Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 10 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Overall, this was a satisfying episode because we get no dramatic forgiveness. Instead, Seung Yeon is made to face the consequences of her own actions and Woo Hyun makes her realize the true extent to which she’s affected everyone by posing as a guy. Moreover, the team grows together one step more by learning to forgive and protect the secrets of each other. It’s nice to see the bunch that was so disagreeable and brittle at the beginning grow up to think beyond themselves. What’s best is that they’ve shown us the growth and team spirit of each and every member throughout the series. For now, onto the recap! 😉

Episode 10 Recap:

Woo Hyun leaves while the other members wonder at the truth they’ve just been told. Team Leader Han asks him to go out with her, she’ll explain everything but Hyun Sung cuts in. If there’s an explanation, it had better happen with everyone around and asks Seung Yeon if it is true. Tae Gun still can’t believe it and entreats her to say it aint so but all Seung Yeon can say is, “I’m sorry”.

In a daze, Woo Hyun walks back out and Seung Yeon rises, as if to chase her but Ji Woo stops her. Team Leader Han notices the exchange. Woo Hyun walks away. The M2 Junior members sit around and now begin to realize all the instances when Seung Yeon had conveniently slipped away or been called away. Ki Bum tells her, “Although it isn’t a good thing, there’s no need to say sorry. What’s wrong with being a girl?” Jae Ha also pipes up, “It takes guts for a girl to audition for a boy’s group bravely!” but the others aren’t so forgiving and come to the conclusion she got this far because of her connections but she reminds them it was a blind audition and until she was chosen, even her uncle knew nothing about it. She’s nothing more to offer but an apology and tells them she did it because she really wants to become a singer. Hyun Sung snaps at her-this reason isn’t enough for what she did. Is there anyone here who doesn’t want to be a singer? She almost trampled over the dreams of seven other people in her greed to be a singer. All she can do is mutter an apology. On the way home, Woo Hyun broods. He flashes back to the pictures in his phone he’d seen and every time she’d over reacted like a girl. Woo Hyun curses himself for being so naïve. Team Leader Han meanwhile wonders why Woo Hyun had such a strong reaction and wonders, “It can’t be…

Seung Yeon comes up to Woo Hyun’s house and after deliberation, sits at the door, unable to ring the bell. Much later, she firms her resolve, rings the bell, muttering, “Sunbae nim, please open the door. There’s something I must tell you.” With no response even on his mobile, she enters the code and goes in. Inside, Woo Hyun is taking a shower and still brooding so doesn’t hear Seung Yeon calling out to him. He finally emerges from the shower, unaware that she’s there and immediately zips up his clothes finding her there. He’s not happy to see her and tells her flatly to get lost. She wants him to at least listen to what she has to say but he cuts her off.

Why? There’s still some lies left behind? Were you happy all this time? Like an idiot, I fell for your lies, even believed you when you said we were friends. Even though I knew you were a boy, like a crazy person I still… Get lost you jerk! I said get lost!

Seung Yeon is stunned by his outburst and mutters an apology again but he forcefully shows her out the door. Outside, Seung Yeon sits on the steps below, crying. At the dorm, Ji Woo waits up all night and worries when she doesn’t come up. In the morning, Seung Yeon wakes up in front of Woo Hyun’s house, having fallen asleep there. She heads back The M2 Junior members are also in a bit of a daze, accepting the reality that Seung Yeon is a girl and go by their day half heartedly. All are worried for her, but not all have forgiven her yet. She hears their talk and stays behind.

