Strongest K Pop Survival Episode V Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

So, there’s a lot of back play going on in this drama and its keeping me hooked. Not in the absolute awesome sense hook but rather in the ‘it’s good’ fun sense hooked. And the dynamics and development is rather nice and not as predictable as one would think. The only reason I’m not feeling ‘put off’ by the romantic hints is because I know Seung Yeon is a girl. Otherwise, I’d have really thrown this cup away! 😛 Still, for now, poor Hyun Woo cause for all he knows, he’s turning gay!! 😛

Episode V Recap:

And so happens an incidental kiss when a drunken guy bumps into Seung Yeon and Hyun Woo. Seung Yeon draws back immediately and for a moment freaks out as she and Hyun Woo stare at each other before she runs off. Next, we see Hyun Woo vigorously brushing his teeth and mouth and damning Seung Yeon with a thousand curses until he ends up cutting his lip. Likewise, Seung Yeon is brooding her bad luck in bed while calling Hyun Woo names.

When Ji Woo wakes Seung Yeon up the next morning she looks ghostly with the lack of sleep. It doesn’t get any better there on either as she runs into a band member in the bathroom, shrieks and runs off. As they’re out jogging, she sees two people sitting on a hill, close and coupley and imagines its her and Hyun Woo and starts flipping out! Her team members wonder why she’s going crazy. She simply shouts out, “No way! It can’t be!” before running off. Hyun Woo meanwhile gets a new manager and his make up artist asks him if he hasn’t slept last night-he’s got dark circles. When she’s applying balm on his lips, she accidently applies it on his cut as well, making him cringe and the new manager joke, “If someone saw this, they might think it was from a kiss!” He makes an excuse and avoids the topic. At the M2 Junior area, the members start discussing the topic of love and Seung Yeon overreacts to the mention again and again, leading everyone to tease her and ask if she’s even had her first kiss. “It wasn’t my first kiss, it was an ACCIDENT!” She shouts out as loud as she can.

Oh In Young meanwhile is as much trouble as can be. After another outburst, she remembers her last outburst and that Hyun Woo witnessed it. It makes her frustrated and angry. Yeah, like he’d get a good impression even if he didn’t witness that! Meanwhile, the President sits with M2 Junior’s vocal teacher, Teacher Park and she points out all the problems in the members and wonders what they should do. He proposes the idea of having mentors for the members to Team Leader Han. She tries to ask him to give up on M2 Junior but he tells her, “Since you have interest only in Woo Hyun, I should give interest towards M2 Junior!” She tries to deny it, but he brushes her off lightly and tells her to do the best for M2 Junior members. She gives the members envelopes with their mentors names in it and lays down the terms. They need approval from their members by tomorrow morning. At least one of them has to get approval so everyone participates. Everyone worries if they can do it or not but Seung Yeon encourages everyone to at least try and be happy with what they’ve got. If they don’t try, they won’t be able to take part in the showcase and eventually, also be at risk of M2 Junior elimination. Seung Yeon tells them they should just accept what they’re getting. Something tells me she’ll be freaking out the next minute! Haha!

I was right!! Everyone opens their envelope and shrugs at their luck. Seung Yeon shouts out, “It can’t be!” Yup, Hyun Woo is her mentor! He meanwhile is at a photo shoot and his partner arrives late. He doesn’t know it’s her until the very end and isn’t happy to see her.

Seung Yeon huddles in her bedspread and vows not to go, telling Ji Woo “I can’t go to that bastard even if I die!” She’s no confidence anyway-there’s no way he’ll approve her. She calls her uncle petty for making that guy her mentor. The person in question is having tea with Team Leader Han and tells her he put those two together because ‘they need it’ and compares the two to himself and Team Leader Han. She doesn’t get his point but turns to leave. As she’s leaving, she turns back to say something but then decides against it. A member of M2 walks up to him then since he’s the mentor. Seung Yeon finally goes and finds no one home. She just tells herself, “It was an accident, it was an accident!”  Inside, she sets out to explore the house. Liking Hyun Woo’s music collection, she starts to listen. At the photo shoot, In Young is as touchy touchy as she can manage and smiling broadly while Hyun Woo shrugs her off. Team Leader Han comes and asks for a 5 minute break for the participants and tells him she didn’t know In Young was opposite him. There’s supposed to be a kiss scene for their shoot as well and he doesn’t want to do it but has no choice.

He remembers their break up when In Young who had been too ambitious and eager for success had broken up with him in favor of another guy who could give her what she wanted. Despite Hyun Woo’s pleas to wait for him, she’d not hesitated. Seung Yeon, bored, begins to tidy up but then catches herself and flings everything away as she gets a call from Ji Woo. He’s gone to meet his mentor whose in the middle of the street, singing and playing the piano. Tired from the wait, Seung Yeon props down on the bed and goes to sleep. The shoot continues and although he smiles, Hyun Woo isn’t comfortable with the skinship In Young is inflicting on him and shrugs her off so she falls on the ground. When he’s walking away, she extends her hand to him and he tells her coldly, “Even if it isn’t me, there’s lots of people who’ll take your hand since a long time ago.” She has a flashback to their old days when he was the most caring person.

