Fashion King Episode 11 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

It’s hard to put a liking on these characters since they’re all changing shades every other scene and that in some instances is not a good thing! We’ve got Young Gul, who treats Ga Young with care until her old boss turns up for a business venture which he accepts, despite her insistence against it and who frees his hand from hers the moment they are both face to face with Anna. One minute, he’s showering her with care, the next he’s telling her to mind her own business. Jae Hyuk is also trying to sail in two boats at the same time. He doesn’t want to let go of the woman he seemingly loved in the beginning and brought back from America with a promise of protection and care although it seems to be more a not-letting-you-go-because-of-Young-Gul and he also doesn’t want to let the other woman in his life, Ga Young go. From some of the treatments he’s meted out to her, it seems he thinks of her as the shiny new toy he can’t quite fathom while on other occasions, he’s so gently and caring, baring his soul, one is tormented by it. Anna, the woman is still an enigma and definitely not a pleasant one! Ga Young, the poor girl is being dragged here and there and crushed under every other person she comes in contact with. Will they ever stop playing soccer with her at her expense and what is clearly not ‘for her sake?’ Aaaaaaggggghhhh!! How to make sense of it all?!

Yeah, it’s a rough watch!

Episode 11 Recap:

Jae Hyuk offers to take her out and change her life or she stay with her good for nothing boss and spend all her life with him till she dies. Young Gul shouts at him for bothering ‘his worker’ and a fistfight breaks out and Jae Hyuk asks him if he had fun stealing ‘another’s’ woman but Young Gul barks back at him to mind his own business. Jae Hyuk repeats the question for Ga Young and she defiantly meets Young Gul’s gaze when he looks at her, giving no immediate response. Young Gul, surprised at her silence, entreats her to speak up. She turns to Jae Hyuk, “When should I start working?” He tells her not to waste time and start tomorrow. Jae Hyuk proposes to take her out today but she declines. Young Gul, pissed, tells her to leave today, after all, she’s packed her luggage anyway and taking it, he throws her luggage into the street. He tells her to leave and closes himself in his office, only now reacting to her decision with hurt and disbelief.

Jae Hyuk grabs Ga Young’s arm and leads her outside while she tries to stop him. Inside, Young Gul mutters, don’t go. He hears the door close. Outside, Jae Hyuk proposes to take Ga Young to his place for the night but Young Gul grabs her back.

“Where are you going? If I said go, you’re really going to leave? Do you want me to never see you again? Don’t you know I hate him?”

He tells her to go back inside and turns to Jae Hyuk. Ga Young bows to Jae Hyuk before heading inside. Jae Hyuk watches her leave. Ga Young is the chief designer of Young Young, can he do the same for her in his company? Jae Hyuk says he will! Young Gul turns up his nose, “When? Come back when you have. Then I won’t say a word and hand her to you!” Jae Hyuk asks the same question that runs through my mind, “What, are you Lee Ga Young’s manager?” and Young Gul snaps he should take care of her since he’s her sajang. Picking up her luggage, he heads back inside, leaving Jae Hyuk watching. Dejected and frustrated, Jae Hyuk drives back home.

Inside, Young Gul forwards a stool and asks Ga Young to sit. When she doesn’t, he sits her down and turns her face to look at him before launching into a trail of questions.

“You weren’t really going to leave, were you?” But she tells him she was. Knowing she had no place to go, he tells her not to even think about it ever again since she has no place to go and it would be very hard for her. If she thinks it again, he’ll throw her out himself. “I won’t misunderstand you anymore, so you don’t misunderstand me either!” When he heads into his office, Ga Young wipes her tears before smiling slightly. Anna gives a presentation at the office about outdoor fashion in an upbeat mood but Jae Hyuk mostly sits absent minded through it. Finally, he heads out in the middle and broods alone in his office as scenes from last night play in his mind. His secretary comes in and gives him the latest update he wanted. Madam Jo invested five million with Young Gul, the same amount Young Gul had asked from Jae Hyuk. The cut for the total earnings would be 60% Madam Jo, 30% Young Gul and 10% Michael. Jae Hyuk wonders why they’re involving Michael in it as well. His secretary muses it might be because Madam Jo would be aiming to take over YGM in the future, kind of like blend it with her own brand. Perhaps it’s a move to keep Madam Jo from that? For a moment, the secretary forgets himself and starts praising Young Gul’s business mind and wows at his maneuver with Madam Jo but a glare from Jae Hyuk cuts him off. As the secretary’s leaving, Jae Hyuk asks him where exactly is Madam Jo getting the funds.

