Fashion King Episode 18 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 18 Recap:

Young Gul tells her to stay by his side, keeping watch and not worry about anything else. Ga Young is too stunned to react. Young Gul asks her to come and sit with him and talk about other stuff but she doesn’t move so he pulls her.  Noting her change in mood, he asks if she doesn’t want to drink and she says yes. He turns on the television and she stares blankly. Oh boy, Oh boy! Finally, she asks him if she can leave first but he’s too enamored in the game. When he finally does turn to her, she grabs her bad and heads to leave. He grabs her hand, sitting her back down.

“Do you dislike being with me?”

“It’s not that.”

“Then just stay here.”

She’s almost teary but he barely notices and keeps his attention at the game. Um, is it just me or is Young Gul feeling positively mental?

Jae Hyuk sits in his apartment staring at a romantic scene on the television and calls up someone but the phone is off and leaves a voicemail. It’s for Ga Young.

“Lee Ga Young. Please don’t do this to me.”

His voice breaks down and the phone falls from his hand and he picks up a drink as we cut to see Ga Young staring at the television blankly while Young Gul has fallen asleep on the couch. She turns to look at Young Gul as the argument from the night runs fresh in her mind and she remembers how he had approached her in New York, what he’d said when she told him she was leaving, why he had rejected her plea to come back and tears fall from her eyes. She turns off the television before grabbing her bag and leaving. Behind her, Young Gul opens his eyes, clearly having been awake.

She comes back to Bong Sook’s and its more flashback time-the time he’d stopped her from leaving with Jae Hyuk and their discussion after it. She checks her phone and messages Young Gul, saying she came back cause it seemed like Bong Sook was worried. She hears the voice mail from Jae Hyuk.

Next day, Anna and Young Gul are looking at an office in a high-rise building. It’s Anna’s new office. She thanks him for it. She says this warrants a celebration party and he tells her to call whoever she knows then. She asks if it’s okay to call Jae Hyuk then. Yeah, mood soured again. At the office, the ladies gossip amongst themselves wondering why a person who became a team leader resigned and came back here? Their scenarios- Jae Hyuk chased her out when he realized the relationship between Ga Young and Young Gul, Young Gul made her quit working there out of jealousy. Haha, it’s amusing how they put their heads together and try to work it out. Young Gul and Anna walk in side by side and Anna’s not pleased to see Ga Young. From Young Gul’s expression, neither is he. He asks Anna for a moment and calls Ga Young into the office.

Ga Young asks to live here again like she did before and Young Gul looks major angry. Ga Young tells him she understands his feelings but she can’t accept his house. He tells her to go home, not think of anything else and work there, throwing her the keys. She tells him to let her stay here because she’ll feel too embarrassed over there. Of course, he translates it as, “Are you that bothered about Jung Jae Hyuk?” She tells him this is what she’ll do, even if he says not to; just know that. Yaaayyy! Once she’s gone, Anna walks in and asks if Ga Young is working here now. Young Gul tells her not to be bothered.

Ga Young’s phone rings and its Jae Hyuk. She ignores the call. He tears and throws away her resignation before grabbing her present pendant and car keys and drives off. He comes to Bong Sook’s, knocking like a madman. Realizing she’s not there, he heads down, calling her again but getting no response. Daddy dearest raids his office meanwhile and discovers the resignation and reads the name ‘Lee Ga Young’. His assistant says he had an important task so he headed out. Daddy wonders what important task he had that he forgot his appointment with his dad. Daddy guesses it must be because of Ga Young that Jae Hyuk is like this but the assistant denies it. However, dad knows all about the car and the pendant and Assistant Kim begs for mercy but is badly beaten. Daddy needs anger management sessions. Poor Assistant is left crying when dad finally does go away, leaving a warning.

