Fashion King Episode 10 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)


Episode 10 Recap:

Jae Hyuk gets ready for work and remembers Anna’s words from their fight yesterday. It seems the words weigh heavy on his guilt until he also remembers the elevator scene and cannot help but frown. Young Gul comes back to the shop and pauses for a moment outside before straightening his appearance and heading in. Inside, he gets the cold shoulder from Ga Young and asks her if she’s angry. She mocks him-why should she be angry at the President over his private life? He realizes she’s angry but heads into his office as the office ladies are also standing there.

Anna is meanwhile also late to an appointment the next morning. She even changes clothes in her office for the day. Jae Hyuk takes her to task for being late but she shows a nonchalant attitude and he asks her if she’s cheating on him, grabbing her arm and asking why it has to be Young Gul of all people? She simply tells him not to lay a hand on her ever again like this. As she’s walking out, she hears Jae Hyuk on the phone telling someone to crash Young Gul’s business by hitting the factories, suppliers and buyers. When are you going to realize the problem is not JUST Young Gul, Jae Hyuk? And I’m getting annoyed with that checkered suit of yours!

At Young Young, there’s an order of fifty pieces that comes in through Bong Sook but there’s little excitement over it. Things turn sour for Young Gul soon since he starts getting news after news, all bad. Rent goes up without a notice, Tae San wants his money back and without cash, the factories refuse to supply material. Young Gul calls up his friend Chil Bok for money. Jae Hyuk gets the news that all is going as planned and his secretary comes in with some choices of clothes. He finally selects the one we saw Ga Young design and wear earlier, the black jacket. When he checks the label, it says Lee Ga Young and smiles. As his assistant is taking the clothes out, he runs into Anna and in an attempt to hide them from her, he runs off but doesn’t realize a piece fell behind. Anna sees it and scoffs at reading the label. At the shop, Young Gul heads out and the ladies behind discuss the dire financial straits, finally asking Ga Young if she has some money. One of the women rightly points out that if Ga Young had money, she wouldn’t be living so poorly all this while. Anyhow, they start wondering why they haven’t seen Jae Hyuk around much and as if on cue, Ga Young’s phone rings. It’s Jae Hyuk.

Next thing we see, she joins him at his solo theatre 😛 Like in the plane, he adorably holds up his hand in a hi when she walks in. And he’s clearly nervous but somehow adorable. He turns to see Ga Young frequently during the movie and can’t help but smile at her. Much later, he’s crying at a scene in the film and dries away his tears before he turns and finds her asleep. It makes him smile again. The movie ends and when the lights go back on, Ga Young is roused from her sleep and immediately turns away to wipe away any drool she might have. Haha, these two are so adorable together! 😀 He asks her what she’d like to eat. At lunch, he hands her a bag. Opening the box inside, she finds the jacket she designed the very first time she came to him for help. She’s surprised to see it, but not too excited. He tells her it’ll start distributing in stores next week and tells her to check the label. When she does, her eyes widen and for the first time, she realizes what the gift really means. He tells her it’s payback for the gift she gave him before. He lays out another proposal-work with J Fashion again, even if she wants to bring Young Gul again. He tells her simply that she can bring her president with her since she already said she doesn’t want to betray him. He also asks about the current situation of Young Young, pointing out it will be difficult for them to continue easily but Ga Young tells him Young Gul is taking care of it. As they start to eat, Jae Hyuk inadvertently spills some on his jacket and vigorously tries rubbing it off making faces all the same. Finally he gives up and calls up someone to bring him a spare jacket from his car. She’s surprised at his preparedness and he tells her its cause he’s in the Fashion business and asks her what she thinks of his style. Without a second thought, she tells him it’s plain. He’s surprised and not too happy at the answer but turns it around by asking her if she’d like to make it less plain.

