Fashion King Episode 15 Recap

Haha, Jung Ah makes people draw the bestest of expressions! 😛

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

First and foremost, my apologies for the recap being late! I was away till Tuesday afternoon on a trip to a no internet area and when I finally did get back, I fell sick so the recaps got late! Here’s episode 15 and 16 will also be up soon! Sorry for the delay folks! 🙂

Also, a warning, my recaps might start getting shorter! I’m trying to feature all and only what is actually needed for plot development! The rest makes my head hurt! 😛

Recap Episode 15:

Young Gul lets go of Ga Young but it’s a complicated matter since he let go of her for her ‘own good.’ This is realized through his talk with Jae Hyuk where he lists a number of conditions for letting go of Ga Young. Man, I totally didn’t expect to start liking you a little but this does put you back near neutral territory. Yet somehow, I still can’t feel for you that much. It probably has to do with my viewpoint of you going crashing down after you got together with Anna. And seriously, you’ve done one too many wrongs. Anyway, for Ga Young to go to Jae Hyuk, the conditions are:

  • She got expelled because of him so if she wants to go back to school, let her.
  • Make her participate in the four fashion weeks of the world: London, New York, Paris and Milan.
  • Don’t let her become like Anna.

The ring Young Gul has belongs to Ga Young as it was originally her mother’s but was taken by Madam Jo. While he broods over their first meeting, when he stole the ‘ring’, Ga Young broods similarly over their pictures from America before putting them in the back of a book in her room. Young Gul changes all the stones in her mother’s ring to diamonds. Now that Young Gul is famous, people who refused to help him earlier are now all sucking up to him. He takes it all in stride, even when his aunt calls him up (Oh, she landed back on earth?) and does major damage control by sucking up to him a looooottttt, cooking him dinner and tells him the news she’s heard about his father, telling him he ought to go and meet him at least now that he is living well. Young Gul tells her to herself if she wants, just giving her money and heads off.

Ga Young learns about Young Gul’s past from the gossiping office ladies. Young Gul was deserted by his mother who left to be with another man and then his little sister died from an illness at his aunt’s house. In short words, he’s afraid to open his heart to anyone thinking he’ll be deserted like his mother left or abandoned the way his sister left. That makes Ga Young brood some more and feel sorry. Somehow, I’m not that easily swayed by the whole thing. The commitment phobic doesn’t seem to have a problem with hooking up with others (Anna). That is NOT good! Especially when he seems to be hurting her too. Gah, just make one decision and stay faithful to it. Heading to Paris together with Anna, he gives her major ignoring treatment on the plane and she looks hurt by his attitude.

Jae Hyuk learns GG is doing much better than YGM which puts him in a sour mood. There’s gossip going around amongst the office ladies regarding Fashion King who muse it’s already fixed with Ga Young as the winner, describing her as talented in ‘wooing men’-the men consisting of Jae Hyuk and Young Gul. She is troubled by the gossip. At the contest, the three judges, Madam Jo, Jae Hyuk and Designer Kim rate everyone’s dresses and Jae Hyuk can’t hide his smile and excitement at Ga Young’s work. Designer Kim can’t even bring himself to look at Jung Ah’s dress and wows at Ga Young’s. Madam Jo gives Ga Young a low score deliberately. Jae Hyuk diffuses the resounding argument between Designer Kim and Madam Jo about Ga Young’s design by telling them they’ll discard the lowest and highest scores.

Ga Young makes the next round but is not as happy as should be since the gossip is getting worse, even if people like her fashion sense they still see her as favored by Jae Hyuk. She gives Madam Jo and Jung Ah a glare in the bathroom as they chat about her before doing some thinking and finally messages Jae Hyuk. He’s surprised and both happy, and calls her to the ‘relaxation room’ where he literally is relaxing. His smile fades when Ga Young tells him she wants to drop out of Fashion King. He tells her she should work hard at it instead of worrying uselessly over small stuff. Ga Young tells him she’s afraid he’ll be inconvenienced because of her but he brushes off her concern and tells her to just do her best. She apologizes again and he bursts out, “If you’re truly so sorry just buy me a meal once. Just think back-all this time, how much have I done for you? The school problem, employment problem, factory problem, even nursed you back to health! Don’t you think that’s a little too much? How can a person not even know this much?” Hehe, she also rolls her eyes at his declaration and then stiffly declares that whenever he has time, she’ll buy him a meal. Haha, I love her tone. He’s like, why would you buy me a meal? And she tells him its because she couldn’t thank him properly for everything he’s done. When he asks if she’s serious, she says yes with a small smile and asks when she’ll do it. She tells him whenever he’s free but he whips out his phone and tells her he’s very very very busy for a long time to come. She cuts him off and tells him to just let her know WHENEVER he has time. Hehe! He quips up, “How about now?

