Equator Man Episode VI Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

The story moves little ahead but we do get to see a little more into Sun Woo’s mind as we all watch his manipulation of the scenarios. He wants to find out the truth and is using his condition as an excuse to do just that. Jang Il is already way past his guilt over the terrible deed he did and he’s pretty much shown he’ll take the same road ahead too if he needed to. Sumi is as crazy and as obsessed with Jang Il as ever and I guess its safe to say that when her loyalties between Sun Woo and Jang Il ever do come to test, she’ll be making a crazy decision. Seriously, the girl was dumped eons ago and she’s still hung up about it. Then there’s Ji Won. I am not liking her character yet either. She should be more clear about her intentions and her feelings for Jang Il rather than to have him hang onto her. When he directly said it in this episode, she should have made herself clear, there and then! Well, hope she redeems herself here on! Alrighty, on to the recap!

Episode VI Recap:

Ji Won recognizes Sun Woo but he can’t see her and she apologizes, saying she must have made a mistake and asks if there’s anything she can help him with. He wants to meet up with a friend and she offers to take him there, guiding him. As soon as they’re about to head inside, his friend runs up to him. Sun Woo thanks Ji Won for her help and it makes Ji Won remember the same scene where Sun Woo had thanked her as kids. She watches him leave. She learns his back-story from a colleague, that he is an orphan and from Busan.

Ji Won calls Jang Il and cancels their movie plan since she has work to do. Next, his father calls him up and tells him he’s coming to drop by some stuff but he tells his father not to, Sun Woo is staying there. Hearing that, his father wants to come back ASAP and drag Sun Woo back. Jang Il tells him it will make them more obvious and to simply pretend to know nothing.  Chairman Jin learns Tae Joo is back in Korea and Sumi goes on a shopping spree and to a salon, prettying herself up. Yeah, I kinda feel bad for her. She spots a couple discussing what to buy and imagines herself and Jang Il the same way. Alright, she’s waaayyy nuts. He dumped you years ago girl, get it in your head, process it, ACCEPT IT!!!

Jang Il sits at the bus stop wasting time and comes home late. Sun Woo proposes they eat together and everyone sits down to eat. Sumi guides Sun Woo through dinner while Jang Il watches him with suspicious eyes. The others propose drinking together and Jang Il declines, telling them he can’t drink well but Sun Woo points out he can-when he mentioned they used to drink last night, Sun Woo remembered the event. Everyone proposes Jang Il take Sun Woo to the school for disabled tomorrow and he makes an excuse at first but then agrees. Next morning, when he’s coming out of his room, he hears Sun Woo is already up and ready. As they head there, Sun Woo almost stumbles and Jang Il promises to tell him when there’s a change. He lets go of Jang Il in the middle of the platform and lets him go on ahead where a train is approaching. Hearing the train in time, Sun Woo ducks back. Jang Il asks if he’s okay and tells him he should be careful. In the building, he leaves Sun Woo and heads off before turning back to see him once.

Ji Won is still shaken over meeting Sun Woo and wonders what happened to him, which is when Jang Il finds her and she tells him she found the guy she told him about before in class. When she tells him he’s blind because of an accident and she saw him yesterday, he probably puts the pieces together and suspects its Sun Woo. Sumi’s dad heads to the platform when a number of ladies see him and accost him for being a fraud. Shaking them off, he grabs a bicycle and tries to run away but still gets caught. Back home, he takes out a pen and a pad.

Ji Won watches Sun Woo during his listening session. He asks her for help and she happily complies, helping him out and lending him the DVD’s he needs. After he’s done, Jang Il heads out but is stopped by a friend who wants to study with him. Sun Woo waits and calls Jang Il up but gets no response and time’s long past when Jang Il was supposed to come. He’s trying to call a taxi when Ji Won comes up and offers to help him. Jang Il arrives but watches them go. She takes him home and puts him in the elevator before leaving. She waves at him just as the doors close and he bows in thanks. When she arrives out the building, she finds Jang Il there who asks what she’s doing here and she tells him she helped the guy get home and he wonders if she’s always such a good person or wants to help ‘him’ in specific. His tone draws her and she wonders if he’s never had any help from people which takes his mind back to what Sun Woo had once said to him. He tells her he’ll help people when he becomes a prosecutor and asks her to have dinner with him tomorrow-She has time to help an unknown person get home but can’t give him time for dinner? Sumi watches them as she passes by. Ji Won asks why he’s acting this way today and leaves before the mood turns any sourer. Jang Il calls home and tells Sumi he’s still at university and can’t come home tonight. She knows he’s lying but doesn’t say it. Everyone calls out his attitude at home and worries why he didn’t come to help Sun Woo get home at least.







Jang Il goes to a shop and looks for a guitar. Sun Woo meanwhile develops a fever. Sumi puts a dress of hers besides Jang Il’s coat and draws the sleeves out as if a hug from behind. Well, there’s a wonderful back hug and there’s a bad back hug! This is definitely the latter! *shudders* She whispers. “Jang Il, Sun Woo is starting to remember little by little. Does that frighten you?” Jang Il sits outside Ji Won’s place and tells her he wanted to see her so didn’t go home at all. He asks the million dollar question, “Can’t you… just like me?” She deflects the question and tells him to go home. He hands her the guitar as a present and tells her she must play it only for her. Sumi tucks in Sun Woo before leaving and Jang Il is escorted home by Ji Won where his father has arrived and meets in the elevator.