Next, they head to a shop where she brings out suits and shirts and ties and tries them all on him in front of the mirror before making a final decision and giving him a whole makeover of sorts. In the process, she helps straighten his collar, tie, and coat and ends up in close quarters quite a lot although he’s more aware of it than her. It’s so cute the way she’s totally into it like a work thing and he’s obviously awkward and happy at the same moment, looking like a school kid out for shopping the first time. And while she’s engrossed in her work, he sneaks glances at her every now and then and lets out his breath in a sign every time she heads away to bring something else. By the end, he’s smiling. Ga Young comes home to find Young Gul with the bank books and he asks her where she went. When she tells him, he tells her there’s only once or twice a person can pretend not to know the other’s feelings-why is she doing this? She tells him it was relating to work-he had an offer to make and he flips his lid-is she so without pride she’ll just come and go as he pleases. She tells him it’s not so but he doesn’t listen when he sees the gift bag in her hand and tells her not to hang out and around so much since they’ve got new work to do now. That night, she lies awake, looking at Young Gul’s door before taking out the jacket from Jae Hyuk to look at the label again. And it makes her smile. It’s such a wonderful scene. For her, it’s like a dream come true. After all she’s been through, she deserves that much. Young Gul is woken up by a call and heads out in anger. He’s found out Jae Hyuk is the cause of all his new found problems.

In the morning, Jae Hyuk gets dressed for work and finally ends up rumpling his hair to look different. At the company, he runs into Young Gul who’s here to confront him about the trouble. He tells Jae Hyuk he’ll apologize for whatever he did wrong if that can bring this to an end but why does he have to cut off the livelihood of so many people just for vengeance. Jae Hyuk however, is in one of his not forgiving moods and calls Young Gul ‘trash’ that doesn’t know its place, makes the same mistakes and most of all, chases ‘any girl’, a reference to Anna. Young Gul asks if last time wasn’t enough but Jae Hyuk just dismisses him. That gets Young Gul riled up and tells Jae Hyuk to keep at it then and not take his words back in the future since then Young Gul won’t have any livelihood money for the likes of him either. Leaving, he retorts Jae Hyuk really doesn’t have a sense of clothes and leaves with a sarcastic smile. However, members of his own design team compliment Jae Hyuk’s dressing and after a meeting, Anna asks to speak with Jae Hyuk. In her office, the sit down to talk but Jae Hyuk faces away from her and doesn’t look her way even when she asks him to. And that hurts her. You can see it in her expression. She tells him she thinks the distances in them have become too much and even though she wanted to hold on to him, she can’t anymore. He tells her the problem is with her since he feels no such thing. She tells him she was mistaken, she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to break up. He should give up on her now, ‘throw her away’. He tells her it’s not so easy, everything she has-her job, her house, her title is because she’s his woman but she doesn’t want there to be any change except in their relationship status. He tells her that’s his decision to make, not hers and storms out. Anna looks crushed even as he heads out. At times like these, I feel sorry for her.

Ga Young gives her bank book to Young Gul to use who refuses at first, although not too adamantly. She tells him to pay her back if he’s feeling bad about it and he finally asks for her pin after hesitating for a bit. Just then, a reporter comes looking for Young Gul. The reporter has been referred here by Anna and she asks about his partnership with Michael J. Meanwhile, Madam J realizes her daughter the great has been kicked out of school and learns about Ga Young going to America for business. While she’s wondering what that’s all about, Anna comes in. Madam J walks into Young Young and showers much superficial love and care on Ga Young. Ga Young, however is no softhearted forgiving person and treats her with much anger and retorts to her face. Of course, the real reason she’s here is because she wants to partner up with her and Young Gul. Ga Young retorts rightfully, why should we? She tells them she’s been preparing for going into the international market for some time now and the partnership would benefit both of them, giving them an envelope with a plan for the ‘fashion empire’. Ga Young calls her shameless and indeed, that’s exactly what she is. Young Gul mulls over the matter with Chil Bok who tells him to go for it. It’s an attractive package and can bring Young Young out of its current financial problems.

At the shop, Ga Young sits alone as she remembers all the mistreatment she received from Madam Jo. When Young Gul walks in, she asks him straight “What are you going to do?” She dislikes the woman and she doesn’t want to work with her. Young Gul doesn’t know how she is. But Young Gul, even though he feels guilty, tells her the world has taught him that there are no enemies or friends forever. She should know that-it’s the way of the business world. She’s crying by now and points out-fine, work with Jae Hyuk then! But he bursts out that he hates Jae Hyuk and that can never be. She tells him she hates Madam Jo too but he pulls rank-He’s the boss here! As if to make it better or perhaps to justify his choice, he tells her this might be her chance to take back her mother’s shop too. He heads into his office and she is left crying. He is conflicted as well but next morning, reviews the presentation Madam Jo left and gives the go ahead. There’s a public signing of their contract.

