Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 9 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 9 Recap:

Woo Hyun draws out a drink from his fridge and chugs it down, thinking over what he just witnessed. Finally he mutters, “What’s wrong with those two?” Seung Yeon lies awake at night staring at a sleeping Ji Woo, her mind reeling from witnessing Woo Hyun’s kiss to Ji Woo’s confession. Finally, she heads out to a nearby convenience store. But Ji Woo isn’t asleep and follows her. She’s in a frenzy and doesn’t know how to react at all. She looks into the mirror and realizes she can probably never compete with In Young looking like this anyway. Meanwhile, Chang Minis going over some photographs from Seung Yeon’s old school and catches sight of her, complete with the long hair and girly dress. Now he’s gotten certain evidence. He doesn’t let anyone else know just yet, knowing the company will fire her the moment they find out and wonder what Seung Yeon is thinking.

Hyun Suk is having a good time helping out Hae Yong and Team Leader Han finds him absent from office. When she calls him, he hangs up because he’s busy. Next morning, Woo Hyun is taking it all out on the treadmill and his manager wonders whether he’s going to be alright. Woo Hyun furiously mutters, “Those guys can live like that all they want, what’s it to do with me?” Seung Yeon meanwhile is practicing with In Young but can’t do well since she has caught a cold. Ji Woo worries for her. She heads to the bathroom where she tries to practice more until Chang Min walks in. Seeing her, he heads back out, telling her he’ll come back later. She heads out to the lounge and finds the Jae Ah’s phone ringing. He answers and it’s regarding a gig.

As she’s leaving, she almost runs into Woo Hyun and excitedly raises her hand to greet him but stops when In Young joins him. With a bow, she turns to leave but Ji Woo comes and takes Seung Yeon away. In Young mutters Ji Woo and Seung Yeon look close and if they weren’t both guys, anyone would think they were a couple. Woo Hyun barks out, “They can be girlfriend boyfriend all they want!” He remembers Seung Yeon’s words about being his friend and heads off after freeing his arm from In Young and heading off to meet Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk. Hyun Suk is telling him the advantages of a lavender plant and gives it to Team Leader Han as a gift. She needs it because it invokes calmness.

Team Leader Han wonders if Woo Hyun’s appearance fees are too high and discuss cutting it. Although he resists at first, in the end he tells them to do what they want since they own the contract anyway. Team Leader Han tells Woo Hyun to be careful of scandals but Hyun Suk speaks, “Why’d he be in any scandal? He’s not involved with any women and there are rumors he likes men!” which makes Woo Hyun shout out, “Who’s spouting such nonsense?” before stalking off and Hyun Suk muses, “Does he need a lavender pot too?” Outside, Woo Hyun mutters, “Do they think I’m the same as those two?

On the roof, he’s practicing his MC script with his manager when his manager sees Seung Yeon and Ji Woo downstairs and mutters they both do well together, giving rise to rumors that they’re secretly dating. That doesn’t calm Woo Hyun down who happened to witness a confession too and he jealously turns back to his script. His manager, however, doesn’t know when to be quiet and goes on, “They share the same room. They always stick together!” Woo Hyun tells him to quiet down, muttering how ‘people who have nothing to do just create rumors.’ When he looks back down, Seung Yeon is laughing at something Ji Woo says and Ji Woo puts his arm around her shoulders. Woo Hyun throws the script to the ground in annoyance.

In the lounge, Ji Woo sits down while Seung Yeon brings coffee but trips when the neighboring table’s people move and Ji Woo catches Seung Yeon. He reminds her he promised to take care of her now. She asks him if he can’t just be her friend like he was before. They’ve been friends for 20 years already. All this time, Seung Yeon has lived protecting Ji Woo and right now things are changing too quickly for her. He points out he wants to be more than just her friend, the person to protect her and her boyfriend and asks her if that’s wrong. She tells him no, it’s not wrong and before he can say more, Ji Woo continues.

“I’ve always been by your side and I thought I would always be number 1 but since you want to be next to someone else instead of me, someone else has become your number 1. It hurts a lot, it’s so hurtful I can’t even breathe.”

Seung Yeon tells him to rethink-does he like her as a woman or is he simply having these feelings because she made a new friend and he’s jealous? Ji Woo rightly points out he’s not an idiot.

Team Leader Han finds a card in the lavender plant from Hae Young to Hyun Suk and she fumes. Woo Hyun is in a bad mood and his mind replays images of Seung Yeon and Ji Woo and he mutters to himself, “Ji Seung Yeon, who are you? Why are you making me so troubled?” Seung Yeon meanwhile is practicing the piano and remembering the time Woo Hyun had helped her with the tune. Ji Woo watches from afar. In Young meanwhile is at a photo shoot. She, as usual, flips a lid when her manager and assistant tell her the diamond necklace for today’s shoot was left behind. Since the necklace was left at Woo Hyun’s place, In Young asks Woo Hyun’s manager to drop it off on the way to the airport. And as coincidences have it, M2 Junior is heading the same way. All the M2 members are discussing Jae Ha’s absence and Seung Yeon pipes up, shouldn’t they help him out? It’s a problem regarding the band he is in, outside the company. There’s some opposition and Chang Min says she must have the same experience with problems since she’s so adamant at helping out Jae Ha.

