Strongest K Pop Survival Episode VI Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Alright, now I’m confused. Weren’t Ji Woo and Seung Yeon siblings? I need to get subtitles, I guess or check out the info for the drama. Otherwise, the politics in the setups continues as M2 Junior faces more challenges for their showcase and Team Leader Han indirectly doesn’t want M2 Junior to succeed but doesn’t deliberately sabotage them either. Where she does try to act, like in discouraging M2 from attending the showcase, she’s thwarted unintentionally by Hyun Woo, whose loyalties seem uncertain at the moment. In the very beginning, he’d not wanted the new M2 member but I think he’s slowly warming up to the idea thanks to Seung Yeon.

Also, I want Hyun Woo to discover more about Seung Yeon and the fact that she’s a girl quickly too before the drama veers too much into ‘gay’ territory! I’m interested in seeing the dynamics between Team Leader Han and President Hyun Suk develop more too. They’re both definitely one of a kind and headed towards a romantic pairing. We should also start getting more about Team Leader Han and Hyun Woo’s relationship and why she’s so against a new member!

Oh n boy, In Young is such a b****! i’m loving hating her!! 😀 Also, how cute is this picture! Somehow, I can’t get enough of it! It’s a perfect example of the dynamics where Hyun Woo can’t figure out Seung Yeon and she’s in a world of her own!! 😀 On to the recap!

Episode VI Recap:

So, In Young bribes Team Leader Han with her and Hyun Woo’s dating photos while Seung Yeon shakes off Hyun Woo a little too violently. He still stops her from leaving in the bathrobe and gives her clothes from his closet, all the while suspicious of Seung Yeon’s over reacting. Team Leader Han approaches President Hyun Suk and asks him to leave the singer slot to her. She seems to be into bringing In Young in after all. The M2 Junior members are back to practice for the showcase now but it seems to be bringing strife amongst the members. Team Leader Han tells them they have to do everything for the showcase by themselves-concept, style everything should be their own idea. The members gossip about how Team Leader Han seems to dislike them. Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk head out to eat something delicious-she’s buying, which turns out to be Ddukbokki. He notices the bracelet she’s wearing and tells her he’s happy she likes it. The members start arguing about the concept they should take and one of them suggests using the same as the last one ‘dream’ but another opposes the idea, leading to a verbal fight and the second member leaves. When the word gets out, the President threatens to cancel the showcase since M2 Junior is supposed to be a single team and they head off to find the other member and bring him back. In Young is brought into their company and of course, she charms everyone with her words and manners. Her request is outlandish as well, she wants to cooperate with Hyun Woo and although Team Leader Han opposes it, President Hyun Suk okays it as long as Hyun Woo is okay with it.

The member’s not home or answering his phone and Seung Yeon leaves the search party to head somewhere else. At home, Hyun Woo finds Seung Yeon’s music copy and starts to play a tune she’s composed herself. He likes it and starts to add notes as he works on it too. Seung Yeon finds the member at a university where he’s listening into a singing class. She asks him the same question Hyun Woo asked her, “Why did you come to M2?” and same as her at that time, he can’t answer it. She tells him to think it over and tells him the President’s decision. She’s interrupted by a phone call… from the devil.


“Is what the way to talk to a Sunbae who’s called?”

“Come to my house immediately.”


“Yeah, come running now!”

Her call is witnessed by a teacher at the university who was also taking the singing classes and he recognizes her as her parent’s daughter, although he remembers Seung Yeon is supposed to be in England for piano classes. Please don’t tell me he’ll rat to daddy dearest! Although I am interested in meeting this daddy and see what’s so scary about him! The member decides to come back and she goes to meet Hyun Woo who plays her the tune. She spots her copy and recognizes the tune. She asks if he made it and he simply tells her he finished what she started and she wonders if he called her here to brag about it. She tells him it’s not bad and together they celebrate it with drinks. She drinks fast and lots and a little drunk, turns to ask him questions.

“Sunbae nim, there’s something I’m curious about. Sunbae nim, why don’t you smile?”


“I’ve never seen sunbae smile even once apart from fan service and work. A real smile!”

He’s taken aback by her observation and the truth in it but shrugs it off telling her he smiles a lot when she’s not watching. She tells him to smile next time when she’s looking since it seems he’s even more good looking when he smiles. Now Hyun Woo is stunned and takes her to task for staring at him so she turns her face away and looks elsewhere. He laughs at her and tells her she can look, but without the questioning. She complies and when they get back to drinking, he can’t help but notice her lips! Haha! Poor guy! Now it’s his turn to ask her a question. Does she really have cross dressing tendencies? And refers to the pictures he saw in her mobile of her dressed as a girl. What makes it even more hilarious is her response.