Jae Hyuk reads about the news in the papers and his dad takes him to task for allowing the latest development. When Jae Hyuk mentions he was working at it, his father retorts he was too busy watching movies and going shopping. Young Gul calls Anna to his office and she’s quite depressed and lifeless to his arguments about his reasons for going ahead with the deal. He gives her a brand new phone for taking business calls since they’ll be doing a lot better now. She doesn’t give a response at all but that doesn’t seem to deflect or bother him much.

The whole office parties it out in excitement but Ga Young is as listless as can be and keeps drinking. Even as everyone heads to Karaoke and sings and dances, she sits alone to the side, drinking. Finally, drunk and as a sad song plays in the background, Young Gul takes her hand and hugs her tightly, not letting go even when she tries to back away. The walk home together silently. He heads back a few times to match his pace with her, finally grabbing her hand to try to quicken her but she frees her hand and tells him straight out, “Sajang-nim, you really have to work with that woman, don’t you? If that’s so, then I’ll quit.” He tells her not to take it so hardly since she won’t have to meet with that woman much either. Their time together was the past now and she should look to the future. By now, Ga Young is crying. She lived miserably with that woman for ten years. But he doesn’t get her point. He tells her he ran away from his aunt’s house for the same reason and everyone has scars. Taking her hand, he heads to the shop where Anna is waiting.

Seeing her, he lets go of Ga Young’s hand. Anna asks Young Gul to head somewhere else to talk, “I told you I don’t like it here” when he asks to go in. Ga Young asks what’s to dislike about this place and Anna heads off with Young Gul. Passing Ga Young, Anna retorts, “She’s got a temper.” Ga Young asks Young Gul if he’s not coming back today either and he asks her what business is it of hers, is she his wife? Anna and he walk away as Ga Young is left crying.

At a restaurant, Anna tells him she sent Madam Jo to him, ‘to help you.’ He asks her to introduce him to a person who doesn’t have a relationship with Ga Young next time and Anna laughs at that-Young Gul reads his employees well.

“I have to. She makes me money.”

She tells him she broke up with Jae Hyuk and that grabs his attention. Just then, she gets a call from Jae Hyuk but doesn’t pick up. She asks Young Gul if she should but he scoffs, why is she asking him? His phone rings next and Young Gul doesn’t want to answer so Anna answers for him. He’s surprised and furious to hear her on the other end and asks if she realizes what she’s doing. She tells him she does-she’s sober and not drunk (as in acting in full consciousness). He asks where they are and she says, “Why? Cause you want to come? Come then!” She hangs up and Jae Hyuk throws away his phone before storming out.

Ga Young meanwhile is writing a letter to Young Gul while she’s crying and has just finished when she hears the door open.

To a president who is like my family, Sorry for writing to you like this. You don’t know my relationship with that woman but, I would rather die than partner with someone like her. If you knew what I’ve suffered in her hands, I think you would understand my decision. However, I can’t block your bright future ahead. So I’m leaving. I don’t have any place to go but I’m sure we will meet again. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Lee Ga Young

She quickly hides the letter as Jae Hyuk walks in. He asks her why she’s crying and if she’s alone. She is and he asks where they went. She doesn’t know. When she calls on his request, there’s no answer. Seeing the soju bottle on the table, he asks, “Is it okay if I drink it?” She allows it and he drinks it. Then he sees the ramen and asks if he can eat it. She asks if she should make him a new one but he tells her this one’s okay and takes a swipe of the soup. He asks if she told Young Gul of the offer and asked what he said. With a shaky voice and in a regretful tone, Ga Young tells him he refused. Jae Hyuk gets angry and throwing the ramen to the floor, he asks if she really wants to live like such a beggar eating crap like this everyday? She heads to clean it immediately and he grabs her wrist, standing her back up.

“I’m asking for the last time. Will you leave here with me now or believing in Young Gul stay here till you die?”

Young Gul shouts at him: “Are you going to continue to bother and hit on my worker?”