Woo Hyun teases his manager about dating the makeup artist since they always stick close together but his manager vehemently denies it with a, “If it’s about sticking together, then you and Seung Yeon should be dating too! You guys stick together! You’ve even stayed together in your home!” Woo Hyun barks out, “Who’s sticking to who? That guys not even coming back to my house again.” Seung Yeon compliments In Young on looking good and heads to the bathroom. Woo Hyun instructs his manager to hurry back out. Woo Hyun browses through his mobile and finds Seung Yeon’s picture from the hospital. With a sigh, he almost deletes the photo. Seung Yeon checks her phone and wonders why Woo Hyun hasn’t called at all, “Is it because you’ve got a girlfriend now?” and heads out with a sigh, wanting to see Woo Hyun. Outside, she runs into Hyun Suk who admonishes her for being in a daze. She just came out of the girl’s bathroom. The exchange is overheard by Chang Min who realizes Hyun Suk is her uncle.

Tired of waiting, Woo Hyun heads inside. At the door, he sees his manager eating pizza and is about to head in when he sees Seung Yeon and an inadvertent smile passes his face. Team Leader Han comes in behind him and offers him to come in and eat. He does but scowls when Seung Yeon doesn’t pay much heed to him. In Young runs up, happy that he’s here to see her (Ah yes, the delusions of grandeur! 😛) and proposes they take a picture together. Although he’s about to decline, seeing Ji Woo and Seung Yeon cozy together, he says, “Yeah sure, let’s take one!” And so follows an awkward photography session. Team Leader Han however, catches the glances passed between Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun, as does Ji Woo. After the shoot, Seung Yeon throws up in the background while Woo Hyun heads to the airport, muttering, “So you don’t need someone like me now, is that what you’re saying?” His manager misunderstands, muttering a sorry and promising he really was going to come out after eating some pizza. Woo Hyun doesn’t listen and goes on in his own world, “Yeah, I don’t need you either so it’s fine!” Poor Manager mutters a hundred more apologies.

Ji Woo confronts Seung Yeon and tells her to go and tell Woo Hyun. “Go and tell him. Ever since I confessed to you I feel much better, even though it hurts that I got rejected.” She’s surprised and he congratulates her, it’s the first time she’s ever fallen for someone. She should hurry and tell Woo Hyun what’s in her heart. Off she goes to the airport. She finds his manager and asks where Woo Hyun is. His manager directs her there. He’s about to leave when she comes up to him and he’s so surprised he can’t say anything. After a few moments of silence though, he checks his watch and tells her to speak up if there’s something she wants to say. She begins to start but can’t find the right words and he’s in a bad mood anyway. He’s about to leave when Seung Yeon grabs his arms to stop him and not knowing what else to do, moves in for a kiss. Moments later, she draws back and at his stunned expression, ekes out an apology. He’s too stunned to say anything, which is when his manager comes up with coffee and tells him it’s time to leave. Like a zombie, Woo Hyun walks away and Seung Yeon stares after him. After he’s gone, Seung Yeon mutters the truth, “Actually, I’m a girl! Actually, I came to tell you I like you.” Woo Hyun is walking away in a daze and his manager wonders if he has a fever since his face is all red and Woo Hyun grabs his own chest, placing a fist over his heart.

“Are you in pain?”

“Not in pain… It’s beating too fast. This isn’t normal, right?”

“If it beats too fast, it’s not normal.”

“If it’s not normal then…”


Back at the company, Seung Yeon runs into Jae Ha and he asks her if she has any money. She asks him how much it is and goes to the other M2 Junior members, asking them to help out Jae Ha by performing a gig with him. Tae Gun tells her she’s too soft hearted and they can’t help Jae Ha without permission from the company. Chang Min scoffs at her, muttering how the kid who already has a golden ticket is making a fuss about helping others. As the members are about to leave, Seung Yeon pipes up, aren’t they a team? They’re supposed to help each other, be together as a team. Chang Minruns into Team Leader Han and helps her pick up some dropped files, noticing the F grade on his own. He finds all his team members gone and guesses where they are. Meanwhile, at the shopping mall, where the gig is to be, Jae Ha prepares to perform with a single other person. He prepares to put on make up to prevent from being recognized but Seung Yeon and Ji Woo come up to him and the three prepare to perform together ‘as a team’. As they’re heading up the stage, the other four members, minus Chang Min come up.

