Fashion King Episode 13 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

As crazy an episode as before! That’s all I thought once I finished it. Anyway, we finally get our wish since Ga Young has left Young Gul but it doesn’t seem Young Gul will be coming to realization about his deeds and wrongdoings anytime soon. For all he knows, Ga Young left of her own will and that is unfair to him. Seriously dude, she TOLD you her reason TWICE! The problem-Young Gul was too busy wanting to beat Jae Hyuk that he didn’t pay heed to her wants. Time to wake up buddy! And I hope you do soon, before I lose all faith in you. Jae Hyuk at least comes clean with Anna and lets go of her, although it takes action from Mama Dearest to wake him up to it. I’m surprised Mama Dearest hasn’t taken any other actions against Ga Young yet, given her temper. Anyways, on to the recap!

Episode 13 Recap:

Come next morning Young Gul is wide awake and finally comes out to find Ga Young’s bed neatly made up, as if she had never been there. She has left and is at Bong Sook’s asking to borrow a place to sleep until she can find a room for herself. Bong Sook wonders why she’s quitting and if its because of Jae Hyuk but Ga Young denies it, although she is going to continue working at Jae Hyuk’s since she has a reason. Jae Hyuk is at a fancy meeting with his father at the same time when his assistant comes in and mutters something in his ear which makes Jae Hyuk smile. His father notices his reaction.

Designer Kim is checking out his staff and Ga Young is there, sketching away. And who should walk in, trying to hide a smile but Jae Hyuk! He’s obviously delighted to see Ga Young and can’t keep the smile off his face. Even Designer Kim is left staring at his back with his mouth hanging open. (I love that expression on the designer’s face. Hehe!) Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk finds out the truth about Young Gul’s American associate, i.e. his gangster friend. In a hilarious bit, Jae Hyuk asks about Ga Young and then his assistant’s work track with the company. Exhilarated and ambitious, the assistant vows to do even better here on but Jae Hyuk lays it out-don’t report to Mama Dearest and you’ll have a bright future.

Then his assistant heads to Madam Jo and lays out the terms-sell her shares for the exact amount she put in, $1 million. Madam Jo is in the air, thinking Young Gul has got an investor but Jae Hyuk’s assistant quickly clears her up on that account since Young Gul never actuallt had any investment coming in. Although she balks, the assistant lays out their trump card, telling her Ga Young-the main designer for YGM is now working at J Fashion. A compensation for Madam Jo-her brand will be featured in J Fashion. She lays out a condition of her own- hire Jung Ah to work then. The deal is signed and although she’s not too happy about it, Jae Hyuk is smiling.

Young Gul has already read about the latest happenings when his cell rings. Its Jae Hyuk. They meet at his office again. (KL, it seriously is the same over and over!) Jae Hyuk talks normally this time, surprisingly, telling Young Gul whether he likes it or not, it’s a done deal so they should work together and do well. He lays out his offers and terms, telling Young Gul to decide fast, before he changes his mind. Jae Hyuk wants Young Gul to come to J Fashion who will be making YGM, since Ga Young is already here. If he dislikes the terms, Jae Hyuk will give him the five million. Young Gul signs, albeit unwillingly as he sees no other way out and leaves. As he’s leaving, Jae Hyuk asks what YGM actually stands for and is surprised by the answer. Young Gul runs into Ga Young in the lobby and she inadvertently calls him ‘sajang nim’ but he corrects her, he’s no longer her sajang. Ga Young watches him leave with tears. Young Gul watches as his employees are questioned regarding YGM by J Fashion employees. Bong Sook tells Ga Young the details that night. Young Gul worked so hard to try and do his best but was beaten by Jae Hyuk. In Bong Sook’s words, ‘Poor fellow.

