Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 8 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 8 Recap:

So Seung Yeon doesn’t turn up for the competition between the two M2 Junior teams and President Hyun Suk refuses to listen to her team’s performance. However, as he’s walking away, the leader speaks up to Hyun Suk to give them a chance.

“Since we’re a team, we’re taking responsibility. Because of one person’s problem, we cannot give up on the team. We three will perform without Seung Yeon. Give us a chance to protect our team.”

His outburst brings applause from his competitors and Hyun Suk allows it. They perform while Seung Yeon is at home, begging her father to listen to her. Mid performance, Woo Hyun walks out even though he likes the performance but is wondering where Seung Yeon is and is about to call her up when In Young catches up with him and asks to speak to him. She wants a favor as a friend. She’ll give up the album but wants something in return. He tells her he’s wondering whether she’s just shameless or wrong in the head. Haha! His manager comes up and tells him Team Leader Han wants to see him. He leaves In Young stewing and she mutters again, “Let’s wait and see. You’ll come back to me.”

President Hyun Suk is worried about Seung Yeon and Team Leader Han asks him what’s going to happen next and if she’s going to be sent back to England. When he tells her that might be the case, she can’t help but smile even as she mutters it’s a pity since Seung Yeon was the best in M2 Junior. Woo Hyun comes in and they discuss about having him appear as an MC. He tells them he has no confidence as such for it but Team Leader Han tells him to try and he’ll do well. Changing the subject, he asks if something has happened to Seung Yeon, downplaying his concern but gets no answer and heads off. Ji Woo keeps calling Seung Yeon into the night but there’s no response. Her team members are also worried. At home, Seung Yeon is worried and literally pulling her hair. Ji Woo must be worried, she muses and then wonders if Woo Hyun is also waiting for her. Meanwhile, at home Woo Hyun is worried and wondering what has happened to her and why she isn’t calling. When his manager is about to leave, he asks him if ‘everyone’ is going to the hospital tomorrow. His manager tells him that must be the case and lo and behold, next morning, Woo Hyun’s come to the hospital. Even his manager is wondering why he changed his mind and came.

Inside, people ask Ji Woo if Seung Yeon is really quitting and is told Team Leader Han said so. Woo Hyun hears the gossip as he’s searching for Seung Yeon and unable to find her. He confronts Team Leader Han and asks if she’s not the one behind Seung Yeon’s quitting. Yeah, boy knows you lady. She wonders why he’s so interested in Seung Yeon’s matters and wonders if he knows something about Seung Yeon (about her being a girl) but he doesn’t so she doesn’t say anything and just tells him not to put his mind to such matters anymore since Seung Yeon will be heading back to England anyway. Cut to Seung Yeon’s house where her mother is dragging her to the car to catch the plane back to England but she begs her and her father to let her have this chance. There’s less than two months left and even if she goes back to England now, there’s no admissions so she’ll have nothing to do. If she doesn’t do this now, she’ll regret it for life. Before they can respond, Hyun Suk drives up and begs in front of her parents. Her mother refers to him as “Young Master” and he tells them he hasn’t once regretted the fact that his father threw him out of the house because of his interest to music and asks that Seung Yeon to be allowed to stay so she doesn’t live an unhappy life.

Next, he’s driving Seung Yeon to the hospital where Woo Hyun has already left and the performance by M2 Junior isn’t holding people’s interests much. Seung Yeon tells Hyun Suk he was really cool today and he tells her he came because of her team mates. Team Leader Han calls up Woo Hyun and asks him to come back but he refuses. As they stand at a red light, his manager spots Hyun Suk’s car and Seung Yeon with him. When he tells Woo Hyun, Woo Hyun immediately perks up to see them and barks at his manager to turn the car around-they’re going back to the hospital! As soon as they arrive, Seung Yeon thanks her uncle and heads inside. When Woo Hyun arrives, he approaches Hyun Suk, checking out the car.

“Oh, Woo Hyun, you also came!”

“Yeah… You came?” Silence as he checks out the car. “Wasn’t Seung Yeon with you in the car?”

On hearing she already went inside, he heads in after her with a smile and in a sprint. Hyun Suk receives a call.

Inside, Seung Yeon approaches everyone and Team Leader Han’s eyes widen at seeing her. Everyone else is happy she’s back and Ji Woo looks at her questioningly. She explains her parents are allowing it until the Survivor program ends. He tells her it’s great news and she starts pinching his cheeks in a happy daze telling him she won’t go off anywhere without him-which is the scene Woo Hyun witnesses on his arrival. As soon as people spot him, everyone goes into frenzy and he smiles at the audience before turning to Seung Yeon with a smile but she doesn’t respond to it and simply nods her head at him in greeting. He’s called up for a performance next. He sings a song in contribution to a friend who has given him much to laugh about and says it’s a song he made for that friend. Both In Young and Seung Yeon smile, thinking it’s for them. It’s for Seung Yeon. In Young, as Woo Hyun already stated, is probably really mad in the head. Ji Woo watches Seung Yeon’s soft expression. As he sings, both have a recollection of their encounters together.