Hyun Suk holds a meeting to decide the future of Seung Yeon. The group still says they feel like they’ve been cheated but Team Leader Han cuts them down to size. Do they think they’d have gotten this far if it was revealed that Seung Yeon was a girl from the very beginning? If word gets out, there is no ‘Survival’. Hyun Suk points out one thing-they have to do more than believe in Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk, they have to believe in each other, they are a team! Hyun Suk will make a decision regarding Seung Yeon based on what the members say-they can oust Seung Yeon for being a girl, or think of her as the M2 Junior member Ji Seung Yeon and be a team again. Some of the team members speak up there and then, Seung Yeon is a girl and M2 Junior is a boy band group, she can’t say. Decision is made and Seung Yeon ousted. On the way out, Team Leader Han is still angry at the M2 Junior member’s meeting but Hyun Suk asks her about an upcoming concert. He throws a bomb at her- shouldn’t we let the M2 Junior members perform at the end too? She disagrees-it’s an exclusive M2 event. But he still pursues it, hence there’s a concert scheduled for the weekend. Woo Hyun’s mood is as sour as ever and his manager picks him up for activities. On the way, Woo Hyun keeps his eyes closed. Ji Woo calls up his grandmother and finds out Seung Yeon is there and tells grandma the whole story, asking her to let him know if anything happens. Woo Hyun overhears his phone call.

Woo Hyun goes to Team Leader Han’s office where his band mates from M2 are sitting and griping about having M2 Junior perform at the end of the concert at the weekend. The other members tell Team Leader Han they’re not performing then and tell Woo Hyun to think about whether he’s part of M2 or not carefully now and leave. Team Leader Han asks him to think it through and perform at the concert. Without listening to more, Woo Hyun turns to leave but turns back to ask about ‘that perverted brat’. Team Leader Han tells him she’ll be fired eventually, it’s the obvious outcome and she ran away last night anyway. Woo Hyun’s eyes widen in surprise that she ran away. Team Leader Han asks why he’s always so interested in Seung Yeon and deflecting the topic, he heads out. Team Leader Han gets an invitation to meet Hyun Suk out for lunch and she arrives in a happy mood, only to discover Hae Yong there too. The lunch was Hae Yong’s idea and she wanted to do it to thank Team Leader Han for always working so hard for Hyun Suk. Mid lunch, Hae Yong gets scared at the sound of a camera-kind of like a phobia and Hyun Suk takes leave so they leave early, leaving Team Leader Han eating by herself.

Seung Yeon meanwhile, scrubs grandma’s house and keeps remembering Woo Hyun’s words. Grandma calls her over for a chat and asks her if she asked for forgiveness. She tells grandma they didn’t accept it. Grandma wisely tells her earning forgiveness from the people you love and trust is not easy-the lies hurt as much as we love them so we should ask for forgiveness ten-twenty however many times they want. Seung Yeon remembers Woo Hyun’s words and with resolve, heads out after changing. Woo Hyun is at a studio and in one of his signature bad moods. Some employees gossip about the disbandment of M2 especially due to Woo Hyun’s violent personality and temper. Hearing in are President Lee and his minion and they know when to spot a good opportunity for creating trouble. When Woo Hyun gets home, Seung Yeon is there to talk to him and this time, she’s dressed in girly clothes. He gives her five minutes. She repeats that she’s sorry and wanted to tell him, which is why she went to the airport as well. It was all because she wanted to become a singer and chances for that are already slim-she simply took the chance she could and hopes he will forgive her. Touched by her words, but still angry, he tells her to leave and tells her he’ll pretend he never heard what she just said.

He tells her he was already feeling bad about kicking her out last time without giving her a chance to explain because she was the one who taught him many things. He wanted to understand what feeling it was that forced her to do all that and was even happy when he saw her in front of his house again but now that he’s heard what she has to say, he feels like kicking her out the last time was the best decision he’s made and tells her it would be better if she didn’t come looking for him again. At least then, he won’t be so disappointed and angry at her. Seung Yeon still can’t understand what she did wrong so he lays it out for her-the person she needs to seek forgiveness from isn’t him. She wanted to stand on the stage even when chances were rare and probably took away someone else’s chance and has done nothing but undermine that. He tells her to go and seek forgiveness from the right people or forever in her life be running away. By now, she’s completely broken down and crying and although Woo Hyun looks like he wants to comfort her, he holds back.