Ga Young can’t sleep that night and heads out, going to see Young Gul at Young Young. He meanwhile is having the same trouble and slips onto her sleeping bed, unable to relax at all.When he heads back into his office, he imagines Ga Young sleeping on the sofa. Finally, he takes to drinking but even that is no help since he keeps imagining her everywhere. He heads out so that when Ga Young arrives, he’s not there. He’s gone to see his designer friend (Now WHAT was your name?! *Thinking* Argh, can’t remember! Let’s just go without it!) Alright so his friend takes out his frustrations on him and points out Young Gul has changed-not everything is money money money for him anymore and he’s also let go of ‘his woman’, calling it a pity. But Young Gul tells him it’s not his style to stop a woman who wants to leave. Did you even consider the possibility you were the one who made her wanna leave? Anyway, Young Gul has bigger worries on his mind-actually its bigger plans, but I think they’d transform into worries in little time! Basically, what he wants is to transform ‘Dongdaemoon’ into a fashion mecca.

Jae Hyuk is having a meeting with Designer Kim when Jung Ah shows up with her mother. Elsewhere at a meeting, Anna arrives and is not happy to see Ga Young. Of course, she’s even unhappier to see Madam Jo and Jung Ah and Ga Young is also unhappy at seeing them. Madam Jo and Anna trade barbs. She tells Anna she lost a lot of time and money because of Anna but Anna tells her all she did was give her information. Madam Jo tells her she’s out of her ‘good books’.

When Jae Hyuk and Designer Kim arrive at the meeting, Jae Hyuk doesn’t even glance Anna’s way. Designer Kim announces the idea Jae Hyuk has thought up. A fashion event ‘competition’. The gist of it-anyone can participate in it and the five best designers will be selected. The designs of the five best will be exhibited and sold on the market and whoever sells the best designs will win the grand prize (It is grand!) – To go on a free worldwide trip to study fashion along with a cash prize. The winner will be the Fashion King. All the while Designer Kim speaks, Jae Hyuk smiles as he watches Ga Young. Anna is not happy with the announcement while Jae Hyuk is smiling wide. It’s a fair opportunity for everyone and the best part is that abilities will be on the stand, giving Ga Young the perfect chance to try and win it. Oh, that smile! *melting*

After the meeting, Anna stops Jae Hyuk and calls him laughable. Before he can react to her, Ga Young walks up, wanting to talk to him. Seeing Jung Ah and Madam Jo behind, he tells her he’s busy right not and they’ll talk later. Jung Ah non-accidentally bumps into Jung Ah on her way. Ga Young returns to her office to find the ladies gossiping but disperse when they see her. Jung Ah walks up to her and asks her how she managed to get into this office, asking her what exactly she did to ‘her Oppa’ while she was away. She drives in a few barbs about Young Gul as well but Ga Young doesn’t pay her much heed. I love how defiant Ga Young is in her answers. They’re interrupted by a call for Ga Young. Next, Ga Young is being led away by Assistant Kim to a special room hidden from everyone’s eyes but Jung Ah manages to see them. Jae Hyuk is happy to see Ga Young and invites her to sit while he’s relaxing but she tells him this isn’t really a place to talk about work. He cites his reasons for calling her here and tells her to just come out with it, his mood now dampened.

She asks if its true he’s bringing YGM here? What of it, he asks? She asks how he could steal the business Young Gul worked so hard for. Jae Hyuk cuts her off. Who said anything about stealing? Didn’t Young Gul tell her? He handed it, and her, over for the five million. She’s stunned. He asks her where she’s living these days and if there’s anything else she wants to know. She’s got nothing more to say and heads out. As she’s leaving, he asks her with a smile if she can become the Fashion King? Hehe, you totally made that proposal for her! She nods but her mind is elsewhere and as she walks out, she’s troubled by what Jae Hyuk has told her.

Young Gul is at the same time distributing pay amongst his employees. The pay contains bonuses for everyone and he tells them they’re on to the next phase of their business here on. Finally, he calls up Ga Young since hers I s the only one left. She’s happy to get the call and he tells her he’s infront of her office, asking her to come out. She primps up, ready to go but gets a call. It’s to head to a meeting where Jae Hyuk introduces her to some people working on YGM and then they all head out to dinner together, as witnessed by Anna. Ga Young messages Young Gul that something popped up for work and she can’t come. He scoffs at that and watches her get in the same car with Jae Hyuk and leave. (Funny how I don’t care much about the scene itself but love the background song!)