Alright, Jae Hyuk needs to grow up now and realize the problem isn’t just Young Gul. I liked the opening sequence, those words of Anna are true and he must get that in his head clearly. If he’s going out and meeting Ga Young with an obvious interest, how can he forbid Anna from meeting Young Gul or suspect her of two-timing? And manhandling someone in anger is NOT cool! I love Anna’s frosty and defiant reply to him! How dare he?

I cant really judge Anna’s character because she leaves me confused. There are times Ive disliked her (Treating Ga Young in the company), times when I liked her (When she was nice to Ga Young in America) and times when I feel sympathetic and sorry for her (When she cries in the last episode and her proposal to break up in this episode-which was definitely not meant as a break up talk but rather a talk where I’d say she wanted to see how Jae Hyuk responds. For the guy who followed her and promised to be good to her, she was expecting care and worry, not dismissal so easily. I liked her declaration to Jae Hyuk at the end that she’s not drunk-she realizes what she’s doing, the consequences of it and is still going ahead. It will give her some boost to value herself more. Life doesn’t end if your work isn’t as the world expects or if your boyfriend dumps you without really dumping you. The circumstances are worse for her because she’s allowed herself to be dependent on Jae Hyuk and he’s let her down. She should rise above it and maybe she’ll find a better designer in herself and a guy who sees the true value in her. How awesome was she when she stood up to Jae Hyuk’s mom, even while she was quaking in her boots? She’s a fighter who has deflected to the wrong path just because of the wrong reaction to the wrong circumstances. Straighten that out n she can be as good a person as should be!

Young Gul is as annoying as Jae Hyuk. No, cross that, he’s worse at times! He thinks too much of himself and his own wants and its hard to tell his true nature. You regard your employees as money making tools and no more? All you need from them is they follow your lead without question. When he can’t stand working with Jae Hyuk whom we met just over two years ago at max, he has no qualms going ahead and working with Madam Jo when Ga Young has spent ten years in worse hell with her!! His argument about his aunt and everyones scars is null. His aunt is not a part of his life anymore! And we can see he doesnt want her to be a part of her future either. So why is he thrusting Madam Jo into Ga Young’s future? Plus, do you care about her or not? Theres no person thats NOT selfish but if you care for someone, at least show them some regard! If you care for someone you treat them above your own selfish needs. If Young Gul can’t do that much, he should at least treat her equally! Give her feelings and her wants some consideration!!

Ga Young’s declaration to leave if Young Gul continues to pursue work with Madam Jo. Yes, stand up for yourself girl and leave the guy so he wakes up from his selfish dream state and faces up to reality. She respects him a lot, he’s given her warmth and chances when no one else did but that doesnt mean he owns her or she should feel indebted anymore. I say she’s already paid up enough! And I was squealing at the last scene. The way I see it, she should leave right there, with or without Jae Hyuk doesn’t matter but she needs to step out of Young Gul’s circle and make him realize how to value her!!

The way I see it, Jae Hyuk has much more chemistry with Ga Young at the moment because unlike Young Gul, Jae Hyuk actually does think of how to make Ga Young happy and do things FOR her rather than imposing everything on her! Jae Hyuk is not still 100% good for her because there’s still selfishness and a disregard for others in him (Young Gul), but at least he’s trying! And Ga Young is the reason he is becoming a better person, step by step! From the guy who didn’t give a damn about others no matter the circumstances, he’s beginning to have a conscience and regard for others. The only bad point still with him is his relationship with Anna and his treatment of her. He may be the good guy to Ga Young right now, but he’s totally being the bad ass to Anna which is not good! He has to learn to take responsibility for his actions and think things through before taking impulsive actions and disregarding others. A guilty conscience and feeling bad for something can only go so far, Jae Hyuk!

