Fashion King Episode 14 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 14 Recap:

Back at Young Young, everyone is toasting each their success tonight. His gangster friend wants to know what GG is and after a brief awkward silence, Young Gul deflects the question. After the toast, Young Gul becomes a bit grim until Anna walks up, reminding him of an interview with reporters and asks what GG is-is it Ga Young’s initials? Young Gul walks away without replying. She follows him and the office ladies watch disapprovingly.

Ga Young and Jae Hyuk are driving back in silence and both are remembering the events from the night. Finally, Jae Hyuk breaks the silence by asking her where Bong Sook’s house is. Although she offers to get out here and go ahead herself, Jae Hyuk tells the driver to keep going and drop her. He’s surprised when Ga Young asks him if he wants to go for a round of drinks.

Cut to a drunk Ga Young confessing her worries to Jae Hyuk. He’s not very happy to hear her confessions but doesn’t stop her. She tells him what Young Gul said to her when she said she wanted to leave- “Weren’t you and I supposed to be together till the end?” She came out without saying anything and chugging down another drink, goes on about how unfair things are and worries if Young Gul is very angry at her since he told Bong Sook not to talk to her. That makes Jae Hyuk burst out- Is she trying to test his patience here? She’s already rambled on for two hours and all she talked about was Bong Sook or Young Gul. That brings Ga Young to a pause in her drunken stupor, although she’s not much sober to register his temper. He gets up to leave and she tries to follow, but slips back onto the chair, drunk. Jae Hyuk helps her and supports her as he walks her out.

On the drive home, Ga Young is asleep and Jae Hyuk tries to wake her up but she collapses back into sleep, practically falling onto his lap. Young Gul arrives at his home, which turns out to be the apartment he had scouted earlier. There, he sits and broods about the night; especially the moment Jae Hyuk takes Ga Young’s hand. At Jae Hyuk’s place, a drunk Ga Young is asleep on his bed and he tucks her in before removing her hair from over her face. She stirs slightly but doesn’t wake. Turning off the lights and carring a book, Jae Hyuk walks out. Come morning, Young Gul wakes up from what seems a restless night and looks at the stuffed toy in bed beside him. It’s the one Ga Young used to sleep with.

Ga Young lies in bed, still asleep in a completely different place than where she had slept last night when Jae Hyuk walks up to her, carrying her bag, a dress and shoes. Smiling at her posture, Jae Hyuk wakes her up. She finally stirs awake a start after seeing him smiling and sits straight up, wiping off her drool. Jae Hyuk can’t stop smiling as he puts the items down with her and tells her to hurry up and prepare to head to work. She wordlessly nods and as he’s leaving, Jae Hyuk finally laughs. Just one word. CUTE!

Likewise, Young Gul is getting ready from what seems to be a millionaire’s closet of clothes and accessories. It’s a relief to know you put the money you earned selling YGM and Ga Young to good use, Young Gul! Jae Hyuk and Ga Young are heading out and at the elevator when Ga Young asks Jae Hyuk if she made a mistake last night and he teases her with a wide smile saying he feels embarrassed saying it with his own lips. He compliments her but she can’t get over the fact that she probably did make a mistake and worriedly asks him again. The elevator doors open to reveal Young Gul standing there and he doesn’t seem the least surprised to see Ga Young with Jae Hyuk.

Jae Hyuk stops the elevator doors from closing at the last moment and gets in, asking Ga Young to follow. He asks what Young Gul is doing here and Young Gul pointedly makes a remark about them being together but Ga Young turns to him, telling him it’s not what he thinks. He ignores her and walks out. In the car on the way to work, he lets out his true feelings and looks agonized over seeing the two together. Jae Hyuk and Ga Young also brood similarly and Jae Hyuk especially recalls the way Ga Young spoke up. Anna walks in his office.