Madam Jo shows Young Gul her factory work area and he asks her where the store room is where Ga Young used to live. Jung Ah shows up for a small moment, about to leave for somewhere and Madam Jo introduces her to Young Gul. They relocate to her office for tea where she proposes going into the Korean market with their wear and he points out funding is the only problem. Her secretary bursts in with a bout of bad news. Next, Madam Jo is at Jae Hyuk’s office and gets straight to the point. He has used his influence to cut down the amount she can get from the bank as a loan (Which will then go for investment in Young Young). Jae Hyuk tells her to take her hand out of Young Young apparel but she tells him Young Gul is a good businessman. He can’t fathom why the woman who told her to sue Ga Young is now the one helping them out. She tells him there’s two ways to go about this for money. One-sue Ga Young but this time, Madam Jo will be on their side and two-buy out her investment from Young Young Apparel for double her investment, the price will of course go higher with time. Madam Jo has brains. My guess is she can’t go against Jae Hyuk in terms of power and influence but what she can do is turn the situation to her own advantage. It’s a clever ploy and definitely one that’ll give Jae Hyuk the upper hand in his fight against Young Gul again if he accepts the second option so that evening; he sits in his office mulling it over while pondering an envelope in his hand.

Business is booming for Young Young. Young Gul gives Ga Young and Bong Sook portfolios to look over for designers while he answers the phone in multiple languages and Ga Young seems impressed for a moment before a message catches her attention. It’s from Jae Hyuk who calls her out to meet tonight. It’s at a bar. When she arrives, he’s already drinking. Curtly, he tells her to sit and rashly pours her a drink. She doesn’t touch it.

“I missed you. You came in my dreams last night. Women are like that- they pretend not to notice when a man likes them. Are you also like that, Lee Ga Young?” She doesn’t respond and he continues. “You know when a man is most pathetic? When he can’t have the heart of the woman he likes.”

She’s so close and yet he cannot have her heart, so he has thought of another way. If he can’t have it, he won’t let anyone else have it either. He’s going to submit the lawsuit papers against her. Since she already told him he should be ashamed of himself, she can consider this payback for his hurt. Does she think it’s cruel? He asks her. She asks why he’s doing this and he tells her he doesn’t want her next to Young Gul, he can’t stand it. She reminds him he said he was sorry and he upholds it, he still is sorry and even embarrassed and she tells him she’s beginning to lose the good feelings she had towards him. He raises his voice at that as he snaps that its better to have her by his side with hatred than to see her with someone else with love. He’ll give her a last chance-there’s nothing more he can do. She has to make the decision. Come to work or lose YGM forever. With that, he storms off. All the way back, Ga Young ponders his words and threats.

At the YY office, Young Gul is in his office sketching away on a dress and then starts making it. The song playing in the back is so nice- ‘Even if I’m hurting, I’m smiling, Even if I’m smiling, I’m crying’. When Ga Young comes in, he hides the dress and steps to the side as if casually drinking a beer. When he sees her, he asks where she went and she lies she went to meet a friend. Without a word, she heads off to sleep and he wonders if she’s not feeling well. Once he’s gone back into his office, Ga Young turns back slightly to look at the door he just went through. Turning back, she remembers Jae Hyuk’s words. Jae Hyuk’s mom goes to the spa and discovers Anna is also a member there now and finds her sitting with Madam Jo. Later, she calls up one of her minions and orders Anna and Madam Jo to be watched closely. In the morning at YY, they get a fax which sends everyone into a happy frenzy. It’s a contract from China for some millions (Don’t know the exact amount) and in a happy stupor, Young Gul hugs Ga Young. She sits later, wondering what to do and calls up Jae Hyuk but he doesn’t respond.

Jae Hyuk is busy in some kind of martial arts with bamboo swords whats-it-called session with his dad. *Googles it* Oh yeah, Kendo. *Hurray for mangas*And I’ve never seen much to know what is what and how but Jae Hyuk gets beaten a lot. Seems he really isn’t at par with his dad when it comes to anything or his dad really scares him a little too much. As they sit later, his father asks him if Madam Jo really asked him for $10 million and asks what he’s going to do and if his thoughts and wants are same as Madam Jo’s. Jae Hyuk denies being the same as her and tells his father “We should destroy them all.” He sees the calls from Ga Young later and ignores another incoming call from her. At night, Ga Young falls asleep on Young Gul’s couch in the office and Young Gul takes off her shoes adorably, wondering why she’s working so hard. He whispers, “Ga Young, the hard work is done!” Covering her up with a blanket, he heads outside and works on the dress again. He sews it up and then sits around writing a birthday card for Ga Young but wondering what to write. He starts, “Ga Young, happy birthday… You’re forever my…. Dongseang? Love? Madonna?” but crosses out all options. He puts the card in the dress and heads to sleep in her bed, only now catching sight of the jacket Jae Hyuk gave her. Seeing the label, he guesses where it’s from. Mood downed, he looks towards his closed office doors for a moment before putting the jacket back where it was.

In the morning, Ga Young wakes up to the sound of cutting in the kitchen. She comes out to see who and what it is and finds Young Gul in the kitchen, preparing breakfast and he wishes her a happy birthday. When he sets the table, its with a load of good food, including seaweed soup, the breakfast soup for birthdays. Ga Young tears up as she thanks him. He wonders why she’s crying and its because it’s the first time she had seaweed soup on her birthday. Young Gul gives her her present, the dress he made and the card. The dress is one of a kind and especially for her, by Kang Young Gul! He promises to make her seaweed soup on every birthday for her before pointing to the card on the dress. She takes it and reads it. It says, “Ga Young Ah, happy birthday. You told me that meeting me is your luckiest thing, right? I also think the same. From your lucky mascot, Kang Young-Gul.” She wipes her tears and tries on the dress but her expression is now solemn. Young Gul is quite happy with the dress he’s made and asks her if she likes it. She simply tells him there’s someplace she has to go and will be back later. Dammit, why are things so twisted here?!

