Fashion King Episode 12 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 12 Recap:

Ga Young returns to Young Young and is surprised to see the machines missing and asks everyone what’s wrong. They tell her the prosecutor’s office has taken everything and wonder where she’s been all day. Ga Young heads inside to Young Gul’s office and its trashed with most of his belongings taken in. She looks around in worry and tears up. See, this is the reason I watch this drama, right here! She is such a good actress and can emote out emotions so well it’s a pleasure watching her, feeling with her and knowing her struggles! At the prosecutor’s office, Young Gul insists he shouldn’t be here since he did nothing wrong. He tells them of his relationship with Michael and plays down his enmity with Jae Hyuk. The charges against him are such: he threatened J Design’s Anna and stole her designs. The prosecutor’s office has been given the scene in the elevator as part of evidence. The prosecutor tells him not to make things difficult for them both-as in, confess up instead of beating around the bush. Jae Hyuk is on his way home when his phone rings-a call from Ga Young, but he ignores it.

No problem, she’s waiting for him when he gets home. Young Gul arrives behind them and sees Ga Young chasing Jae Hyuk inside. Jae Hyuk doesn’t listen to Ga Young or even acknowledge she’s there so she follows him into the elevator. She tells him she shouldn’t have done this. He mutters that he’s tired today and can’t they talk this out tomorrow. As he heads into his home, Ga Young grabs the door and tells him her talk isn’t finished yet. He removes her hand and heads inside. She follows him in. Inside, he turns on the TV and retorts what talk isn’t finished? She stands in his way and stands up to him. She didn’t want this which was why she came to work today. She takes the remote from his hand and switches off the television. She laments the prosecutors took everything and there;s nothing left behind. Whispering, she mutters she should’ve been there today (at the shop). No one knows where Young Gul is and reminds him he said it was all fine if she came to him, hence she came to work. He turns her words back at her and tells her this is between him and Young Gul so she should step out of it. He calls his driver to prepare the car and tells her she doesn’t have to come to work tomorrow if she dislikes it so much; he gave her the chance to make the decision.

Walking to the door, he holds it open and tells her to leave. She firmly plants herself on his sofa. Until he cancels the complaint, she’s not going anywhere. He tries to force her out but she grabs the sofa and stays firmly there. Angrily, Jae Hyuk walks away and tells her to do what she wants, heading to his room and changing. Ga Young looks away. When he comes back, she tells him to cancel the report but he doesn’t respond so she lies down there and falls asleep. Downstairs, Young Gul is waiting but Ga Young never turns up. He checks his phone too before finally leaving. Back at the factory, he heads to her bed in anticipation, hoping she’s there but finds no one. The full meaning sinks in. He tries straightening his office but then gives up and simply sits there before taking out his phone again. Now he remembers the times before he’d found Ga Young and Jae Hyuk together, the kiss scene, when he’d come to see her in America, when he’d offered her a way out of this life, the jacket he’d given her and her day or work at J Fashion today, where she’d actually been smiling. Frustrated, he throws things off his table.

Jae Hyuk comes to the lounge that night to find Ga Young asleep. He puts a blanket over her and smiles slightly as he watches her sleep. As he turns away, her phone rings. It’s Young Gul. He contemplates what to do and then answers it. Young Gul asks him what Ga Young is doing at his place and Jae Hyuk tells her she’s sleeping, must’ve been tired after work at the work. Young Gul tells him to wake her up and put her on the phone, citing she’s his worker and he has the right to it but Jae Hyuk reminds him she’s working at his company now and he doesn’t feel like waking her either. Young Gul accepts that but tells him to tell Ga Young to call when she wakes. Jae Hyuk deletes the call record and puts the phone back. In his office, Young Gul stews.

In the morning, Ga Young wakes up with a start when she remembers where she is. Jae Hyuk is already ready for the day and having breakfast but ignores her. Finally, she asks him where the bathroom is. Once she’s gone, he turns away from the newspaper he’d been pretending to read but perks it back up once he hears her return. She tidies up the blanket he put on her last night and puts a fallen cushion back up. He invites her to have breakfast but she tells him its okay. He’s heading off to work, is she going to keep sitting there. She says there’s nothing she has to do anyway. He takes that to mean she’s not coming to J Fashion and gets up to leave when Mama walks in with two minions and orders Ga Young out. Jae Hyuk tries to tell his mother it’s not like that but she slaps him. Mom orders the minions to throw Ga Young out.

