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Why Joon Young should choose Do Yoon!! ^^

The title should probably be why Joon Young should and does choose Do Yoon because the way things are progressing, Do Yoon is turning out to be the one Joon Young has let into her heart for the long run!

Joon Young is the lost daughter of the head of Arirang and first love of Jae Ha. If you’re wondering who Jae Ha is, he was touted as the lead for the drama (A fact I lamented every minute of every episode I watched at the beginning, hehe). Its not the actor, its the character that’s at fault. We’ve got a wonderfully layered character in Do Yoon but theres little, if any, depth to Jae Ha which makes it hard to sympathize or feel for the guy. And to me, his and Joon Young’s love story isn’t one percent real or relatable. Again, character failure. And that fact, along with many others has made me a Do Yoon fan.

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