Equator Man Episode V Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode V Recap:

Jang Il is shocked watching Sun Woo coming straight out and screaming for the lights to be turned on. He watches him dragged off and tied to a bed, shouting and resisting. He rushes outside and stands frozen for a while. Sumi watches him from a hospital window. Walking away, he comes upon his father buying groceries and freezes again before walking past him. When his father spots him and asks him why he’s back, he begs Jang Il to stay away and not meet Sun Woo, to simply focus on his studies. Shrugging off his father, Jang Il walks away and heads back to Seoul.

Ji Won helps a blind woman cross the road while Sun Woo lies in bed and has a dream where Sumi brings him flowers and he can see both her and the flowers well until he tries to put the flowers on the window but the jar drops and breaks. He wakes up. Awake, he’s hit by reality again and starts shouting out. Later, he sits on his bed when his friend comes to meet him and gives him clothes to change into and sunglasses if he wants to use them but Sun Woo declines. His friend accompanies him home where he climbs the stairs himself and wants to explore the house and do his chores himself. His friend leaves to call Sumi and her father. As he sits inside, he hears a voice of someone asking if he’s in. It’s Jang Il’s father who tells him Jang Il’s been very worried about him. Sun Woo remembers him as his old friend. A flashback comes to Sun Woo of when he’d run into Jang Il’s father at his home when he’d stolen the suicide letter and he grabs his head in pain. He calls for his father in a moment of panic and then remembers people telling him his father has died. Jang Il’s father leaves the stuff he brought for Sun Woo and heads off but not before Sun Woo notices he is crying.

Jang Il’s father cries as he leaves, simply saying, “Please protect my Jang Il” again and again. At the moment, Jang Il is giving a presentation in class while Sun Woo explores the house and takes water to drink from the refrigerator but ends up drinking oil and spits it out immediately. His friend is telling Sumi and her father that he’s worried about Sun Woo and Sumi wants to send Sun Woo to Seoul for an operation for his eyes. Sun Woo sits inside hearing the conversation outside where his friend is wondering why Jang Il didn’t come to meet Sun Woo since they were best friends and Sumi tells him he did. Sun Woo flashes back to the moment he had grabbed Jang Il, only now realizing who it was. In voiceover, he asks himself, “Why did you do it, Jang Il? We were friends. Why did you try to kill me?” So he does remember that much. Does he not remember his father’s death circumstances?

Sumi calls up Sun Woo and asks him if he knows anyone at Seoul whom they can contact for Sun Woo’s condition. Jang Il is surprised to hear Sun Woo remembers his name but doesn’t remember when they became friends. Sumi tells him not to worry too much about Sun Woo’s health and just be strong. Sun Woo’s friend takes him for a walk to the place he discovered his father’s body and little by little, he has flashbacks of his father telling him to come meet him here. Shrugging off his friends hand, he runs ahead, “I had to meet father.” Ahead, he stumbles and falls and remembers how he discovered his father’s body. With that come more flashbacks, of how Jang Il and his dad had acted and how Jang Il had hurt and thrown his body down.

Chairman Jin learns about Tae Joo coming back to ‘meet his son’. On his way somewhere, Chairman Jin catches sight of Sun Woo and stares in surprise and shock. Sun Woo’s friend is trying to stop a taxi but has no luck. As the Chairman watches him, he gets a flashback of a woman and being together with her, obviously in love until Tae Joo comes up and he introduces the two. There on, Tae Joo and the woman are shown having fun together while Chairman Jin watches. The woman later tells Tae Joo she is pregnant and he offers to tell Chairman Jin but she stops him and he comforts her as she cries. From above, Chairman Jin watches the two. He has the driver stop the car and stares out at the beach.

Sun Woo has locked himself in his room and his friend is unable to get him to open the door. Sumi breaks it down with a hammer and has a fit when they come in. They ask him why he’s doing this; does he have a death wish? He doesn’t reply and their unable to make sense of his behavior. Finally, Sumi proposes to call Sun Woo. They were best friends, maybe he can bring Sun Woo out of his daze. Sumi’s father confronts Sun Woo and asks him if he’s pretending not to remember. Sun Woo shouts at him to get out. From outside the door, he watches Sun Woo, puzzled and unsure of his behavior. Mrs. Ma holds a party with her daughter Yoon Jo. Sun Woo stares at a picture of his father before getting up and bumping into a table. He sits outside with his friend and mentions Jang Il. He asks his friend to compose a letter for Jang Il since he must be worried and dictates it. He makes no indication of remembering anything regarding his ‘accident’. Once his friend is gone to deliver it, he whispers to himself, “Jang Il, I remember everything. I think I know why you did it. I can’t forgive you. Until the day I die, I won’t ever forgive you.” Awesome!!

