Fashion King Episode 8 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 8 Recap

Young Gul’s basking in glory as stares at a KIA in a shop with a determined face while Jae Hyuk is in a foul mood, driving around town as he remembers the earlier encounter with Young Gul . It is for now, without a doubt, Young Gul’s victory. On the walk back, Young Gul spots a beauty shop and recalling Ga Young’s use of sample creams, decides to buy her something nice. Now this is the Young Gul I like. He’s thinking about someone else and its Ga Young. This reminds me of the first episode where he was just like this, no revenge, no loan sharks in priorities. I hope he sticks with this aspect. Ga Young was right in the last episode, these two are one of a kind, lonely people, discouraged from the world and they do match well, because they’re both capable of doing good to others without personal gain!

Jae Hyuk comes to Young Young store where for a few moments, he simply sits in the car, trying to make sense of things until he sees Ga Young emerge from the shop and storming out of the car, approaches her causing her to be surprised. He asks if she knew and was in this from the beginning with Young Gul. It’s obvious from the fear and guilt-ridden expression that she intended no harm and was just a devoted employee trying to please her boss. Ga-young apologizes, but he snaps at it and yeah, his words are right. What good is an apology now, no matter how much you regret it or were against the act, it is a a huge blow to Jae Hyuk and like she’d pointed out to Young Gul earlier, they’d made a promise to Jae Hyuk. Not only have they broken it, they can bring him ruin for it. Ga Young says nothing and Young Gul walks up just as Jae Hyuk heads away. Young Gul sees Jae Hyuk leaving and Ga Young crying but he breezes by her, ignoring her tears and heads inside, from being unable to face her. Inside, he remembers his gift but tosses it aside.

The ladies, including Ga Young head out for dinner and drinks and drunk, Ga Young admits that she likes Young Gul and wonders how he could’ve done this to her? Young Gul stays up waiting for her to comeback and she comes stumbling in, drunk after midnight. Ga Young stumbles in to his office and he pretends to be asleep.

She speaks up: “Me…I’m on your side no matter what you do. But, being bothered is being bothered. It’s okay for just me to be bothered, so I’ll just let you do as you want. But other than that, do you know what’s bothering me most? How the president is misunderstanding me.”

Gradually she tears up. When she’s done and gets up to head outside, she ends up passing out on the floor beside him. Young Gul, even more bothered now, lifts her onto the sofa so she can sleep there instead as he lies in her bed for the night.

Jae Hyuk’s dad is displeased with his bruised face but tells him he’s pleased with Anna who unlike his first thought is talented and not just a leech. He gives him a gift for Anna, as motivation and tells him to do well! Alone in his office, he broods until his secretary comes in with news. The lawyers confirmed that there is nothing they can do about the registered designs. Jae Hyuk, mood as foul as can get, throws Anna’s gift at his secretary’s face and snaps. Is he giving him his salary to hear that?! Angry and beyond control, Jae Hyuk barks out for him to find Young Gul and kill him. When Anna comes in later, he’s in no mood to chat and heads out after giving her his father’s gift. She smiles slightly at the gift befre putting it down again. However, she notices his mobile left behind and picks it up. Recently called: Lee Ga Young. Lee Ga Young. Lee Ga Young. Lee Ga Young. Lee Ga Young. Lee Ga Young.  and many more Lee Ga Young. Oh Boy! When he comes back in, he snatches the mobile from her hand and heads out after snapping at her. Seriously, why do you have to sneak around other people’s phones? So not cool!

Anna heads to Jo Boutique for a shopping spree and specifically asks for Madam Jo. And wow, Madam Jo is treating her well? (And Anna treats Miss Go like dirt. Girl, this is the reason you’re the bad guy!) She makes a proposal to Madam Jo-help me get rid of Ga Young and I’ll remember you till the end. (Of course, when she’s Mrs. Jae Hyuk she’ll be good support to the small fries like Madam Jo!) Madam Jo meets with Jae Hyuk and reveals that she knows of his current problem and the copied designs. She proposes a solution. Sue Lee Ga Young for copying the company’s designs.

I like the next sequence. It shows Jae Hyuk more humanely than one would think. He goes on a total drinking spree, clearly bothered by Madam Jo’s suggestion but yet finding no other way out. He’s already sorry to Ga Young for copying her designs like this and as if that guilt weren’t enough, he has to bring her a bad name now by suing her for the work that’s originally hers but yet she can never claim. Drunk, he heads to Anna’s place and collapses in the living room. She heads out and tries to get him up but he pulls away from her and sits on the sofa. He gets straight to the point. There’s two ways to go by this: One: Young Gul is asking for money and will embarrass both him and Anna publicly if he doesn’t get it so he pays him. Two: he can sue Ga Young for “copying” Anna’s design. When he asks her what he should do, she simply replies, everything will be solved by blaming Ga Young so what’s there to think about?

