Fashion King Episode 19 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Thank God it’ll be over tonight! I couldn’t take one more of it! 😐

Episode 19 Recap:

On the ride home, Il Gook tells Young Gul and Ga Young that Jae Hyuk left and muses at his drunken behavior, muttering that Ga Young (Whom he still calls Jae su sshi) must have been pretty embarrassed. Young Gul has his eyes closed on the ride and an angry/pained expression on his face. Unfortunately, I cannot tell, nor care for the difference anymore. Finally, Young Gul addresses Ga Young and tells her not to bother abut stupid stuff and just think about what she truly wants and he’ll do it all for her. That brings a smile to her lips (Seriously?), however he’s got a troubled expression. At home, he broods over the confession. Ugh, just fast forward.

Ga Young is distracted at work while the office ladies watch her from behind, gossiping about the events from yesterday. She finally takes a breather and heads outside, just as Jae Hyuk exits from his office and watches her go. At home, Jae Hyuk is having breakfast under his mom’s watchful eyes. His injured hand is bandaged. His mom asks what she can do to help him-should she bring the girl? Whatever he wants, she’ll do it! He tells her not to bother with anything and just do work instead. Aww, I like mommy. She’s ready to bring in the girl because he likes her but hey, that is not the right way to go about anything. He says just as much and finally annoyed, he heads out. On the ride down in the elevator, he gets a message from Ga Young, asking to meet.

Bar time. Again. She asks how his hand is and he tells her its fine and pretty much guesses the reason why she’s come to see him. She’s thankful to him for everything and tells him she’s no idea how she would be today if she hadn’t met him that first time in the bar-which was this very bar. She’s sure he must regret meeting her. Then he’d not even have hurt his hand like this. He brushes off her concern and she goes on-she knows what he wants, what he expects and tells him she doesn’t dislike him and is thankful she got to know a person like him in her life but she loves Young Gul. She tells him not to be hurt and not to remember her at all. He’s hurt but can’t say otherwise and tells her he’ll do that if its what she wants and heads off first. It’s only on the ride home that he lets himself tear up in heartbreak.

Ga Young walks back with a heavy heart and remembers the first time her clothes were displayed because of Jae Hyuk. She smiles at the memory. Umm, where are we going with any of this? Young Gul gets back to find Jae Hyuk lingering near the elevator. They both head up together. Young Gul retorts he thought Jae Hyuk would have died of embarrassment by now but Jae Hyuk tells him he simply told the person he loves that he loved her, what’s embarrassing about that? Young Gul asks him if he had to make a spectacle in front of so many people. Jae Hyuk asks him if he loves Ga Young and that he’s asking as the person who loves Ga Young. Young Gul doesn’t reply. Jae Hyuk asks again-has he confessed to her ever? And Young Gul’s silence tells him he hasn’t. Young Gul grabs his neck and retorts, “People like you might be able to live well on love, but people like me have to work too.” And tells him to stop talking about love. Duh, what was that? When the doors open, he shoves Jae Hyuk out. Jae Hyuk turns back. “Call Lee Ga Young. And tell her you love her.” Young Gul, angry as ever, asks him if he wants to die as the doors close. Young Gul leans back against the elevator wall.

Anna is at work when Young Gul brings in some people. And his pants make me cringe. Oh for heaven’s sake, this was a fashion show, remember? Jae Hyuk gets called by daddy who regales him with a story. I slept through it and whatever else he said. There’s some business talk too which goes over my head. Jae Hyuk still cringes at his dad’s treatment. He broods in the bathroom, while assistant Kim wonders what they’re going to do. Jae Hyuk takes off his bandage and heads on for a meeting with the same people who came to see Young Gul. They’re the people he’s signed the deal for YGM with. Unfortunately for him, they are Young Gul’s people.