That riles Jae Hyuk and he beats up the minions before ordering Ga Young to go inside (to the back, which is the bedroom). She obeys without a protest and slumps behind the bed, shivering and afraid. Jae Hyuk orders his mum to leave and not interfere in other’s business. That brings tears to mum’s eyes, “Other’s business? How can you say that to your mother?!” and with a glare at Ga Young, she leaves. Jae Hyuk is left stewing and teary. Ga Young approaches when his mother’s gone and apologizes. She didn’t mean for this to happen. He turns to her with an assuring smile, “Will you be okay here alone? My mother might even come back!” Awww… Dammit, I hate you one minute and melt the next!

They’re driving and Ga Young asks him to drop her off at the next stop. He asks if she’s really not going to come to work and she reminds him he was the one who broke the promise first and asks for the law suit to be cancelled-she’ll come to work then. He asks if she thinks he’s easy but she denies it. Mood dampened, he drops her at the stop and leaves. She scoffs at his back. Designer Kim notices Ga Young’s absence but finds her sketch book there. He’d told her to sketch away yesterday. Young Gul approaches Jae Hyuk in the bathroom and wants to know what he’s trying to do-bringing Ga Young to work at his place and reporting him. Jae Hyuk tells him she came of her own accord, confessing she liked him and is going to stay by his side. He tells Young Gul his company is finished now and Young Gul points out he’s only degrading his own woman ‘Anna’ through all this, asking what he wants and tells him to just let both of them get on with their own lives. When asked what it is Jae Hyuk really wants, Jae Hyuk tells him to hand over YGM. He rubs his hands clean on Young Gul’s clothes before leaving. When Jae Hyuk arrives at his office, Mama Dearest is already there.

Jae Hyuk wonders where she got the information that Ga Young was with him and his mother asks if Ga Young came with him-she started work here yesterday. Anna walks in, called by Mama. Mama asks Anna why Anna hasn’t done anything regarding Ga Young yet. Jae Hyuk watches in frustration as both women in his life gang up. Mom tells Anna to ‘take care of your man’. Designer Kim walks in, asking why Ga Young hasn’t come in today and Jae Hyuk looks conflicted. When Anna sends Mama off at the elevator, Mama Dearest goes away without acknowledging Anna. So she really is only accepting her because she’s ‘better than Ga Young.’ Young Gul is in Anna’s office when she gets back. He praises one of her designs and she invites him to sit for tea but he declines. She wonders if he came because of the report. He came because he wanted to hear her apologize and she does. He tells her he came because he felt she would be sorry and tells her not to feel bad about it anymore. His words touch her. On his way out, Young Gul watches Jae Hyuk walking with his dad. Madam Jo is sucking up to some customers but is put in a sour mood for having to do it when Jae Hyuk drives up to meet her. He tells her he came to return the favor when she came to find him herself last time. She asks if he’s thought about her offer. He declines her offer and she’s taken aback. Plan of evil backfiring on you, is it? She composes herself and tells it’s a pity since she thought he might be interested but he’s not the only one who is-which they both know is a lie. He tells her it’s a relief then and leaves. Once Jae Hyuk’s gone, she calls up Anna and learns about the lawsuit.

At Young Young, everyone is having a hard time. The ladies gossip some more about Ga Young and Jae Hyuk and wonder what became of Young Gul. When Young Gul walks in through the door, it’s with a smile. He reminds everyone he’s Young Gul and not to worry about him and get back to work. Ga Young gets the cold shoulder from him when he ignores her and calls the others into his office. He gets a message from Anna to have dinner together. Anna thanks him for coming to the office today and asks if there’s anything she can help him with. He reminds her things would get worse that way and Anna asks him why Ga Young didn’t come to work at J Fashion today. Young Gul tells her the reason Ga Young went to J Fashion must be because Jae Hyuk forced her to come to work. She tells him of the big commotion with Mama Dearest and tells him to stop Ga Young-she’s having a hard time. In between dinner, Young Gul gets a call from Michael. The contents of the call get discovered by Jae Hyuk’s assistant through his spy.