Jae Hyuk turns to her and the trading of barbs begins. Aaaarrgghhh. This time, Anna refers to him as ‘Director’ and tells him she simply helped out a friend and was working with him. Jae Hyuk scoffs at that but Anna tells him Ga Young is the reason she’s become like this. Jae Hyuk correxts her, it’s because she is without abilities. If she’d had them, then a person like Ga Young would never have gotten between them. Ouch. Jae Hyuk, onto my bad list again. Anna also looks hurt at that and asks if he means he doesn’t need women without abilities. She tells him she’s always felt incompetent because Jae Hyuk put it that way for her but Young Gul has shown her there’s much she can do. Jae Hyuk tells her to then go and simply work with Young Gul because she’ll only be more hurt here. Anna understands, telling him she’ll resign and thanks him for everything. As she leaves, she asks what she should do with the car and the house. Jae Hyuk tells her to take them. At least he looks conflicted when she’s leaving. Anna packs her stuff and heads out. Most of the staff comes out to see her off and Designer Kim even cries. Anna runs into Ga Young in the lobby and asks if she liked the show last night. She then adds, “I’ve been fired from here. How about giving me Young Young Apparel? What do you think of that?” Ga Young asks her why she’s asking it of her and Anna calls it laughable before leaving.

That night, Bong Sook goes on and on about how much Anna sticks to Young Gul while Ga Young simply keeps drawing, her strokes getting more furious with each word Bong Sook says. Then Bong Sook asks where she spent the last night, guessing it was probably Jae Hyuk. Ga Young tells her she’ll be back in a bit and heads to Young Young. She gets a shock when she reaches there. Her bed is gone. She turns to the sounds coming from Young Gul’s office where he’s on the phone. Whoever he’s talking to, Young Gul calls Anna ‘cool’. As he’s heading out in the middle of the call, he sees Ga Young and hangs up, asking her why she’s here. She makes an excuse and explains nothing happened last night and it was just that she drank too much. Such stuff can happen, right? Then she tears up and her voice breaks as she asks him why he had to make it sound so degrading? She’s not his woman and he’s not her boyfriend. Young Gul simply laughs it off before telling her he has to go out now. She asks if he won’t even give her a little bit of time and he retorts, “Lee Ga Young and I? Do we have something to talk about anymore?”

That breaks her and finally, she slaps him hard. Thank you! I’ve been itching to do that! She starts at him-Why is he so angry at her? Why does he think she left? Didn’t he get money from Jae Hyuk? Doesn’t that make it equal? His expression twists as if in pain but he tells her to get out if she has nothing more to say. Ga Young can’t help but cry and leaves. Outside, she gasps for breath after her outburst. Dejected, she heads back. At home, she takes to the sewing machine and sews while she remembers her past with Young Gul from their times in America to here in Korea and cries.

Young Gul introduces Anna to the staff the next day. The guys are the only ones happy to have her around. At J Fashion, Ga Young is hard at work while Anna does the same at Young Young. Times moving aheads! Designer Kim reviews Ga Youngs designs but from her expressions, his feedback is positive and she thanks him profusely. At Young Young, Young Gul sits in the empty shop, brooding at times. Jae Hyuk’s secretary gives him the updates on Young Gul’s work and how its thriving while YGM itself has yet to get a solid standing. Jae Hyuk dismisses his secretary and flashes back to his first meeting with Young Gul when his phone rings. Its Daddy Dearest.

Off to his office. His dad asks about Anna’s resignation and his mother is there too. He asks where Anna is now and laments losing a good partner for golf. Yeah, that was her value I guess! Rich spoiled people! His mother tells him it’s of no value where she’s gone-as in good riddance and wonders if they should thank Lee Ga Young for it. His father shifts his attention to the new upcoming brand GG. Wasn’t it an acquaintance of Jae Hyuk doing it? Jae Hyuk simply agrees and his father compliments Young Gul’s business sense and asks Jae Hyuk to call him out for lunch/dinner one day. Jae Hyuk tries to object-he’s not that good a friend but his father tells him in business there is no I do it because I want to, Young Gul is good for business so bring him.

At Young Gul’s place, Young Gul is drinking while Anna is asleep in his arms. LITERALLY. Did the dictionary in Young Gul’s mind mess up the definition of two timing so that it applies to Ga Young but not to himself? Seriously! I’m pulling my hair out now! Ah, Jae Hyuk is back. And he’s adorably arranging three lunch boxes in his relaxation room, all smiles. However, he gets a text from Ga Young thanking him for his words but saying she’ll eat outside. That dampens his mood and he starts chugging down food, trying to keep himself upbeat telling himself it’s delicious but finally puts the box back down. He walks into the working room to find Ga Young half working, half eating.