M2 Junior members practice meanwhile but don’t really find their heart in it, especially Ji Woo and Jae Ha and they both leave. They head to Ji Woo’s grandma’s house. Seung Yeon is in a park when Hyun Suk walks upto her and tells her he was hoping she’d be the one to find him, not the other way around. All Seung Yeon can think is she’s made a big mistake and Hyun Suk tells her to rethink the reason she did everything and like she has done till now, believe in the juniors. Then he adds, “I wish Team Leader Han would also just believe in me.” Said person is in a bar at the moment, moping around. Seung Yeon finds Jae Ha and Ji Woo at home and they both muse she does look like a girl wearing girly clothes. Hearing their story, she has an idea and tells them to eat, she’ll be back in a bit.

The Junior members are meanwhile having a hard time wondering what to do-all the lost members means they have to give up on the showcase and Ki Bum points out Seung Yeon’s mistake isn’t the end of the world. The others agree with him and Tae Gun tells them the worst is Chang Min, for reporting the whole thing. Before a fight breaks out, Seung Yeon comes in, followed by Ji Woo and Jae Ha and apologizes to the members, asking for another chance. Ji Woo kneels with her and apologizes. It’s funny how the rest of the members turn to look at Jae Ha expectantly with a smile which falters when he flatly mutters, I’m not kneeling! But he also apologizes. Everyone except Chang Min accepts them back. Tae Gun makes himself feel better by telling Seung Yeon she has to clean the dorms, wash their clothes and make dinner. She agrees and thanks them for the chance.

Next day, they’re all practicing with their teacher again when Hyun Suk watches them from the door. He’s surprised by Woo Hyun who has an upcoming duet with In Young in the concert. When Woo Hyun spots Seung Yeon singing with the rest, he lets out a smile until In Young drags him away. Chang Min however, ends up absent minded during the practice and heads to the washroom to clear his mind. Seung Yeon approaches him there and offers her handkerchief. They sit together later and he wonders what he’s done so wrong that he always feels like the only bad guy. Seung Yeon asks to speak truthfully and tells him it’s not because he’s done something wrong but rather because he lacks what the others possess-determination. He scoffs at her answer and she apologizes but tells him it’s what she thinks.

In Young and Woo Hyun sit together in the café discussing their duet (She’s the one doing the discussing) when Seung Yeon walks up but turns back after seeing them and runs away. Catching sight of her, Woo Hyun gives chase. Outside, Seung Yeon tells herself she simply misunderstood Woo Hyun’s words-why would he be interested in someone like her, she must’ve heard wrong. By the time Woo Hyun comes, she’s gone. Onto the concert day, President Lee is also here with his minion and smiling too much, clearly having created trouble. As it is, Woo Hyun sits alone in the makeup room. The rest of the members have turned off their phones. Team Leader Han tells Woo Hyun it’s because he’s too rash and he counters he doesn’t want to continue with people like them anyway. What he hates most is the irresponsible attitude and he can’t help but feel it’s better to hand M2 over to the juniors. Before Team Leader Han can say more, In Young walks in. Woo Hyun leaves and runs into Seung Yeon outside, who is happy to see him but he barely acknowledges her bow. Once she’s gone however, he turns back thinking, I thought she’d run away.

Seung Yeon runs into the Junior members changing clothes and although they balk at a girl being so bold, she tells them she’s not a girl until the Survival ends. She notices Chang Min is absent and heads off to find him. He’s in his room at the dorm and he tells her he’s thought about why he’s the only one without determination. It’s because he never lived life the way he wanted so he never thought about what he wanted, all he did what his mother wanted of him. He tells her he’s decided to do what he wants from now on and his decision is to stay here. That brings a smile to Seung Yeon’s face and she tells him they should head to the performance. The performance opens with In Young and Woo Hyun’s solo.

Team Leader Han tells Hyun Suk of the problem. He tells her to tell Woo Hyun to keep on performing solo then. Woo Hyun’s manager tells M2 Juniors to get ready to perform. Just in time, M2 members head on the stage. President Lee’s eyes widen. He’d made sure they weren’t coming. In the background, Team Leader Han smiles. M2’s performance is a hit. As they finish, Woo Hyun hears one member tell the other all the fans will leave once their performance is over so no one will be here to hear the juniors perform. Whoa, way to make them fail! The juniors wonder why the fans are leaving and the hosts attempt to keep them there isn’t much successful.

