Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 7

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 7 Recap:

Ji Woo finds Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun together and ends up jealously dragging Seung Yeon away. He’s angry at her for being so close to Woo Hyun and wonders if she likes him but Seung Yeon vehemently denies it. When she tells him they decided to be friends, he bursts out angrily, ‘Fine, have fun together!’ Woo Hyun meanwhile is heading home in a happy mood over Seung Yeon’s words “I’ll be your friend!”

Seung Yeon and Ji Woo head off to see Grandma who’s worried about the showcase and Seung Yeon tells her happily it went great and Ji Woo did really well. He says it was because Seung Yeon was with him. That makes Grandma burst out, what if Seung Yeon isn’t there? Is he going to follow her around all her life? He has nothing to say but Seung Yeon cheerfully tells grandma, “Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility of him for life!” On the way home, he asks her if she meant what she said and she tells him of course, if not her, whose going to take responsibility for him?

They head back to training the next day but it’s not a smooth ride as they start messing up. However, a bright thing in their day is the wonderful feedback they’re getting for their showcase, especially Ji Woo and Seung Yeon’s duet. One of the member grumbles about them heading a duet instead of solos as it was supposed to be in the showcase but without much malice and as another puts it, it all went well! Team Leader Han is not so happy with the results or with Woo Hyun’s involvement in the affair. Woo Hyun meanwhile is practicing some lines when he checks his phone and grumbles abut Seung Yeon-she’s supposed to be his friend but hasn’t even called once! Haha, is someone sulking? Who else to ruin the moment but Ms. In Young who asks him cheerfully if he’s decided on a concept for their album together and proposes using ‘dating’ as a theme since it fits them both perfectly. Woo Hyun slams down his script and barks at her to stop dreaming-he’s not making an album with her. When he’s gone, In Young mutters he’ll be following her in the end, just wait and see!

Haha, another hilarious event happens when the team members read people’s feedback online and some people have compared Ji Woo and Seung Yeon as a couple, except the members grumble about Ji Woo being feminine looking and acting. They’re heading off for practice where they run into Woo Hyun and In Young and although Seung Yeon greets Woo Hyun with a smile, his response is gruff. Once they’re both gone, she heads to the washroom to calm her disappointed nerves. There, she runs into another junior member who tells her she was cool yesterday. The word he uses is hyung-big brother (said in respect, not necessarily blood relations) and she gripes about being a guy here. She tries moving her hair around a bit to look like a girl but gives up the effort when Woo Hyun walks in and rushes out. He calls out to her to stop but she heads ahead anyway and he follows her.He asks if she’s angry at him or something but she tells him no, she’s not whatsoever and heads off but then turns back to add he and In Young really suit each other. That riles him up and he follows her to ask what the hell she means. She tells them they were both together and he reminds her he and In Young were history and doesn’t get why he’s explaining it to her. She needs no explanation but he’s doing it cause she’s angry. She denies it-how dare she be angry at a sunbae?

“What the hell is it that you don’t like?”

“There’s nothing I don’t like. Nothing I do like either!”

“I don’t like you too!”

He heads to meet Team Leader Han who is surprised at his bad mood and tells him not to interfere in M2 Junior’s affairs anymore. They’re succession means he has to leave M2. Is that what he wants. She tells him she won’t bother M2 Junior anymore so he should stay out of the matter as well. In ratings, Seung Yeon has made number one search and is the most famous. The members check the ratings online and have fun until Seung Yeon notices Tae Gun, another member is missing and wonders where he is. He’s currently in a pojangmacha drinking away and is joined by President Hyun Suk who was out on a date with Team Leader Han but leaves her to attend to Tae Gun. Tae Gun is in low spirits because of low confidence in himself and recounts the efforts and time he has put into trying to become a singer. Himself, he thinks the chances are slim and is envious as well as jealous of Seung Yeon for being able to do so well. Hyun Suk tells him he’s giving up too early. In bed, Seung Yeon is embarrassed because of her encounter with Woo Hyun and wonders if she should apologize but decides against it. Woo Hyun is also waiting for her to apologize but ends up messaging her first. Since he’s asked for an apology, she balks and it develops into a fight. The next morning, he ambushes M2 Junior when they’re out for a jog and he’s cycling. He dismisses their incharge and takes charge himself, making them jog miles until they’re exhausted only letting them go when Seung Yeon retracts her words from their fight yesterday. Then he leaves them there to run back while he heads back in his car. In a meeting, it is decided to divide M2 into teams and have another competition between them. Team Leader Han tries to dissuade In Young from the duo album giving her the idea of her own solo album. She tells her she’ll think it through.

