Fashion King Episode 6 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  I’ve got to rush back to study now, so Ill try putting up screencaps later! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 6 Recap

So Young Gul carries Anna home and gets them inside by using her thumb print on the door lock. He puts her straight to bed, takes off her shoes and tucks her in, watching her silently for a while as a tear trickles down her face. He remembers her words, “Have you ever felt so disappointed you wanted to die? I have!” Turning off the light, he heads out but doesn’t see Jae Hyuk standing there as he’s admiring Anna’s shoes. He’s startled when he sees Jae Hyuk, who barks out at him, “What are you doing here?”

Young Gul remembers the photo he found in Jae Hyuk’s wallet of Anna and the words at the back and laughs just as Jae Hyuk punches him. Does he even know where he is that he’s coming in so easily? Young Gul tells him he’s not here to see him and hits him back in the head. Before the fight can continue, Young Gul tells him to quiet down, Anna’s asleep. He gives her Anna’s shoes and heads off. Young Gul stops him and tells her to ask Ga Young to come by his office. But Young Gul dismisses his words.

Young Gul stumbles back to the shop, drunken, where Ga Young is asleep and he sees her shoes on the floor. The heel is worn out and old and he remembers Anna’s shoes, all new and beautiful and throws Ga Young’s back on the floor as he turns back to watch her and finally lies down to sleep there. The shoes show such a contrast in both things, Ga Young’s life is a mess while Anna’s isn’t. Ga Young opens her eyes once Young Gul is asleep and puts the blanket over him too, watching his back for a while before turning away to sleep.

Anna walks out the next morning to find Jae Hyuk in the lounge reading the paper. He tells her to be more careful, there are a lot of eyes watching her and its best to avoid misunderstandings and she asks if his father has said something again. It’s news to him that his father met Anna and she tells him she said they planned to get married and asks if she said it wrong. He tells her no; she did well and heads off to work. Guys, your relationship is doomed!

Likewise, Young Gul and Ga Young sit down for breakfast and she tells him she saw him with Anna last night and gets annoyed when he giggles stupidly. She asks him how long he’s going to impose on others and so on. In the end, he asks if he has to report everything to her since he’s the President. He asks her what her business with Jae Hyuk is and she shows him her sketch book. Young Gul’s eyes widen at the sketches, probably gave him an idea but he says nothing. Yep, he envisions them on the runway as hit pieces and sees this as a potential way to hit it off. Next thing, he’s dressing Ga Young up, fashions her hair and even undoes some of her buttons in the front before sending her to see Jae Hyuk.

She bumps into Anna and says a greeting but Anna simply nods back. Curiously, Anna notes Ga Young is headed to Jae Hyuk’s floor. Jae Hyuk comes in just as she’s asking the secretary and he tells her to come straight in. He takes note of her appearance and asks if she designed these clothes herself too but she tells them she borrowed them. He tells her flat out, I’m interested in your designs and so on with a number of instructions before asking her how much time she needs to make samples. However, she doesn’t like the deal and that sparks his temper since she seems to want to work together with Young Gul. He finally tells her, fine, let’s see that confidence of yours and tells her to ask Young Gul to message his details.

Young Gul is surprised it went so well and wonders if Jae Hyuk likes her. For the name, they decide on Young Young. Ga Young is happy he’s using both their names but he blows it off. He asks if she saw Anna and in annoyance, she tells him no. Young Gul uses the money to pay off his debts.  Then he calls up his friend and relays a message for Ga Young. He comes up to a restaurant where his old lady employees are having lunch but there’s also a disgruntled lady sitting there. It’s Ga Young’s roommate from America who launches at him for ruining her life, she was deported from America because of him. The whole thing develops into a full scale catfight between the women which sends Young Gul crashing into a table. They finally get to the talking stage. The roommate asks about Ga Young moments before she walks in through the door and both girls are excited to see each other.

So Young Gil becomes Young Young apparel. They clean up shop and Young Gul asks the roommate if Ga Young can stay with her for the time being but it can’t be and Ga Young sets up in her old corner again.

Ga Young sends her sketch book to Jae Hyuk who smiles at the designs. Meanwhile, Young Gul holds photocopies of the designs and calls someone up. Anna is giving a presentation of her designs during which Jae Hyuk is absent minded and Designer Kim criticizes Anna’s work in the ‘it’s not bad but there’s no feeling’ in it manner. Jae Hyuk agrees and asks to see Anna afterwards. He shows her Ga Young’s sketch book but doesn’t tell her who it belongs to. Anna’s hurt. Didn’t he promise to leave it all on her? Seems he’s already made up his mind. He tries to argue that it’s all for their sake (which makes me think you really are too mechanical in this relationship, the two of you) and Anna tells him to do whatever he cares about. Back in her office, she looks at the tons of sketches she’s made and how they can’t compare to Ga Young’s sketchbook and sweeps them off the table in anger.