Off they go for a drive. He’s smiling all the while and Ga Young sticks her hand out the window, having fun in her own way. They come to a beach. (Jae Hyuk has changed clothes! Haha!) Here, she turns to him and asks him a series of questions.
“Why do you like me?”

“Do I need to have a reason to like you?”

“If it were me, I wouldn’t like myself.”


She says she shamelessly asks for money, doesn’t treat higher-ups well and so on and he tells her, “It’s good you know!”

He finally asks what she thinks of him-a mama’s boy? A playboy? The descriptions make her laugh and he eyes her, “You don’t really think that, do you?” She tells him, “Maybe!

Okay, CUTE! As they sit on the beach later, Ga Young takes a picture of the sunset and holding the picture in her hands, she closes her eyes. Jae Hyuk watches her curiously before telling her, “I don’t hope that you’ll like me but that it would be good if you didn’t hate me.”

Aww, that makes me smile too. Ga Young is thoughtful.

Young Gul returns, treats Anna the same while she broods over it. Girl, get a better guy! The world hasn’t run out of them! He heads to meet his gangster friend who hands him documents regarding Ga Young whom he first calls, “Jae su sshi” (a title for sister in law, hehe) and tells Young Gul that Ga Youngs mother was a famous designer in her own days, the top in Korea and had wanted to move her store but had suddenly died in a car crash with her husband. And of course, the car crash was suspicious. So Madam Jo killed them? Really writer? Geez, murder is so underrated! Back at the factory, Young Gul remembers his drinking sessions with Ga Young as he pops a bottle and drinks from it. Then he lays out Ga Young’s old bed (When and from where did that get back? o_O) and remembers Ga Young’s words about why she didn’t want to work with Madam Jo, the way she’d cried and asked him if he could do it if he were in her shoes. At that time, he’d told her everyone has a scar or two. Now realizing the depth of her words and pain, he bangs his head against the wall with a pained expression. At least he realizes it now! He spoils the day for Madam Jo next by coming to speak with her regarding Ga Young’s parents. And he’s wearing maroon pants. Madam Jo balks at it so he leaves his lawyer to deal with her. Anna spies a ring in Young Gul’s possessions and smiles. Why do I have a feeling it’ll backfire for her? Oh yeah, its Kdrama land, where everything backfires. Although I feel bad for her seeing how happy she becomes at the sight of it.

Ga Young wins Fashion King. Huh? It was just this much? As Designer Kim is making the announcement, everyone tensely waits and even Jae Hyuk looks deflated. As soon as Kim names the person, Jae Hyuk can’t stop smiling while Madam Jo and Jung Ah stew. Jae Hyuk’s father gives Ga Young her prizes. Jae Hyuk bounces in his chair, clapping at his best. His father takes out Ga Young, Jae Hyuk and Designer Kim out for lunch and is happy with Lee Ga Young. Designer Kim is also full of praises for her. Jae Hyuk is surprised but happy at his father’s approval. Ga Young plans to go out and eat with her friends from Young Young. Jung Ah tells her Madam Jo wants to see her and it has to do regarding Young Gul. She refuses at first, but decides to go after hearing about Young Gul. Jae Hyuk overhears and offers to buy Ga Young dinner but she refuses today. Jung Ah pipes up, “Oppa, I’m free today!” Jae Hyuk rolls his eyes and storms off. Hehe, now that I loved. Jung Ah, I cringe at thee character, or rather, loss of it!

As soon as Ga Young walks in, Madam Jo throws a tissue box at her and Ga Young, albeit angry, takes it in stride. And I love that about her because she gives back as much as she gets! Madam retorts that Ga Young is ungrateful and disrespectful but she’s no longer an employee of the store but the owner and a big shot designer so Ga Young has to ask Young Gul to stop meddling. Ga Young serves the same attitude back to her, telling her to stop ordering people to come and go at her whim and if she’s so incensed over whatever she can talk to Young Gul himself.  As she’s leaving, Ga Young remembers Young Gul’s words about trying to regain her mother’s factory by working with Madam Jo.