Ga Young is having dinner alone when Young Gul comes back. He asks her why she went to J Fashion and rubs into her for it. She can’t give a reason for it but he keeps going at her. She points out she went for just a day. He retorts, “You went to work for just one day so you also went to sleep for that one day?” She tells him she was worried he would misunderstand so she didn’t tell him earlier. Young Gul muses there’s nothing to misunderstand-she went to work and slept at Jae Hyuk’s. She explains the reasons for both but he keeps taking digs at her, does she think other people are stupid, they should both just forget about Young Gul and meet happily-She should stop using Young Gul as an excuse to meet Jae Hyuk. Going into his office, he turns back- When you want to go to Jae Hyuk’s company, just go! The both brood over his words, him in his office while Ga Young cries.

Jae Hyuk types a message in his mobile but erases it. In the morning, Ga Young prepares breakfast for Young Gul but he heads out after telling her there’ll be guests coming today. He goes shopping with his gangster friend and they buy suits. Jae Hyuk receives the news from his secretary and they are both wondering how to proceed when Young Gul walks in. He tells him he’ll get straight to the point since he’s busy since he’s got guests coming over from America today. Sorry, but he won’t be handing YGM over and will be protecting it instead. Madam Jo meanwhile is calling up people for requests but gets a cold shoulder from everyone and heads to meet Young Gul. Young Gul tells her to wait a bit since he’s got a guest here from America and asks Ga Young to serve Madam Jo a drink. While she waits, he shows the ‘Americans’ around. The Americans are in fact Bong Sook as the translator and his gangster friend in his rich suit. From their mannerisms and attitude, it is evidently a show put on for the sake of Madam Jo. Madam Jo’s smiles widen at the whole event, perhaps she’s imagining how good YGM would be if she invested. After it’s over, Young Gul calls her into his office and asks her if she’s here to refuse the funding but Madam Jo balks, not really. When Young Gul leaves for a moment to send off the Americans, she spies a document on the table and it states an advance of ten million dollars for a period of one year. That widens her eyes. Jae Hyuk’s dad asks him how long the matter is going to drag on and Jae Hyuk fidgets for an answer. His father tells him he should change his tactic.

Young Gul looks at an expensive apartment and muses Ga Young will like it as he’s checking it out. It’s got to be in the same building as Jae Hyuk’s since it’s a replica. He moves to sign the contract when he gets a call from Jae Hyuk. Off to a bar it is! Young Gul asks him why he asked to meet and Jae Hyuk admits, “I lost.” Young Gul points out an admission alone isn’t enough and Jae Hyuk tells him he’ll be receiving a call in a few days. He asks Young Gul how much it would take, in terms of money and Young Gul quotes a price-I think 5 million. Jae Hyuk has a condition-send Ga Young to him. Young Gul wonders why he’s so interested in Ga Young anyway and Jae Hyuk tells him he doesn’t have to answer to him. Young Gul tells him he’s not handing Ga Young over for any amount of money and Young Gul’s already arranged for the money. He leaves, leaving Jae Hyuk smiling behind him for a bit, before frowning in thought.

When Young Gul gets back to Young Young, Ga Young is drinking. She invites him to sit down for a talk. She tells him she thought about his words a lot-to leave if she wanted to leave. He’s stunned, knowing where this is heading. Ga Young goes on-now that she’s gone to Jae Hyuk’s company, she realizes how good it is, there are good people there and the system is good, there’s much she can learn. He asks her if she wants to learn there and scoffs when she agrees. He asks if its because of what he said to her earlier but she tells him no. He doesn’t believe her-is she really going there because she believes Jae Hyuk will make her a brand? How could she believe his words? Doesn’t she know what kind of person Jae Hyuk is? Whatever he says, it doesn’t deter her and she tells him ‘its better than seeing that woman’s face here every day’! He orders her not to think useless thoughts and just work here with Bong Sook as the designer. Downing a shot of soju, he turns to go but Ga Young stops him by asking him to return the money she lent him and give her the wages she earned here. Hurt, he asks her, “Weren’t we supposed to be together till the end?” After hearing no response from her, he tells her, “Fine, do what you want!” and heads into his office. Ga Young tears up.


