tsks at his childishness! Hehe! 😉

      And Team Leader Han-I liked her in the beginning, really I did! And I loved hating In Young. Now it’s the other way around-I find In Young better!

      Other recaps’ll be up soon! Also, m putting in some feature posts about Shi Kyung! Maybe you’ll like them too! 🙂

      And most of all, glad to see you here, Kap! 😉 Everytime I say Kap, it reminds me of Captain America from The Avengers! What a movie!! 😀

      Enjoy the recaps, Twinkles! The other’ll be up soon! Working on episode 13 right now! 😉

    • Agreed Mariah! I like In Young in this episode. She actually stopped and looked at herself before committing a crime. Thankfully, she didn’t go down that road! 😉

      haha Because of Nutella, now whenever I see Kap….I automatically think “Krap! Krap!”

      • Yup, theres a chance for redemption as long as you dont commit the crime and besides, it shows you have a conscience. Han Jung Eun is too caught up on getting what she wants!

        Haha, keep your mind focused on the Kap, Kap, Kap!! 😀 Watch Captain America and The Avengers! You will love the use of Kap there! 😉

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