Fashion King Episode 16 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Recap Episode 16:

Seeing Young Gul shocks Ga Young and she turns her head away immediately, as if she didn’t see him. It’s only when he sits down and mutters a greeting that she does respond. Both keep to their own machinations during the flight, pretending not to be bothered or noticing each other. Ga Young remembers the last flight they had together, when he’d thanked her for being there. At the office, Jae Hyuk notices Ga Young’s absence and Designer Kim tells him he sent her to New York.

The shot of New York is pretty! As the mother of all coincidences, Ga Young and Young Gul end up at the same hotel, on the same floor AND their rooms are side by side. Once in their rooms, both parties brood for a while until Ga Young finally heads to the door, intending to go to Young Gul. However, he beats her to the punch since when she opens the door to her room, he’s standing there. Well, I like that he made the first move, for once!

YG: Where are you going?

GY: To you.

YG: Why?

GY: I wanted to talk to you?

YG: Can I talk first? … I feel like I’m dying. Please forgive me.

Before he can say more or she can respond, her phone rings. She runs back to answer it, but only after telling Young Gul not to go anywhere and wait for her. Young Gul waits but once he hears her talking to Jae Hyuk, he can’t control himself anymore and barges in, taking the phone from her hand, throwing it onto the sofa behind and moves in to kiss her. At first she’s too shocked but then both kiss away, forgetting the phone. On the other end, Jae Hyuk rises in shock.

Next morning, Jae Hyuk is in a panicky mood and calling Ga Young over and over again but getting no response. He even ignores a call from his dad. His assistant is driving him to the airport and asks if he really must go since she’ll be back in four days anyway but Jae Hyuk threatens him with his job. The plans are cut short because his father calls up the assistant. Ga Young and Young Gul sit on the bed, his arm over her shoulder and they chat away. She asks him why he refused her last time. He tells her it’s because he was afraid.

YG: I was afraid of the fact that someone loved me.

GY: Why is that scary?

YG: Because it was you. I didn’t want to hurt you. That you might hurt me.

A tear escapes her eyes before she replies. “That won’t happen.”

Young Gul ends up missing a meeting in New York, which is why he went in the first place and Anna has to deal with the angry party. Her efforts to get in touch with Young Gul are not successful either. The Jung’s host a dinner for some foreigners and all throughout, Jae Hyuk broods. (Lol, did Daddy Jung actually say “I’m glad you injure [instead of enjoyed] yourself?” At least that’s what it sounded like). At home, he broods more, literally lifelessly and calls up Ga Young but she ignores his call and turns off her phone. Guys, there’s more to life than getting dumped, especially when you know the girl doesn’t even like you back.

At lunch, he tells her he bought the apartment because he’ll be spending a lot of time in New York for business. She asks why he’s so different suddenly especially when he offers to buy her anything she wants but she tells him there’s nothing she needs. He tells her he wants to give her everything but she doesn’t seem happy over it. He’s realized all she needs to do to go back to Fashion school is pay tuition and feels like an idiot for going to Jae Hyuk for help. Ga Young asks what help but he deflects the question. On the plane back, he promises her he’ll reclaim YGM-the first brand they made together.

Ga Young gives Bong Sook presents she and Young Gul got for Bong Sook and the other office ladies. Excited at the presents, Bong Sook quickly turns back to ask the important question-did something happen between him and Young Gul in America. Before she needs to reply, she gets a call from Young Gul and answers it with a laugh. Young Gul wonders how they’ve lived so far, he already misses her and offers to come over. They hang up quickly but then he calls her back and tells her to resign tomorrow.