Anna takes some pills at home and stops herself from crying before freshening her lipstick. (Okay, the music change is definitely not a good sign.) Young Gul has taken to drinking but decides to put his mind elsewhere and starts making a dress. During the dinner meeting, Ga Young is mostly absent minded until she finally whispers to Jae Hyuk that she wants to leave first-there’s somewhere she has to go. He allows it and makes excuses for her, calling her a workaholic. Once she’s gone, he looks crushed.

Young Gul is working on the dress when guess who shows up! Of course it can’t be Ga Young. The rules of K-dramaland never allow for such a good thing to happen. It’s Anna, all primped up and with a bottle of champagne. She takes him to task for not even calling her once and on they get with their drinking. She congratulates for selling his worker for 5 million and asks what he’s doing with the dress. She likes it and offers to model for him. Ga Young rushes up to Young Young and braces herself outside for a few moments before heading inside where Anna is wearing the dress while Young Gul works on it. Anna seems happy with the scenario and Ga Young walks in to see them drinking and laughing. Without a word, she retreats (OF COURSE!).

That night, she cries herself to sleep. Next morning, Anna arrives for a meeting and is stopped short in her tracks seeing Ga Young there too. Designer Kim tells her to attend the YGM meetings instead. Anna is even more pissed. She gets a call and answers it. Mama Dearest sent summons. Seated in her office, Mama Dearest calls her a crazy girl asking what she views their family as before slapping her and throwing an envelope at her. Its pictures from her escapade last night. Anna raises a brow, so what? What’s the big deal about one designer making a dress for another? Why is she making such a big deal out of it? It’s happened loads of times in America. Now there’s her strong spirit back. Mama Dearest threatens to cut her lips if she calls her ‘Ommoni’ once again. Anna points out she’s in no position to embarrass Jae Hyuk but Jae Hyuk could very well shame her. Mama Dearest barks about introducing Young Gul to Madam Jo, which Anna cites as business, only to get another slap. Anna coolly gets up to leave, thanking Mama Dearest for the pictures.

Anna’s in her office when Jae Hyuk comes up and this time, she turns her chair around so as to not face him. He asks her out on lunch but she doesn’t have an appetite and asks what happened with his mother? What would she like to do now? She reminds him that he said he would make the decision and tells him to. He accepts her last offer of break up and tells her it will be as she wanted-everything stays the same except their relationship. He says it seems the most he can do for her and tells her to look for him anytime she wants help. She looks crushed and asks if he likes Ga Young that much? He asks why that’s relevant and she tells him it’s the same as before, when he left another woman for her (Anna.) Oooohhh! He points out, “There’s one difference. Lee Ga Young doesn’t like me.

He heads over to Ga Young’s work area and ignores Jung Ah, looking around for Ga Young. He sees her walking to a back area, carrying her lunch. She’s eating when he reaches the area and she immediately stands up when she spots him. He tells her to continue eating as he looks around at the racks. Surveying the area without actually paying attention to it, he turns back to Ga Young, “Don’t bother about me and eat comfortably.” Haha, I laughed out loud at this point! CUTE! Finally, still looking around, he approaches the table and sits down. Finally, he tells her, “Isn’t the rice too much? Give me your chopsticks!” She points out she’s already eaten with them but that doesn’t bother him and he takes the chopsticks, munching down her rice and kimchi. Hehe, I’m smiling! She watches as he eats it all down, asking her who made the rice, the kimchi, why Bong Sook doesn’t cook and finally tells her to start eating in his relaxation room from now on. 0(Oh, that’s what it was!) At her expression, he gruffly tells her, “I’m not there at that time! I always have lunch meetings!” She mutters a yes and for a moment, it seems she’s about to ask for her lunch box back but just watches it. He asks her the final question, does she still come to the company because he forced her. At her no, he’s happy and walks away smiling and satisfied. Behind him, Ga Young eyes her empty lunch box and stares after him with a pout! Hehe!

Young Gul comes to his office in a brand new car with a chauffeur and asks why the ladies there haven’t gotten rid of Ga Young’s bed yet. They don’t want to since they use it to rest when they get tired. In his office, Bong Sook shows him designs for their logo. She gets a call from Ga Young. Young Gul catches her name and tells Bon Sook to take personal calls later. Meanwhile, he gets a call from Anna which he takes. Anna is near Ga Young when she takes the call and makes sure Ga Young hears it. Jung Ah distributes fliers for a fashion show to everyone. At first, Jae Hyuk throws his in the trash but then takes it back out.