At Young Young, Young Gul and Anna head out for lunch. And there for lunch also comes Daddy Dearest by coincidence. He perks up at seeing Young Gul while Young Gul isn’t delighted at the encounter but meets the President politely and with a smile. They head off elsewhere and share wine. Daddy Dearest proposes working together and Young Gul smilingly agrees. Anna frowns. On the way back, she asks him, “You took me there deliberately today, didn’t you?” He deflects and she wonders if he’s handing over GG to J Fashion too. She tells him Jae Hyuk came to apologize to her yesterday and tells him that’s how Jae Hyuk is-if he says he’s sorry, he truly is, if he says he loves you, he truly does. Young Gul says-what bullshit. And I just want to kill him. Ugh. Anna asks why Ga Young left J Fashion? Did Young Gul ask her and reminds him she said she wouldn’t work with Ga Young. He turns to Il Gook and tells him to cancel their contract, Anna doesn’t want to work.

Bong Sook walks home and sees Jae Hyuk in his car, still brooding there. Jae Hyuk sees her heading up and guesses where Ga Young must be. She’s at Young Young, straightening the place and finally turns off all the lights before turning in to sleep. Reminiscing time again. Uh, I’m tired already please! Her phone rings and she picks it up. Bong Sook asks if she’s alright and before she can say more, someone’s at the door-Jae Hyuk.

She opens the door and he asks if he can come in for a little while. He asks if she’s hiding here and she denies it. “If you’re not hiding, why wouldn’t you answer the phone?” He asks her why she left his place-a better off place and came back to this place? She is drawn back into a corner and mutters she understands he’s angry but he balks at that-how can she understand? Does she even know what she’s done to him? He almost moves in for a kiss but she turns her face away. He turns back and mutters-don’t make me beg anymore. Please come back.

He leaves and runs into Young Gul outside who is coming in to see Ga Young. Young Gul has brought dinner for her and they sit down to eat. When she’s eating, he asks, why did Jae Hyuk come? She tells him it was nothing; he just wanted her to come back. Young Gul asks if she hasn’t said anything useless to him, has he? They then debate over the living arrangements. Um, my mind shut off halfway so I’m not paying attention. Oh, in the end, they end up on the same bed. She’s uncomfortable and wants him to go home but he refuses. She finally relents to go with him.

In the morning, Daddy asks Jae Hyuk what the relationship between Young Gul and Anna is. Jae Hyuk can’t say. Even daddy realizes the lunch must have been a deliberate setup. He asks Jae Hyuk to bring Young Gul home once. Young Gul is in a meeting where a person tells him J Fashion has already bitten the bait and is about to accept their offer from their branch in Europe. He closes the curtains before they continue.

His friend, whose name I cannot remember comes in to discuss something designs for shoes with Young Gul but since he’s not in, he discusses them with Ga Young. She can’t give much opinion since she knows little about shoes. His friend muses something is off with Young Gul, even the Dongdaemon people say so. Said person is currently having cake with the Jung’s. Mama Dearest wonders why he hasn’t married yet since he already lives with Ga Young. The air turns chilly cold but Daddy Jung tries to intervene. However, mum won’t back down. The guy even took away Anna, who was to be their daughter in law and turns to Jae Hyuk, calling him an idiot for bringing Young Gul to their home. Daddy tries to intervene but she bites his head off too-what kind of dad is he that he’ll bring such shame to his son by bringing in the person his son hates for the sake of money, does he love money so much? She leaves the table in disgust but Daddy Dearest just takes it in stride and turns back to Young Gul-where were we? Okay, I love the mom now!

Young Gul comes out smiling. On the elevator ride to their apartments, they bicker back and forth, Jae Hyuk calling him trash and Young Gul muses he is going to partner up with his dad. Jae Hyuk grabs his neck and asks what his purpose is but Young Gul deflects and laughs in his face. Next day, Jae Hyuk broods over it. His assistant speaks up behind him, talking about this and that and Ga Young, wondering what she didn’t like to leave just like this, after all Jae Hyuk gave her everything and now she’s back to living at Young Gul’s shop. Jae Hyuk’s phone rings. It’s Anna so he passes it to Assistant Kim to answer who tells him he’s got an invitation to some opening ceremony.

