Fashion King Episode 17 Recap

 Yes, I’m just as lost as you are in this mess!

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Wow, this drama reaches new bottoms with every episode it airs! I’m surprised it can still fall so low! And they took three years or maybe even more to prepare for it? How on earth is it still so messed up?
Episode 17 Recap:
Everyone’s at a dancing club, seems like an eve for the office workers to go out together. Ga Young is a bit worried at first, checking her watch every now and then but Jae Hyuk lightly nudges her inside with the others. She starts to dance and enjoy herself until Jung Ah, the jealous brat shoves her to the side and tries to slide up to Jae Hyuk. Jae Hyuk simply shoves her back. Haha! Ga Young checks her watch again. Jae Hyuk watches her with a smile all the while. Young Gul calls up Bong Sook and learns Ga Young isn’t home yet. Bong Sook tells him she had something at the company today.

At the club, everyone’s relocated to a karaoke room. When it’s Ga Young’s turn to sing, Jae Hyuk watches her back until he realizes everyone else’s attention is divided elsewhere. He gets up and starts to sing with Ga Young. That turns everyone’s attention to them. After their performance, Jae Hyuk announces to everyone that Ga Young is the new Team Leader and even though her age is young and qualifications may not seem much but her team should support her and has a toast to her. Ga Young keeps her gaze lowered as Jae Hyuk looks at her.

Everyone disbands for the night and Jae Hyuk offers to take Ga Young home although she says she’ll just take a taxi. He tells her he’ll feel better if she didn’t go home alone and they ride in his car. He breaks the silence on the way by giving her a present. It’s a pendant. She tells him she has no reason to accept this from him and returns him, telling him she’ll just accept his feelings (of the gift). He launches into a tirade, telling her she’ll need a lot more than this just for the sake of work, meeting clients, buyers and stuff. He takes it out and puts it on her and although she doesn’t protest, she’s not happy. When they reach home, she thanks him for the ride and he heads off with a smile, telling her he’ll see her tomorrow.

Inside, Bong Sook tells her Young Gul called a lot. Finally, she takes her phone out and finds his message, saying he’ll wait for her anyway. She calls him up but he’s not answering and heads out to meet him. When she reaches the factory, it is still open and she heads inside, finding the dinner Young Gul had set up. He’s fallen asleep on her bed. She goes and wakes him up, telling him she’s sorry for being late-she attended her congratulations party for the promotion. He notices the pendant she’s wearing, scoffing at Jae Hyuk. When Ga Young asks why he called her over today, he says it was just because he wanted to drink with her and tells her to go back.

She presses the issue and he calls her out for still being at Jae Hyuk’s company. She tells him she offered to come back. He tells her the only reason he put up with it before was because she wanted it. She reminds him he’s the one who told her not to come back but he says the two situations are not the same.
“My feelings, then and now are exactly the same.”
He’s in no mood to listen to it, reminding her how much he hates it and she tells him why he always thinks of himself and never sees things her way at all. My thoughts exactly. He tells her he’s not the same as before, he has power now, he can give her anything she wants, to go to fashion school, to hold a fashion show, he’ll do it all. He’ll buy her a hundred a thousand such pendants. He just hates her with Jae Hyuk and tells her to just quit, there’s no other reason she should need.
“I’m not together with that person. I’m doing my work.”
Young Gul sighs, asking her if she likes Jae Hyuk. She turns away. Fine, she’ll quit. All well then? She heads out and Young Gul picks up the gift box he had and throws it towards a wall in anger. Outside, Ga Young walks away. Inside, Young Gul lies on her bed and goes over her words where she’d accused him of always thinking of himself and not her and that she’s just working there. He winces at those words. Remembering the pendant she wore, he sits up in anger and scoops up the pendant he had for her from the ground.

In the morning, Bong Sook tells her it was Young Gul’s birthday yesterday and wonders what to buy him. That sends Ga Young into guilt. Bong Sook notices Jae Hyuk’s gift and swoons over it but Ga Young grabs it back and heads out. When she arrives at the office, her stuff is already arranged all around her new desk. Sitting on her chair, she remembers both Jae Hyuk and Young Gul’s words to her. Making a decision, she takes out a paper and writes Resignation at the top. Before she can write more, she gets called for a meeting. She arrives in the middle of the meeting and Jae Hyuk asks for a coffee break. Ga Young immediately gets back up to get it but he corrects her, “Not the Team Leader. Someone else bring in the coffee!” Finally, a disgruntled employee gets up and heads out to get the coffee. Jae Hyuk’s assistant walks in with some news that sends Jae Hyuk into worry.

