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Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 12 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Sorry for the delay people! The next two episodes will be up in a single recap soon! 🙂

Episode 12 Recap:

In Young watches Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun drive away with a scowl. As she heads home herself, she flashes back to finding out about Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun’s attitude towards her when she’d tried to get back together with him and the fact that he’s now happy and smiling with Seung Yeon. She vows not to let this slide. Woo Hyun drops Seung Yeon off and tells her not to go online since there are lots of bad comments going round about him. Seung Yeon blows their importance off and tells him not to think stupid stuff. He tells her there’s some work he’s gotta do so he’ll be up a bit. When she gets to the room, Ji Woo asks after Woo Hyun and bids her a good night. Seung Yeon giggles to herself as she remembers the kiss but then suddenly realizes she forgot something at his place-her chest binding cloth. Woo Hyun finds it and wonders what it is until he realizes what is and drops it like a hot potato! Haha! Woo Hyun uses the night to compose a song.

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