He asks her what the hell is with working so hard she can’t even find time to eat? She tells him designers are working hard to strive for the Fashion King competition so everyone’s busy and no one has time to run around freely for lunch. He watches as she turns back to her dress and pins it up. He takes a pin from her, pins it and asks if that’s the way it has to be done. She agrees so he takes the pin cushion from her and starts putting them all on himself. Hehe. Apparently Ga Young feels the same since she also bursts into a smile, watching him work. That is, until he cuts himself. He hands back her pin cushion and tells her to start eating lunch and then come to his place in the evening, dressed well and tells her to not refuse through a message again. Hehe, he’s pouting like a little school kid. She agrees and he pats her on the arm, ‘sugo’ before leaving! Aww, cute!

That night, Ga Young is debating what to wear while Bong Sook goes on and on about Anna and Young Gul. Both work together and leave together. Ga Young debates the white dress Young Gul made her. Bong Sook tells her to definitely catch onto Jae Hyuk. Speaking of the devil, he is currently preparing diner in his kitchen when the doorbell rings. It’s Ga Young. She’s brought flowers and wine-I think? He tells her to take a seat and she watches him put the flowers away before getting back to work. She goes in and offers to help. Young Gul watches her work with a smile before bringing out an apron and ties it on her himself.

They start talking and he talks about a place, telling her to go with him someday-it’s very beautiful there. That brings her to a pause but then she smiles and gets back to work. He even tells her when they can go and then wistfully, staring into the pan says, “If we could be like this every day, it would be great.” He doesn’t see Ga Young smile at that. And then the doorbell rings. Is it just or that is bound to be BAD news? He asks Ga Young to open the door and she agrees but then pauses. He tells her it can’t be his mother. She’s not even here at the moment. And who should it be but Anna and Young Gul. Jae Hyuk walks forward and invites them in. Jae Hyuk, why, oh why?

Dinner for the four is awkward. Jae Hyuk asks Anna if her work is good and Anna asks Ga Young if Fashion King is going well. Ga Young tells her it’s not of much interest to her. Young Gul asks what Fashion King is and makes a pointed comment at ‘Lee Ga Young sshi’ telling her she shouldn’t be not interested in such an opportunity, after all, that is why she went to J Fashion. She doesn’t reply and Jae Hyuk feels her discomfort so he asks what GG stands for, then asks Anna what her job is. Young Gul starts listing a number of jobs Anna handles and Jae Hyuk returns the same barbed comment to Anna. Yay for defending the girl bro! He sees some sauce on Ga Young’s lips and helps her wipe it away, leaving both Anna and Young Gul fuming. Jae Hyuk then tells Young Gul he’s thinking of a way to make YGM and GG work together.  Young Gul and Anna tell him to just mind his business with YGM and forget the rest. It’s dinner time anyway.

Jae Hyuk finally drops the ball. His father wants to see Young Gul, does he think he made dinner for Young Gul because he likes him? Young Gul leaves, telling him to tell his father to come find him himself if he wants to meet. I’m not sure who won the battle here but yeah, Young Gul got the upper hand now it seems. Jae Hyuk watches the frozen Ga Young and thanks her for being here with him. She tells him she should also leave now and heads to go. Jae Hyuk asks her if she can’t not leave. She tells him she’ll see him tomorrow. Don’t tell me you actually wanted her here because you couldn’t do it alone! Okay, your creeping back into my good books. But how sad is it that at the end of the day, he’s still alone. I feel sorry for him. Sniff sniff. Ga Young heads out, into the elevator and as it heads down, she’s lost in thought. She flashes back to the birthday breakfast Young Gul made her, the words he said when she told him she was leaving. She finally heads back up to the 28th floor and comes upon a door. She rings the bell and Young Gul answers.

She tells him she wants to talk so he comes out. She starts crying inadvertently and tells him, “I love you. If I didn’t say it now, I thought I’d regret it for life. Therefore, I was wrong. No matter what you think, can’t I come back?” He’s frozen and she continues until the door opens again and Anna sticks her head out, asking who’s here. That rouses Ga Young from her confession. Young Gul tells Anna he’ll be right in and Ga Young moves to leave, crying to herself. Young Gul stands frozen in front of the door. Ga Young collapses to her knees in the elevator crying her heart out. I so love her in this scene!

