Fashion King Episode 7 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Also, can’t put up screencaps! I’m already late on the recap but that’s because I was busy today working to celebrate my Dad’s birthday (It isn’t until the 12th but he’ll be leaving for a few days so we’d have missed it then, hence did it today! Was loads of fun! hehe! ^^) Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 7 Recap:

Ga Young’s trolley rolls away and she is about to fall to the ground when Jae Hyuk catches her. Both are surprised and Ga Young wiggles away and quickly steps down. Still shaken, they both scramble for something to say, especially Jae Hyuk. Ga Young tells him she needed the materials for work and he asks why she hasn’t left work yet. She says she’s about to and they both head off, watching each other leave. He smiles at her back and on his way home in the car, he’s still smiling when he spots her on a bus stand. He stops and offers her a ride home. It’s cute how she tries to avoid him first by looking away but he simply calls out her name again and louder. On the way back, he asks if Anna is helpful and tells her to work well with each other before returning her money pouch. Ga Young is happy to get her pouch back and can’t help but smile as she finds her money.

Anna’s at Young Gul’s and becomes aggravated when she learns he’s living with Ga Young. She snaps at him-does she look laughable to them? What kind of people are they? Young Gul ruined her chances with Michael and Ga Young is ruining her chances here now. She offers to give him money to take Ga Young and go away. The deal aggravates Young Gul, especially since Anna’s heading back to Jae Hyuk’s and asks her to confess she came because she missed him before kissing her. Anna slaps him in response, telling him she’s the crazy one for expecting humanistic feelings from trash like him. As she’s leaving, Young Gul tells her to call him whenever she wants to know what kind of human he is. Outside, the two run into Ga Young and Jae Hyuk. Ga Young thanks Jae Hyun for the ride, greets Anna but without much civility and heads inside after Young Gul. Jae Hyuk is mad to see Anna here. Anna deflects his questions about why she’s here and heads off.

That night, Ga Young does a facial and after ignoring her for a bit, Young Gul asks why she’s always around Jae Hyuk. When she tells him she got the materials he wanted, he scoffs at her telling her he meant it as a joke. She tells him she’ll take them back in the morning if he doesn’t need them. He’s meanwhile happy, remembering the encounter outside and the fact that it made Jae Hyuk mad. Anna’s running while remembering Young Gul’s words and Jae Hyuk has a yoga session with Dad who keeps trading barbs at his son. Jae Hyuk simply tells him he’ll do his best. He meets Anna in the office and asks if Ga Young is such a bother to her. When Anna denies it, he asks if she’s going to the bastard Young Gul because of a nobody like Ga Young. She asks if he’s jealous and he tells her it’s not even a matter enough to cause jealousy. Although he leaves an invitation for lunch, they both have unhappy expressions behind their smiles. Talk about an ill fated couple!

Next day, Ga Young can’t get into the company with her card. Her privileges have been revoked. Director Kim runs into her there and is surprised to hear Jae Hyuk has hired her without consulting him. When he confronts Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk asks a question of his own-between him and his father, who’ll live longer? Director Kim leaves and Jae Hyuk is curt with Ga Young, asking her when she’ll be done with the samples. When she’s leaving, her bag breaks and her food boxes fall down which makes Jae Hyuk snap at her more. Why is she sticking to Young Gul, the man whose always making her lose everything? He lays out all the points that went wrong in her life because of him and where she could’ve been but she simply tells him Young Gul is the one who sent her to America in the first place, she owes him for having given her the first place that felt warm and companionship. The thought that there’s someone with her, it’s not frightening at all. She wouldn’t have been able to do anything if he weren’t there for her in the first place. Like her, Young Gul is a person who has no expectations from anyone in the world. If he were in her place, could he ignore a person so close to her, so special to her. Her voice slightly breaks and her eyes are watery but her words reach him. When she gets to her work spot, Anna takes her task for approaching Jae Hyuk. Meanwhile, Young Gul gets backup from Tae San and speeds up production.

Ga Young takes a quick lunch break in the office, eating in a rush when the phone rings. She answers. Anna goes to meet Jae Hyuk for lunch to find out he’s taken Ga Young out for lunch. She’s adorably awkward at the restaurant and he gives her a proposal. How about joining their company’s other brand? She wants to work in launching Young Young brand. That aggravates him and he loses his temper at her before stalking off. As he’s walking away, we see Anna sitting on a table behind a screen, having heard every word and teary. During a follow up meeting, Jae Hyuk is visible distracted. As Ga Young goes back to work, she flashes back to her encounters with Jae Hyuk. Young Gul meanwhile, has samples ready. When Ga Young arrives and sees her designs in clothes, she realizes he’s stealing her ideas and argues that it’s against their promise to Jae Hyuk. Young Gul tells her she’s taking Jae Hyuk’s side too much and disregards her arguments. He asks her to model for them but she refuses so he arranges for another. At the company meanwhile, the same designs are being exhibited in a launch show. Madam Jo is also part of it and realizes Ga Young’s designs are being used. Although smiling at first, Jae Hyuk’s expression turns a bit worried as he sees Anna. At the shop, the same launch is taking place and Ga Young doesn’t know what to do.