They perform Stand up. As they’re performing, a person in a hood is making a video of them on his cell. It’s Min Gun. The members celebrate after the gig with good food and Tae Gun lets slip that Chang Min has been failed in two subjects. Chang Min hears the news from behind and fumes. At Busan, Woo Hyun’s manager asks if he’s alright and if they shouldn’t go to the hospital in the morning but Woo Hyun says its fine. He’s left clutching his heart and flashing back to the kiss scene and he wonders what Seung Yeon has done to him. No wonder he’s going crazy. Seung Yeon meanwhile is in a state of worry and tells Ji Woo she got rejected. He asks if he told him she was a girl but she explains she couldn’t tell him everything and muses that it’s probably better this way-if she’d revealed it, it would probably be even more trouble. That night, someone sneaks into Hyun Suk’s office and leaves a DVD on his desk. Yes, it’s what I think it is and it’s not good!

Next morning, Seung Yeon runs into Hyun Suk but passes by with a lifeless type bow and he’s left staring after her, wondering what’s wrong. In his office, he finds the video and sees the tape. It’s of the M2 members performing on stage in the department store. Woo Hyun is at a photo shoot and is told to imagine being kissed by the person he likes and inadvertently thinks back to the two kisses he shared with Seung Yeon and ends up with a big smile. But then catches himself and realizes what he’s doing, resulting in a frown and a big scowl. He’s given a break and his manager tells him everyone’s worried he’s not feeling well.

“That jerk makes me worry… No, it’s just because of work.”

“Hyung, are you dating?”


“You say you keep worrying about someone! It’s what happens when you have someone you like!”

“Someone I like?”

He tells his manager to hurry and prepare to go back. “I need to go and confirm it!”

Hyun Suk confronts M2 with the video. They all wonder how it got there and Hyun Suk asks if they’re the ones in the video. Jae Ha is about to stand but Seung Yeon stops him. Team Leader Han takes them to task and Hyun Sung speaks up-it was them. Chang Min tells him to be specific-as in who was and who wasn’t there. Hyun Suk is shrewd and asks Chang Min what he wants to say but Jae Ha speaks up, wanting to take responsibility. Chang Min scoffs at him and Hyun Suk sees it. The team sits outside later-minus Jae Ha wondering who took the video and Tae Gun rightly points out-anyone could’ve taken the movie but not everyone could have delivered it to Hyun Suk with a look at Chang Min. Chang Min owns up to it. They wonder how he could betray the team and if he had that little confidence in himself. Chang Min scoffs, at least he’s not lying like someone else, with a look at Seung Yeon! In Hyun Suk’s office, Hyun Suk asks to hear the reason Jae Ha went on stage without the company’s permission. Did he go to earn money or he wanted to show the world his talent? Jae Ha tells them he needed the money so he took the gig and everyone just helped him. Hyun Suk asks, is it for the same reason you go out with your guitar every night? Team Leader Han is stunned. Jae Ha has a part time gig and Hyun Suk knew it? At Jae Ha’s response, Hyun Suk smiles and tells him it’s good he’s honest and confident. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun is on his way back to the company from the airport. Everyone’s still pissed at Jae Ha who comes back and tells them it’ll be fine, he’ll take the blame. Seung Yeon tells Chang Min he shouldn’t have betrayed the team like this and he rounds back at her, however anyone else says things, she has no right to condemn him. He asks her if she thinks she has the right to be on the team and turns to Ji Woo too who tries to defend Seung Yeon. Before a fight breaks out, Team Leader Han walks in.

Woo Hyun is looking for Seung Yeon in the company. Team Leader Han asks them if they all want to be chased out but Chang Min corrects her. “The people who are chased out of here, ought to be the girls!” Seung Yeon, Ji Woo and Team Leader Han’s eyes widen and everyone else is surprised and wondering what he’s talking about. Chang Min muses Team Leader Han must know since she’s not too surprised. He wonders, since everyone knew, wasn’t it like deceiving the other members? Woo Hyun hears Team Leader Han’s voice and follows it to the room. The members are surprised and Chang Min says it aloud, “How long were you planning to hide the fact that she was a girl?” When the members say it can’t be, he tells them, “Ask her yourself, or ask the guy who shared the same room as her or if you wanna know about her being the President’s niece, ask Team Leader Han.” Before anyone can respond, a voice rings out. “Ji Seung Yeon. You’re a girl?” Woo Hyun steps forward, a stunned expression on his face and Seung Yeon turns to him, her eyes wide and uncertain of how to explain the situation.


The secret is out of the bag for everyone and the best part is that there are lots of issues that are raised with it but I hope its not going to be a case of simply revealing the identity and getting by with whatever has happened. It would be best if they addressed the whole issue in practical terms. In the end everyone is going to rejoice in many ways on the fact that Seung Yeon is a girl but whats needed most is that the problems she caused by dressing up as a guy and posing as such should be negated somehow. I’m eagerly waiting to see how the whole thing unfolds between her and the other M2 Junior  members since characteristically they are the main part of the whole drama and the setup. It’s a story of survival, teamwork and growth amongst them.

See you with Episode 10! 😉

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    hey, was just reading ur recaps…love the way u write it..its fun and m a loser for fun based romantic korean writing =)

    • Thanks! Hope to be back to recapping soon! ^_^ I myself love romantic, comedy and good humor! This wasn’t a big budget or well thought out drama, but it was plenty entertainment! 😉

      Enjoy the recaps at Akiko’s!

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