Jae Hyuk jogs off his frustrations and Ga Young comes in for work. She’s brought a gift for Designer Kim and he is ecstatic to receive it. He also shows her a magazine that has her face on the cover page as a feature. She finds Jung Ah drawing on her face and smirks at the childish gesture. Jae Hyuk calls up Jung Ah on the office number by mistake and hangs up as soon as he hears her on the other end. He then calls up Ga Young who answers. Jung Ah stews. In his office, Jae Hyuk prepares himself to face Ga Young. He looks like he’s about to cry but puts on a smile when she approaches. He tells her she should have at least told him she was going and asks if she brought him a present but she didn’t and tells him it’s because she didn’t know what to get him since he already has everything. He’s hurt by it, but continues to smile and she leaves, feeling bad. I hope that’s what her expression means. Fine, you don’t like the guy but you should have gotten him something.

The office ladies love their gifts and head back to gossip, calling Ga Young their ‘samo-nim’ and Anna just Young Gul’s friend. Young Gul’s happy and smiling arrival makes them sure something definitely happened. He gives Anna her gift from America and she’s not in a very good mood, especially sullen at his good one. She asks what he was doing that he was so busy she couldn’t even call him, reach him by fax or even messages. Was he dating there? He smiles like an idiot in return and she muses it must be true. He calls up his friend and asks him to prepare Anna’s office.

Madam Jo gets a meeting with her lawyer who tells her the details of what Young Gul’s lawyer has outlined.

  • Could she afford to purchase building at the time of purchase?
  • Why did Lee Ga-young’s parents sell the land to the Dragon before they died. The question centers around the timing of the buy and sell.
  • Where did the buy and sell money go? (I used subtitles for this part, couldn’t get it all myself)

This all doesn’t seem to be a problem much since it’ll be useless without concrete evidence but what’s the matter is that he’s asked for a reinvestigation into the car accident that killed Ga Young’s parents. That makes her stew and she wonders what they see her as, telling her lawyer to teach them all a lesson and she’ll pay whatever it takes. She heads to meet Jae Hyuk’s mom, hoping to find an ally but is cut down to size by Mama Dearest who tells her to mind her own business here on.

Ga Young tries to get the retail store employee to change the display but is met with resistance until Young Gul sweeps in and takes her away, hand in hand. Watching the scene unfold is none other than dearie Jae Hyuk. Ga Young and Young Gul go out on a sort of date of their own. Both are super happy and super excited. Young Gul asks her to accompany him to a place-to see his father. He’s lying on a bench with his head in Ga Young’s lap. They share ice cream and kisses, walking around, hand in hand, smiling and laughing. Watching them with a scowl is Jae Hyuk. Okay, stalking is not good. Besides, all you’d get out of it is your heart broken MORE!

And then comes one of my favorite and yet most hated scene. Young Gul is confronted by Anna in their office and she comes out with it-what’s keeping him so busy that he can’t tell her? And why is he being like this to her? Avoiding her even though she came here because she liked him! She calls the office ‘a place that doesn’t even make sense’ and she’s the one who helped him transform it into something bigger and better. His behavior before made her think he liked her in return. He calls her words too much and tells her he likes her but has no interest in her beyond as a friend and asks they stay as good friends, there’s nothing wrong with that-she doesn’t have anybody she can drink with anyway. (He offered to be her drinking buddy). She balks at that, calling him worse than Jae Hyuk. Even if I originally didn’t agree with her choice of words, what happens next makes me think she is right. He shouts out at her-he’s never the one who called her first, she came looking for him herself! He tells her he doesn’t care or have interest in her relationship with Jae Hyuk and whatever she came here for, she’s not getting it in him. He leaves the office, knocking over the office ladies stuck to the door eavesdropping and Anna is left alone, crestfallen. Jae Hyuk meanwhile cannot ignore the happiness oozing off Ga Young’s face as she’s all smiles and clearly happy. He also catches her talking happily on the phone.

When his assistant comes to give him an update on an offer from Italy, Jae Hyuk barely comprehends anything, drowning his sorrows in a drink. The offer is something that’ll help them take YGM to a higher level, just like Young Gul did with GG. Jae Hyuk doesn’t reply but simply asks on the update about what happened in New York. His assistant stumbles with his answer. Young Gul and Ga Young stayed together in a room for four days, not even coming down for lunch or dinner and just had room service. At Jae Hyuk’s unresponsiveness, Assistant Kim starts railing about Ga Young being shameless but Jae Hyuk quietly tells him to leave.

