Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 11 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 11 Recap:

Woo Hyun draws Seung Yeon in for a hug instead of letting her draw back. The scene however, is witnessed by Ji Woo, Jae Ha and Team Leader Han. The latter is fuming, to say the least and wonders why she never realized it further, speculating if Woo Hyun knew Seung Yeon was a girl from the beginning. Ji Woo downs his sorrows in alcohol while Seung Yeon reminisces like a girl over the hug. In flashback, we see what Woo Hyun said to her after it.

“You know the meaning of your return right? You have to continue living as a guy. Just as you’ve said, if you really want it that bad, then don’t give up and grab onto the chance. I too, will only treat you as a hoobae.”

Now as she sits in the room, she whispers aloud, “Then, I too, will only like you as a hoobae. Just like that.”

Next day onwards, she takes to all tasks like a housekeeper and tells everyone in the dorm not to worry, she’ll do well! Tae Gun freaks out that she washed his underwear too and grabs it back, warning her to not touch it again. Haha! She wonders what went wrong and Jae Ha mutters she really doesn’t seem like a girl. She heads off to find Ji Woo for breakfast, running into Hyun Suk, who warns her to keep their relationship mum. Hyun Suk finds out Team Leader Han hasn’t come in yet.

That’s because she’s busy being the bad guy, as she demonstrates by heading over to Woo Hyun’s shoot. She asks his reasons for helping out Juniors yesterday at the concert and asks him what his true heart is. Woo Hyun tells her he has no desire to help a group that manipulates their fans (Aka asking them to leave after the show is over for M2 so they miss the Junior’s performance). She tells him she’s done her best to protect M2 because the Juniors are not up to standard enough but he corrects her, telling her M2 is already drifting apart as it is and it is mostly due to what she ‘Team Leader Han’ is doing and asks her to give up. She promises to give up on one condition-he not graduate from M2. They will pick a Junior member and add him to M2 but Woo Hyun mustn’t graduate. He tells her that makes no sense but she tells him he needs M2 as much as M2 needs him. She’ll take care of the Juniors too, so he should step out of it. Before she can ask him about Seung Yeon, they are interrupted.

M2 members are accosted by their fans outside the company, brightening their days. Woo Hyun is reading a script when he’s cornered by the other M2 members who accuse him of being a traitor, living and eating well himself and sending the others to graduation while saving his own hide. Not in the mood to fight or explain himself, he tells the others to get lost. They take offense to that and don’t allow him to leave, calling him a traitor and backstabber and finally he retorts they are the ones who don’t have the right to be in M2 since they don’t even have basic etiquette. This escalates into a fight, witnessed by Woo Hyun’s manager, some other idols that came to greet Woo Hyun and Director Lee. Ah, the bad guy always just gets the best seats!

Ji Woo meanwhile, is not as cheerful or chattery with Seung Yeon as before. She wonders at the change, but he doesn’t say anything. The M2 Junior members continue with rap practice, marvel at finally having their own fans and find out about the latest on M2. Team Leader Han reports to Hyun Suk who is displeased with Woo Hyun and Jun Hyung. Although Team Leader Han is trying to block the news, its spreading fast and already, there are fights between the fans of both idols. Seung Yeon defends Woo Hyun in front of her band mates, which makes them wonder if she perhaps likes Woo Hyun? But she denies it and deflects the attention.

Jun Hyung and two other members alongside him head to a press conference with Director Lee and officially announce their departure from M2. In front of everyone, Jun Hyung reveals a black eye, courtesy of Woo Hyun. Team Leader Han is watching the broadcast with the idols who intercepted the fight and they balk at the unfairness of the situation. Woo Hyun wasn’t the only one who threw the punches but Jun Hyung’s actions have made it seem so. Yet the problem isn’t to be solved so easily. It doesn’t help that Hyun Suk is busy helping Hae Yong out at her shop and not available at the office. He finally responds and Team Leader Han appraises him of the situation. The three members are somewhere hidden while Woo Hyun has locked himself in his studio. Even Team Leader Han can’t draw him out. The M2 Junior members wonder at the turn of events as they run into In Young, who is here to ask a favor of them. She needs a male rapper for her new song. Before anyone can respond, Tae Gun lets out, “If you want a male rapper, this guy won’t do!

Its hilarious the way all the members turn to stare at him and he realizes his slip. He covers it up by offering Ki Bum instead. His voice is much more masculine. Seung Yeon also forwards the idea and In Young asks the juniors to also be a feature in her video. Team Leader Han stops all communications with the press and orders guards to be placed near the company and in front of Woo Hyun’s house to block reporters. In Young comes to meet her and asks for Woo Hyun to be part of her video. If he were to lay low at a time like this, things would only get worse and tells her to let Woo Hyun be as he is. At times when he;s bothered, its best to leave him alone. Team Leader Han wonders if In Young truly likes Woo Hyun but she deflects the question.