At Young Young, everyone’s having lunch but Young Gul is on the phone asking for money from someone. Ga Young points out they need to show samples soon and Young Gul exasperatedly asks, “What’s the big need for samples? The sketch should just work. Just show and say this is the feeling. That’s a sample!” He asks her to go and ask Jae Hyuk again but she tells him to go himself.

And who should walk in, but the guy in question. Everyone turns around from lunch in surprise. It is so funny how they’re sitting in Young Gul’s office for a meeting and the rest of the ladies have their faces plastered to the window behind to listen in. hehe! He asks about the samples and asks Ga Young if they can do it. When she says yes, he points out that it doesn’t seem like they can. Young Gul interjects and Jae Hyuk, ignoring him, turns back to Ga Young, asking her to go out for a bit. Again, she hilariously falls right after opening the door because she bumps into the ladies trying to listen. Jae Hyuk asks Young Gul to lend Ga Young to the company until the samples get done; he wants to borrow her for a bit.

Jae Hyuk and Anna are having dinner that night and although he’s excited and happy, it turns into a fight. She points out that even he doesn’t have any expectations from her, what would his father’s expectations matter? He bursts out at her that he only forwarded Ga Young’s work to help her out so why does she have to get so anxious. He tells her not to hurt her own confidence, it’s her work, she’ll do it from start to end so don’t worry anymore and storms out. With one last sad look towards the apartment door, he boards the elevator.

Why do I feel like trouble’s coming on all ends? Young Gul is making the clothes Ga Young designed while she gets ready for her first day at the company and wakes up Young Gul to say goodbye and ask for lunch money. His phone rings when she’s gone and its Tae San. He searches around the shop for clothes. Ga Young is met by Jae Hyuk’s secretary who admonishes her for making his life miserable by appearing again and begs her to disappear after their work is done.  Hehe, I can’t stop smiling at how miserable he looks. He takes Ga Young to meet Jae Hyuk. He takes note of her appearance again and this time in response to her greeting, tells her, “Yeah, work hard. Go on.” with a smile which surprises his secretary. Once they’re both gone, he smiles even more.

At the shop, the ladies are making something from the clothes Young Gul found. He takes it to Tae San and tells him they’ll make a fashion brand in Tae San’s name and make him the king of the fashion world. Tae San starts imagining the wonderful world ahead of him. Young Gul shows him the sample he has and introduces Ga Young’s roommate as their main designer. They tell him the brand name is YGM from Yellow Great Mountain which translates in Korean into Hwang Tae San-the boss’s name. Oh, he’s a goner!

Jae Hyuk is on the phone, promising someone the brand launch will be much better this time around and asks for the guest list. At least his English doesn’t make me cringe-that much. Anna walks in and is in a much better mood and apologizes for her behavior and she reveals she wants to meet the person who made the sketches and he takes her to meet Ga Young. He tells Anna Ga Young’s not going to be a designer here, more like an assistant and as soon as he heads out, Anna’s expression hardens. Seems not so sorry at all! In the elevator, she catches Jae Hyuk smiling and her mood takes another downturn. She asks if he meant what he said last night regarding them and he tells her as long as she wants it, yeah.

Anna recognizes Ga Young from New York and Jae Hyuk tells Ga Young to learn from Anna and heads off after telling them both to work hard together. Anna sees Ga Young’s work and asks whose idea it was behind this whole thing and throwing her stuff back at her, tells Ga Young to work well. “It’ll be fine without me too, right?” Fuming, she heads back. Madam Jo takes her efforts a notch up and tells Jae Hyuk’s mother she had better be more careful of Ga Young than Anna. She’s more surprised when she runs into Ga Young in the company washroom and is surprised to learn she’s been appointed.

Jae Hyuk heads out, but not before checking his appearance and his smile in the mirror. Ah, I guessed it right! He’s heading to see Ga Young. When he arrives, he looks around and sees the ramen and coffee cups. Anna meanwhile goes to find Young Gul. Ga Young goes to the storage in the company and takes out some cloth bags. She’s reaching for the last one when the cart below her gives way and she falls straight into Jae Hyuk’s arms. Everyone together, Awww!!

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  1. It seems like the writers are taking the words ‘underdog’ a little too seriously! 😛 I didn’t want Anna to be an enemy to Ga Young. Both girls need a friend and they’d do great together!!

    As for JH, I’m kind of invested in his character, a tiny tiny bit more than YG! And yes, for now, he’s got more chemistry with GY in comparison to YG who is inadvertently always using GY or causing trouble for her. However, its too early to say which guy figures in her life where since they’ve both helped her out in her bad times (YG helped her go to America, JH helped her get in fashion school.)

    Let’s see how things unfold here on! 😉

  2. I’m in the group who like our leading lady with JH. (much more chemistry between these 2) But I’m sure it won’t turn out that way unless the writer pulls a strange move that goes against K-drama rules. (ahaha!)
    Did Anna totally turn into a *itch towards GY in that last part? Sheesh, does everyone in this drama get to slap GY or be nasty to her?

  3. Yay!!! But I am worried that she is collecting more enemies…Anna and potentially Jae Hyuk’s mum if she believes evil Madam Jo…

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