Fashion King Episode 9 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 9 Recap:

A sleeping Young Gul gets THE call! Even he can’t believe its Michael. Outside, Ga Young is having trouble sleeping and hears Young Gul on the phone. She heads into his office and he’s at his desk and agreeing to something with Michael. They set up a date to meet next week-Monday in USA! He already has a commitment that day but intends to blow it off. After he puts down the phone, Ga Young asks him about the call with a shaky voice and the tremor in Young Gul’s voice matches her own. It’s a wonderful moment for both of them. Young Gul heads outside and watches the clothes on display there before turning back to Ga Young and taking her face in his hands he tells her the thing he wants most is to share it with Ga Young in the form of a proper place to live.

In response, Ga Young kisses him. He’s shocked for a moment and as they draw away slowly, Young Gul clears his throat before telling her, “A sajang and his worker shouldn’t have a dating relationship.” But he’s clearly affected by it as we see him inside trying to steady his breath and fast beating heart. Outside Ga Young heads back to bed, her heart also beating fast and clutches her blanket close to her while running a hand on her lips.

Jae Hyuk is watching Titanic in his solo theatre and more than the movie, his mind is occupied with his encounters with Ga Young and the day he confronted Anna about what to do for Ga Young’s apparel that she’s taken credit for. Leaving, he heads to meet Anna. They head out to lunch and it shows just how mechanical their relationship has become. When Anna asks after his health, he asks her if they should get married. She asks the right question, “Will you be able to do it?” and he tells her it’s just a question and she agrees-they should marry. The discussion is cut short when his father and Director Kim walk in, here for their own lunch but decide to sit together with them. Director Kim tries to bring a dent in the father son relationship by revealing the incident about Ga Young copying Anna’s designs and although his father laughs it off when Jae Hyuk tells him it’s been dealt with; his sour expression is a foreboding. Jae Hyuk later calls Director Kim to his office and asks his opinion of Ga Young’s work. Director Kim is all praises for it and tells him to bring her so she’ll work under him and tells Jae Hyuk to think about it as it won’t be good if the truth reaches his father. The end is a threat, but Jae Hyuk doesn’t pay much heed to it-he’s smiling.

Jae Hyuk’s assistant comes looking for Ga Young and hilariously, his first words to her are, “Long time no see” with a smile and tells her Jae Hyuk wants to meet her. She turns to the car but he’s not here. She declines. She’s too busy preparing to go to America the day after and she’s not in the mood to meet Jae Hyuk either. She heads in and the assistant scurries away after seeing Young Gul. At the café where Jae Hyuk is, the assistant approaches cautiously and tells Jae Hyuk her answer. He’s obviously flinching, expecting an outburst of anger from Jae Hyuk and visibly steps back with his hands raised to protect his face when Jae Hyuk raises a glass to drink water. But Jae Hyuk’s too preoccupied with Ga Young’s “doesn’t want to meet” to notice. At the shop, packing is on full swing and Ga Young is visibly aware of her proximity and smiles at Young Gul but he’s too preoccupied. Just then, his gangster friend comes in and hands him a $100 note from Tae San. He hands it to Ga Young who beams. Next, they’re on the plane and Young Gul takes Ga Young’s hand and whispers thank you. She’s surprised in return and can’t help the falling tears.

Drunk, Jae Hyuk calls up Ga Young and leaves a voicemail.

“This is Jung Jae-hyuk. Isn’t this too much? You don’t want to see me? Yeah. I’m sure you don’t. But why do you only think of your own scar? I know you have it tough but this is too selfish. You have to at least give me an opportunity to say I’m sorry….”

