Equator Man Episode 7 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Again, there’s no screencaps! Sorry!! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 7 Recap:

When Jang Il opens the door, he sees Ji Won playing for Sun Woo and his smile fades so he approaches them both. Sun Woo has a smile on his face listening to the song while Ji Won isn’t too happy to see Jang Il. Placing the flowers by her side, Jang Il sits down. When Ji Won is done, Sun Woo claps and asks her out to coffee. She agrees. Slightly, Sun Woo looks in Jang Il’s direction which surprises the latter. Sun Woo tells Ji Won he’ll leave first and heads out. Jang Il asks Ji Won if Sun Woo is the guy she mentioned. She agrees and rejects his offer for coffee. He asks why she likes Sun Woo more than him but she starts to head out. He grabs her back and tries to kiss her but she shoves him away and heads out. Alone, Jang Il stands in the room until Sun Woo returns asking out if Ji Won is still there. Jang Il doesn’t reply but watches as he heads to look for his recorder. Jang Il picks it up and gives it to him. Sun Woo, saying thanks heads out. Since there are no words exchanged, Sun Woo doesn’t know its Jang Il.

That night, he sits at his table, going over the events as he knows them, writing them in Braille. That’s when Jang Il walks in and asks what he’s doing and Sun Woo tells him he’ll head out for coffee. Jang Il asks what kind of person he’s going out with and if it’s a date. Sun Woo tells him it’s just a person from the same school as him. Jang Il asks if the girl likes him and if she’s pretty or all but Sun Woo says, “Who doesn’t like me?” with a chuckle.

The letter Sumi’s father had been mailing in the last episode was a blackmail letter to Jang Il’s father. Jang Il’s father takes to drinks where Sumi’s father runs into him and watching him drink, wonders what was it that led him to kill Sun Woo’s father. The meeting eventually leads to a fight and Jang Il’s father runs off at the end. Sun Woo calls out to Jang Il in the morning to go to school today but Jang Il doesn’t reply as if asleep. Sun Woo calls for a taxi and leaves. Jang Il calls up the same number and finds out its a police station but Sun Woo walks back in before he can speak up or react. Hearing him, he asks if it’s him and tells him he called the police station for an errand. As he walks out on the street, we see Jang Il following him from a little distance behind. He watches Sun Woo walk all the way and then stop a man to ask for directions. Alone, Jang Il heads back home.

Chairman Jin is approached by Jang Il’s father who washes his hands of the matter saying he already fulfilled his end of the deal, Jang Il is already in a good school. He wonders if Jang Il’s father told something that is causing this but he vehemently denies it. Chairman Jin tells him he’ll pay the money and Jang Il’s father promises to find out who this guy is. Sun Woo is going out with his friend and tells him not to accompany him out tomorrow onwards; he has to learn to do things himself. He goes to return the audio books while Ji Won is recording a new one. The lady at the counter gives him two tickets and tells him to go with who he wants. Ji Won runs into Sun Woo at a shop where he’s trying to buy a beautiful scarf for a friend and tells the counter lady “It should be very pretty”. She follows him out and from a distance as he returns to the school. He goes into a room and when he returns, he doesn’t have the package. Ji Won watches him leave. When she comes to see him later, she’s wearing it and tells him it’s beautiful. He’d left it there for her. She invites him to go somewhere with her.

When Sun Woo returns home, Jang Il’s father is there. When everyone is asleep, Jang Il’s father calls up the Chairman after closing Sun Woo’s door. But his voice still carries in and we realize he’s heard the conversation. Next day, Sun Woo is waiting for Ji Won but the place is crowded so people bump into him frequently. After he hears an announcement, he starts outside in a hurry, asking about an accident and if a lot of people were hurt. Ji Won, just arriving, misses him on the steps outside. When she comes in, he’s not there. She finds him outside with a worried and almost teary expression on his face. She begins to apologize for being late but he drops his cane and moves in for a hug. Drawing back, he asks her if she’s okay and not hurt. She assures him she’s fine. She points out they’ve missed what they were meeting up for and he tells her they can always watch it some other day. Then he moves in for another hug. She takes him to a hall inside where she plays the piano while he sings. After that, they head out on a date having fun together. When Ji Won asks how far they should go, he replies, “To the end of the world!” As they’re running around, Sun Woo trips and falls and Ji Won falls over him. He takes his hand and feels the features on her face, muttering, “You’re even prettier than I imagined.”