Comes dinner time with Jae Hyuk’s family and Anna is invited. His father praises Anna for her work and is quite friendly with her. His mum asks him what his relationship with Ga Young is and if he must be involved with such people. Jae Hyuk tells his mother it’s simply rumor and there’s nothing else. Young Gul is meanwhile basking in success while Ga Young is miserable, drinking and crying alone until she gets a call from Jae Hyuk. Afraid, she removes her battery. Said person is already drunk in a bar. Young Gul has gone to meet Anna who asks what’s so great about Ga Young. She makes a suggestion about Jae Hyuk n Ga Young n Young Gul and Anna but he rejects it. He’s completely nonchalant about the whole Ga Young deal and asks Anna if she can just be interested in him without involving Jae Hyuk (Seriously dude?). No, she says she can’t, because Jae Hyuk is her goal in life. Talk about being ambitious to a fault!

Drunk, Jae Hyuk arrives at Young Young shop looking for Ga Young. When Ga Young realizes who it is, she rushes to hide Young Gul’s samples. He trudges in, calling her name and asks why she wouldn’t pick his call. Locating her bed, he asks if its hers and promptly heads over to sit there. He runs a hand along it, muttering “It’s warm” before lying down and covering his eyes with his hand. He then tells her about the launch-his father loved it. Finally he says the words that have been on his mind since the beginning of it, “I’m sorry!” Not knowing what else to say, Ga Young tells him to head home now, trying to wake him up. When he does remove his hand and open his eyes, he stares at her for a second before drawing her in for a kiss. Ga Young backs away but he holds her back, moving in for another kiss before Young Gul comes up and starts beating him up. Jae Hyuk’s secretary interjects and she helps carry Jae Hyuk out to his car. Drunk, he turns to look at her, lowers the window and holds out his hand. For a moment, Ga Young stands as she is but then takes it. Before the car drives off, he mutters, “Sleep Well!” Ga Young is teary as she watches him drive away. Shaken, she heads inside but Young Gul is already in his office and he turns off the light as she watches.

Next day, Jae Hyuk is getting ready for work but then decides to call in sick. However, his secretary gives him bad news. They’re designs for the brand have already been launched by Young Young. Next day, Young Gul heads out in a suit but Ga Young is still worried and doesn’t share his or their other coworkers enthusiasm. Young Gul heads to meet Jae Hyuk and runs into Anna in the elevator. He traps her in a corner as if kissing her, so as to spread gossip. It works because employees see then that way when the doors open. He goes to Jae Hyuk.  Jae Hyuk tells him he’s going to sue him for copyright infringement. Young Gul plays it cool and says it doesn’t matter as long as Jae Hyuk is ruined. Jae Hyuk is surprised that he’d go so far, but gets aggravated when Young Gul reveals he’s already registered the copyright and now Jae Hyuk is the one who’s done copyright infringement. With that he returns Jae Hyuk’s investment.

See you with Episode 8! 😉

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  1. So lucky you can watch it raw and get it. I have to wait for subs and then reinterpret some things. RAWR! Good job lady!

  2. Thanks again for the recap,I envy you how I wish I can understand and translate Korean language.I’ve watched the subed episode your recap is pretty accurate.Keep up the good work.I’ll wait for episode 8 and the future episodes.Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks Graciamaris! Feedback and comments mean a lot!! 🙂
      Korean is my fourth language and I’ve picked it just from watching Korean Dramas and listening to Korean songs and all! Now Ive got to try and improve it though since it still lacks!! And the ongoing dramas are proving good resources for that! 😉

  3. This show is driving me crazy, I have whiplash trying to follow all the twists/turns. (LOL) Just when I think I might have something figured out, NOPE – something else happens to throw me off! Thanks for the great recap!

    • Yup, somehow the twists and turns are a little too much at times, especially when Ga Young is always caught in the middle! I didnt like Young Gul too much in episode 7 though, the character was making too many selfish and bad choices but I liked him again in episode 8! Hope here on it goes well too! 🙂

  4. Oops i mean Young Gul … The lead man

  5. Thank you so much ! I enjoy Fashion King very much .. watch the RAW version of Episode 8 awhile ago, barely understand but still can follow. I like Ga Young, he is a great actor with potenital. Notice him during SKK Scandal last year with Micky Yu Chun

    • Great that you’re enjoying the show!! N yes, YAI is on my favorite list too since SS! He’s been on my list of favorite second hero ever since! 😀 And I am pleasantly surprised by the actor playing Jae Hyuk too! He’s also doing a good job! It helps that his character is so well written! 😉

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