His father slaps him once they’re home. When his father admonishes him, he speaks up, “If somebody would see father, they’ll get the feeling of a dog. Why did you become Chairman Jin’s dog and make me so miserable?” His father lays it all out for him. Who does he think gave him everything? If it weren’t for Chairman Jin, where would he be? He tells Jang Il to give up Sun Woo and Ji Won both. He tells his father to leave, he’s really sorry but he’s tired of him. Sun Woo listens to everything. Jang Il’s father heads home crying.

Sun Woo comes out with earphones and his player. Jang Il freezes and asks him if he was home. Sun Woo doesn’t reply. Jang Il takes out his headphones and he’s listening to a DVD from the school. He asks Jang Il when he got back and Jang Il tells him just a while ago. His dad was here too, Sun Woo didn’t know? Sun Woo pretends he didn’t and tells him he should’ve let him know so he could say a greeting. Jang Il puts the earphone to his ear and a disc is running. He turns it off, proposing drinks. He tells Sun Woo it would’ve been so much better if he’d brought Sun Woo when he’d proposed it-He’d be a student, doing something he liked, maybe even have had a girlfriend. Sun Woo asks if he’d proposed it but then tells him its okay-he’s got one purpose now. Jang Il asks what that is and he says, “To believe this isn’t the end of my life.” Jang Il asks him what’s the thing he wants to see most at the moment and Sun Woo replies, “Your face.” When he asks why, Sun Woo tells him, “You’re the only one right beside me now!” Suddenly he freezes, you remember it, don’t you? he asks Sun Woo. Why did Sun Woo mention Jang Il’s first love? He’d mentioned it at his room when he’d gone to meet him. Sun Woo tells him he mentioned it now and he remembered. Jang Il asks if he really can’t see? Is he pretending he can’t when he can? Sun Woo tells him he’s tired and heads off but Jang Il grabs his collar and asks him what he isn’t telling him. He says something about being unable to say sorry to Jang Il and that riles Jang Il even further who then proceeds to beat him up. As he’s hitting him, Sun Woo simply thinks in voice over “Dad knew Chairman Jin. He went to see Chairman Jin. Jang Il changed schools and came to Seoul.” All the while Jang Il shouts at him, “Where’s Kim Sun Woo? Where’s the Kim Sun Woo who would teach me?” (I can’t make sense of this part and the next! :|)

Voiceover continues as Jang Il lies unconscious on the ground and Sun Woo stands at the window. He turns back and heads over to Jang Il, watching him lie on the floor as he mutters, “I can’t forgive you!” Alright, now I’m doubly curious. Can he or can he not see? Chairman Jin and Mrs. Ma go shopping. She’s asking about his old fiancée but he doesn’t reply. He then attends his daughter’s solo performance as the only person in the audience. She specifically asked him out because she wants to ask him something. There’s someone she wants to marry but her mother won’t allow it. She tells him she feels like she can’t live without him and he tells her not to expect much from love. It’s kind of sad to see he’s actually giving her good advice like a father and telling her what he thinks is right even though its based on his own experiences. As he’s leaving, his secretary calls to tell him to tell him Tae Joo is in Busan. Tae Joo is leaving just as Chairman Jin arrives.

Sumi catches her father mid thievery and tells him to give it up. At school, Jang Il’s father asks Ji Won to stay away from Jang Il, now’s the time he needs to focus on work. She tries to tell him they’re just friends but he can see beyond that and asks for her help. She gets pissed and agrees to help, going away. Outside, Jang Il approaches her but she ignores him and goes away. The disabled class heads out for a trip and Sun Woo recognizes Ji Won from her ‘nice smell’. There, she falls down and injures her ankle. He asks to carry her back but she declines. He asks if she’s embarrassed and picks her up in his arms, asking her if she wants to ride front or back. 😛 She gets on his back and she guides him but then watches him and misses telling him of a tree in their way. Sweet. She guides him to the path and he carries her back despite her protests that he let her down.

He returns her DVD’s the next day. As he’s leaving, she stops him and reads to him from a book. It makes Sun Woo smile and she smiles when she sees him. Jang Il meanwhile, is looking for her with a bouquet. Oh, bad timing boy, always the worst. He doesn’t see her in class and heads off to find her. As soon as he opens the door to where she is, she’s playing the guitar for Sun Woo. Although it turns his expression sour, he heads inside and smiles at Ji Won after looking at Sun Woo.

See you with Episode 7!

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  1. I’m also liking the fact that they haven’t made Sun Woo a complete angel. No one is perfect enough that he’d forgive a betrayal like this… Sure, if JI were honest with him before and told him of his fathers involvement, SW might have forgiven him. But now that he’s tried to kill him, SW isn’t going to forgive him that easily… Let’s see how his vision works out and how he pursues the revenge and the likable forgiveness in the future!

  2. Thanks!! There has certainly been no murders for a while, so it would seem safe for the timid me to watch the series again :). But alas, I have more work to do now, so it looks like I have to defer watching this series till summer. I will continue to follow the story on your recaps for now.

    You are really churning out a lot these days, hard for me to keep up…lol… not complaining of course. On the contrary, thank you for all your efforts!!!

  3. Thank you – all the characters are very layered…I can’t say I like any of them, but they’re all interesting.

  4. This is so amazing and interesting,I just cant wait for more. Sun Woo remains a mystery. He wants to find the truth (and in time he will find it), but the question is, will we come to forgive Jung Il? Now he says he wont but when he will learn Jung did to protect his dad. ahhhhh I dont know anything anymore more. Is it wednesday yet.

    Thank you very much

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