Hyun Suk’s caller is Hae Yong, the girl he had dated in his idol days but when scandal broke out, his management company had denied it and we see a flashback of him seeing her from afar in a hospital room. Seung Yeon is heading out after the program when Team Leader Han asks what happened and Seung Yeon explains the situation. After she’s gone, Team Leader Han mutters, “I wanted to finish this quietly, but looks like that can’t be.” She gets a call from President Lee and picks up. Woo Hyun stops Seung Yeon in the hallway with a smile asking if she doesn’t have anything to say to him. Before he can explain, In Young walks up to him and thanks him for dedicating the song to her. Before he can correct either of them, he’s asked by a doctor to come and meet some kids. The kids wanna take pictures with Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon but In Young forces herself into every picture. I have a moment of satisfaction when Woo Hyun zooms in and cuts her out before taking the picture! 😀

Team Leader Han sees Hyun Suk chatting with Hae Yong. She hides and watches the two. Meanwhile at the hospital, the kids are playing with Woo Hyun by blindfolding him and In Young specially steps in to get caught. Next is her turn and she tells him she’ll definitely catch him, even if her eyes are closed. Seung Yeon feels awkward. Woo Hyun drags her away and they hide behind a curtain. Seung Yeon tries to leave but he holds her back and inadvertently ends up hugging her when In Young comes close to their hiding spot. Both are surprised by the proximity, her more than him. He draws back and grabbing her hand, leads her out through the door while In Young plays with the kids. They head to the staircase where she frees her hand and he asks her again if she doesn’t have anything to say to him. She doesn’t know what he’s referring to and he pouts but she tells him she’ll say what she’s supposed to say to him if she had any idea what it is. He tells her not to disappear again without a word, making people worry and she smiles.

“Were you worried for me?”

“Who was worried. I wasn’t worried.”

“Eh, you just said you were worried.”

“You… Yeah, I was worried, why! Don’t make me worry again.”

She tells him there was a situation and he wonders what it was but she promises to tell him later. As she turns to go, he speaks up again.

“Don’t do it again! Don’t disappear again without a word. It’s not the least bit fun.”

She’s startled and he coughs the awkwardness away, muttering about the kids waiting before heading off. Seung Yeon follows just as Ji Woo appears on the upper staircase. He heard the whole thing.

Later on, Seung Yeon is distracted as the members all head out to lunch. The leader excuses himself saying he has to meet someone. Ji Woo notes Seung Yeon’s dazed state and is in a state of worry himself. Tae Gun reveals the leader went to meet his old agent from JYP. He’d been planning his debut at JYP before coming here and now they are looking to get him back. The members wonder if he will go back. At the same time, Hyun Sung (the leader) is rejecting the offer but the agent puts more pressure on him. As Hyun Suk is driving back at night, he sees Hyun Sung and the guy together. He heads over to meet Team Leader Han who notes his mood is good and he tells her it’s exceptionally good since he met a very old friend today whom he hadn’t thought he’d ever meet again. She’s not too happy to hear it but hides her jealousy. When he asks her what she wanted to tell him, she downplays it and tells him “Not yet… Maybe never…

As they prepare for bed, Seung Yeon wonders at Ji Woo’s down mood and asks if something happened but he tells her it’s like something happened to her but she downplays it, “It doesn’t make sense” and he tells her it really doesn’t make sense. She’s left wondering. Woo Hyun meanwhile is worried over his Seung Yeon friendship all the way home and asks his manager if he has a hoobae he is very close with, someone he wants to meet when they’re not around and his manager says, yeah but. Woo Hyun simply listens to the yeah and cuts him off ahead of there, his mood now lifted. Lol, boy, that’s no way to ascertain you’re not gay! Anyhow as soon as he gets home, he tells his manager to head off and rest since he’s also had a tiring day. As he heads up in a smile, his manager shivers beneath, getting goose bumps at this sudden good mood. Once upstairs, Woo Hyun remembers all his ‘closest’ encounters with Seung Yeon where he’d felt his heart beat faster and consoles himself, “No, it’s just because the hoobae is too pretty!

Team Leader Han meets Hae Yong and is left fuming after the encounter, realizing Hae Yong is interested in Hyun Suk while Hyun Suk runs into Hyun Sung at practice in the company on his day off. She gets a call from Woo Hyun’s manager who tells him Woo Hyun wants his schedule cancelled today. Woo Hyun sends his manager back and heads off with the car himself. Seung Yeon and Ji Woo meanwhile are at a shop where she tries on a girls dress and even Ji Woo’s eyes widen at her. The sales lady compliments Seung Yeon-she looked completely like a guy before and now looks pretty as a girl and takes Seung Yeon and Ji Woo’s picture as memento for them. Ji Woo worries if someone will see them and she tells him she just likes to confirm the fact that she’s a girl every now and then. As they’re heading back in a bus, Ji Woo has the picture and Woo Hyun calls up Seung Yeon.

