Dropping Equator Man Recaps

Yes and I’m sorry! I am dropping the series because I can’t bring myself to watch it anymore. I’m loving the concept and theme of it and it certainly is a delight to watch in terms of cinematography but its not my cup of tea right now. It’s got too much darkness for my taste and I felt the last few episodes were a little slow. However, that may be since I am not really connecting with it right now. So, I’m sorry but I’m dropping the recaps. I was planning on doing Episode 8 but got too caught up in other work and couldn’t bring myself to finally watch the episode. A happy run for the drama to those who are and will continue watching it! Have fun folks! ^^


P.S. You can follow the drama still at Dramabeans and/or The Talking Cupboard!

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  1. Thank you.
    yehi toh sara april yehi soch kar koi drama nahi dekha key exams shurooh honey waley hein aur jab dekhney lagi toh exams tapak gaye (so unfair).
    7 May – 25 May tak exams hein. Islamiat (compulsory), English, Islamic Studies, Education, Islamic History(my date sheet). Total 5 subjects. Tyari toh hai (first time as a private student exam dey rahi hoon, khud he tayari ki hia). I m so nervous.
    Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. I wish I told you earlier about the date sheet, because its here now.

    That means I have to stop watching drams and reading recaps O.O
    my equator man *sobs*
    Can the drama end before 7 may? No, okay.

    Now you can wish me luck.(haha)

    • Haha, bestest of luck girl! πŸ™‚

      It is definitely not ending before 7th May so you’ll have to follow recaps when you get the chance to. πŸ˜› Anyways, how many papers and how long will they last? Tayyari kaisi hae? πŸ˜‰ And subjects kia hae?

  3. Because of the high ratings (or probably because it’s successor, Bridal Mask needs more time for production), Equator Man will have a 4 episode extension.

    • Extensions are a tricky business so I hope they can carry it out well. They certainly have the potential for it since this drama is all about characters and emotions so they can simply add more layers and depth to them which will enhance the whole drama itself… I havent picked it back up but I did follow the recaps at DB n the tenth episode went quite unexpected at the end, but wonderfully so!

  4. newkdramaaddict

    The drama is off the chain but true, its not everyone’s cup of tea. Happens to be my favorite type!!

  5. *sneaks in*

    aww its alright. I just watched ep 10 (yes I m late) and the ending was so….. I have no words.

    • Hehe, I hope your exams are going well! πŸ™‚

      • exams shuroh toh ho jayein pehle. Seriously i was so worried about my exams and all of a sudden “roll no slip nai ai, aur dekhtey hein kab tak hotey hain” was the reply from the administration guy. (yup i m a private student and this is what i get when I m not studying in my country)

        Ahhhhh….. so to free myself from the frustration I started watching Equator man. Yes, i started to watch some dark/betrayal/revenge type than the other light dramas and Oooooo I m so loving it.

      • Try watching the King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince! You will love both! They’re already my favorites of the year! ^^ Equator Man was a little too dark for me so I gave up on it!

  6. Actually I googled for more recaps, there’s also one in the http://thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com/. Well, surprisingly Equator Man is the new leader for the dramas in the Wed-Thurs timeslot. In the recent ratings, it garnered 12%. Rooftop Prince following in second, with 11.4% and finally King 2 Hearts with 10.8%. It’s like all these three dramas are playing around with the ratings, each quite close to each other.

  7. Thanks Jules & Ruth! Somehow, since the very beginning, I get creeped out every time Chairman Jin comes onscreen! 😐 He’s a little too evil and without conscience and it scares me! Literally! He’s a true epitome of cold blooded evil! :S

    Not plugging in at all, Observantzani. πŸ™‚ I’ll add the titbit to the post too… I’ll try catching the 8th episode when I can get the mood to watch it! Otherwise, however good a thing is, if somehow my heart isn’t into it, I end up not liking it at all and if the 8th Episode really is that well, I don’t want to ruin the fun by taking it on halfheartedly!

  8. Thanks for the past recaps. I think the drama’s starting to pick up, even the ratings are picking up.

  9. Sorry if I’m plugging in! But HeadsNo2 is also doing recaps over in dramabeans if anyone is still interested with the series.

    I hope you don’t drop the drama all together Akiko-chan. Episode 8 really redeemed the drama in my opinion. Spoiler alert! I love how they make Jang Il face the mirror and the procescutor scene. Man, the way how they made him feel guilty and conflicted was just beautiful.

    I thought all dark dramas were filled with action and revenge- the typical we got to get the bad guys for making us suffer kind of thing. But I understand now that this drama is really focusing on the underlying emotions of each character.

  10. Don’t apologize. I understand – the drama is quite dark and hopefully it will not get even more twisted, but I guess that appeals to some people. It’s different than everything else that’s airing in kdrama land at the moment. Thanks for recapping it up till now πŸ™‚

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