Fashion King Episode V Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Again, I’m attaching screen caps at the end! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

For me, all our leads were the highlight in this episode. It’s nice to see things settle down compared to the fast tracking and development in the previous episodes. Although, more than all that, what delighted me in this episode was Jae Hyuk’s character. He’s becoming so much better and I love the expressions he’s showing, whether he’s unconscionably smiling or scowling. Plus, I love that he’s not evil or bad like his family but simply disconnected and doesn’t care much about others (Young Gul’s trouble) but he isn’t so heartless that he’s not bothered when he realizes he’s been wrong. Compared to the first episode, he’s showing so many more expressions and shades of his character… Ah, that damned second lead syndrome! I am so in for heartbreak I guess!

As for Ga Young, she’s starting to show her guts and take advantage of her circumstances the best she can. We already know she’s not one to let pride stand in her way (When Jae Hyuk’s secretary gives her money in his office in America, she doesn’t throw it in his face, she tells him thanks, she’ll use it well!) And since she knows Madam Jo and Jung Ah (Where was she in today’s episode?!) are evil, she’s not just a meek person anymore, she’s standing up to them as much as her circumstances allow. I loved the scene where she takes advantage of the crew being around to ask Madam Jo for fare. She’s being polite, but there’s a hint of sarcasm in her voice and a challenging expression.

Young Gul’s at rock bottom now. He’s got nothing to his name and a lot of credit to pay back (Tae San!) Here on, he’s starting to think of how to get back up and like Anna says, he sure does have a lot of interest in money and has no qualms showing it to the world. What’s to be seen though, is how he will transform from the copying Young Gul to the Fashion King Young Gul. To date, he’s done fashion business well, made perfect replicas and earned good money from them, but that makes him a nobody in the fashion world. Even the one time his own idea sells big (The Coat Michael J bought from him) he’s more interested in the money he’ll get for it than to think beyond the surface and realize what it means in terms of potential. He has eons of talent and potential, but how is he going to tap into it and start to believe in it?

Anna, still an enigma. Her and Jae Hyuk’s relationship is heading for doom again and it’s a problem on both ends. Now that they’re back in Korea, Jae Hyuk hasn’t given her much time or support in her work but thats also because she isn’t doing the best she can. She’s actually trying very hard to please. But the problem here is that you forget the way towards it and rather focus on the end. The means here are just as important. Her issue I think is that she’s taken the negatives in her life a little too seriously and they’re clouding the way towards positive (Michael J’s rejection of her talent and Jae Hyuk’s family) Young Gul’s just like her, hell, he’s seen worse than her but the reason he is as he is today is because he doesn’t fret over bygones. Let them be bygones. Focus on what you can do better ahead. Still can’t blame her though. Life’s a bitch and people are worse. And sometimes, they just do get to you that bad! :/

Episode 5 Recap:

Young Gul is on the bus but his thoughts are conflicted and he bangs his head on the window as he remembers Ga Young being beaten up by

the people in the shop. Getting off the bus, he starts running back. By the time he arrives, the crowd has dispensed and there isn’t a single soul inside the shop either. He finds Ga Young’s bags on the floor. Madam Jo meanwhile is reminded of an interview by her secretary when a bloody and disheveled Ga Young walks up to her. Madam Jo wonders why she’s here and calls her ‘shameless’, blaming her for being thrown out of Fashion School. When Ga Young asks for her old job, or some money, she’s given the cold shoulder. Someone give Madam Jo a slap! I’d love to see her with disheveled hair and a bloody lip!

Madam Jo refuses to help her and Ga Young, now with a spine, tells Madam Jo she’s staying anyway and at her threat to call the police, tells Madam Jo she’d love to repeat this stuff for the interview tomorrow, leaving Madam Jo fuming! Ha! I love the spirited Ga Young! As she reaches the back storage are and moves things around to make space and a bed for herself, Ga Young starts panting and finally, huddled in a blanket catches sight of herself in the mirror-torn cheek, bloody lips and disheveled hair, finally letting her tears out. Awww!