“No, of course not! I like guys A LOT!” which makes Hyun Woo spit out his drink as he stares at her and she realizes her mistake, correcting, “NO! I like GIRLS! It’s not that I like women clothes! It’s not like that!”

Knowing arguing would be pointless, they decide to change the subject and she asks for beer but there’s none at home. They play a game about who should go to get it from the market and he loses. When he gets back, she’s asleep on the couch and he can’t bring himself to wake her up. As he drinks alone and then covers her with a blanket, he wonders, “Really. Drinking alone is no fun. What kind of guy looks so girly?” leading him to remember the incidental kiss. As he’s drawing back, she moves in her sleep and he lands on top of her, close to her face. He runs off and cools his head, wondering why he’s getting such weird thoughts for a guy.

“It’s been so long since I went out with a girl. Yeah, I gotta start meeting girls.”

Poor Hyun Woo! Yeah, you’d better worry about turning gay.

The next morning, Ji Woo accosts Seung Yeon for staying the night out and worries about what’ll happen if she’s found out but she tells him not to worry. The members start to discuss their concept for the upcoming showcase. Hyun Woo learns about In Young (she wants to work with him on his album) and warns the President not to interfere with his album. Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk have a bit of a fight on the matter. As Hyun Woo’s leaving, In Young walks up to him and he drags her to a music studio to talk it out-he doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter why she’s here either. But she cuts him off by playing on the piano the song they both loved together. He warns her not to get ideas in her head just as M2 Junior members walk in. Hyun Woo backs up when he sees Seung Yeon and the members think Hyun Woo and In Young are probably dating. In Young takes his arm telling him they’ll talk another day and heads off. The members’ gossip puts Seung Yeon in a sour mood. On his way home, Hyun Woo is furious while In Young is in a good mood. The M2 members prepare for the showcase in their own, while Seung Yeon and Ji Woo prepare together.

President Hyun Suk & Team Leader Han take M2 Junior out to lunch. They’re a little worried since their fan club isn’t getting many hits either and it’s not even confirm whether there’ll be a good audience for them. They decide to do their best even if one member shows up in the audience. Team Leader Han meanwhile is asking someone to tell ‘the kids’ not to come to the showcase but learns that there’s news about Hyun Woo on the net. She stops the car and goes online to find articles on Hyun Woo and In Young online, regarding his album, I think. He’s seeing the same at home, not at all happy about it and instructs his manager to arrange an interview. That night, Seung Yeon broods over the music room scene as she writes Hyun Woo and In Young’s name together but then scratches them out in annoyance.

When Hyun Woo heads for the interview, his manager tells them about the problem with M2 Junior’s showcase and asks him if he can put in a tweet or two again like last time. Before he can reply, the interviewers get there. He gives the interview which the M2 Junior members catch on TV at home. He talks about the rumors of In Young coming to the company as rumors and that M2 Junior’s decision will be made by fans and the company alike and he’ll follow it. In the end, he thanks the fans and says he has a request to make. He tells them about the showcase the day after, requesting his fans to show support and encouragement to M2 Junior by going to the showcase and adds he’ll be going there himself. He’s at home when Team Leader catches the news and calls but he ignores it. She wonders what he’s up to. Everyone’s happy about the progress since their website numbers also go up just because of Hyun Woo’s interview.

At the day in question, the halls are filled and preparations are ongoing. In Young threatens to bring Hyun Woo trouble if he continues in this way (against her) and Team Leader Han has a headache dealing with her. Ji Woo and Seung Yeon are the last people in the makeup room and he’s too nervous. When he goes to the bathroom for the 11th time, Seung Yeon gets a call from a hospital. Grandma’s hurt and in the hospital. She dashes out, leaving her phone behind without telling Ji Woo because she’s afraid he’ll be even more nervous. Hyun Woo watches her getting onto a taxi and follows her to the hospital. She finds grandma has hurt her leg and grandma chides her for coming when she’s got the showcase. Grandma assures her she’s fine and tells her to head back. Seung Yeon promises to come after the showcase is over. As she’s exiting, Hyun Woo grabs her hand and tells her to run with him. Meanwhile, back in the hall, everyone’s worried since she’s missing. They wonder where she’s gone and one of the members, the one who Seung Yeon followed to the night club tells the others not to worry too much; if she’s gone, there must be a situation. Wait, this member also looked at her previously when they were discussing the showcase after Hyun Woo’s interview. Is there something going on? 😉

