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Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 11 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 11 Recap:

Woo Hyun draws Seung Yeon in for a hug instead of letting her draw back. The scene however, is witnessed by Ji Woo, Jae Ha and Team Leader Han. The latter is fuming, to say the least and wonders why she never realized it further, speculating if Woo Hyun knew Seung Yeon was a girl from the beginning. Ji Woo downs his sorrows in alcohol while Seung Yeon reminisces like a girl over the hug. In flashback, we see what Woo Hyun said to her after it.

“You know the meaning of your return right? You have to continue living as a guy. Just as you’ve said, if you really want it that bad, then don’t give up and grab onto the chance. I too, will only treat you as a hoobae.”

Now as she sits in the room, she whispers aloud, “Then, I too, will only like you as a hoobae. Just like that.”

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