This was not the answer he expected and he stares at her in surprise. He agonizes as she walks back to her room and inside, she can hear him screaming outside, this time tears falling from her eyes too. Outside, he also cries in agony.

“Yeah, I should do that. To protect you, I should do that. Do you think I’ll make a mistake twice? Who am I? I’m Jung Jae Hyuk!”

Okay, I am so liking this character! Guy’s got so many layers in him and so many emotions. He’s not careless or without feeling; he just has too many expectations to live up to and he can’t just hurt people without a care. Even in America, he’d been bothered when he’d realized Young Gul had spoken the truth and when he knew where he was, he went to them instead of the police. Then again, he’s also not as open hearted as Ga Young or at rare occasions, Young Gul.

Next day, Ga Young is working at her sewing machine but loses herself in thought for a moment ending up in having her finger caught in the cross fire and is injured. As the other workers fret over her injury and apply cover, lawyers show up. Young Gul gets a call about it as he’s having lunch with his designer friend and his gangster friend. He’s been thinking about buying Ga Young a house when he gets the rude awakening. Aww, the house is so thoughtful in a way. To Ga Young, who’s lived her entire life in different stores and under other people, it’ll be the place she can call home. Except for Young Young, this would have been like her first ever real home.

Angry, Young Gul heads to Jae Hyuk’s who asks him if he didn’t like his reply. Young Gul is furious that Jae-hyuk is blaming the one person who worked really hard but Jae Hyuk is unmoved by his sentiments and points out whoever’s at fault, Ga Young’s life as a designer will be ruined with this. Grabbing Jae Hyuk’s collar, Young Gul threatens to kill Jae Hyuk if he hurts her. But Jae Hyuk points out coolly that Young Gul told him to do whatever he wanted.

Changing stance, Young Gul softly tells him in a heartfelt plea.

She didn’t do anything. It was my fault from the start. I told her to steal the fabrics. I told her to send her designs. I registered them. I did everything. Please, don’t touch her.

Jae Hyuk hands him a contract to sign that says Young-gul sanctioned all of Ga-young’s actions. In other words, he’s to take the fall if he wants to save Ga Young. As if going to sign, Young Gul takes the paper but writes “Jung Jae Hyuk, bastard!” instead and tells him to do whatever he wants, he’ll protect Ga Young as he always has. He rips up the contract and throws it in Jae Hyuk’s face. As Young Gul is leaving, Jae Hyuk warns him he’s sending in the papers tomorrow at 9 so think over it carefully.

At the factory, Ga-young is sketching away while she waits for Young Gul to return. When he does, he snaps at her to take better care of herself, he promises her to take care of everything. Ga-young thinks An-na is quite shameless for claiming her designs but Young-gul says it can’t be Anna, it was all Jae-hyuk. Although he tells Ga Young not to worry, in his own office, he ends up worrying as he remembers his encounter with Jae Hyuk. He considers calling Jae Hyuk but cuts it off in the middle and then heads out, sitting by Ga Young’s bed as she sleeps, almost smiling as he watches her.

He ends up awake all night, conflicted and wonders what to do. Else where, Jae Hyuk looks conflicted since early morning. When hi secretary hands him the papers, he mulls it over for a second before throwing them down. He simply says, “I’ll just give him the $5 million!” His secretary is stunned but before he can ask more, Young Gul walks in. Jae Hyuk immediately hardens and asks if he’s changed his mind. Young Gul says he can’t do it even if its for Ga Young’s sake, even after thinking over it all night. But he does want to start fresh with Jae Hyuk even though he hates the idea. He shows him the coat he designed for Michael. What he proposes is him and Ga Young working together for Jae Hyuk.

“Ga-young’s talent was acknowledged by you and my talent was acknowledged by Michael.”

Designer Kim congratulates Anna on receiving the watch from the President and points out she’ll be having more pressure for her next line. When he’s gone, she gets a call from Jae Hyuk for lunch. At the factory, Young Gul gets ready for a meeting with Jae Hyuk while Ga Young is incredulous. Does he have no pride? But Young Gul wants to meet Jae Hyuk in an official capacity, despite his hatred for the man.It’s the solution and though he may not like it, it’s better than either or both going to jail. Young Gul thinks her designs are wasteful in terms of selling in bulk quantities in Dongdaemoon. At her scale and talent, she should dream bigger. Her work is of international quality. If she gets it right, people from everywhere would be coming to Korea to have her design their clothes. Doesn’t she want to be that kind of designer? She wants the same, she grudgingly admits. Pulling out the lotion he bought for her, he pats it on his face then shoves the bag towards her. “Don’t use samples anymore and use these. We don’t have time. Get ready.” Awww, cutieeee!!! Ga-young protests that she doesn’t want to go, but Young Gul says that Jae Hyuk will misunderstand her absence.



Anna thinks it’s a dinner for the two of them but is surprised to see the Young Young duo show up.