Showcase starts and Hyun Woo is escorting Seung Yeon back. She’s worried about making it back in time and he retorts, why leave if you’re so worried? She tells him she came to see grandma and he asks if it’s her grandmother. Its Ji Woo’s grandmother but the same as her own. (Wait, they’re not siblings?! Now I’m confused!) They’ve been great friends since they were little. Hyun Woo seems envious as she talks of Ji Woo. She asks his manager to drive faster who simply continues until Hyun Woo tells him to speed up. Back at the showcase, performances continue while Hyun Woo becomes irritated with Seung Yeon who’s freaking out. He tells her to calm down and she misunderstands him, telling him she knows he’ll be happy if she doesn’t arrive on time since they’ll all be fired that way. That infuriates him and he says, yeah that’s exactly it! Haha, these two should just do this all day!! ^^ They’re so busy glaring at each other that they don’t realize they’ve reached until his manager points out.

Ji Woo and Seung Yeon’s turn is up but he’s too nervous and seems he won’t be able to do it until Seung Yeon finally appears and starts singing, smiling at Ji Woo and the crowd. He smiles, relaxes and starts singing with her. First they perform their prepared song and then they perform the song Hyun Woo helped her with. He watches her and Ji Woo perform from backstage. The showcase is a hit and as they take their bows, Seung Yeon looks around for Hyun Woo and catches him leaving. She follows him out but sees In Young following him too. As soon as Hyun Woo sits in his car, In Young takes the passenger seat. He barks at her to get out but she wants to talk and proposes going to her place or his. He repeats at her to get out but she simply moves in for a kiss-which is how Seung Yeon finds them. Hyun Woo sees her before she turns tail and heads back.

Once inside, Seung Yeon wonders why she ran off like that since it’s not like she did anything wrong. Cursing him, she starts to head away but he’s right beside her and takes her away to talk to her. They head to a music room where he angrily asks her why she sang the song he made with Ji Woo first. She’s confused and he tells her he made the song, she can’t sing it with other guys without his permission. She wonders what he means and to cover up his jealousy he asks if she doesn’t know the basics in a singers code-means she needs his permission since he wrote it. He tells her to sing it now and grudgingly she does. As she does, we get flashbacks and he relates his story to Seung Yeon. He and In Young had been dating for a long time and wanted to debut together, at least he did but she broke up with him. It was a hard time for him and he felt like dying. He was angry and it was a hard time so he thought of taking revenge and becoming an even better and even bigger star than In Young and make her regret leaving him. To comfort him, she puts her hand over his.

Meanwhile, Ji Woo is looking for Seung Yeon. Hyun Woo wonder why he’s telling Seung Yeon all this since it was something that happened so long ago and she points out it’s because he needed to share it with a friend but he has none. He agrees and tells her he envied Ji Woo a lot today because of that. Seung Yeon tells him she’ll help him out and be his friend when he needs it today onwards! She’ll work as his friend from today on. He smiles at her offer before they both fall into silence and Seung Yeon, tired, takes the chance to have a short nap. She rests her head on his shoulder and dozes off. He smoothes the hair from her forehead with a smile. They stay like this for some time until the door opens and Hyun Woo turns to it as Seung Yeon wakes up. It’s Ji Woo at the door.

See you with Episode VII! 😉

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  1. ooopssss i wrote my username instead of my nameee…loool

  2. i am seriously enjoying this drammaaaa…:))) idk why but i just love how they play their characters soo well especially Seung Yeon and Hyun Woo

    i am just curious do you recap this the day after it is air or during it air then post it on this site????

  3. It is not that your Korean is off it is sometimes nonna can mean older sister older friend that is a girl that a guy has affection for see my girlfriend is gumiho for the same reference. The homepage mention ji woo being the second lead because seun joon are best friends that grew up together that’s in first episode she referred to him as my wife.. My Korean is worse because I’m not koeran but your recaps really help so thank you.

    • Lol, yeah I know Noona is used for elder sisters, older friends or cousins or so, same as oppa but I was confused since they were living in the same house with grandma… But this is going to be even more interesting now!! I love the dynamics between Ji Woo and Seung Yeon, they’re the kind of besties I wish I had! N I’d love it even more to see Hyun Woo jealous of these two like at the end of this episode! I can’t believe I am, but I’m seriously enjoying this show!! ^^

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