Madam Jo and Young Gul meet. He’s still wearing those annoying pants. Madam Jo tells him since he has so much money now, he should focus on his own father now rather than some other girl. She threatens him she will have her revenge one day and not to mistake things since she is going easy today. He tells her he’ll expect it. Turns out, she has signed over the boutique. Young Gul relaxes when she’s gone, until his phone rings. He and Anna entertain the foreigners in his apartment and they toast to their future together. Anna asks to speak with him and she asks him if what she just heard is all true? He says yes. She asks why he’s doing this? And rips into him for it. Of course, Jae Hyuk’s father won’t sit quietly when he realizes what’s happening. She tells him his greed has become too much and he says people live just once so take all you can. He tells her he’ll handle it all and leads her back to the meeting. Umm, yeah, he’s just turning more and more into a psychopath!

Madam Jo calls up someone to get some info on Young Gul. Oh, you’re still hanging around? Ga Young is at work when Young Gul’s friend walks in with the samples of the shoes and thanks her for her help. It’s for the new brand Young Gul is launching. As usual, Young Gul isn’t at his office and out and about somewhere. From outside, a horn sounds and everyone goes out to see Young Gul sporting a new car. All except Ga Young are gaga over it. He takes her for a drive-to Madam Jo’s shop-now hers. She wonders how this has happened and he tells her he’s simply returning what always belonged to her.

When he asks her to take the President’s seat, she draws back, asking him to explain how everything happened. When she shows no real excitement at it, he’s like, Why don’t you like it, do you know how much I had to do to get this for you? He tells her to just be happy, take it in stride and tell him thank you. She’s simply stumped and can’t respond even when he asks if she likes or hates it? She tells him this is not what she wanted and all her desires and wants have changed ever since she met him. However little, they can live on their own strength. He takes it the other way, asking her if she thinks he did something useless? She thanks him for the effort but tells him she doesn’t want it. He’s angry. Of course; as usual. He gives her the keys and deed for it, telling her to keep it or get rid of it, whatever she wants-the place is hers now. He stalks off and outside, broods before driving off.

On the ride, he gets a call. He arrives at a funeral home where his aunt is crying for her dead brother-his father. They have a chat. I didn’t listen. He spends the evening in a bar, in his own room, getting drunk. Il Gook and his other friend join him later, surprised at his crazy state. And it leads to a fight between him and Il Gook, whose had enough of his demeaning attitude and greed. Young Gul doesn’t see himself as such and Il Gook beats him up. Once he’s gone, Young Gul shouts at him to hit him more, finally breaking down into tears and cries.

That night, Ga Young also broods in the shop, waiting for his return. He’s drunk when he gets back and wonders why she’s still here. She thinks he’s drunk and should talk tomorrow but he tells her to continue. She returns the keys and the deed, telling him she’s sorry and she thought of it all day and can’t accept it, so he should do with it what he wants.He gets angry and starts to rant at her. Finally, he wonders if he has to act like Jae Hyuk and say I love you to get her to accept it? She wonders where it’s coming from but he goes ten steps further and tells her she should have just accepted Jae Hyuk. That’s hurtful and she asks why he’s doing this? Is he that drunk? Doesn’t he know how she feels? But he counters, why doesn’t she see how he feels? He has money and wants to give her everything-who is he to her anyway? And begs her to just accept it, before staking off teary eyed. Umm, can’t feel it at all, Young Gul. You’re off the line for me. Boy, is there no end to your insecurity and why do others have to suffer for it?

Next morning, he wakes up with a massive headache and broods again all the while-in bed, in the bathroom as he douses his head in ice water. When the doorbell rings, it’s Anna. She’s surprised at his bruised face and wonders why she couldn’t get in touch with him yesterday. She heads to cook him breakfast. He whispers, “Do you know? I’m really thankful to you. That I couldn’t accept your feelings, I’m really sorry. Like the way you came today, I’m really thankful.” She asks what happened yesterday, sensing the change in him and he tells her his father died yesterday, then dismisses the whole moment by turning to help her.