Hyun Suk goes to meet Director Lee who is basking in his new found glory. Hyun Suk tells him not to destroy the kids like he did with Hyun Suk. Director Lee talks in riddles himself, trying to make a point. But its hilarious the way his assistant cuts him off to point out the ridiculousness of his words. Hyun Suk goes to Han River to reminisce over his past. He’d dated Hae Yong but the management had denied it at the time of the scandal. Hae Yong had tried to commit suicide at his denial and Hyun Suk had decided to leave the idol group he was a part of. Director Lee had been the manager of his group and had opposed him leaving but Hyun Suk had prevailed. Now Hyun Suk goes to Hae Yong and tells her there’s something he’s always wanted to say to her. Hugging her, he mutters, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I know its something I can’t be forgiven for, but I really wanted to apologize.” The hug is witnessed by Team Leader Han.

At practice, Seung Yeon is absent minded and messes up many times, leading Ji Woo to vut her off and tell her to go and visit Woo Hyun. However, she holds back. He’d told her he’ll treat her as a hoobae. But then decides she can go see him as a hoobae! Ji Woo offers her money, taking out his wallet from his bag but she declines and heads off, saying I’ll be back. Behind her, Ji Woo mutters, “You always come back after leaving. If your heart could come back, I’d wait for you forever.” Ji Woo forgets his wallet on the sofa when he leaves. Now that is so not a good sign! Outside, Jae Ha gives her a ride. He’s heading to his part time job on the motorcycle Hyun Suk lent him, so he figures he should help his niece. On the way, Seung Yeon catches sight of Woo Hyun’s car in front of them and calls him up. She tells him to pull over and he catches sight of her with Jae Ha in the side mirror. He pulls over. Seung Yeon joins him in the car.

He tells her he’s not in the mood to play with her right now but she tells him she’s here as his friend and there’s no point leaving here anyway since it’s a deserted road and there’ll be little or no taxis around and puts her hands over her chest, batting her eye lashes at him like a girl. Woo Hyun scoffs at her obvious excuse but doesn’t press the issue and they drive off, albeit in silence. Although both are perturbed by it, neither breaks it. Seung Yeon drives him to a spot and tells him to walk a little ahead. It’s her ‘gift’ to him. When he asks if she’s not going with him, she tells him with an exaggerated voice, “Oh I’m so popular these days I can’t just walk around carelessly anymore, you know! Go alone!” He laughs at her and heads off. She’s brought him to a hillside from where you can see the whole city and watching him walk away, Seung Yeon mutters, “Let it all out and come back!

Woo Hyun smiles at the city view. However, his mind is still perturbed by Team Leader Han and Jun Hyung’s words. Seung Yeon is dancing on her seat with loud music blaring when Woo Hyun walks back up and she doesn’t even see him until he opens the door on her side, startling her. He orders her to change seats and doesn’t let her out so she has to slide further inside to the passenger seat. That puts her in a bit of annoyed mood while he’s laughing, his mood all the better now. They head off to meet some friends of his. He orders her to bring all the bags from the car and follow him. While the others sit and chat, Woo Hyun and his friend sit by the side. His friend muses his temper really got the best of him and tells him he always thought something like this was bound to happen. Woo Hyun protests this isn’t comforting to him but his friend prods even further, now Woo Hyun even needs comfort for something like this? Haha! Woo Hyun simply smiles and his friend asks if he’s in love since he’s tired as hell but his face doesn’t even show it and muses it must be Seung Yeon with a glance her way. Woo Hyun panics, telling his friend there’s no way he’s dating, not a guy like Seung Yeon. His friend tells him he can tell Seung Yeon is a girl with a single glance. Besides, if Woo Hyun had swung that way, he (the friend) would’ve seduced him already long ago! Okay, I’m bursting a gut here right now. I love this friend of his! That even makes Woo Hyun laugh and he asks his friend if he really doesn’t regret giving up M2 with Woo Hyun. His friend tells him no matter how others see it, he’s happy as he is now. What’s gone is gone and he doesn’t envy Woo Hyun what he has. That kind of life didn’t suit him anyway. Woo Hyun is thoughtful at his words and his friend offer his advice. If he can really stand on the stage without regret or remorse, whether he’s part of M2 or as Kang Woo Hyun himself isn’t the problem. At this time, Seung Yeon cuts in and Woo Hyun’s friend calls Woo Hyun lucky for having Seung Yeon around and asks her to take care of his ‘bad tempered friend’. Seung Yeon agrees, his temper is totally awful. Woo Hyun cuts off the two rallying against him.

As they’re heading out of the building, Seung Yeon tells him he shouldn’t get angry over such little things. That’s why people call him bad tempered. What the two don’t realize in their bickering is that it’s raining. When they do, Seung Yeon proposes to go and get the car but Woo Hyun stops her and holds up his coat as a covering for both to head towards the car together. Of course, they can’t get to the car without totally bickering the whole way. Inside, Woo Hyun gives Seung Yeon a towel to dry up and they head off. Woo Hyun seems to have caught a cold since he starts sneezing. Meanwhile Team Leader Han is having a damage control meeting with a reporter. In return for his cooperation, the reporter asks for a solo interview with Woo Hyun. Team Leader Han agrees.