Young Gul is at an aunt’s house and facing a temper tantrum from the aunt who calls him out on never having contributed to the house but yet coming along to leech off every now and then. She calls him out as the reason his mother left and tells him since he’d already gone to America he should’ve looked for his mother, why come find her? Hurt and teary, Young Gul calls her out as the person who let a child die without taking her to the hospital. The child that died was Young Gul’s sister. Leaving a stash of money for his aunt, Young Gul heads out. He turns back when he hears a girl’s voice.

“Oppa, make lots of money. Make lots and lots of money and definitely come back for me.”

Heartbreak! The little girl is making me cry! Teary, Young Gul also turns away and walks out, heading to a friend’s store-the one he sold Ga Young’s design to. He takes his friend’s lunch and calls him out for not helping Ga Young when she was being beaten up but his friend tells him he should’ve helped if he was there. He tells Young Gul there are gangsters looking for him all over and Young Gul borrows his phone, calling up his gangster friend, Il Gook, telling him he’s coming to meet Tae San.

Ga Young sketches away, still huddled in the blanket and eating ramen and drinking soju with shaky hands. Finally, she looks through the garbage for left over cloth to make the jacket she sketched and gets to it. Girl’s efficient! Once it’s done, she lets out a slight smile and tries it on. Elsewhere, Jae Hyuk is going through a portfolio which seems to be Anna’s but seems like he isn’t liking what he’s seeing much. In that moment, Ga Young calls him up and asks to meet. He asks if she’s in Seoul after a quick glance at the number she’s calling from and tells her he can’t do anything for her regarding her school problem but she tells him it’s regarding something else. She wants to show him something she’s made. He tells her he’s too busy so she asks for his email address instead. He tells her he’ll call her back on the number she’s called from and after quickly apologizing for disturbing him when busy, she puts the phone down although it seems he was about to say more. When it’s cut off, he lets out a slight smile. *Melting into a puuuudddddllllllleeeeee* When Anna asks who it is, he deflects the question. Anna proposes to redo the designs and he agrees so she stalks off, throwing the ones she’d made straight into trash. Whoa! What a temper! Once she’s gone, Jae Hyuk calls up Ga Young and tells her he has time tonight.

I love what Ga Young does! Madam Jo is in the middle of the interview when Ga Young comes down wearing the clothes she sewn last night and tells Madam Jo she’s going out for a while. To keep appearances, Madam Jo is all smiles and pleasantry. When Ga Young asks for some money, she can’t refuse and hands it over. Once she’s gone, the interviewer asks if Ga Young is also a pupil there and Madam Jo agrees, smiling as the interviewer compliments Ga Young’s beautiful clothes. Meanwhile, Young Gul gets hit again and again by Tae San as revenge for sleeping with Tae San’s lover and asks Young Gul where she is now but Young Gul doesn’t know and tells Tae San he’ll pay him back for everything in one way or another, however he can. When Tae San gives the order to ‘dispose’ of Young Gul, Young Gul shows him the picture of the coat he made for Michael and bribes Tae San, saying he’ll do the same for him, giving Michael and Jae Hyuk as his references.

Jae Hyuk arrives at the location and checks his appearance in a mirror with a slight smile, as my heart goes, Oooohhh!! Is someone already into someone without realizing it?! 😛 He walks up to the restaurant/bar where Ga Young gets up to greet him and *melt* there’s another smile! Young Gul washes up his wounds and the blood off in the washroom as his friend hands him a paper with Ga Young’s address written on it. As they sit, Jae Hyuk has a soft expression and with a not so subtle gesture towards her face, he asks, “Have you been living well?” She smiles and says she has been. He asks what she wanted to show and she gets up and walks away, cat waling back, focusing on her clothes. When he still looks surprised, she asks him how they are. His response, a cough! Haha! She asks if she should catwalk again and he tells her no, she can sit. She tells him this is the only sample she has and needs a little money and support to show him more and better. He points out the underlying but with a hint of a smile-she’s here for money. Even as she says the words, she feels ashamed and explains she doesn’t have her luggage or anything but if he wants, once she has the money, she can work fast and bring more results for him soon. He also burst into a short laugh! My heart will be stopping sometime very soon!  A waitress brings drinks and Ga Young downs hers a little too fast so he offers her water. He downs his shot and asks her, ‘How much do you need?’