Hyun Woo arrives home and doesn’t see Seung Yeon’s jacket. His manager’s about to tell him Seung Yeon should be waiting for him but then thinks she might have gone back so doesn’t mention it. Hyun Woo dismisses him. He walks in to his bedroom, throws his jacket on the bed and proceeds to change. What he doesn’t see is Seung Yeon sleeping there, who is woken by his jacket. He wakes to see him changing and starts shouting. She asks him why he’s changing in someone else’s room and he shouts back at her so she realizes she’s not in her own room anymore and apologizes for the misunderstanding. He wonders what plan she’s hatching by having him as a mentor.

On to their session, he asks her what song she’s going to sing and she replies, “Music is my life”- the song that inspired her to not give up her dream of being a singer. Every time she starts singing, Hyun Woo cuts her off and tells her to start again and again until she gets angry. All the other members are out with their mentors trying their best to get approval signs by doing their best. Team Leader Han calls up President Hyun Suk asking if he’s got any plans later but he tells her he’ll head straight home and that puts her in a pout. He doesn’t remember her birthday today. Only the make up artist and Hyun Woo’s new manager celebrate it for her. By the end, Seung Yeon’s anxious and angry and gets scolded again and again but can’t get it right. Finally, she bursts out, “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!” She’s ready to storm out when he points out she’ll be sacrificing her showcase if she goes now. He sees the papers she’s left behind where she’s marked the music and made notes. Telling himself he doesn’t care, he shrugs it off. Meanwhile, In Young calls him but he doesn’t pick up. That gets her riled up and she vows to get back at him. Team Leader Han is by herself in a bar, drinking to her birthday when a man, In Young’s supervisor-I guess, walks up to her. She’s not too happy with the company but doesn’t say anything. He rubs it in to Team Leader Han that maybe Hyun Suk isn’t giving her what she deserves after all. He asks her to take Hyun Woo and join their end. She tells him he already knows her answer. He tells her to still think it over and let him know.

Seung Yeon goes to her uncle and asks him to change her mentor since Hyun Woo has no intention of signing an approval for her; all he keeps saying is “Again again again!” He tells her she’s supposed to do well and just do it again if he says again! He hands her a DVD and tells her to follow him. They head to listen to the DVD and its of Hyun Woo singing. It’s the cut from his audition. He’d sung “Music is my life”. He tells Seung Yeon that however insufferable Hyun Woo is, he won’t say anything just out of spite or lie or joke. If he says its wrong, it’s got to be wrong. She’s surprised to see this side of Hyun Woo and heads out with new resolve, now worried since there’s not much time left. When she’s gone, Hyun Suk gets a phone call from the bar where Team Leader Han is drunk. He carries her to the car where she reminds him of her birthday and then vomits all over him.

Seung Yeon runs over to Hyun Woo, now worried he won’t take her back. She rings the bell but no one answers so calls, but his phone is off and then puts in the code, heading in. She looks around, asking softly, “Sunbae, are you asleep? Sunbae?” She finds him in the music room where he’s working on a track and her gaze roams over his face and brings back a memory. Haha, of the kiss! She starts hitting her head to get it out and Hyun Woo spots her.

“What the hell? You came in without permission again! Is this your house? I really need to change the passcode!”

Seung Yeon apologizes and promises to redo it a hundred or a thousand times as long as he says it. He tells her to get lost but she apologizes again and again. He finally asks her why she wants to be in M2 and she returns the question to him-why’d he join M2? He tells her to sit down on the piano, play and sing at the same time however she feels especially when the song reaches out to her and she doesn’t want to give up her dream of being a singer. This time, he’s satisfied with her attempt although the other members don’t have as much luck as her. When she’s done, she cautiously turns around and asks if she should do it again? Hyun Woo tells her he’s too tired and to just go home now. She freaks out, she needs that okay sign! Seung Yeon returns and seeing three other members, wonders if they got their signatures but they point out they haven’t. Ji Woo asks if she got one from Hyun Woo but think she couldn’t have got one, before she can even answer.

Team Leader Han is having breakfast when Hyun Suk walks up to her and is about to mention last night’s incident but gets unintentionally cut off so he leaves and Team Leader Han pouts, he doesn’t even remember her birthday. After she pays for the meal, the counter guy gives her the gift Hyun Suk left for her, referring to him as her boyfriend. That brings her mood up ten notches and she stares with a smile at the bracelet he gave her. At the office, it’s almost time but none of the members show up with a signature. Seung Yeon walks in and apologizes for sleeping a bit late and shows off her signature which leaves Team Leader Han surprised. As she exits the office, she remembers begging for the signature and he’d simply taken the marker she’d given and signed her arm. She’d been so happy she’d unconsciously gone in for a hug, leaving him stunned. Although Hyun Woo had looked gruff and stern, he’d smiled lightly later.

Team Leader Han gets a phone call from In Young and goes to meet her. She gets straight to business. She’s in danger of being fired from her management company and wants in into their company. When Team Leader Han apologizes since they’re not taking in new entries, she gets to the point. She gives her pictures back from when she and Hyun Woo were dating. Seung Yeon is waiting outside Hyun Woo’s house with a cup of coffee as thanks. When he walks up behind her, she’s taken by surprise and ends up spilling the coffee all over her. She asks him how he can just lightly walk up like that suddenly and he replies, “So, from now on I have to knock before I walk out of my house too?” The coffee was hot so he takes her upstairs to change. She comes out of the bathroom wearing his bathrobe since she’s taken off the clothes for cleaning. He asks if she’s really okay and moves to see for himself when she shoves him back shouting, “ARE YOU CRAZY?”

See you with Episode VI! 😉

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