Woo Hyun is told about his schedule to go for a movie preview and he balks at it until he gets an idea and calls up Seung Yeon.

“What is it?”

“Again what is it? Why do you always end up saying what is it when I call?”

He asks her if she likes movies and she wonders what’s with him suddenly and says yeah. He says, “Okay” and hangs up. Haha. Then he sends his manager to search and bring Seung Yeon. However, someone else beats him to the punch. In Young. She sees Seung Yeon and remembers the way Woo Hyun had been looking at her during the showcase yesterday and asks Seung Yeon for a chat, inviting her to the movie preview. Woo Hyun ends up going alone but sees her and In Young there. All three sit together but the air is tense between Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun. Its broken when his manager, bringing coffee for him stumbled and is about to fall on Seung Yeon but Woo Hyun intervenes, drawing the hot coffee away, ending up with a burnt hand himself, his gaze going back to Seung Yeon again and again.In Young grabs hold of Woo Hyun and immediately takes him out to tend to the burn. Seung Yeon is lost in confusion, unsure of how to react.

President Hyun Suk drives Team Leader Han home and she gets a phone call from President Lee but ignore it. President Lee is the guy who manages another rival company. Hyun Suk tells Team Leader Han she is an important person to him but deflects her question of why. Woo Hyun immediately sends In Young gruffly away and is about to leave when he tells his manager something. Next thing we see, Seung Yeon is already wandering the streets in a worried and somewhat annoyed mood and Woo Hyun’s manager comes back to tell him she has left already. She’s worried about his burnt hand but annoyed because to her it looked as if he was protecting In Young. His manager offers to drive him to the hospital but he tells his manager to skirt the area to find Seung Yeon first. They miss finding  her though since she’s surrounded by a group of fangirls asking for her autograph.

She winds up in front of his house later and prepares herself to go in. She’s just here to see her hurt sunbae, she tells herself. Before she can ring the bell or go in, In Young draws up behind her and she hides. Watching her go in, Seung Yeon sighs to herself and wonders why she even came. Inside, Woo Hyun tells In Young to get lost and she tells him she’ll just accept all his anger because she’s happy that he’s at least angry at her. Once she’s gone, Woo Hyun dismisses his manager, wondering where on earth Seung Yeon is, muttering, “Who did I get hurt for?” Seung Yeon’s phone is off when he tries and she’s back at her dorm, crying but tells herself to buck up. She’s here as a guy and this is beside the point.Next morning, Woo Hyun is pissed since Seung Yeon was no show so he takes a picture of his bandaged hand and sends it to her. She meanwhile, is still in a gloomy mood and even Ji Woo wonders why she’s so lifeless since last night. She ignores the message and they head down to breakfast. Ji Woo notes she’s keeping a lot of secrets from him now. Downstairs, she sees Ji Woo tending to a members hand and bandaging it and it nags at her conscience.

Next we see Woo Hyun trying to bandage his hand but failing. When he hears the door open he inadvertently calls out for help with his bandage since he thinks its his manager. He can’t help but smile at her when she bandages his hand but then turns gruff and asks her why she’s here since she was ignoring the incident altogether since last night. She tells him he was the childish one who sent her a photo but he tells her he didnt do it to make her come. But she misunderstands, thinking he sent it to her by mistake since he didn’t even get hurt for her. That riles him up even more when she tells him everyone there saw he did it for In Young and he tells her to scram. Once she’s gone, he throws the bandage to the ground in anger. Outside, Seung Yeon is also fuming until she runs into his manager who points out she was the one who was going to be hit by the coffee but Woo Hyun saved her. She flashes back and realizes its true. Now sorry, she wonders what to do.