Chairman Jin signs a deal and has a meeting talking about his dream. Jang Il’s father calls in between and the secretary picks up. Sumi is painting when a girl walks in and calls her out on her father and terms her “unlucky/bad luck” which is an insult. Sumi tears back at her and tells her to just live her life being jealous of her-it’s what makes her pitiable. The girl dumps her paint water over her head. That night, she asks her father to remove the shaman sign from their house.  As they sit drinking, she wants to go away to Seoul and live where no one knows them but her father opposes the idea. By the end of the argument, she’s in tears. All she can do is paint and she’s at a position where no one likes her and she’ll never be able to accept love from anyone either. Her father tells her okay. They’ll sell everything and move to Seoul.

At home, Jang Il picks a call from Ji Won for Sun Woo. He recognizes her but she doesn’t recognize him. As Sun Woo chats with her on the phone, Jang Il stands behind and listens. When Sun Woo puts the phone down, Jang Il asks if he’s dating. He says he’s worried about Sun Woo that’s why he wants him to be more careful about Ji Won but Sun Woo tells him it’s inevitable he’ll get hurt since he already likes her and no matter how much he gets hurt, for now, he’s happy as he is. At night, Chairman Jin tells Jang Il’s father to find out who it is for sure. Next day, Jang Il’s father makes the delivery and Sumi’s father watches him leave before approaching the bin but Jang Il’s father hangs back to see who it is so Sumi’s father darts away, waiting for the opportune moment. Jang Il’s father takes the bag back and calls up Chairman Jang. As he’s making the call, Sumi’s father passes by and hears the phone call. He follows Jang Il’s father back to Chairman Jin’s place and watches him put the money in the trunk of the Chairman’s car.

Sun Woo returns home with his friend. As he sits alone in his room, he calls out. “Is no one there?” Nightfall comes and morning again, he sits in the same position, sleeping and waking up when he hears Ji Won’s voice. She enters the room with some supplies for him. He’s surprised she came here. He asks her to read him the book Hemingway but the light goes off. They both sit shrouded in the dark and she proposes to go out and buy a lantern but he tells her to just stay, he’ll get it tomorrow. He recites a poem/prose for her. He doesn’t end it but tells her he’ll finish it next time. Then, she puts three heart stickers for him on his book. Tae Joo meanwhile is unable to find any trace of Sun Woo. Sumi’s father rewrites the letter, except this time, he writes it to Chairman Jin. Sun Woo meanwhile, learns how to massage. Ji Won is with him and when she gives him water, he covers her hand with his. Ji Won smiles. Later, he massages her shoulders.

She takes his hand and asks him how he got into the accident. He tells her the truth-someone hit him on the head. When she asks who hit him, he deflects the question and tells her they’ll talk later. Chairman Jin receives the letter from Sumi’s father. He threatens Jang Il’s father with his son asking him to do as task which he balks from. Sun Woo is heading somewhere in what seems a fancy apartment area and rings the bell on one of the rooms. The door is opened by Chairman Jin. Sun Woo is here as his massage person.

See you with Episode 8! 😉

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  1. Lol, maybe I’ll catch up on the drama or follow the recaps at Dramabeans! And while I’m still not much invested in following it (Still haven’t seen episode 8) I am interested in the very first scene of the very first episode. I want to see what happens to Jang Il and how. What makes a cold guy who is trying to bury his conscience turn around and decide to end everything by taking his own life and that of the evil perpetrator! 😀

  2. newkdramaaddict

    I found this episode to be one of the best! In reading the comments where ppl feel its slow since Sun Woo woke up; I think this is a pivotal period before the next time jump. Only a couple years have passed so far so there is definitely another jump to occur! This time develops the relationship between Sun Woo and Ji Won; the ruthlessness of the future Jang Il is just starting to show. I think as a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, I rate this drama higher than all the rest that I am watching. The music, eerily reminiscent of some of my favorite Hitchcock movies! Can’t wait for Tae Joo rescue!!