She heads to Jae Hyuk’s office. He retorts Young Gul sent her really fast and refers to him as trash. She tells him she came of her own accord and to stop insulting Young Gul. She came because he asked but this is not the way things should be. She understands his reasoning, but he shouldn’t think he can control other people’s lives so easily just to make himself feel better. She doesn’t think she has any reason to be apologizing but since she’s apologized once because she was at fault so if he wants, she’ll do it again. He listens to her reprimand silently although its hard to tell if it hit the target. Designer Kim comes in and is happy to see Ga Young. Jae Hyuk introduces the two and sends the two off to work, telling Ga Young he’ll hear her regarding the other problem later. He watches her go with a bit of a guilty expression. Designer Kim introduces Ga Young to the design team. Meanwhile, there’s a desk already prepared for Ga Young.

Anna runs into her later at the washroom and asks her what she’s doing here since she wanted to do well at Young Young, referring to her as “Like Young Gul’s wife”. Ga Young tells her to be careful of what she says since she doesn’t know anything and she’s not here since she didn’t come here because she wanted to. Anna accuses her of using Jae Hyuk to climb up and undeterred, Ga Young asks her if that’s what she (Anna) did. Anna replies, “Isn’t that obvious?” Jae Hyuk calls up his assistant and asks him to submit some papers to the Prosecutor’s. Is it against Ga Young or Young Gul? Meanwhile, Young Gul wonders at Ga Young’s behavior and calls her up only to realize she left her phone behind. He discovers the calls she made to Jae Hyuk and sees the message he sent her, to meet at the bar and realizes she went to meet him the night she went to meet ‘a friend’. The office ladies meanwhile spend a bit gossiping about the latest happenings they’ve seen or heard about Jae Hyuk, Anna, Young Gul and Ga Young.

He goes to see Jae Hyuk and sees Director Kim reviewing Ga Young’s sketches. Hurt by the obvious, he heads out to leave but turns back midway and barges into a meeting Jae Hyuk is having with some friends. Despite Jae Hyuk’s attempt to have him leave, Young Gul sits down and tells Jae Hyuk. “You seem to have misunderstood it, so I’m here to tell you for certain. Anna and I have no relationship whatsoever! Don’t use that as an excuse to hold onto my worker! I liked at first; because she’s beautiful. But she rejected me so I gave up. Why? I don’t hang onto women who aren’t interested. It’s not my style. But you keep using it to hang onto my worker and make your own woman feel insecure! So she (his woman) ends up coming to me to confide in, coming to trash like me!” Jae Hyuk smirks that Young Gul realizes he is trash and tells him to leave but Young Gul doesn’t give up just yet and tells to him to make it so that his woman doesn’t have to come find trash like him anymore. He proposed they should marry, but then why is he chasing Ga Young like this? She’s 21 and naïve to the ways of men and women so why is bothering her and what did he do to make her come to J Fashion and work here? Jae Hyuk tells him if he’s so curious he’ll know soon enough. Young Gul tells him he doesn’t know what plan he’s hatching now but he’s not the same Kang Young Gul as before. Jae Hyuk snubs him at that with an oh really and muses no matter how much money trash like him have, it won’t make a difference. I don’t understand the rest but Young Gul quotes some famous saying and manages to shut Jae Hyuk up before leaving.

Anna and Jae Hyuk meet at a bar. He asks her if she’s the one who recommended Young Gul to Michael. She tells him no and he wonders if he should invest the $10 million in Madam Jo? She wonders why he’s asking her and he tells her his mother said she and Madam Jo appear to be quite close. She wonders if his mother talks a lot about what happens at a spa but he cuts her down by saying she probably doesn’t know it since she didn’t have a normal home but there’s no such things as secrets in family. That hurts bad and she takes a drink. He asks her if she was the one who introduced Young Gul to Madam Jo and she tells him it was because she wanted to help him. He also brought Ga Young because he wanted to help her. He reminds her she told him she didn’t love him but she tells him outright, “You asked me to marry you but went to America to see another woman. What can’t I say to a man like that?” He tells her she shouldn’t be so nonchalant to the person who gave her everything she has and can take it all away. There’ll be a call from the police station tomorrow regarding an investigation so he’ll guide her how to tread from now on and she’d better follow well. Young Gul meanwhile, checks out a new car and takes it out on a drive. His good time is cut short by a phone call from the prosecutor’s office. A case has been opened against him.

I’ll rant just once tomorrow! Can’t rant right now, mind’s all jumbled after the episode! See you with Episode 12! 😉

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  1. Thankk you,, good recap. Hope you make more of these recaps. Your really good, at making the recaps small!! But with all the imoportant infoo initt soo Thank you. Your daebak! ~

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