As M2 is walking off stage, Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon catch each other’s gaze and Woo Hyun remembers her words. He tells the host to make an announcement. He’ll be handing out signed CD’s to the fans after the event is over so to get the CD’s, the fans have to stay till the end. Thrilled, the fans take their seats again. Team Leader Han and the other M2 members are surprised. The Junior’s performance is a hit and Team Leader Han’s expression turns sour.

The M2 Junior members, Woo Hyun, In Young, Hyun Suk and Team Leader Han go out to celebrate and In Young tries to feed Woo Hyun which Seung Yeon and Ji Woo watch. He freezes when he realizes Seung Yeon saw them and Team Leader Han sees the exchanged glance. Seung Yeon heads to the bathroom but can’t decide which one to go in. As she’s standing there, Chang Min emerges from the bathroom and tells her to go on in, no one’s there. He tells her he’s still not sure of what he wants to do, but he’s thankful to her.

Much later, Seung Yeon stands outside, making grabbing gestures towards the moon, as if looking to catch it when a voice cuts out from behind, asking her if she thinks she can catch it like that. It’s Woo Hyun. She turns to him and thanks him. He wonders why she’s calling him sunbae instead of friend anymore and smiles as he thanks her. She’s surprised-what for?

“For not running away and staying here. If you’d run away it would’ve been tiring. I’d have to catch you and bring you back.”

Seung Yeon is surprised but not quite getting what he means so he continues.

“I told you before, there’s something I want to confirm.”

Before he can elaborate further or she can ask, an approaching motorcycle passes close to them and Woo Hyun grabs Seung Yeon pulling her close. By the time she gets over her initial surprise at the contact and tries to pull away, Woo Hyun doesn’t let her pull away and hugs her properly.


Finally-were the words I muttered when Woo Hyun found out! Seriously, the poor guy was going out of his mind worrying over his attraction to Seung Yeon! And now that the secret is out, I’m all excited to see where their romance will head to. How good was it that Woo Hyun didn’t take Seung Yeon much to task for lying to him-he admits he was even happy when he realized she was a girl, but he opens her eyes to what she’s actually done wrong and makes her re think her own beliefs. When she’d first come, she’d reproached him for laughing at her chance, one she knew how hard she’d gotten and makes her realize that by not apologizing to her own team members at this time, she’s doing exactly what she told him she hated so much! Yaay for Woo Hyun! 😉

It was refreshing to see the team dynamics back into play, even if just for a short bit. Although the drama lacks the element of wonderment or perfection, it still does a good job of telling the story. Woo Hyun raises a good point in opening Seung Yeon’s eyes to the reality and effect of what she’s done. Although even the team members didn’t make a big fuss about her being a girl (That shows the team has gone one step further in team spirit. The eight members are a team and they stand by one another, trying to understand the reason for what another’s actions are, rather than condemn them) her being here was a disadvantage to them. She might not have come to become a member of M2 but her being here affects their chances and competition. However, it’s nice to see the members take the positive side of the deal and not make a fuss over the secret. If the secret had been ousted any earlier, the team wouldn’t have reacted with as much solidarity spirit as they have done now. And here’s one reconciliation I’m actually happy about!

Team Leader Han. I don’t understand her much. In the beginning, I liked her, but since then, she’s shown shades of grey in her actions which have, so far unsuccessfully, tried to break up M2 Junior. And this episode gives us an interesting tidbit about Hyun Suk. The way I see it, he definitely knows everything that is going on, including Team Leader Han’s efforts to sabotage M2 Junior but has been quiet so far. He’s one of the characters I’ve liked throughout the series! Although TL Han likes Hyun Suk, she has yet to be completely honest with and trust Hyun Suk. I hope there’s more on their end!

See you with Episode 11! 😉

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