Come the day, he arrives at the venue with Ga Young and Designer Kim. It is a fashion show for GG, Young Gul’s new venture. Jae Hyuk frowns at the designs. Finally at the end, Young Gul walks on stage. He and Ga Young catch each other’s eyes before he turns back and beckons Anna on stage. When Anna does come up, stumping Jae Hyuk and Ga Young, you can see the gloat in Young Gul’s expression. (Could it be any crazier?) Jae Hyuk watches Ga Young tear up and takes her hand, the gesture not lost on both Young Gul and Anna. Ga Young doesn’t take her hand back and turns  to look at Young Gul, who is likewise looking at her in anger.


Okay, first and foremost of all, how much do I love that Jae Hyuk doesn’t turn back to glare or gloat to Young Gul after he takes Ga Young’s hand! Although if you look closely, Young Gul does glare at Jae Hyuk and Ga Young as if gloating! Seriously, is that what this is about? Going from one girl to another and making each other jealous? Jae Hyuk just looks at Ga Young and watches her tearing up, so what does he do? He takes her hand and keeps looking at her! And the way he took her hand, first he squeezed it and then took it into his own. I don’t think he has any ulterior motives in that gesture because usually whenever he’s acted in favor of Ga Young or because of her, he hasn’t really looked for a reaction from the others (I mean he hasn’t really gone to Ga Young just to piss off Anna and Young Gul. Anna meanwhile, has usually gone to Young Gul because that would mean pissing off Jae Hyuk. Young Gul was somehow smitten with Anna so he always too headed her way, snubbing Ga Young in the process) However much I hate him for the whole fighting thing going on and how much he’s mistreated Anna, I love him for most of what he’s done in this episode. And I love that he honestly realizes Ga Young doesn’t have that interest in him but he’s still doing things he can for her, aka the Fashion King opportunity.

And whatever I say, its probably going to seem like the same rambling as last episodes again but that’s the problem here, everything is happening in circles one after the other and it is a killer of interest! Anna is moping, which was the story from the very beginning for her. All she does is glare and glare or pass snide remarks. I really liked her in just three scenes so far. One-when she was nice to Ga Young in America, two-when she stood up to Mama Dearest after she first came to Korea. And the follow up scene when Jae Hyuk comes home and consoles her and three-when she’s with Young Gul, drinking, and admits to loving Jae Hyuk a lot. Other than that, it’s been the same old same old all the time. I am plenty tired of her stupid, boring, same old ‘doing nothing.’ Please writers, make her HUMAN!

And then there’s the matter of Young Gul. Why do there always have to be misunderstandings standing in the way? And I still cannot get over the fact that Young Gul hasn’t treated Ga Young right before. Why does he expect her to do well for him? However, a comment here made me think in a different angle too. Someone pointed out that Young Gul has had too much of a harsh life and views himself as not much better than trash, which is probably why he’s hesitating in defining his relationship with Ga Young. A very good point of view I’d say. However, even if it is so for him, isn’t it time he does go for a change when he sees the pain he’s putting Ga Young through because of it? Even if he can’t understand her pain-like she said, he’s always misunderstanding her, when she actually tries to talk to him and get her point across, why won’t he listen and follow up on it?! He’s not changed much from his past self. For the him until episode 12, it was all about beating Jae Hyuk, beating Jae Hyuk instead of money money. His obsession was still there. And Ga Young got beat up in that. And the argument that holding back someone who wants to leave is not his style, seriously? How come it doesn’t occur to him that HIS choices are the reason she is leaving! She TOLD him so! :@

Secondly, the writers are simply abandoning storylines and picking them up again when necessary. Examples? Jung Ah. Michael. The Loanshark Tae San. Even that ‘what’s his name’ friend. Isn’t that what you’d call loose ends? YGM was supposed to be a brand made for Tae San, at his investment. Fine, he withdrew it later at Jae Hyuk’s pressure but that’s it?! What about Michael? He made the deal with Young Gul seeing Young Gul’s talent, right? So how can they just change hands on YGM without a fuss? Fine, you wanna move Young Gul from the equation-do so by all means but at least involve the parties in it! Make it seem legit and believable! We get a contract signed by Michael for a brand which he endorsed because of a specific person and now that specific person has been removed from the equation but all’s still well in the world? Really, writers?