On to a meeting elsewhere where his Assistant is making a presentation about YGM and GG. Daddy Dearest is in the meeting and slides a displeased look to Jae Hyuk when the assistant shows the figures of sales for YGM and GG, where GG is beating YGM every bit. Back in his office, dad takes Jae Hyuk to task for not bringing in Young Gul yet and then takes him further to task for making Ga Young Team Leader. And he shouts quite a bit. Jae Hyuk trembles in his shoes. Dad almost hits him before composing himself. Dad frets about letting a talented person like Anna whom he brought back from America himself leave and hang onto a young naïve person like Ga Young. He puts an ultimatum on the table, which if Jae Hyuk can’t meet, he should just quit as Director at J Fashion.

Back in his office, he barks at his assistant, asking what GG’s value in the market is. His assistant tells him acquiring GG will not be so easy but he shouts out at him. The assistant explains the differences and Jae Hyuk stomps around in anger. Their discussion is cut short, when Ga Young is announced. He puts a smile on his face and greets her in. But it’s not good news since she tells him she wants to quit. He asks why she’s suddenly doing this and she puts her resignation, the car keys and his gift on the table. Jae Hyuk guesses Young Gul must have said something but Ga Young tells him she made the decision. He smiles sarcastically and asks her if she doesn’t need him anymore and if she’s going to come looking for him again if things don’t work out for her in the future but she tells him his words are too much. He points out it’s what she’s done every time until now. Got to agree on that although Ga Young never meant it that way. She says she made the decision long ago and asks him to understand her. With another apology, she leaves. It’s only when she exits the building that the decision seems to sink in and she looks around and up at the building before walking away.

Young Gul and Ga Young are going through work but he keeps checking out his phone so she asks if he’s waiting for someone’s call? His answer is deflective so she realizes the answer. She asks him about a business matter and why he never told her and he retorts that he doesn’t have to tell her everything. She tells him she’s part of the company. But he tells her its no big deal and he’ll tell her what he has to tell her when there’s a need. Man, I so do not like his attitude. Then he asks her how she met Jae Hyuk. She wonders at his sudden curiosity. When he keeps asking questions, she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. He gives her the photograph he found of her in Jae Hyuk’s wallet. Young Gul’s phone rings so he heads out to answer it. Anna broods over the photo.

Jae Hyuk is in Anna-Ga Young’s office and remembers the words he and Anna shared and seems down in the dumps, ready to cry. Ugh, what happened here? Young Gul meets up with Madam Jo. She lightly tries to tell him to back down on the case. But then lays it out openly when he doesn’t make it any easier. He doesn’t give in and leaves, telling her to come find him herself if she’s got something to talk about in the future- ‘I’m a very busy person’. She gets on the phone and shouts at someone to find a way, anything to get her out of this mess-how long does she have to put up with this mess? Suddenly she gets an idea.

And she’s off to lunch with Anna. Small talk leads from one thing to another and she asks Anna what her relationship with Young Gul is-she heard Anna broke up with Jae Hyuk for Young Gul. Anna tells her they’re not in that relationship, but Madam Jo cooes her, oh whyever not? You guys look so wonderful together and bla bla. Finally, she asks, Oh, is it because of Lee Ga Young? Anna makes no remark but its upsetting and Madam Jo can see that. She speaks some more just to rile Anna up. Finally, she tells Anna someone stole her man away a long time ago and she had to work hard on her own to raise Jung Ah. To this day, all she feels regret about is that she let her man be taken away so easily. (And I’m getting the vibe that Ga Young’s mother is the woman who stole away her man) If she thinks of Young Gul as her man, she shouldn’t let him go so easily. That night, in her apartment, Anna remembers all her times with Jae Hyuk. (Is it just me or the song in the background is sung by Jae Hyuk? The voice is too similar. And I love the scene where he comforts her after her encounter with his mother.)

A doorbell leads her out of her reverie and she opens the door to find Jae Hyuk there. He tells her he just came to say something to her, “I’m sorry. I really didn’t know. I’m sorry.” When he turns to walk away, she asks why now, after all that hurt? He tells her he realized how laughable everything had become-Ga Young had taught him. He walks away while she stands in the door, tearing up. She lets the door close and then stands there, tears in her eyes.

Young Gul is on the phone with someone and after hanging up, calls Ga Young but she doesn’t pick up. So he heads out. He goes to Jae Hyuk’s apartment but can’t bring himself to ring the bell, recalling the last time he had come and Ga Young had opened the door. He heads back to come face to face with Jae Hyuk in the elevator. Jae Hyuk is surprised to see him and looks around to make sure he’s on the right floor. Realizing he’s right, he asks Young Gul what he’s doing in front of someone else’s house and if he was the one who asked Ga Young to quit? Young Gul tells him whether he said it or not, Jae Hyuk should stop worrying about ‘another’s woman’ and shoving Jae Hyuk out of the way, he heads down in the elevator. Off for a ride where Il Gook, driving Young Gul, wonders where Ga Young could be since she’s given her resignation but isn’t at Bong Sook’s. Il Gook accidently mutters that Tae San wants to see him for drinks sometimes but Young Gul tells him never to even mention the guy again. Il Gook tells him he’s changed ever since he got money. Young Gul calls the others the ones who have changed and not himself. They head to the factory.