At Woo Hyun’s home, Woo Hyun draws up two cups of hot cocoa while Seung Yeon changes into his clothes to let her own dry. Seriously, hers weren’t even THAT wet! At least they didn’t do it the City Hunter style! This time, Seung Yeon can’t help but be conscious of the clothes and Woo Hyun simply laughs at her until she stretches out her arms, complaining she feels like a scarecrow. Woo Hyun laughs, until he catches sight of her, then coughs the awkwardness away and tells her to sit down before she scares all the birds away. They both sip hot cocoa to avoid getting a cold. Meanwhile, In Young comes to practice in the dance room and finds Ji Woo’s wallet. Inside, she finds Ji Woo and Seung Yeon’s picture although it takes her a moment to realize the girl is Seung Yeon. When she does, her eyes widen. She remembers all the times Woo Hyun has treated Seung Yeon well and wonders if he likes her, but decides it makes no sense. Still, she heads over to his house.

At Woo Hyun’s place, Woo Hyun asks Seung Yeon what his official stance about the fight should be-should he say the boys are lying because they’re jealous? If he uses  his ‘little prince’ position, everyone will fall for it. Speaking as his friend, Seung Yeon disagrees, telling him a lies weighs heavy on the conscience and it’ll be too hard for him. She doesn’t want him to be hurt. Then she proposes playing the rubbish game, which is perfect for days like today, when he has a bad mood. Woo Hyun watches her thoughtfully as she heads off to collect the materials for the game. The game consists of writing things on a piece of paper and putting them in one of the two baskets laid ahead. One basket is rubbish chute, the other is a recycle box. If there’s something you wanna throw out of your life and stop worrying over, put it in the rubbish chute but if there’s something you want to reconsider, put it in the recycle box. He scoffs at the reasoning for it but she tells him to try it. His first attempt- ‘Hitting and scolding people’ goes to the rubbish chute. When her turn comes, she writes ‘Lying’. Off to the rubbish chute dear although she considers putting it in the recycle chute!

For his next turn, Woo Hyun considers a bit before writing M2 activity and puts it in the rubbish chute. Before he puts it in, Seung Yeon reminds him to consider it carefully. He can’t take it back again if it’s in the rubbish chute but he doesn’t hesitate and tells her there’s no reason for regret there. For her next turn, she has trouble thinking of what to write but finally has an idea. However, she hides it from Woo Hyun while writing it, which makes him curious. As she heads for the rubbish bin, he stops her and asks to see what she wrote. She balks but he snatches the paper out of her hand and reads it. It says, “Woo Hyun <3”.

Hehe! When he’s silent, she tells him that’s why she just wanted to throw it into the chute since they’re just sunbae hoobae from now on. He folds it back up and puts it into the recycle box. Seung Yeon is surprised and he tells her it’s because he thinks it would be unfair to him. After all, he was so tormented by her, thinking she was a guy and was even kissed twice, leading him to start doubting his own sanity. She scoffs at that, “Oh, it was such a big hit against you? Then just file for compensation! Don’t you like to complain anyway?!” She’s about to walk off angrily when he stops her, asking where she’s going and she retorts, “Why? Is there something else you’re feeling wronged about?” He reminds her she’s the one who said to seek compensation but she knows his prices are high, right? Seung Yeon rolls her eyes, “That’s why -” but her words are cut short when Woo Hyun moves in to kiss her. She’s too stunned to react.

In Young pulls up outside Woo Hyun’s house. Seung Yeon is about to leave and Woo Hyun offers to driver her back, wondering how a girl like her can walk around such late hours so fearlessly. Seung Yeon smiles at that, muttering, “Someone sees me as a girl!” He takes her hand and they head outside. Before In Young can decide to go in, she sees Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon emerge from the house, smiling and holding hands. She hides behind the wall and Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon drive off in his car. She notes Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon’s smiles and seethes, flashing back to their own caring days. Lol, somehow this scene couldn’t be any cheesier. But hey, it is a teenage drama.


Yes, its a teenage drama. The acting isn’t superb or even very good and there are some loopholes in the storyline as well but its a good time pass and a much enjoyable one at that when you are looking to spend an hour having something fun to watch.

Story loophole- Seung Yeon is a girl but to date none of the people around her have managed to figure that out even though they’ve had much coverage and if their as famous as shown, someone apart from that professor ought to have recognized her and even if no one did, no one recognized her voice as girly? hehe! That makes me laugh out loud! Another thing, the interesting friend Woo Hyun meets in this episode recognizes Seung Yeon as a girl with one look at her. hehe, I think the writer really is writing the series for teenagers.

One thing I liked in this episode is the onset of proper romance though if the ending is to be depended upon, that will be a short lived pleasure for now. Still, I hope there’s not too much typical noble idiocy or antagonism keeping the two apart. Seriously, it’s faring well enough without those points thrown into the mist!

See you with Episode 12! 😉

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