Fashion King Episode 20 Crap…Oops, Recrap… Oh, Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

WTH??? Yes, its that bad! What the hell is wrong with this whole series? Was the writer crazy? How on earth did they even get to make it in the first place?! Nothing, absolutely nothing has made sense from day one! I’m not even deigning it a full recap people. Sorry, it’s just going to make me puke again. So I’ll get it over with in as little as possible.

Episode 20 Mini Mini Recap:

Ga Young learns Young Gul’s father died. Guilt trip. Jae Hyuk is dazed-with an annoying expression. Madam Jo comes to share her evil idea of bringing Young Gul down. That perks him up. Whatever the plan is, it works. Young Gul comes with Anna to work at J Fashion on YGM but that’s all he can smile about since trouble arrives right after in the form of a newspaper article and J Fashion stealing all his associates.

Ga Young cooks him dinner as a thank you for everything ever and gives him her sketchbooks where she’s made loads of designs for him to use. She thanks him for the shop and promises to use it well. Everything’s going crazy at GG and Anna fights it out with Young Gul. He repeats, don’t worry and she’s like, you said that every day and that’s why we’re here! He’s like, worry not, you’ve still got YGM. She gets a call from Daddy Jae Hyuk. He offers to take her back at J Fashion and she accepts. I guess that’s her happy ever after!

Bong Sook and Ga Young are heading home after a good day at their own shop when they get a call about Young Young Apparel. Young Gul has gone missing and people are coming to claim their debts or whatever and taking the sewing machines and whatever else they can find. Ga Young does what she always does. Go and confront Jae Hyuk. Her signature dialogue, “Why are you doing this to Sajang-nim?” After that it’s a whole of bla bla bla. She tells him to take his anger out on her if she’s the one he’s angry with but he tells her to leave. Moments after she’s leaves, he chases her. He stops her, wondering how long she’s going to be like this. How much does he have to compete with Young Gul? Why doesn’t she have him in her heart? If it’s what she wants, he’ll leave everything for her. And he’ll wait for her reply. Ummm, fast forward button, where art thou?

Young Gul visits his father’s grave and promises to come back again sometime while also vowing not to live like him. He goes to see Jae Hyuk. He asks Jae Hyuk for money to sponsor Ga Young’s Fashion show. He promises to return it when YGM does well but Jae Hyuk drops another bomb-they’ve taken their hands off YGM so Young Gul is alone in it, means it’s as much a mess. Young Gul tells him he’ll sign over YGM to him and begs for the money. On his way out, he finds out Anna has come back to J Fashion and tells her he’s sorry. When he’s leaving, she asks if it okay to give him a call every now and then. He tells her to do as she wants.

Ga Young’s crashing at Young Young again when Young Gul comes in with a suitcase. He leaves the ring with her, along with a candy bar and leaves. She wakes up later in the night and finds them. He’s long gone by then. She visits his house and everything’s being sold off. Off to a summons by Daddy Jung where Jae Hyuk is beaten to a pulp. Apparently Jae Hyuk gave Young Gul the money and Daddy dearest wonders what to do with the two-especially Young Gul. Assistant Kim asks Ga Young to tell them if she hears from Young Gul. Jae Hyuk is taken away and he mutters an apology to her before he leaves.


A month later

Jae Hyuk visits Ga Young and finds a letter from Young Gul. It’s with a plane ticket. Young Gul asks Ga Young to come see him in America ‘at that house’ and finishes with a I love you. Jae Hyuk steals the letter. He asks Ga Young to go with him to America. Once there, he tells her Young Gul is in New York too and asks if she wants to meet him. Although she tears up, she says no. One Jae Hyuk is gone, she cries her heart out.

Anna leaves a voice mail for someone (Most probably Young Gul). Young Gul goes to meet Ga Young but finds her with Jae Hyuk, and smiling. He broods-majorly, visits the old house they shared, sits on the steps and cries. Finally, he stumbles home drunk and heads off to sit in the pool as he calls her up.

Young Gul: “Are you having fun there? I’m not.”
Ga Young: “Are you there? Where we once were?”
Young Gul: “Don’t you miss me at all? I really miss you!!”

A man walks up to Young Gul and shoots him. After the shot rings out, Ga Young mutters “I miss you too!” and doesn’t look the least bit surprised by the gunshot or the silence that follows.