Young Gul takes the office ladies out to dinner and the ladies make sure to throw Anna out of the picture. At dinner, they wonder at his relationship with Anna and Young Gul tells them they are just friends. He deflects the subject when the girls mention Anna seems to like Young Gul and changes the subject when Bong Sook asks about Ga Young. Just then, Ga Young walks in and everyone tells her to come and sit her by Young Gul. The atmosphere is as awkward as can be. Ga Young excuses herself after telling the ladies to meet her alone whenever they have time and not worry about other people’s business. Young Gul follows her outside. Catching her hand, he tells her to go in and sit with the ladies, he’s leaving. Telling her it was nice seeing her, he heads away. That night, Bong Sook tells Ga Young that in her eyes, Young Gul is the one who was hurt since she left first and went to Jae Hyuk. Oh really? I’ve lost track and sense of it all already! Ga Young tries to ignore her nagging but can’t. Finally, she’s had enough and bolts up, asking Bong Sook why she always takes Young Gul’s side especially when she doesn’t even know anything. Upset, she heads back to sleep.

Young Gul, remembering Ga Young’s words, calls up a guy telling him he’ll take over his company. Next morning, he meets Jae Hyuk in the elevator. The only problem: his fashion sense. What went wrong, Young Gul? This is the second drama I’ve thought the fashion sense of a fashion designer sucked. They bicker back and forth trying to outsmart the other but in the end, it’s Young Gul who leaves smiling. Jae Hyuk’s mood is damped-majorly, and he flips out at Assistant Kim during a presentation because he got too excited at Young Gul’s progress. Compared to YGM, GG is soaring in the skies. Jae Hyuk shouts at Young Gul and the rest of the team too but his temper is only cooled when he sees Ga Young’s shocked face. After the meeting, Jung Ah tries to ask Ga Young what her mother wanted but Ga Young ignores her and is called to see Designer Kim. He’s giving her a gift. It’s a chance to visit an event in America he can’t make and offers it to her, with a plane ticket and a hotel voucher. She’s ecstatic to receive it and smiles broadly!

Meanwhile, Young Gul gives Anna a business present and she beams up, thinking it’s the ring but it turns out to be a simple wallet. When he’s gone, she opens his drawer again and finds the ring box missing. Ga Young boards the plane and is amazed at all the first class luxuries around her. When Young Gul comes beside her, she doesn’t see him initially just as he doesn’t see her. When they do meet each others gazes, both are stunned.


What’s there to say? It feels like another slow, repetitive episode that simply passed just to give us reminders of who’s who and what’s been happening from the very beginning! I feel like my mind is already roasted and incapable of interpreting anything coherently! I’ll reserve comments here and add them with Episode 16! Somehow, there’s not much I can think of to say in this episode. Ah, n did Anna’s total screen-time even past a total of 5 minutes? Funny the way she’s just disappearing into the background! 😛

See you with Episode 16! 😉

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  1. Hi Akiko, just a quick one as my assignment plus exam revisions are driving me potty! Sorry to hear you were ill but hope you are on the mend now!

    I found something interesting last week while surfing the net and wanted to share it with you …. it seems Fashion King has been in development since (at least) 2009. I was laughing and wondering if it took them so long to do this and also to try and sue another drama, why is the plot, writing and the fashion (especially for YG) so bad??? Lol! (Ok, I think a few of the frocks for the girls were fine… they should have watched Devil Wears Prada or Ugly Betty for inspiration!) It is really rather schizophrenic as YG goes from always choosing to go out with Anna over GY’s pleas, being so physically affectionate to Anna in his apartment to ‘we are just friends’. And suddenly, he is so concerned about GY’s future…No qualms before about his other actions like asking her steal fabric from JH’s factory, selling GY’s designs without her knowledge, joining forces with Madam Jo etc. *Sigh*… I guess we are all watching to see our favourite actor/actress here and there! 🙂

    • Yes but even watching for your favorite actor and actress isn’t worth this torture! 😛 I’m baffled by it! What have they done in these three years? This is just messed up from every angle! Ridiculous! The writer wasn’t that good with the story and its just downhill from day 1!

  2. thanks for the recap..still good read..looking forward to ep 16..& yes, yuri’s screen time was really short this episode..she did a good job though. 🙂

    • I still feel bad for her! The girl needs to wake up and move on! Workin with Young Gul showed her she wasnt without her own benefits and skills so instead of relying on the men to take care of her or be there for her, she really should go her own way and make her own life!

      • true..true..poor girl was used by both guys…well, you’ll like ep 16..yuri has more screen time & her dialogues are pretty realistic to me..

      • Yup, I liked her scene in Episode 16 and I feel like throttling YG for his treatment of her! 😐

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