Young Gul stands in his apartment, staring out the window when Anna asks him what Ga Young said-she looked like she was crying and asks Young Gul if he got a love confession. She asks him to promise one thing to her-he won’t throw her away before leaning her head on his shoulder. Next morning, Bong Sook tells the other office ladies Ga Young is ill and in her fever, all she muttered was ‘Sajang nim, Sajang nim, I was wrong’. The office ladies call her pitiable. Anna walks up to them and tells them to finish their work today. In his office, Young Gul is … – sitting with his eyes closed? Anna asks him if its because of Ga Young? She wants to come back here, right? She tells him to do what he wants, if he wants her to leave she’ll leave but she won’t work together with Ga Young and tells him to think it over.

At home, Ga Young is ill and taking care of herself by applying cold towels to her head herself. Much later, when she stirs awake, there’s a drip attached to her arm and he’s sitting by the side, asleep too. MUCH TOO CUTE! As soon as she sees him, she sits up but he’s asleep. She calls out to him and he jerks awake, yawning and asks how she’s feeling. She’s better and he brings out food for her to eat. Its porridge and he gives her the spoon, urging her to eat. She’s overcome and can’t bring herself to move.

He takes the spoon back from her and taking a spoonful, blows on it lightly before holding it out for her, telling her, ‘Aah!’ Hehe. Also, did anyone else notice? The shirt Jae Hyuk is wearing is the one Ga Yougn gave him as a present in America. Aaawww! [Also, watch this scene as a GIF here at Raine’s blog. She specifically made it at my request, so if you go, please do leave feedback and thanks! These things take time and effort! 🙂 From my end, Thanks a lot, Raine! ;)] He smiles at her before giving the spoon back and tells her, “Don’t mind me and eat comfortably.Lol, I just remembered the last time you said that buddy, you ate all her lunch. But I guess its equal now that you’ve fed her! Ga Young tells him he didn’t have to do so much and he tells her he didn’t do it because he wanted to-they have a meeting tomorrow and if she’s busy, there’s no way they can work well. Both know its a lie and she smiles at that and starts to eat. He tells her he’ll be off now since he’s busy. She gets up to see him off but he tells her to keep sitting, rest well and see her at the office tomorrow. Ga Young smiles when he’s gone. When she opens her mobile, she has a lot of missed calls, all from Jae Hyuk but none from Young Gul.

Speaking of the devil again, he’s brooding over Ga Young’s confession in his office and Anna’s words. He drinks. Yeah, like that’s a solution. Finally, he picks up his phone. Ga Young is stirred awake when the phone vibrates and finally picks it up. He asks how she’s feeling but there’s a silence that follows and he finally mutters, “I’m sorry. It’s better if you don’t come (back). I’m sorry.” Tears fall from Ga Young’s eyes as she puts the phone down in shock.



Ah, I kinda like this episode. Yes, its as crazy as ever, but I had dear Jae Hyukie keep me company with his cute!

Young Gul. I hate you. Period. What is wrong with you?! We had one forward moving point in this episode which was unfortunately a forward point for just one character-Ga Young. The moment she finally decides to confess her feelings and be honest, she finds no reciprocation. We see her warming up to Jae Hyuk, seeing beneath the spoiled rich brat. However, it’s not romantic inclination on her end yet (and will most probably never be so, but, well!)

Personally, I do not even agree with her choice of words when she confesses. What has she done so wrong that she must say “I was wrong” ? Young Gul was the one who disregarded her feelings and prioritized his own. Fine, she left him and went to Jae Hyuk but after she tried her best to make it work with him! Why doesn’t he see that? Although I do understand her at that moment. For her, it was now or never and to be able to get her feelings across to him, she wanted to give it her all and so she did. And I totally felt for her when she finally broke down in the elevator. Someone give her a hug! <_<

I suspect the reason Young Gul rejects Ga Young are two fold. One-he doesn’t see her having a bright future with him which she can have with Jae Hyuk, two-Anna. And the latter makes me angry. Why is he listening to Anna’s ‘I won’t work with her’ when he disregarded Ga Young’s similar protests against Madam Jo. And he takes offense to Ga Young spending the night at Jae Hyuk’s place, where NOTHING happened and yet he has Anna at his place and IN HIS ARMS! And Anna’s askance of a promise from him is a very simple way of telling us where it has headed, at least from her point of view. She has gone to him, totally, which is why she asks him not to abandon her. If he didn’t encourage it or doesn’t want it, why can’t he make that clear? However, knowing Young Gul, it would even be safe to bet Anna and him are together now. That her-in-his-arms scene is quite a giveaway!