Hearing her “What is it?” this time, Woo Hyun simply sighs with a smile, “Again what is it!” he asks her what she’s doing and she tells him she’s with Ji Woo and heading out to have fun with him. That riles him up and he angrily cuts the call. Wake up boy, its jealousy, haha! She and Ji Woo are riding a couple bicycle but stop near a restroom where a rabbit dressed guy eyes them curiously. When Ji Woo heads into the bathroom, the rabbit drags Seung Yeon away. It’s Woo Hyun. He wonders how she could ride a couple bike with Ji Woo and she heads off to get back to Ji Woo-he doesn’t like to be left alone. Woo Hyun grabs her hand and asks her, “Don’t go. Play with me.” She wonders what has gotten into him (It’s a crush girl!) and heads away, shaking off his hand. When she gets back, Ji Woo’s standing there worried and both a little frightened. She apologizes and looks around as if looking for someone. She sees the rabbit costume guy coming and heads off to talk to him, thinking its Woo Hyun but it turns out to be another guy and she wonders if he left because he got angry.

Yup, he did and as he’s heading home in his car, he’s got a big scowl on his face muttering, “Kwon Ji Woo, that guy, you like him so much? Yeah, it’s perfect if you guys look great together! What the hell, am I getting jealous? Not even over a girl, over another guy?! Yeah, I haven’t met girls in a long time! I need to meet girls!” He gets a call from In Young who tells him she’s using his song which riles him further and he heads off to meet her. Hyun Sung pays a visit to his old talent agency and witnesses some trainees/members get badly scolded and remembers Hyun Suk’s words. Meanwhile, the other member, Min Gun (Finally, I got a name! Yessshhh!!) heads off to see his mentor again at the university and learns that Seung Yeon is a girl. He’s one step closer to putting the pieces together about Seung Yeon’s identity, if not already. Ji Woo and Seung Yeon head back and run into Hyun Sung. Ji Woo tells Hyun Sung, “We’re one team, right? We’ll be together to the end, right?” Hyun Suk agrees and we flash back to what he told his older manager. Going in, they meet Woo Hyun’s manager and Seung Yeon heads off to find him. He’s together with In Young. Now that’s bound to be trouble.

In Young gets a wakeup call when Woo Hyun tells her he didn’t mean the song for her and she wonders who it is for. He heads out but she back hugs him, asking him to stop all this. He tells her to shut her trap (Well, he says it nicely but I wanted to add some more drama, hehe). He blows her off and she moves in for a kiss, just as Seung Yeon opens the door. He catches sight of Seung Yeon’s back as he hears the door move. When In Young draws back, he tells her curtly never to do it again and uses a word I don’t understand to describe it. Seung Yeon is running out when Ji Woo catches up to her and sees her crying. He tells her he’s angry-it’s the first time in life he’s seen her cry and its because of that guy. She tells him she’s always given him a ride when he was crying, can he do the same for her now. He tells her he’ll do it for her always here on and tells her not to cry because of that guy, or any other guy ever. He wants to be THE guy for her. She turns away, telling him not to joke; she’s not in the mood for it. He grabs her hand and tells her he’s not joking. Behind him, Woo Hyun is standing behind the wall and hears Ji Woo’s confession, his eyes wide.

“Ji Seung Yeon, I like you. Right now, I’m confessing my feelings to you. I like you.”

Seung Yeon stares at Ji Woo, surprised.


This episode brings out the inevitable and does so in a nice manner. Ji Woo gets to confess his feelings and finally, the cat is almost out ofthe bag. People are beginning to find out Seung Yeon’s secret and from the characters we’ve seen so far, it wouldn’t be far fetched to think the cat will be out of the bag soon! But a plus point is the solidarity we are beginning to see for the team on occasion. Although they have to compete in the end, all the boys and our heroine are learning the meaning behind team work and helping and learning from one another…

This drama has its flaws and some najor plot inconsistencies but overall it gives for a fun ride with our characters and situations. Who doesnt want to see our Woo Hyun in for another dose of “I am not gay, I am not gay! Lets continue watching for more susprises and private mug too, to talk to Jipo or so…

See you with Episode 9! 😉

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  1. i like the girl pretending to be a boy and the time travel and body switching ones

  2. Thank you for the recap – for some reason I’m a sucker for any stories in which the girl pretends to be a boy – Coffee Prince, You Are Beautiful. I haven’t started watching this yet, but based on your recaps think I’ll have to start!

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