Young-gul coolly says that Anna got prettier, while Jae Hyuk decides they should order before chatting. The menu is ridiculously priced at $200 and $300 per course. Ga-young’s eyes nearly pop out and Jae Hyuk sees her reaction.

Jae Hyuk rips into Young Gul agiain. While Ga Young was sorry for her actions, bastard Young Gul threatened him for money. He doesn’t feed people like Young Gul because when they’re full, they always ask for more. Young Gul bites his tongue to keep from retorting back. Ga Young is full of potential, Jae Hyuk adds. Why is she wasting it under trash like Young Gul?

Young Gul is barely able to reply because he’s on the verge of tears. Ga Young steps up to answer Jae Hyuk. And boy, she does have a good answer!

Ga-young: I know out boss has done something wrong and I’m sure you could’ve misunderstood us. But isn’t misunderstanding and twisting reality different? [We all] know that you can’t play with the truth. Shame on you.

She rises to leave but Young Gul grabs her hand, telling her to sit. Jae-hyukis surprised by the skinship between the two. Young Gul asks her to sit- afterall, how embarrassed would Jae Hyuk be if they left now. Humiliated, embarrased and royally mad, Jae Hyuk tells them to eat a meal that they would never enjoy otherwise and leaves. Anna rises as well, staring hardly at Ga Young and Young Gul before departing.


Young Gul and Ga You let go of each other’s hand in order to eat, crying quietly at the utter degradation. On the way home, Jae Hyuk recalls Ga-young’s lecture while Anna comments that she didn’t know that Young Gul could be so cool. Young Gul and Ga Young model their designs and take their own photos while the other worker ladies man the lights, reflectors and make-up. When the others comment on how pretty Ga Young is, Young Gul brushes off the comments but while looking at the shots on the camera, he smiles to himself.

Ga Young writes the letter to Michael for Young Gul who listens to it with satisfaction. It basically says that Young Gul was honored to see his coat on the runway with Michael’s other designs and now that he has his own establishment, he would love for Michael to take a look at his stuff. It’s sent to Michael with a hopeful grin.

A few days later, Jae Hyuk’s mum opens the curtains, waking Jae-hyuk. He looks sick and turns out he somehow is. He’s hooked up to a drip and pale lipped. His mum snaps at him for forgoing food, water, work and drowning himself in alcohol for days. Apparently, this is the “same as last time”. She wonders if Ga Young is the one who is making her son like this and Jae Hyuk tells her to mind her own business and just go. Just then, Anna comes to see him but he pretends he’s too sick to see her. His mother receives her coldly. Anna has brought fruit and tell his mother to tell Jae Hyuk to take care of himself. When she heads out, she hears Jae Hyuk’s mother order the fruit thrown out. Jae Hyuk hears, too, and it jolts him back to reality. He chases after Anna and catches her in the elevator.

“I’m sorry. I’m going to work tomorrow. I’ll see you there.”


A sleeping Young Gul gets THE phone call…from MICHAEL!


See you with Episode 9 next week! 😉

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  1. I can’t believe how good episodes 8 and 9 were!! I just finished watching episode 9 and it was so good i made screenshots and clips of some of my fav parts lol I still think that Young Gul needs to realize just how great a girl he has in Ga Young. I mean cmon!! she is beautiful, kind, sweet, and talented. I would pay to be just one of those things XD!! Anyway if anyone is interested in this clip of Anna (Yuri) spending the night out with…. (haha dont wanna spoil for anyone who doesn’t want to know) check this clip out

  2. Again thanks for the recap.Jae Hyuk is already falling for Ga Young,its obvious he’s so jealous of Young Gul.I almost cried with Ga Young and Young Gul while they were eating I felt sorry for them. The story is getting more complicated and very interesting.I’m getting hooked in this drama especially with Ga Young’s character. I’ll wait for the next recap.

    • Im especially enjoying it because both leads are good! I can imagine Ga Young with both and be happy when she chooses either!! ^^ Jae Hyuk’s especially a cutie in his attraction to her! I’d say its because she represents everything in his life thats not there and everything he wants! He doesn’t want to be the heartless bad guy but thats just what his father and mother want from him! She’s got freedom, a strong willpower and she stands up for herself and the things she sees as right whatever it costs her! 🙂

  3. Yeah! Can’t wait for the next episode… hope things will go well for Ga Young at last! I like her together with JH last episode, but with this episode, I am also glad that YG starts to care for her as well. I like the fact that the attention of both guys are on her rather than Anna in the restaurant…at last! Anna is becoming more evil and ruthless by the day and joining forces with Madam Jo – what a frightful pair!

    • I also like dramas where you can ship both leads and not feel bad or disappointed when she ends up with one of them since the story takes you through the process and its realistic and true to character… 🙂
      Ah, Anna is turning out to be pretty one tracked and with not so much depth or story to her yet! Cant decide yet whether its the story or the actress! 😐

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