Young Gul opens the door to find Jae Hyuk there. Jae Hyuk invites himself in, wanting to talk. Jae Hyuk congratulates him-he’s got everything now and wonders if he’s going to take responsibility of Anna or not? He’s the one who told her to come out of J Fashion. Young Gul tells him he will-he’s not Jae Hyuk and he will do so since they’re friends. Jae Hyuk scoffs at that-he let his ‘friend’ Anna stay over at his apartment? Young Gul tells him it’s the same as with him and Ga Young and asks if he wants to know what happened between him and Ga Young in America; is that why he came? He tells Jae Hyuk he came looking for someone else’s employee last time but this time he won’t even come looking for his own employee (Anna). It comes to blows and both hit one another once before Young Gul tells him what matters most is Ga Young’s feelings, not his or Jae Hyuk’s. Jae Hyuk in return retorts that Young Gul can’t take care of her with just money either and to him, it doesn’t matter if Young Gul is beside her or not, what matters to him is just ‘Lee Ga Young’.

And of course, Anna calls Ga Young out for a talk. She wants Ga Young to rethink her relationship with Young Gul by forcing her into guilt. While they were having fun together in New York, Young Gul ended up missing appointments which is a big deal for him since it cost him that client. If things continue like this, it’s downhill for Young Gul-who is currently the rising star in Fashion world. Moving away from that all like this will make him a nobody and asks if she’ll be forgiven for distancing Young Gul from his dreams just because of love. Ga Young broods over the words and can’t ignore their meaning. Her mind also repeats Young Gul’s promise of reclaiming YGM.

Next morning, Ga Young receives a pleasant surprise-promotion to Team Leader. Jae Hyuk sits in Anna’s old office, contemplating things when Ga Young walks in and tells her this office is now hers. Oh dear, don’t tell me that is a bribe! And the office doesn’t come alone. It’s accompanied by a car from Jae Hyuk’s dad. She hadn’t read the news bulletin yet so didn’t even know about the promotion. She’s stunned and overjoyed. Once Jae Hyuk’s gone, she sits on the seat behind the desk and can’t help but smile. She even practices picking up the phone and talking in it. Jae Hyuk returns and catches her mid enjoyment and she jerks up straight. He tells her to keep dinner hour open today.

Young Gul, meanwhile, is directing a photoshoot and in a great mood until his phone rings. It’s Ga Young. She tells him about her promotion and that kills his mood and he ends up shouting at her-didn’t he tell her to resign? Why can’t she just listen to what he says? What is more important to her? Finally, he hangs up, telling her he’s busy. He heads back to work, handing his phone to Anna and telling her to block all his calls. She goes one step ahead and deletes the call record of Ga Young when she calls again. Jung Ah reports the latest proceedings to her mother. In the midst of their discussion, Madam Jo gets a call from her lawyer, regarding someone he has found.

Young Gul in the meanwhile is making a call regarding YGM and calls up Ga Young but her phone is not responding so he sends her a message telling her to come by the factory after work. He takes out the ring and smiles at it. At the factory, he sets out to prepare a candlelight dinner, all the while smiling foolishly. Next, he imagines returning the ring to Ga Young, ties it around her neck and asks her if she remembers it, apologizing for returning it late. She cries a tear but then smiles at him. As he sits, he realizes how late it is and calls her up but gets no response instead and just a text from her saying she’s in a meeting and she’ll come later. That brings a scowl to his face.