Madam Jo is having a discussion with her lawyer. I didn’t understand most of it but it’s enough to worry her. She also gets a call from Anna. The office ladies ask Anna if they can go to the opening ceremony too but she tells them they won’t even have anything to wear even if they do come so they tell them they’ll manage quite well on that since Bong Sook was the Au Tou Couture Designer in America. Young Gul picks out a dress for Ga Young from his wardrobe and tells her to change in, despite her protests that she doesn’t want to go. Time for some dressing up, trying dress after dress. Finally, he takes out the ring. Oh, THE ring. He ties the ring necklace around her neck and she’s surprised at it but doesn’t remember it and muses it doesn’t suit her. He is surprised she doesn’t remember it and his mood takes a down turn-he kept it as a cherished memory but she doesn’t remember it. If you were a bit more likeable, Young Gul, I’d have felt sorry for you here. She tells him it doesn’t look too good with her outfit so she shouldn’t be wearing it to the event today. He unties it for her, then heads down first, telling her to follow when she’s done.

And yes, she runs into Jae Hyuk on the ground floor-he was waiting for the elevator. He looks her over but makes no comment. He returns to his apartment, opens some wine and drinks away. The party is fancy and going well. Anna’s called her old colleagues as well and Madam Jo is here wearing a large black cape. What is she, Batwoman now? The office ladies arrive all dressed and perked up. And one of them drools over Designer Kim. Young Gul and Ga Young walk in. Designer Kim remembers Young Gul as the person from the elevator but doesn’t specify more. Young Gul bows to Madam Jo who nods her head in response but Ga Young takes Young Gul’s arm. Anna comes forward to lead Young Gul away to meet someone. He goes away, leaving Ga Young hanging.

The three wicked witches together! 😛

Madam Jo approaches Ga Young and wonders why she left the company, asking to speak to her for a moment. Ga Young doesn’t want to follow her but she insists. She begins to talk about the case but Ga Young doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And look who bursts in drunk. Jae Hyuk. He starts shouting for Ga Young before falling and cutting his hand on a glass. Ga Young comes out and stares at him. He keeps shouting until she comes to his side and wraps his hand in a handkerchief. He tells her he has something to say to her. Young Gul comes up and angry, drags Ga Young away before dragging Jae Hyuk, wanting to throw him out.

Before anyone can respond, Jae Hyuk falls on the floor and turns to Ga Young again, telling her, “Lee Ga Young, I love you. You know right, I love you. I said I love you.” Young Gul turns away with a sad and angry expression; Ga Young turns to see him. Anna watches from behind. When Ga Young turns to look at Young Gul again, he is looking at her with an angry expression. She has no idea how to respond.



Um, I can’t think of any! What did happen in today’s episode? NOTHING! Young Gul dragged Ga Young around, as always. Jae Hyuk pined after her, as always. Anna made no sense, as always. The episode made me wanna pull out my hair, as always. I wanna kill Young Gul, bury him 60 feet under and be done with it!

Young Gul’s transformation and the supposed ‘not the same as before’ makes no sense. Where and what is wrong? He’s certainly become more heartless and greedy as things are! Like I said, in the beginning, he was obsessed with money but now, he’s obsessed with bringing doom to Jae Hyuk and he’s open to using anybody and everybody, even Ga Young as a means to his end. I seriously feel he’s mental.

Jae Hyuk-he’s become pitiful.

Anna-I don’t like her and I don’t dislike her. More than I can say for Young Gul! I like her more than him!

Ga Young-She’s become totally lost.

One week more? I couldn’t take a second more of it! Every episode shaves a few years off of me with its wretchedness.

See you next week and then I’ll be happy this is over! 😛

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  1. Yes, I am also running out of words to say/write! I think the writers (same as CoW writers) should go back to remedial classes and not be released back to the community until they have passed their resits. Then, if they are employed to write again, they must do so under probation and very close supervision!! 🙂
    I hope this does not taint the career of the respective actors and actresses…

    • Somehow, Ive started to dislike YAI in YG’s character. This was a very bad choice of drama! Im planning on rewarching SKKS so I can regain my good image of him! His talent was wasted here! 😐

      • I have not watched SKKS yet, but it is on my to-watch list! I have heard a lot of good things about it. I will also need to catch up with Rooftop and King 2 Hearts after exams (not long to go now) :). I am also looking forward to all the new dramas coming up…. not sure how to choose, they all look very good indeed and with solid actors/actresses (and a few eye candies… lol!) in the casts. Let’s hope the scriptwriters/directors don’t make a mess of things for us!!

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