Within two moments, he books a ticket to New York at the earliest possible. In New York, Young Gul and Ga Young meet Michael. Jae Hyuk flies to New York. The entire ride, he’s nervously biting his fingernails or fidgeting. SO. CUTE! Young Gul is getting dressed when he takes off the ring he’s always wearing around his neck. Ga Young is almost ready when there’s a knock on the door and she heads to open it, probably expecting Young Gul but its Jae Hyuk and almost trips in surprise. For a moment, he simply stares at her before asking if he can come in. She invites him in. He makes an excuse about having heard she was here when she asks how come he’s here. There’s a moment of silence as he looks around, wondering what to say before looking at her again-dress and all, and asks her if she’s going somewhere. It’s a dinner invitation by Michael. He asks if work is going well and after another awkward silence, Ga Young asks him again why he’s in New York. He makes an excuse about it and asks when she’s leaving. She tells him on the tomorrow. He adds me too and asks her the time. She says two’ o clock and he says me too! Haha, Poor secretary of his who now has to find a seat on the two o clock plane! He confirms she’s not staying in a single room with Young Gul before leaving. At the door, he runs into Young Gul who’s mad to see him here and wonders why he’s here. Somewhat angry, he stuffs the ring pendant back into his pocket. He’d intended to give it to Ga Young.

See, I knew it! Jae Hyuk rips into his assistant to get him a ticket on the 2 o clock plane back tomorrow and dear assistant has to do the job or lose his life, hehe! Jae Hyuk barks into the phone, “Just make a seat if there is none!” Meanwhile on the plane back, Ga Young tells Young Gul she would’ve liked it if they could have visited the place they stayed at together in America before but Young Gul doesn’t share her sentiments. He puts his seat back to take a nap when a stewardess comes up to Ga Young and tells her there’s a passenger who wants to meet her. She leaves and Young Gul opens his eyes, watching her go before closing them back with a big frown. The person is Jae Hyuk and he’s in first class. Ga Young feels awkward and Jae Hyuk smiles when she sits down at the edge of her seat, telling her to sit comfortably. He asks if her seat in the plane isn’t uncomfortable and she tells him it isn’t so. He tells her he talked to someone in the New York Fashion School about her coming back and it would be better for her to study but she tells him her thoughts, although they were the same before, have changed now and she’s too busy helping Young Gul anyway. That makes him frown. She apologizes and seeing he has nothing further to say, heads back. He tells her she can stay here for the rest of the ride but she declines. Boy, did you book two seats-one for her? He asks her if he can meet her when they get back and she tells him sure, if there’s time. He even holds up his hand to wave at her. When Ga Young returns, Young Gul’s eyes are still closed so she puts a blanket over him. He speaks up without opening his eyes, asking if she met Jae Hyuk and scoffs at hearing her say yes.

Also, Jung Ah is on the plane. Wow, this girl’s been absent since God knows what episode! And look at her luggage cart! Her mum is here to pick her up and she spots Ga Young and Young Gul coming out of the terminal too. Jae Hyuk’s mother calls him and rips into him for following a girl all the way to America! I love the way he enters and sits down! Seems Jae Hyuk called up a friend of mum’s for a favor and that favor was to locate where Ga Young was staying. Mommy dearest goes on and on about how embarrassing his actions were and tells him to just marry Anna since she won’t oppose the matter anymore-at least Anna’s better than Ga Young! At that last sentence, he deflects and leaves. At the office, the ladies gossip about the relationship between Ga Young and Young Gul and wonder if it’s one sided by Ga Young or if both share mutual feelings. They finally decide it’s a love tiangle between Jae Hyuk, Ga Young and Young Gul.