    • I agree with you that everything that’s happening is pivotal but these developments could be condensed in less episodes. There are so much content they can still cover but aren’t, especially on Su Mi’s part. I’ve seen Uhm Tae-woong’s Resurrection and I can say that the ruthlessness and darkness in this drama is not at the same level. Of course, I’m hoping episode 8 will change my opinion on this since some daddy drama will be occurring.

      • newkdramaaddict

        I watched Resurrection last weekend. The ruthlessness in this will be so much more. And episode 8 brings everything together nicely but yes, as always, things can be done much quicker but you know how dramaland is. They like to draw things out unecessarily.

      • I agree, episode 8 was done pretty well. It’s my favorite episode so far. The paranoia Jang Il is witnessing as well as Sun Woo’s attempts to be strong despite his handicap really increases the tension. Plus the introduction of Tae Moo was a good welcome. Now we can see another transformation yet to unfold.

  3. Thanks also Akiko! Although I miss the screenshots, I know it’s tiresome to take those pictures and all. But great work on producing quality recaps and in such short time! You should put a thoughts portion so we have an idea what you think of the series so far. It’s nice to interject in the end. ^^

    • Hehe, thanks!! ^^ Im caught up in some work these days so Im a little late with the recaps though! For the past week, Ive been hoping to get around to writing a review of The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince too but never got around to doing it! 😦

      N Yeah, I’ll start putting up a commentary section in every post! Ive put comments in some but Ill start in all now! 🙂

      • How about writing impressions for those dramas instead? At least you can just divide into 2 or 3 parts.

      • Yeah, since I’m not covering them in recaps Ill just do an impressions review of characters and storylines! 😉 I’m also planning on cutting down recaps for Equator Man! That’s not one of my favorite series n its too dark for my taste! 😦 Ill probably do mini recaps or give it up altogether!

      • I’m actually disappointed at Equator Man too! 😦 It’s not the dark tones but rather the prolonged wait and slow pacing. I feel like I’m expecting something to happen but all they’re doing is attempting to add tension. They covered that ground very well and should move on to something more substantial. They seriously need a plot twist to make it a little more interesting. I was bored with the episode and decided to read your recap instead of watching it fully. 😛

      • Until the moment Sun Woo wakes up, everything was at a good pace n the story was going well! After he wakes up, the whole idea that he has his memories but is acting as if he doesnt and goes to live with Jang Il in a kind of battle of the minds was a great psychological setup, but its dragged on a minimum of the scenes actually made me feel excited as of something were happening n the story were moving forward!
        Even in Episode 7, there werent many moments that gripped. And Ive yet to watch Episode 8! I just cant bring myself to it! I still remember the adventurous and giddy feeling I had watching episode 1. The beginning sequence just got me! Alas, tis no more so! 😥

      • I’ll try putting up Episode 8’s recap tomorrow but I’ve got a prior engagement so cannot promise fully. But it’ll definitely be online on Monday! 😉 Today I’m posting the latest recap for Strongest K Pop Survival! 🙂

      • Take your time. No need to rush. 😉 I understand your frustration! I also loved the teenage portion as much as you did. It’s funny how King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince didn’t get my attention in the first episodes but now, I’m loving every minute of those two shows. I hate it when good show turns bad. I’m hoping this is just a phase.

      • I liked Rooftop Prince and King 2 Hearts since the first episode because they’ve got really good character layouts n the funny in it is good n all the story setups match up well n even the tension is well built! Ive been crying since last week at the thought of Jae Kang dying n now that he is dead, Im even sadder! 😥 N things are going to take for even worse next week! 😐

      • OH MY GOSH. I can’t believe I just read that spoiler. That’s why other bloggers were saying they cried so hard. Noooo. Hahaha, don’t feel bad I guess you didn’t know the subs aren’t out yet. 😛 But yeah the characters are all fun and unique plus there’s so much mystery in the storyline that you can’t predict what can happen. I love Hang Ah’s wardrobe! Everything she wears is so pretty 🙂

      • Yes, Hang Ah’s looking so pretty throughout! I loved her look even in the uniform! ^^
        You havent seen the latest episode yet?! Oooppppssss!! Now I’m definitely not saying whats gonna happen next!! 😛

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