Its hard to make sense of things especially when the characters are totally veering into the territory of doing wrong! One thing that bothers me most is why the two leads, Young Gul an Jae Hyuk are continually treating Ga Young like a toy they both want to have. Guys, shes a person, and at times like these and for matters like these, it only makes sense to let her decide for herself! Plus, instead of treating her horridly to her face and doing all good behind her back, why cant you guys just be honest and treat her good to her face for once! My point is more leaning towards Young Gul. The guy believes Jae Hyuk has done something to force Ga Young to come to work at J Fashion. So why does he have to rub it in her face the wrong and accusing way! Why is he mistreating her for it? And another thing, why force your own hatred for Jae Hyuk on her! I’m sure she can make decisions for herself and see people for what they are. If you hate him, doesn’t mean she has to feel the same!

I liked Jae Hyuk in the start but the guy is making decisions I cannot agree with and I am hating him for them! Make up your mind boy and be responsible for what you do! He likes Ga Young, yes but what is Anna then? Why is he stringing her along especially when he’s not even treating her decently anymore? Example: the bar scene in the last episode. His dads crazy and has great pressure on him, maybe thats why he’s always so negative minded when dealing with everyone but seriously, there’s a time to grow up! And this is past that time, considering some of his actions. Young Gul was right in a previous episode-he’s not just taking revenge, he’s messing up people’s lives and their livelihood!

I’m surprised by the emotions shown by Jae Hyuk and his mother in this episode. I hope they actually make something better out of that relationship! Take arrogance out of both of them for a bit! Maybe that’ll help Jae Hyuk get some warmth and conscience in his personality! One of the reasons he likes Ga Young is her warmth but what he needs is to learn to be a person himself too! For now, hes too cold and burnt in revenge for that. Although truth be told, I think both guys have already lost their initial fighting spirit and this is more of a tug of war due to the ladies in their lives! Seriously, you’ve nothing better left to do now?

Anna- still an enigma, except in this case, we find that she might not be as much in love with Jae Hyuk as she claims, or that even if she is, he wasn’t always without benefit to her and at one time, all she did see him as was a ladder for climbing higher. Its hard to feel much symapthy with her after that. I’d still say, she needs to step out of Jae Hyuk’s shadow and try standing on her own, creating her own worth and showing her own mettle. Instead of clinging to a guy like Jae Hyuk, she should find someone who can admire and see the real worth in her.

Poor Ga Young-the only words I have for her! Why does she have to be run and trampled over by every character out there? And can the guys please stop treating her as an ‘it’, kicking her here and there as per their whims! Guys, wake up! N Ga Young, step out of their worlds and make your own! One is misunderstanding her and the other is not able to understand her and see her ‘wholesome!’ Make a decision and stick to it! This time, I hope she really does leave Young Gul.

Ah, that’s enough! Can’t even rant anymore! 😐

Seriously, eight more episodes to go?! At this rate, that is NOT a good thing! :S

See you with Episode 13! 😉

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  1. It’s so weird. In most dramas that I’ve watched, I normally root for the main lead, which would be Young Gul, but in this drama I’m rooting for Jae Hyuk. Jae Hyuk definitely has his bad points. He keeps on treating others like dirt, and doesn’t care about the consequences. Although I think that his need to be better than others is because his father keeps on pushing him. It’s as if nothing is good enough for his father. I should hate Jae Hyuk, but Lee Je Hoon is such a great actor. His small changes in facial expressions speaks millions. For example, when eating breakfast he showed a cold expression, yet when Ga Young left, you could see that it was all for show and he has a vulnerable centre. And I also feel that Ga Young at least knows that Jae Hyuk has some sort of feelings for her. Young Gul ignores her a lot of the time, and normally ends up yelling at her. I know he cares for her, but I don’t think that he knows that he likes her because he keeps referring to her as “his employee.” Young Gul likes Ga Young, and he cares for her, but he never really lets her see that. She tried to help him by staying at Jae Hyuk’s, yet he yelled at her because it made him look like a fool. However, he signed the contract with Madame Jo!!! Ugh I hate that woman. I still can’t believe he did that.
    I also feel that Ga Young working at the company would actually benefit her. The designer there seems to recognize her talent. I’m not sure what Jae Hyuk’s angle is…maybe just to have her there and one-up Young Gul. However, Ga Young was able to use her talent there. They also have the resources to help her. And hopefully she would actually be able to have her own line. I also hope that Ga Young can change Jae Hyuk for the better and that he has to realize that he can’t stomp on everyone else based on his own whim.