Back home, Young Gul finds his ring pendant in his trousers and opens a bottle of wine/champagne (No idea!) while unpacking. As Ga Young unpacks, she checks the voice mail from Jae Hyuk. Young Gul comes out and tells her to unpack tomorrow, today, they celebrate! They reminisce over memories and Ga Young tells him the steak he made her in America was really delicious and she liked it a lot. Young Gul hasn’t many fond memories, especially because of Jae Hyuk and the police. Ga Young tells him Jae Hyuk wasn’t responsible; rather it was Jung Ah. That angers Young Gul and he asks why she’s telling him this now? He misunderstands it as her telling him not to hate Jae Hyuk and asks her if she dislikes his differences with Jae Hyuk so much. Does she think that’s the only reason he’s messing with Jae Hyuk? Mood ruined, he heads back to his office and dumps the ring pendant into his table’s drawer. He flashes back to their (his and Ga Young’s) meetings with Jae Hyuk here and in New York. Jae Hyuk learns Young Gul is launching a brand YGM with Michael. It’s bound to be a hit since Michael is endorsing it and once it’s a hit, Young Gul will be in the skies. His assistant suggests roping in Young Gul now before things go big for him. Jae Hyuk has no time to think over the issue as he’s called by his father.

His father questions him about the Anna incident and why he went to New York. He claims it was to put a stop between the Michael-Young Gul partnership and promises to show results soon. He’s standing in the restroom later, with a frown when his mobile rings. It’s a message from Ga Young. She basically tells him sorry for using him when she needed him and then leaving but tells him she hopes he won’t take her words to heart. That is enough to brighten the day for him. At Young Young, Young Gul is distributing everyone’s business cards. Ga Young gets a call from Jae Hyuk and heads out to answer it, which Young Gul notices. He’s short but not curt and there’s a soft tone to his voice. He just wanted to thank her for her message. When he cuts the call, there’s a smile on his face until Director Kim comes and asks when he’s bringing in Ga Young and he tells him he’s still trying. Director Kim tells him about the Young Gul-Anna elevator incident. He reviews the tapes of the elevator camera and gets mad as hell.

When he gets home, Anna’s there and is angry at him for going all the way to New York to go after Ga Young. He promised to protect her, not make mistakes again, that’s why they started again. Is this the way he should act? But Jae Hyuk tells her she’s no right to say that and is using her words too carelessly (indirectly referring to the elevator incident). And his argument, they’re not the same. Now here I differ with you pal. Two timing either way is the same. Anna leaves as he stews. Young Gul is working when Ga Young asks him if he’s angry at her for something-he hasn’t talked to her at all. He brushes aside the issue and then gets a call from Anna and goes out to meet her, much to Ga Young’s displeasure. Anna’s here to talk to him as a friend. She has no one else. Young Gul asks her where she wants to go. They head to a room and drink the night away. Anna starts lamenting her work woes and her love life woes and asks him how it went with Michael. He tells her it went great and she congratulates him while he wonders about her relationship with Jae Hyuk.

“We should get married!” She says matter of factly. He scoffs at her. Good way to show the life of your relationship. Young Gul tells her he went to Jae Hyuk in America. They should get married, he tells her but she tells him its makes her too tired, too miserable and dirty even though it’s not supposed to be like this.

“I love him. I love him so much I feel like dying. So why is it like this?”

She bursts into tears but Young Gul has no words to comfort her with. Come morning, Ga Young wakes up and looking around the shop, realizes Young Gul spent the night with Anna. Drawing the obvious conclusion, she starts crying.


Alright, no matter how cute Jae Hyuk is or however swoony his antics, there’s no excuse for two timing pal! Yes you’ve not done anything major except the drunken kiss but chasing her halfway across the Atlantic is not acceptable, not when you’ve got a girlfriend! He’s the one who invited Anna back into his life. Yes, she accepted it of her own will but he’s the one who took the initiative and now that he started it, he should take responsibility of it! Even if he’s leaning towards Ga Young, he has to make a clean break with Anna first! How can he not expect her to be jealous? And when he’s so against her meeting Young Gul, how can he expect her not to react when he’s obviously dilly dallying with her and not being honest?