Seeing the lights on, Young Gul heads inside to find Ga Young there, stitching something. She’s taken aback to see him and wonders why he’s here at this hour. He lashes out at her for not being in contact all day and tells her he was worried. He asks her what she’s doing and she tells him it’s his birthday gift and tells him to sit a bit, it’ll be done soon. He sits down with a smile and she warns him not to see it before it’s done. He keeps staring at her while she works. It’s a black shirt and on the sleeves, she’s sewn his name, just like she sewed Jae Hyuk’s in America. That brings him a flashback of when she made it for Jae Hyuk.

He mutters he heard she quit the company and if it was because of him? She asks if he can start working here tomorrow onwards. He thanks her for it and asks if they should drink a bit, here or at home (his apartment, which he says “Your house is mine, my house is yours”), takes her hand and they head off. She wants to go to Bong Sook’s but he tells her ‘Let’s just go home.’ On the elevator ride up to it, they’re holding hands. She’s stunned at the house’s interior. He shows her his new wardrobe. He asks her if she likes the house and tells her, it’s our house. He tells her she betrayed him and left, causing him a lot of hurt but they’ll be together as if from the beginning. She scoffs at that and points out he also gave her much more hurt. He offers to send her back to Fashion School but she declines.

He tells her it’s because he feels sorry but she tells him not to. They reminisce over old memories and he tells her the reason he kept her on from the beginning was because she had the same birthday as his dead sister. He’d thought then that they were like family for each other. He asks her to stay with him until she goes back to school. In the meantime, he gets a phone call and heads off to answer it. Ga Young spies some documents on his table and is stunned. Young Gul cuts off his phone call to snatch it back from her. She asks what this is and he says it’s to get YGM back. She calls him out on it-it’s wrong and what he already has is good enough- GG is successful, he doesn’t need YGM.

She wonders what will happen to Jae Hyuk if he goes about it like that. He tells her it’s no concern of his what happens to Jae Hyuk but Ga Young disagrees-he’s working really hard for YGM. A fight develops and Young Gul accuses her of going to Jae Hyuk whenever she was in trouble and then last time she upped and left. She reminds him she told him she didn’t want to work with Madam Jo. He shouts out, is that why she went to Jae Hyuk, better off than him? And his words and tone stun her into silence. He adds, he won’t let off people who hurt her and him so easily and tells her to just stay quiet by his side. She can’t say anything as he chugs down his drink.


Do I even have to say more? It’s as crazy as before with a lot more unrealistic elements. What the hell writers? This took you more than three years? I’m despising Young Gul’s character. What is with the guy? Can’t he go by one episode without chewing off Ga Young for Jae Hyuk? And he just never learns! To date, its Ga Young who betrayed him. Why can’t he get the reason for it in that tiny brain of his? I’m sorry, Yoo Ah In, this character was not a good choice!
What was that scene with Jae Hyuk when he confronts him out of the elevator? Fancy advice-to mind your own business when you were also the one who went to Jae Hyuk telling her to take care of Anna? I’m sorry-this drama is too damn twisted!
And Ga Young. Why did she just up and resign? Would it have killed her to stand her point for once? She was right! She wasn’t with Jae Hyuk! J Fashion was where she was employed and it was her work. For a guy like Young Gul, giving up your life, your opinions and your wants is not the answer! Girl, just run away! That would prove less trouble than this!
And suddenly, out of the blue, Jae Hyuk and Anna are contemplating the past, feeling the loss of one another? One minute he’s FORCING a necklace on Ga Young, clinging to her against her will and the next, he’s ‘oh so sorry’ to Anna? It would have been more believable if there was just a little, just a little story created for it. The writer needs to learn not to just burst balloons and create the get go for them. Otherwise, invisible balloons don’t make any sense and just look ridiculous. I couldn’t help laughing. I kid not!

See you with Episode 18! 🙂

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  1. Excellentt Recap! ♥

    I like Young Gul – But his attitude has gone too much. And he’s acting too much of how Jae Hyuk used to be! Have they like swapped brains or something – which is obviously impossible!! Geez… Young Gul, needs a reality checked!!
    Anyway.. Brilliant Recap, some mistakes – i was a bit confused on this bit.. “Young Gul and Ga Young are going through work but he keeps checking out his phone so she asks if he’s waiting for someone’s call?…”.. Lolz it was a bit confusinggg, but i gott theree!!
    Thankss agen!! ♥

    • Thanks xLilNatx and sorry for the mistakes, hehe! I usually never actually reread it so don’t know if I make mistakes. Besides, this drama is so getting on my head I’ll probably never recheck it!

      And yes, YG is acting so crazily! I’d say even JH isn’t that twisted! He knows and accepts when he’s doing wrong! But YG-he’s just on a one track road and all he can see is himself! 😐

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