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Equator Man Episode VI Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

The story moves little ahead but we do get to see a little more into Sun Woo’s mind as we all watch his manipulation of the scenarios. He wants to find out the truth and is using his condition as an excuse to do just that. Jang Il is already way past his guilt over the terrible deed he did and he’s pretty much shown he’ll take the same road ahead too if he needed to. Sumi is as crazy and as obsessed with Jang Il as ever and I guess its safe to say that when her loyalties between Sun Woo and Jang Il ever do come to test, she’ll be making a crazy decision. Seriously, the girl was dumped eons ago and she’s still hung up about it. Then there’s Ji Won. I am not liking her character yet either. She should be more clear about her intentions and her feelings for Jang Il rather than to have him hang onto her. When he directly said it in this episode, she should have made herself clear, there and then! Well, hope she redeems herself here on! Alrighty, on to the recap!

Episode VI Recap:

Ji Won recognizes Sun Woo but he can’t see her and she apologizes, saying she must have made a mistake and asks if there’s anything she can help him with. He wants to meet up with a friend and she offers to take him there, guiding him. As soon as they’re about to head inside, his friend runs up to him. Sun Woo thanks Ji Won for her help and it makes Ji Won remember the same scene where Sun Woo had thanked her as kids. She watches him leave. She learns his back-story from a colleague, that he is an orphan and from Busan.

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