  2. Thank you! I have to cut down on drama watching due to impending exams, so I will survive on your recaps for next few weeks :).
    Yes, I share your frustration…GY is the only one I like and care about. The guys are really messing with her..not sure what kind of crush/love/affection this is that they have for her! Lol. They also have a serious case of ‘cutting the nose to spite the face’ syndrome! I still feel the same about Anna- not convinced she is in love with JH. If she is supposed to be madly in love with him, then either the script or the acting (or both) is lacking in some ways in my opinion. The passion for JH is just not coming across for me.
    I am wondering if the plot is going round and round in circles (scenes go something like go to JH’s office to have a fight, then go to YG’s factory to yell at one another or go to bar to drink and argue some more…lol) because they have to make it last 20 eps? I read somewhere that apparently a question was posed to the cast if the plot of this drama is really the same as ‘What happened in Bali?’ (because it is written by the same writer). It seems ‘Bali’ was also a love triangle storyline that went on for 20 eps too! 🙂 I have not seen that drama, so I have no idea!

    • Bestest of Luck for the exams! 🙂 How’s your prep for them? 😉

      Yes, the episodes seem repititive now! The same old same old fight os continuing, they just change the venues and the angle of the cameras! 😀 What they need is to change the scenarios! Stop dragging Ga Young here and there and start moving forward! Show something new! Ga Young walking out is my idea of new and I hope they put it to good use!

      I’m somehow tired of love triangles especially ones where the girl is the new toy on block everyone wants (Yes, Im referring to both Jae Hyuk and Young Gul) Boys, grow up! Let her make her own decisions and more than anything else, start treating her right! She deserves it! I still cant get over my dislike for Young Gul for his easy manner treatment of her, hugging her one second, blowing her off the next! In that respect, I like Jae Hyuk better! At least he’s nice to her and protects her in his own way!

      Anna. Anna. Anna. Period. System has run out of information to process. Object still a foreign entity. Unable to comprehend. Period.

      • Jae Hyuk doesn’t disregard her to her face but he still proposes to An Na, tries to sue her, blackmail her, pretty much rape her in her room, and tries to take advantage of her every time she is emotionally vulnerable. Young Gul I think really does think of himself like trash in a way and I can see why he doesn’t want to start a relationship with her. I think he doesn’t think he is good enough for her in a way. He can’t protect her, and in this situation he can’t choose being in love with her and being successful in business at the same time, and he keeps choosing business thinking that in that way they can stay together and benefit the both of them. He tries to channel his feelings into treating her like a sister or a protege but he can’t stop them from reverting to their original source. I just really wish she would choose neither and move on with her life. I hope she can find a way to be friends with both of them and start her own line and find a man who truly appreciates her, but that isn’t usually how dramas go. Right now there is no way I can forgive what Jay Hyuk has done to her, and it would be really hard for me to forgive what Young Gul has done to her as well.

      • I was kind of happy in the beginning, thinking both leads would be worth it but one reason or another, they’re both falling short miserably! Plus, the plot has also become a bit stagnant around these three with almost the same thing happening left and right. I’d really like for Ga Young to step out of their shadows and work on her own. At the moment, only Jae Hyuk can give her the chance and exposure she needs and she can take that chance without being his slave or dictated around because he needs her talent as much as she needs the chance. And Young Gul has to stop being so wishy washy. He’s the one who started the fight with Jae Hyuk first. And Jae Hyuk is reckless enough and carefree enough to go into action regardless of the consequences.

        Aggghhh… After the fiasco of the latest episodes, Ive given up trying to make sense of whats happening! Im angry at both male leads, Anna is a mystery to me and Ga Young is the only one I actually care about. Period. Phew! Hehe 🙂

      • Revision is very slow, because we have an assignment to complete before the exams too! Arrrghhh! Never mind…

        There is a short spoiler for Ep 13 on youtube and it looks like GY has definitely left YG for good. There seems a bit less shouting in the spoiler, so maybe there will be some progress and further plot development??? We can but hope! :).

        Yes, I tend to feel the same as you… despite the way the 2 boys carry on, I still prefer JH to YG. It might be down to the skill of the actor playing JH, as his facial expression really shows how he feels about GY and some of his little actions betray his true feelings. YG’s affection seems for GY seems less clear… as you said, he blows hot and cold.. a bit like the British weather! Lol.

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