Secondly, Jae Hyuk is still-as he says it, Jung Jae Hyuk. What I meant to say is that although he’s showing a conscious, he’s not good at empathy or compassion, just like he was in the very beginning. What he needs is to feel beyond just Ga Young. One of the reasons he snubbed Young Gul is his rich brat attitude and that attitude is still there. He still has less regards for others feelings. What he needs is to learn to be more humane and start showing compassion. Step out of the mold of Jung Jae Hyuk. For that, he needs to get a break from his daddy issues and stand up to the guy rather than being the meek frozen cat. Even in front of his mother, his decisiveness and tantrums are more of a bratty nature than anything serious. If he wants to be a better person, he has to break out of this.

Same goes to Young Gul. Boy, grow up! Just because you won’t give the time of day to a girl yourself, you don’t have the authority to dictate her life! Seriously! If he can meet Anna even though Ga Young dislikes it, why does he expect Ga Young not to meet Jae Hyuk because he wants it so? Make a move, or let her do as she wants! This is where I think both leads seriously need to wakeand then grow up! And Young Gul has been taking Ga Young for granted for some time now and that needs to change. It would be great if Ga Young can step out of his shadow and make her own now. I’m not saying she has to be cut off from everyone, just that she needs to show the guys they have to work hard to deserve her and she’s not just for granted!!

Don’t let my ranting fool you! I’m enjoying the drama as much as can be and hope you are too! 😉

See you with Episode 10! 😉

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  1. I don’t why, but for Anna part, I think you should see her character in the writer’s point of view. Her character is a person who suffered a lot, she chose to go back together with JH because deep inside she still love him, agree to work with him might be the right path to be together again (JH the 1st one who approached her) and working on with their relationship, beside to find the platform to get the right appreciation of her talent. You should remember back during the episode where she’d frightened after arguing with JH’s mother, she can’t take it but she’s not giving up which means that she loves him very much. She also working hard in their relationship by agreeing to marry him.
    It’s true she became cold towards GY because she’s angry to JH who doesn’t support her the way it should be for working harder and displaying her OWN design under J Fashion, instead asking her to use GY’s design under her name. She doesn’t have any choice other than pursuing to do that, I think. At the same time, I’m so shocked where everybody’s think that GY is the only victim here (just because she’s the lead of the story). The drama doesn’t show much about Anna’s part of the story, so a lot misunderstanding occurred. When she’s turned to be bad girl/character, I think it’s natural when you are struggling alone and being unappreciated plus feeling like ‘being used’ by a boyfriend for so-called love.
    Anna & GY actually facing almost the same struggles, where both of their talent not being appreciated in the right way but the difference is GY pretty much to be more lucky in love than Anna. They should create better guy for Anna not for GY (or for both of them) since GY is becoming much luckier than Anna now. FYI, Anna NOT A BAD CHARACTER to start with. Why all the story turns out to be like this? Why don’t analyze the story before judging the character? Everything’s happen for a reason…

    p/s : this post I wrote just for some explanation (i think) for Anna part, not condemning GY. I’m a fan of the drama, all the cast & all the characters, even though I like Love Rain better. Peace!

  2. Thanks! Agree with you.. the boys need to grow up. I feel sorry for GY… can they create a 3rd guy who is more deserving of her? Hehe :). Despite the flaws of the two guys, I feel that JH has more on-screen chemistry with GY than YG. JH-GY look very cute together.
    And I cannot care less about Anna somehow. When she comes on screen, I just wish that the scene will pass quickly and I can get to the next part of the story!
    I had a sneak peek at ep 10 as I did not have time to watch it properly yesterday. I am seething with YG… I will come back and rant properly when your ep 10 recap is out. Would love to hear hear your thoughts on ep 10! 🙂

    • Hehe, Oh I am so hating YG after watching the tenth episode! He’s being insufferable! There’s an end to selfishness and disregard for others but somehow, he keeps crossing the line! It’s time Ga Young stepped away and let him realize his folly!

      Yeah, JH has much more chemistry with GY at the moment because unlike YG, JH actually does think of how to make GY happy rather than imposing everything on her! Even JH is not still 100% good for her cause there’s still selfishness and a disregard for others in him, but at least he’s trying! And GY is the reason he is becoming a better person, step by step!

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