See you with Episode 11! 😉

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  1. I don’t why, but for Anna part, I think you should see her character in the writer’s point of view. Her character is a person who suffered a lot, she chose to go back together with JH because deep inside she still love him, agree to work with him might be the right path to be together again (JH the 1st one who approached her) and working on with their relationship, beside to find the platform to get the right appreciation of her talent. You should remember back during the episode where she’d frightened after arguing with JH’s mother, she can’t take it but she’s not giving up which means that she loves him very much. She also working hard in their relationship by agreeing to marry him.
    It’s true she became cold towards GY because she’s angry to JH who doesn’t support her the way it should be for working harder and displaying her OWN design under J Fashion, instead asking her to use GY’s design under her name. She doesn’t have any choice other than pursuing to do that, I think. At the same time, I’m so shocked where everybody’s think that GY is the only victim here (just because she’s the lead of the story). The drama doesn’t show much about Anna’s part of the story, so a lot misunderstanding occurred. When she’s turned to be bad girl/character, I think it’s natural when you are struggling alone and being unappreciated plus feeling like ‘being used’ by a boyfriend for so-called love.
    Anna & GY actually facing almost the same struggles, where both of their talent not being appreciated in the right way but the difference is GY pretty much to be more lucky in love than Anna. They should create better guy for Anna not for GY (or for both of them) since GY is becoming much luckier than Anna now. FYI, Anna NOT A BAD CHARACTER to start with. Why all the story turns out to be like this? Why don’t analyze the story before judging the character? Everything’s happen for a reason…

    p/s : this post I wrote just for some explanation (i think) for Anna part, not condemning GY. I’m a fan of the drama, all the cast & all the characters, even though I like Love Rain better. Peace!

    • I agree that everything happens for a reason and Anna has plenty to be angry about. In this instance, JH is mistreating her. However, the interpretation here on is every individual’s own! I dislike her for making the wrong choices. Even if her circumstances are bad, taking it out by belittling GY is not the right way considering GY is as much a victim. I think I said it before but what Anna needs is to get out of JH’s influence and find her own ground. Someplace she can explore her own talent and improve it and not be a puppet and find a guy who deserves her and realizes her worth! Again, everyone can have their own perceptions so many may disagree with me. But thats the beauty of story telling, theres always many sides to a face! 😉 Peace! 🙂

  2. I’m praying GY leaves in the next episode. Let YG try to get along without her (and good luck dealing with dragon lady & evil spawn) Part of me hopes she goes with JH but he’s kinda a jerk too so … I don’t know. Great recap! You put into words everything I’ve been thinking. (well, except for Anna – I feel zero sympathy for her) I think she’s nothing but an opportunist.

  3. Yes, let me join in the rant! 🙂 Both boys (not men) need to grow up! They go round creating problems for the other party and in the end, they end up hurting themselves. They should either leave each other alone, or learn to work together.

    I am particularly annoyed with YG, not just over the Madam Jo alliance business, but also the way he treated her whenever Anna is around. Like in this episode, when he dropped her hand as soon as he saw Anna and also when he retorted and asked if she was his wife. When they were in the US, it was the same. He ordered her to sew in front to Anna, like a performing monkey! I just hope GY really leaves YG in ep 11. Yes, I am also not bothered if she leaves on her own or with JH. Does not matter… she just needs to go and not be used and treated so badly by GY. When it suits him, she is his chief designer and when it does not, she is just a female employee. He needs a good slap and a kick in the backside…lol!

    I understand what you mean about Anna. I am not keen on Anna’s character because I am not sure what she stands for and what exactly is her talent. When she was in the US, she was hostile to JH initially. It appeared that she changed her mind and decided to reconcile with JH only because she could not bear the way Michael treated her at work. So it seems (to me at least) as though she got back with him for convenience’s sake rather than true love. Maybe it is the lack of on-screen chemistry between the two of them that even when she confessed to YG that she loves JH, I am not convinced at all! Also, if she was such a high-flying designer, then why was she struggling to get recognised for her work in NY – both when she was with Michael (who recognised YG’s talent straightaway) and also when she joined JH’s company and launched a fashion show. When she was back in Korea, it was the same… her designs were panned by the camp designer and also JH. While she resented GY’s presence in the company, she has no qualms claiming her design as her own and also told JH to pick the option of prosecuting GY for stealing her designs (rather than the option of paying YG off). So even though JH has treated her badly and behaved very childishly, I cannot help thinking that she is also partly to be blamed to how things have turned out.

    Anyway, enough about her. I just want them to show GY being happy for an entire episode (for once) instead of just for 5 mins! Poor girl… she is the only one who seems to have any talent and everyone is out to use her for their own gains. Like she is the only gifted designer in Korea and everyone wants a piece of her… lol!

    Yes, the checkered suit…. I kept thinking of Rupert Bear somehow. The other suit he had on was like a patchwork of leftover cloth from the factory floor! 🙂 Definitely not fashion statement! Lol.

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