I’m beyond the point where I understand the logic in his actions!

Frankly, I’m not a shipper for either leads right now. I’m angry at Jae Hyuk for the things he does wrong but more than my anger at him, I’m angry at Young Gul for everything that is going wrong because of him. Why can’t he see things from a neutral stand point and realize the mistakes he’s made. No one’s an angel, not in this show, not in the real world but buckle up and do better!

See you with Episode 14! 😉

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  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Actually hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve gotten hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the difficulty is one thing that not sufficient individuals are speaking intelligently about. I am very glad that I stumbled across this in my search for something referring to this.

  2. Howw cmee u are not doinggg Episode 15 recap?x

    • xLilNatx: Sorry, I’ve been away and when I got back, I fell sick so the recaps got delayed! I’m almost done with Episode 15, I’ll post it up ASAP! 🙂 Thanks for following my recaps! 🙂

  3. Thanks Akiko… I am with you. Poor GY! JH – *sigh* you could have a lovely romantic dinner with GY and try to impress her and you go and invite those 2??? Are you crazy? Lol.

    YG – less said, the better… cannot stand him. GY, please transfer your affection elsewhere! Learn from Anna – she is a chameleon and can move from one man that she loves ‘so deeply’ to another without blinking! Seems she has got her claws into YG already, as noted by the ahjummas. She seems like the type who will go crazy if she gets dumped again, so YG better watch his back! I am afraid for GY too should YG changes his mind and wants GY back.. not sure what Anna will do to her! Then there is also Madam Jo, Madam Jo’s evil spawn, JH’s mum etc…. GY certainly attracts a lot of enemies!

    • I liked Young Gul in the beginning, I really did! The first three four episodes where he connects with Ga Young and gives her the money to pursue her dreams, I loved his actions. Even in America and when he was sent back and went to jail, I liked him. But then on, he simply went downhill! :/ And I hate that his character is so self centered.

      Jae Hyuk is just keeping me going with his cute! 😛 And I really don’t think Jae Hyuk is using mistreating Ga Young as much as Young Gul used her or mistreated her. And he invited Ga Young and the others to the dinner party together strategically because the way I see it, guy had to swallow his pride and admit to YG that his father thought of him as worth something. Considering how he’s always degraded YG, this was a big step and one of the reasons he called Ga Young was so he doesn’t have to be alone when he did it and could find some support in her. He may have other reasons, but at this moment, who in the drama doesn’t! 😛 hehe!

      Anna is quite the good chameleon though I really think she deserves good. The girl needs to take a break from evil and do well. Going to YG made her realize she has worth as a designer, something she couldnt find with JH so instead of sticking to a guy who definitely is interested in someone else (YG), she should find someone who will be interested in her and care for her…

      And Ga Young really should move on from YG! Now that she has received a rejection from him after opening herself up so and even going so far as to lay it all out for him, whatever Young Gul feels for her, he needs to deserve her if he wants her back and I dont really think things will go that way. Why is she the only one who is wrong? That is something he doesn’t get in his head. And that makes me DAMN ANGRY! :@ As for Madam Jo and her evil spawn, they’ve been reduced to a talking bunch by the action of the drama writers and Jae Hyuk. Haha. I loved Jung Ah’s encounter with GY! Way to cut her down, GY! Cheers and Bravo! 😀

  4. thanks for the recap…i second that…let there be at least 1 episode where the girls don’t cry…especially gayoung…it’s waterworks for her almost every episode eversince she revealed her feelings to young gul….at least, she gets to smile when she’s with jae hyuk..when love is so painful, is it really meant to be? oh well…let’s see where the scriptwriters will lead us…6 episodes left…thanks again…btw, lee je hoon is a doubt which camp i’m rooting for :p

    • Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 And yes, poor Ga Young has to cry every episode but I guess compared to the others before, she spent a bit lesser time moping in this one, although it was still a lot! I loved her in the elevator breakdown scene after she confessed her feelings! Girl finally bags the courage to just put everything behind and go ahead but BAM! she gets smacked with Anna sticking her face out of YG’s apartment barely a moment after she bared her heart. Seriously, poor her. I hate YG more for this. Things should be at an equal stand. If he hates JH so much he doesnt want GY going to him why does he do the same with Anna? *Holding back temper, holding back…. holding back…* Okay, that’s enough before I go off and kill him 😛

      And yes, she gets to smile with JH and is being given the chance to strive for her dreams! And unlike Anna, she’s not scared that easily! 😉

      • newkdramaaddict

        Ga Young will be safe….until the mum! Dang that is going to be rough!! She makes me cringe everytime!! And spying on An Na? That was low. And yes, YG does not deserve GY!

      • I hope JH does a better job between his mum and GY than he did in protecting Anna! And somehow, Madam Jo looks like a barking dog to me now, all bark and no bite! Thats mostly cause Ga Young is now out of her sphere of influence though!

      • yes..agree..gayoung’s elevator scene where she was crying her eyes out..that was heartbreaking…:( after confessing to YG time and again and the endless rejection that ensued..she seriously needs to move on.

        i see no reason why YG & anna have to hook up…which obviously they did…can’t they remain as close business partners? guess i’m old-school in my thinking, i still prefer the leads to remain true in heart AND in BODY to their loves till the very end..

        as for JH..he has many imperfections…his biggest & most recent one was his insane need to parade GY infront of YG by organizing the 4-some dinner..what’s up with that?? he was doing so well & even GY was giving him the green light..though a very dim one..haha…that wry smile he had on his face after GY left…he knew he blew it…he knows here on out, he has to put in lots of effort to win GY’s heart…

        ok..interesting titbit that was dropped during that pre-dinner prep was the Milan Fashion Week event…do you guys think that they’ll do the final shoot in Milan for the ending?? maybe the scriptwriter is setting this up for the finale…GY wins the Fashion King contest..takes her trip to Italy…get scouted by some famous designer house and becomes a fashion icon herself…with or without any of these 2 guys in tow…haha..basically, all 4 leads will be successful but alone…since the writer is the same as “What Happen in Bali”…i won’t be surprised if that least, it’s not killing off the characters..

  5. newkdramaaddict

    Unfortunately, I disagreed. I see Jae Hyuk as a user and for the same reason Ga Young would not work with that hated woman, she expected it to be ok for her to work with Jae Hyuk and expect no repercussions?!! What did the Chairman say? He recognized Young Gul as a born businessman! I was SO glad that Young Gul said f**ck you and left the dinner table. Yes, he did not acknowledge Ga Young as he should but at the same time, let’s not forget all he did for her!! Its obvious, I’m not on Team Jae Hyuk and I really don’t care who ends up with who at this point but I would like just one episode where neither Ga Young not An Na cry. Its getting really, really tiresome! Thanks, I just had to rant somewhere 😀

    • Hehe, newkdramaaddict, we all need a place to rant after watching FK! Sometimes, I feel like pulling my hair out the moment I’m watching the episode, its so frustrating at times! 😀 And yeah, however much I’m a Jae Hyukie fan, he deserved that treatment at dinner! Unfortunately, he has yet to learn to treat people like ‘people’ and with respect! *hangs head*

      • newkdramaaddict

        Not that Jae Hyuk does not have some redeeming qualities. I applaud his treatment of Ga Young but for how long? An Na made that clear that she was a replacement for another woman. Ga Young is currently the flavor of the month. And I still feel sorry for An Na because of the abusive treatment she has had from not only him (verbal and emotional) but also his mother (the full gambit!)

      • I think one of the reasons Jae Hyuk couldnt treat Anna more seriously was because she had replaced someone else in his life quite easily (she reciprocated his feelings and hby her own admission, a bit of it had to do with his background) while Ga Young is not interested in him at all, which also seems like a first for him! Yet, Anna didnt deserve being treated so badly, no matter what was in the past.. That is one of the bad points of JH. Where YG is obsessed with making money, JH is obsessed with the notion of people in power and that people beneath them are just leechers! He has to, needs to and really should learn to respect people!

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