Jae Hyuk runs into Anna in the lobby as she’s leaving and they’re both polite to one another. Well, at least that’s one thing I like-they’re polite, not angry angry angry all the time. As she’s leaving, Jae Hyuk turns back on instinct, asking her if she’s had anything to eat yet. Then they head out for lunch together. She wonders at his passiveness where Ga Young is concerned-he’d tear into Anna for even having drinks with Young Gul while Ga Young and Young Gul are so much closer, how come he’s doing nothing? He changes the subject and asks a bit about GG before offering her a job as the marketing manager for YGM. She points out it hasn’t been long since she was chased out. She tells him he’ll find out soon enough so she’ll tell him now – the company he signed up with for YGM belongs to Young Gul. She asks him how could have made such a mistake-signing the papers without even getting his facts straight.

Another fistfight. Jae Hyuk goes bollocks realizing his mistake. Yeah, I almost laughed out loud in this scene. Nah, cross that, I did laugh out loud! Next Jae Hyuk gets a beating from Daddy dearest and for once, he finally stops his dad from hitting him again, asking for another chance. Daddy rejects it. He gets to his knees and finally mutters, “Dad!” His father tells him its not a matter of money, it’s a matter of pride and he can’t forgive him. He even hangs onto his father’s leg but he walks away without a second glance. Jae Hyuk heads home, dejected until he notices Ga Young standing in front of Madam Jo’s shop. He watches her open shop and head inside so he follows her.

She looks around the place, surprised when she sees him. he tells her there’s something he wants to say to her when his gaze catches the label ‘Lee Ga Young Boutique’ on the wall. He asks if this is the reason why she left. She says no. He asks if its like the last time, when she knew but didn’t say anything? She wonders why it’s any business of his? He muses, yeah, it isn’t. She told him not to get hurt from love and not remember her, right? Grabbing her her in for a hug, he whispers, “I’m going to erase you and Kang Young Gul completely. You can listen to this request of mine, right? Wait for it!”



As crazy as ever. What is even going on in this drama? The character I hate most is Young Gul. He’s so blinded, so stupid and so damned messed up. How is he any good? Why are we supposed to root for him? Yeah he endured a lot in the beginning but he made some really crazy decisions after he got back and he’s gone completely off the hook when it comes to being sane! He’s simply driven by revenge, nothing else. He can’t even admit he likes Ga Young. Who is he to get into someone else’s face when they do have the courage to admit it? Jae Hyuk was right about one point-if you tell someone you like them, what’s embarrassing or wrong in that?

Alright, I’m saying no more. Oh boy, I am so glad this is ending tomorrow! Bye Bye forever! Good riddance to bad trash!

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  1. I predicted the ending… except the person who murdered him is Mdm Jo.

    Performance wise am so disappointed wth the 2 lead actresses… Expressionless fm Ep1 to the end. Are they supposed to potray themselves so or just cannot act? GY and Ana’s voice flat and so uninteresting

  2. newkdramaaddict

    I am hoping neither get the girl personally! I still blame Jae Hyuk for screwed up AnNa! So I have no loyalty whatsoever to Jae Hyuk but agree that Young Gul has been a super douche and does not deserve anyone but his fame and money; definitely not the girl. I had already decided not to watch this episode and probably will read the recaps before actually closing the chapter on Fashion King! Not as bad as A Thousand Kisses but in some ways way worse!

    • A good choice to skip the episodes! It was just hell to watch! I skipped through the last episode! What kind of messed up ending was that?! N I dont like any bit of it, especially Ga Youngs circumstances at the end- she just goes off with JH and doesnt blink when YG dies?! Major craziness! :/

  3. I just wanted to praise you for recapping this drama until the end. I don’t know how you do it because I checked out as soon as they all returned to Korea! I agree, I can’t stand Young-Gul and I’m hoping the writers will pull a switch at the last minute and not have him get the girl (I can dream, right?).

    At least we’re coming to the last stop of this crazy train. Good grief.

    • Lol, you surely did get your wish except Young Gul seems to have gotten a lot more than he bargained for! 😉 I know, I should have just let the series drown! :/ In the future, if I do pick up such a crazy series again, Ill check out ASAP too!

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