As they’re leaving, Jae Hyuk opens the door to his car and turns back to her. She thanks him for his help and tells him she’ll wait for his call. He tells her to get in the car. When he realizes she’s staying at Jo Boutique he asks if she’s lived there long. The questions go on-what about when she came back from America, does she really have no place to go, where her luggage is. Young Gul meanwhile, is on his way to Jo Boutique to see Ga Young when she arrives and is surprised to see Jae Hyuk with her.

I and Ga Young are even more surprised when Jae Hyuk gets out of the car, in the rain and opens up an umbrella for her, his expression really soft. (Why do I always have to fall for the second lead??!!) Upstairs, Madam Jo also seems to get a wake up call realizing who it is. On the ride back, Jae Hyuk is staring out the window with the same soft expression when he finds a small pouch left behind by Ga Young. It contains a small amount of money.

When Ga Young comes upstairs, Madam Jo asks her why she was with Jae Hyuk. Matter of factly, Ga Young tells her he was simply dropping her back and she asks why she went to meet Jae Hyuk but Ga Young deflects. She wants the jacket Ga Young made back since she reasons the trash is still hers and asks for the change from the taxi fare back. Ga Young looks around for her pouch but finds it missing which is when Young Gul walks up and asks how much she owes Miss Evil and throws a wad of cash at her feet.

He turns to Ga Young and asks her if she’s going to stay here and Ga Young replies, no. He offers his hand which she takes and tells her, let’s go. Alright, now I’m torn! With a pointed glare back at Madam Jo, Young Gul takes Ga Young away. They’re riding the bus back together when Young Gul fires his own series of questions. She was beaten up. Does she think it’s because of him? She tells him no. He asks why she went to the factory in the first place. Did she want to seek him out and ask him to take responsibility since he was the reason she was kicked out of Fashion School. Ga Young remains silent as tears flow and finally mutters it’s not like that. He’s still exasperated and fires on. Why did she meet Jae Hyuk, is she dating him, is he her boss now or what, and wonders aloud if he should be feeling thankful to her. She doesn’t reply. They head to Young Girl where he picks the lock and once inside, she grabs her luggage while he changes clothes and grabs a bag and a notebook, accidently walking out again when she’s changing. Turning away, he catches sight of her diary and the pictures they took on the night he cooked her dinner but they were arrested and snaps at her, kicking the stuff away and asks why she keeps carrying around stuff like this. Poor guy’s having a big battle with his conscience today.

He goes back to the friend he’d met earlier before heading to see Tae San and tells Ga Young to learn more from his friend about designing. Then, he heads off, consulting his notebook, probably off to settle remaining debts. Anna meanwhile faces a lot of pressure from the other in house designer who jabs at her that everyone will have a lot of expectations from her but she should relax and work. Jae Hyuk’s father, President Jung walks in and takes Anna to lunch. All the while, he questions her about her family and circumstances. Why leave America where she had such a great establishment with Michael. Is she hoping to marry Jae Hyuk? Why did she follow him here. When she says she loves Jae Hyuk, President Jung laughs heartily and snobbishly at that.