Jang Il is friends with Ji Won and seeing an advertisement for a movie show, sends Ji Won a ticket but in the end, he’s watching it alone since she never shows. He leaves the drink he bought for her behind. When he hears he’s got mail, he rushes to see it, hoping its from Ji Won but its from Sun Woo. I can see all the shades of the younger Jang Il in him. The way he carries himself, his acting, it’s good! He reads the letter with dread before walking away with a stoic expression and crumpling in his hand. Chairman Jin sits for tea with his wife and Yoon Jo who tells him of a wonderful business opportunity with some Korean guy in Thailand and Indonesia. Chairman Jin warns her to stop but she doesn’t and he ends up throwing his cup of tea on the ground. Mrs. Ma shrieks out against the injustice to her carpet. She made so much effort to get it. Haha, rich people! He apologizes before leaving.

Ji Won does a job with nursery kids that tire her out and she rests in the library. When she goes away for a walk, she comes upon Jang Il’s bag and finds her library trolley missing. She comes on him putting those books back in their shelves instead of her. Next, she joins him for a movie in the theatre but falls asleep during it, her head resting on his shoulder. He smiles. Sumi meanwhile looks through her old drawings and finds the sketch she did of Jang Il with a smile. She decides to go see him in Seoul and on the train ride, checks her appearance and primps up. When Ji Won wakes up, she freezes as she sees the movie and Jang Il asks what’s wrong. “It’s a romantic movie, How’d James Dean come into it?” haha! The movie ended long ago and another show started.

Sumi is happy to see Jang Il but he isn’t and she asks him to come and see Sun Woo, if they meet up, maybe Sun Woo’s memories will start coming back. He refuses her offer to go out to tea saying he’s got an earlier appointment and she sees him meeting Ji Won. When she gets back, Sun Woo is practicing hitting with a stick. She proposes going to Seoul. They can’t be by his side forever and wants to do all she can for him while she still can. She’s surprised when he easily agrees. They decide to head and look for a room there first but Sun Woo tells her to ask Jang Il to let them stay at his place for a few days. Jang Il agrees.

They head off to Seoul. As they’re walking the streets to the station, Sun Woo flashes back to the various moments he spent with friends and his father in this place. Elsewhere, Ji Won reads a passage. As they’re arriving, Jang Il sits on his terrace, watching them coming and shivering. He finally opens the door and greets Sun Woo with a smile and a hug. Sun Woo also pretends to be happy meeting him. As he walks in, he stumbles and the other two help him up while Jang Il watches. Sun Woo’s eyes flick towards where he stands. That night, Jang Il comes out of his room and heads out towards the kitchen when Sun Woo, sleeping on the couch sits up. The both sit down to talk and Jang Il brings him milk. Sun Woo asks him when was the last time they met and Jang Il saw him. Jang Il relates the day they went to drink together and Sun Woo exclaims, “We went to drink together too?” Jang Il asks if he doesn’t remember even the accident and Sun Woo says he doesn’t. He seems to be skeptical of Sun Woo’s words especially when Sun Woo raises the cup of milk to his mouth. Jang Il tells him to rest and walks away. From her room, Sumi watches the exchange and seems to realize there must be another meaning behind the exchange.

Tae Joo is on his way back to find his son. He wants to find him and take him back to America. Next morning, Jang Il leaves early and Sumi explores his room while he’s gone. Okay, this girl certainly is getting weird-er with her crush. I’d never want anyone I didn’t like going through my room even like that. Sumi asks the others if the apartment is well and Sumi tells them it’s one of the expensive ones in Seoul. His friend wonders how he got the money. They come to a place where Ji Won is holding a radio broadcast. She passes Sun Woo on her way up the stairs and remembers the encounter from that day when she broke the car window and recognizes Sun Woo as the boy she met that day. Her face breaks into a smile and she asks him if recognizes her but then falls as she realizes he can’t see her.


See you with Episode 6! 😉

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  1. OMG, Lee Joon Hyuk!!! He is super creepy as Jang Il…. Very calculative person!

  2. thank u

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