Woo Hyun is trying to make himself cereal but fails miserably and throws the bowl into the sink in frustration. In walks Seung Yeon with breakfast. He’s not too happy with what she’s brought but she tells him its her favorite food and she’d eat it everyday when she was in England. He asks why she went to England-was it to become a singer and she just says, “Well, it was similar.” Since he can’t eat well with his left hand, she ends up feeding him and thanks him for yesterday.His mood’s already ten notches better but the party gets cut short by the arrival of his manager followed by In Young who’s brought him breakfast. She’s surprised to see Seung Yeon there and Woo Hyun barks “I called him (her)!” Seung Yeon excuses herself and leaves while Woo Hyun tells In Young never to come to his house again. Leaving, she;s surprised t hear from Woo Hyun’s manager that Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon are close and she even slept over once. Seung Yeon’s team member, whom she brings back last time has gone to meet his mentor once more who asks him what he was doing with Seung Yeon. he doesn’t name her but calls her her parent’s daughter. Her team member tells the mentor she is not a girl but a boy. The mentor seems to accept it and mutters that Seung Yeon is supposed to be in England anyway. There’s no way she’d be here. However, the chitchat is enough to nag at the members mind and he wonders about it all the way home. When he runs into Seung Yeon later, he asks if she was ever in England and she affirms it. And I don’t like his expression much!

Team Leader Han is accosted by President Lee’s henchman in the parking lot who is about to take her to meet President Lee forcefully but she’s saved by President Hyun Suk. Ji Woo sits in his room bothered by the after concert incident when she was with Woo Hyun and when she comes in, he begins to ask her if she likes Woo Hyun but is cut off by her phone ringing. She turns to her phone and he snatches it out of her hand in annoyance. She denies liking Woo Hyun, after all Ji Woo’s the one who told her to get along with Woo Hyun but he and she herself aren’t convinced much by the response. He hands her phone back angrily and she turns to see who it is while he lies in bed. She gasps out, “It’s from Home” and he sits up in shock and with a frightened expression. She mirrors his expression as she picks it up.

President Hyun Suk meets President Lee and tells him to stop messing with Team Leader Han because “I won’t stay still then!” He’s called back by Seung Yeon. Her parents know she’s back in Korea although they don’t know she’s with her uncle’s company. He tells her to handle it herself and not involve him. She wonders why the phone call came today-she’s been back for a month now. Turns out, Team Leader Han called them. At the M2 Junior latest showcase, Seung Yeon is a no show and Team Leader Han is surprised to see Woo Hyun attending. In Young tells her Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun are quite close. At home, Seung Yeon is slapped by her father who tells her she’s returning to England immediately. Showcase between the two M2 Junior teams begins. Ji Woo calls but Seung Yeon’s phone is off. Everyone wonders where she is. At home, she’s locked in her room and begging her mother to open the door.

When its time for Seung Yeon’s team to perform, she’s absent. Both Team Leader Han and President Hyun Suk already knew the fact but for different reasons. Woo Hyun is surprised. Hyun Suk refuses to listen to their group perform since the group is one and a single persons absence means the group is incomplete. He turns to leave. At home, Seung Yeon is still begging and finally collapses against the door crying.


So Team Leader Han really is not one of the good or even passive bad guys. She’s acting out to make sure M2 Junior does not succeed and here we can put an earlier comment of hers in context where she’d told her Woo Hyun M2 Junior will eventually fail because of a reason and that reason is Seung Yeon. She’d allowed and encouraged Seung Yeon’s induction for this very purpose I’d say! In the beginning, she’d been more passive, letting things roll by themselves but now, she’s taking action-calling and ratting out to Seung Yeon’s parents. Her main purpose is protecting Woo Hyun, so I’m interested in their background relation. Also, she’s not fully bad becaue there are times when she’s helped the juniors, especially Ji Woo and Seung Yeon. Whether it was from the heart or for show, we’ll see more later on I hope.

I like Hyun Auk’s character too. He’s the samaritan that is helping young idols achieve their dreams because he himself was once in their shoes and was unable to protect the girl he liked. Now that she is also back in the picture, let’s see how it takes Team Leader Han and him forward in their relationship. Plus, he has the most adorable reactions at times!! ^^ M2 Junior itself has a long way to go because unlike when they got together to record their song “Stand Up” and create their fanclub, there’s divisions and jealousy in them which is slowly showing itself. While some are able to get over it easily and just get back up (Tae Gun), there’s some who will not be on the right track so easily (The one who suspects Seung Yeon is a girl. Yes, I’m terrible with names! And I’ve tried not to be! :|). As a group they’ve got wonderful and very workable dynamics together as well as solo talents but it would be so satisfying to see them as a group together in true spirit! It’s about the survival of the strongest but they are strongest when they are together! 🙂

See you with Episode 8! 😉

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