Okay, so what’s the big deal about being in a meeting? Yeah, there are usually no meetings after 9 at night-hell, offices aren’t open that long but doesn’t mean there aren’t circumstances. Maybe he’s remembering the last time he saw her drive off with Jae Hyuk for the ‘meeting’ but guy, you said you were gonna trust her and try not to misunderstand her! At least wait for her to explain rather than just jump to conclusions! What could Ga Young have done in this instant? Perhaps sent an explanatory message but it doesn’t bother me that she didn’t. They should both learn to trust one another! Young Gul said it himself-Ga Young is naïve and innocent. If he knows and recognizes that, why can’t he start trusting her words now that they’ve both approached one another. She hasn’t asked him any explanations for his and Anna’s behavior and times together but she’s always given him an explanation about her being with Jae Hyuk. Young Gul-open your eyes and your mind!!

I feel sorry for Anna and I dislike Young Gul’s treatment of their ‘breakup’. Maybe they didn’t hook up together but is he so blind he didn’t know what Anna was thinking? He accused Ga Young once of going back to and being with Jae Hyuk when anyone could see Jae Hyuk liked Ga Young so why didn’t he take his own advice and be clear with Anna? She told him not to ‘abandon her’ a few episodes back and that was as much a plea as an inclination of her feelings! Why didn’t he act then, if he didn’t know before? If not for anything else, at least that wouldn’t have given her false hopes! From the beginning, she was the one who called you first, but you offered to be her drinking buddy and you are also the one who kissed her! It’s like giving a girl your shoulder to cry on and then calling her easy for relying on you! So seriously, can anyone blame her for taking this the wrong way?And what I hate most is the way he twists it all and tells her its all HER fault for misinterpreting things! He was equally responsible! Buddy, even if you were drinking buddies, does it warrant this closeness? Not unless you’re Chanjin! 😛 Then, you can do this, this and this! 😀

And what’s with all the reckless unprofessional attitude everyone has? Young Gul misses appointments, Ga Young is supposed to resign just like that? What do they see work and professional ethics as?

Jae Hyuk needs to wake up soon too. Guy is only going to fall further down in heartbreak and I like him enough, or do not dislike him enough, whichever fits, to wish he would rise above what he currently is. We saw some good character development for him in the beginning but somehow, he’s becoming stagnant thereon. Why is he still such a mama’s boy and so scared of his dad? Like Young Gul said, he has everything handed to him on a silver platter. Why can’t he rise above his insecurities? And realize that money seriously doesn’t buy affections. Maybe he and Ga Young can actually even be good friends? And if he really does care about Ga Young, he should look out for her happiness and not what suits him. After all, I still like them together, one way or another but for him to be the guy for her, he has to be better than what he is now. An example: Anyone following Feast of the Gods? That is one drama where I adore the second lead with the main lead actress. Why? Because he is just the guy for her! Another post coming up soon about those two too! Hehe! And if you seriously haven’t seen that drama yet and want to follow the story of a good character second lead who will hopefully end up the guy with the girl, do check it out! It’s being recapped at A Virtual Voyage! It so healed my heart after the disaster that was Color of Woman! Now I just hope the writers do give us a good end! As for Fashion King, I don’t see any salvation!

 See you with Episode 17! 😉

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  1. Lol… I love your Chanjin reference…Awwww, still love that character! We should ask SJH if he has any new projects coming up!! 🙂

    I found some news/rumours that FK had large volume of complaints that they held meetings with fans to get more direct feedback. Wonder if this could mean an improvement or a greater mess (i.e. more inconsistencies with behaviour of the characters or storyline in prior episodes)? Lol!

    • Yeah, Chanjin was quite a character! *_*

      According to the latest two episodes, things have gone even more downhill! Theres no escape from this madness! :/ They just ruined the whole thing ages ago theres no taking it back.

      Oh n hey, Best of Luck with your assignments and exams! 😉

  2. thanks for the recap…agree, jae hyuk should move on if gayoung is really not keen on him at all….hope the writer doesn’t write lee je hoon a despicable role so just cuz…

    • Yup, hanging onto her is just making himself worse for the wear! :/ The way his character has become stagnant- mama’s bou, afraid of daddy, hates people with no money, he’s become pitiful and not a lead I’m keen on, although he is much better than YG

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