Ga Young. I like her character. I like her emotions and I love the acting. Except, in this episode, there wasn’t much she was given to do. But no worries, you’ve kept the show going for me so far!

Okay, one more thing. Am I the only one who wonders how Young Gul is the Fashion King? So far, we’ve only seen him design the coat when in America and the two dresses he’s made. Other than that, all he has done is copy designs (At the beginning of the series) or use Ga Young’s. Where is his growth as a designer? So far, all we’ve see is basically a businessman at work. Why isn’t he growing as a designer?Right now, my only thought is, STILL SEVEN MORE TO GO?! o_0

See you with Episode 14! 😉

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  1. *at the end of the episode

  2. do you know the title of the song at the of this episode. when 4 of them looking at each other.

    • If its the song right at the very end, when YG n Anna come onstage, its called ‘Like a G-6’ or something… Search by this name and you’ll find it! 🙂

  3. I am glad you did not lose all the screencap work from yesterday! Thank goodness! 🙂

    I agree with you on many counts! I am still following this drama because of GY and JH… the plot itself is just going round in circles and many parts of the story are not plausible or quite coherent. I thought YG’s fashion collection looked very cheap and hideous!! Lol! How can a person who has yet to establish a name in haute couture managed to attract the bee’s knees in the fashion world to his show? How did he managed to assemble an entire fashion collection in such a short time (seems like a few days after he has just created a new brand and one red outfit)? 🙂

    At this point, YG appears to be a character with no real redeeming features to me, and yet he is supposed to the main male lead that we are supposed to root for…why would we? He just treats GY badly throughout. Without her, he would not have survived in America and without her designs, he would not have made a tidy profit back in Korea. I just do not know what GY sees in him? On the acting front, I think GY and JH stands out more than the rest of the cast. I like how the respective actress and actor use subtle changes in their facial expressions and little gestures to convey the emotions of the characters. Unknown to me, my sister started watching FK recently and I said ‘oh no, I think you will get frustrated with the plot…’, but within a day or so, she tells me she is up to ep 10 already! She agrees that the writing is not good, but she is captivated by GY and JH and keeps watching because she wants to know what will happen to GY and also between those two 🙂 She hates YG too…heehee.

    You know what… in some ways, this is reminiscent of CoW…. we liked the 2nd male lead (Chanjin) more than the 1st male lead and the story was also driving us insane in the latter half… lol!

    • Thanks! Seriously, taking screencaps and putting them up takes more than half the time of recapping and I still find it annoying, hehe! I’m looking for a way to make it easier and not so annoying! Usually, I’d finish the recap within an hour and a half but the rest two three hours go to screencapping and putting it up! 😦

      Yeah, Young Gul really put that 5 million to good use considering he not only bought a whole new wardrobe and apartment, he launched a new brand… 😛 The wonders you can do with 5 million or Jae Hyuk probably signed a check for 50 instead of 5! 😛 And the raving cheers his collection got, I was like huh?! :O

      Yes, JH and GY are both very expressive in their roles and I think that is the half of why we’re rooting for them because we can actually relate to them and feel them… Young Gul is also very expressive but his actions just bring out the wrong reactions! We cant sympathise with him even when we should! 😦

      Haha, your sister did a marathon on the drama! 😛 Reminds me of my crazy days! 😀 Let’s hope we all don’t have a ‘COW’ (the animal) experience with this one! Haha! I sitll can’t forgive the writers for that one! 😦

      Oh, n I started the mandarin lessons on BBC! Finally, Yes! 😀 I’m so happy! A song motivated me to hurry and pick it up! I’ll post it on the blog, do listen to it if you haven’t! I’m practing Ma right now and am having a bit of difficulty between the first and fourth tone but they are quiet easy especially since there’s tips that explain them better! So, after ma, where should I move next? I think I’ll search more tones (like ai, for example) and then see! Thanks for your help on it!! 😀

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