My mind’s not working much and besides, I dont really care who killed who and why but feel free to share your ideas! Would love to hear why and how such rubbish actually worked out! 😉

And cheers to the end of a crappy serial! We shal so not have to suffer through it again! Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! ^_^

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  1. Well!! Am happy this drama is finished!! It was soo boring till beginning to end. END – Made no sense at all.. Like?? Am just confused…. I can’t believe i still watched this drama… I should of quitted ages agoo.. It was just soo crap, too many company fueds and stuff like that. So boringgg,, it was justt.. ARGHHH!!!

    • Haha, I can understand! FK manage to bring out the same reactions in me and hence I didnt even bother to comment on it at the end! Better forgotten as quickly as possible! 😀

  2. @hitomiakiko: Oh My God. I just stopped by to see how you were doing and saw that you were recapping FK. I heard about it (PTL I wasn’t actually following it) and I think this show is even worse than the trainwreck that was CoW.

  3. Oh my, that was awful and didnt make sense at all! No comment except i’m staying away from this one, thanks for your recaps and trudging through this.
    On another note, did u drop kpop recaps?

    • Hey, nah I havent dropped KPop! Ive been too caught up in other work Ive been unable to get to them! Ive yet to seethe last two episodes too! Ill be trying to get mini recaps for all out over this weekend! That is, if I can get over the heartache of King 2 Hearts!! 😦

      • I know! I havent seen 19 yet but just reading recaps i’m bawling like a baby- and at work!!! I think i’ll have to save it for this weekend-i’m not emotionally ready for all the trauma.

      • Good thing to tackle it on the weekend! You can go crazy and cry it all out at home! My sister was worried seeing me crying so hard that day! It just shows what an EPIC series K2H was and how much we enjoyed it! It is so gonna stay in my heart! 🙂

      • Just a warning…the last ep made no sense whatsoever >.> the weirdest episode I’ve ever watched….probably because they had to cut it down from 16 episodes to 14 😦

      • Hehe, Ill be going through them today, hopefully to get the recaps out. Lets see how it goes! But I was so surprised and kind of disappointed when they cut the series down! 😦

  4. Thank you for your mini recap. im glad this drama is OVER. now i can back to my normal life and spit on FK. i waste my 20 plus Hours of my life for this crapy drama. FK is a big Joke. the writer is a moron. Maybe he wants to create a story that can be remain still in our head. well, he did it. this drama will forever be remain in eveyone’s head as the Biggest JOKE ever. im dissaponted w/ the ending. i had a feeling that the writer will wrap it up in a weird way. or maybe in a cliff hanger-type way. But he made YG dead w/ no reason. if only there’s a reason. but none. GY is the worst female character in Kdrama history ever. at least she ended up w/JH. the only reason i watch this show. lee jae hoon.
    anyhoo, FK is not about Fashion. look at what YG wear! omg. those ridiculous short and jacket. and JH always wearing those boring suits. ughh

    • Seriously, there was nothing right regarding the fashion in this drama and the whole story was so messed up because the characters never made sense and were beyond crazy!

  5. Many times I will let things slide under the school of thought known as ‘art for art’s sake’ BUT sometimes, just sometimes, I want to invade the ‘privacy’ of an artist and make explain themselves.

  6. Firstly, my commiserations that you had to write a mini-recap for this trash and to all of us who were tricked into watching this in the first place, thinking this was a drama about ambitious people in fashion… No ambition and no fashion whatsoever (look at what YG was wearing …those shorts and jacket…ugh!).
    I ranted a lot yesterday, but obviously not enough and had to come back here to rant some more! :). I suspect the writer thinks he is clever by putting in a murder at the end (apparently, he has done the same in his previous notorious work). But it is not!!! If the ending was either ‘going round in circles again with no resolution’ or GY ended up with JH or YG, I would not have cared but at least it would be consistent with the rest of the story. But by introducing CSI New York at the end, WTH??? It made the drama even more of a laughing stock than before (did not think it was possible.. he has proven me wrong!).
    I mean, what is the point of this drama? It so ridiculous that I wonder what is in the psyche of the writer? He took 3 years to produce this truckload of nonsense? I personally think he should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, to protect the public from any more harm he could do to us… if he was allowed to write again! Lol!
    Sigh! Hope the rest of the upcoming dramas in 2012 can help to lessen the pain and heal our scars from FK!

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