Jae Hyuk is meanwhile jogging and remembering his latest meeting with Ga Young. Madam Jo cuts up the jacket Ga Young had made and throws it in the trash just as her secretary dashes in, Jae Hyuk is here. Madam Jo is ecstatic but unfortunately for her, he’s here to see Ga Young. He catches sight of Ga Young’s torn jacket in the trash. Madam Jo asks if Ga Young has caused any trouble or anything and relates that some ‘beggar like person’ came and dragged her away and she kept calling him ‘President’. Madam Jo is devastated of course, she says she raised Ga Young as one of her own children. How could she do that to Madam Jo? The former part leaves Jae Hyuk frowning and scowling and of course, he leaves without a second to spare. Outside, his scowl darkens and he even bursts into a mocking smile, as if mocking himself for something.

When he gets home, there are lady’s shoes in the doorway and makes an exasperated expression. Yes, Mama’s home dear boy. And boy, does she bug & nag! Hehe, Jae Hyuk feels the same as me and simply shrugs it all off, lounging back to watch TV. Finally her mother bursts out. How could he bring Anna back here? What is he going to do now? Slowly, he mumbles out loud “Don’t embarrass me!” It’s so pitiful he doesn’t even want to talk about it so she should just go back. She turns off his TV in annoyance and tells him she’s his mother, there’s nothing she can’t do. I love Jae Hyuk ten times more for annoying his mother so! Good job! 😉

Jae Hyuk threatens to go and register his marriage if this continues and he smirks, “I’m your son. Is there anything I can’t do?”

Hehe, make it a hundred times more! And of course, he turns the TV back on! Once she’s finally gone, after showing a bit of motherly concern which can go unnoticed for all it matters, Jae Hyuk finds loads of missed calls from Anna and calls her back but the call doesn’t go through.


Young Gul goes to seek a loan but is denied it sine he has no guarantee. True to character, he tries to use his latest conquest, the Michael J coat he designed but he only succeeds in annoying the loan officer. Going back to his friend, he counts the money he collected with the help of his notebook (what people owed him) and dejectedly realizes its not enough. As he’s asking his friend for a loan, his friend ignores him since he’s too busy gaping at the woman near the racks. When young Gul rises to take a look himself, he comes face to face with Anna, who smiles at him. Whoa! Ga Young, doing labor work of carrying large bags of clothes sees them leave, her eyes watching Young Gul’s smiling face and her face falls. She remembers Anna from New York and watches them leave with a heavy heart and a fallen expression. Girl, cheer up! Soon, Young Gul will wake up. If he doesn’t, I’m sure Jae Hyuk will be right behind you. Hehe..

They head out to drinks and Young Gul asks her about Michael and is more interested in how much he gets for having his coat in Michael’s fashion show. She offers to help him getting in touch with Michael and comments that he sure has a lot of interest in money. His reply is good. Is there anyone who isn’t interested in money? She tells him people are secretive about their interest and little show it like Young Gul. Much later, they’re drunk and Anna sighs that he’s lucky to have gotten acknowledgement for his talent by Michael and laments her own state. She worked so hard for so long, but he never even saw her way. As she drinks more, Young Gul watches her thoughtfully. Anna says when she was young she thought she could accomplish anything as long as she worked hard and asks him if he’s ever seen disappointment so much that he wanted to die. He tells her no but she says she has. And they drink on. She smiles heartily when he tells her she’s really attractive but hits the table seconds later.

Jae Hyuk, meanwhile is worried since he can’t reach her and heads out. Young Gul carries Anna home and gets them inside by using her thumb print on the door lock. He puts her straight to bed, takes off her shoes and tucks her in, watching her silently for a while as a tear trickles down her face. Turning off the light, he heads out but doesn’t see Jae Hyuk standing there as he’s admiring Anna’s shoes. He’s startled when he sees Jae Hyuk, who barks out at him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

See you with Episode 6! 😉

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  1. Thank you for the recap its really accurate your translation is also very nice. I hope to read more recaps from the admin I really appreciate the effort.Thank you,fighting

    • Thanks Graciamaris! I’m still in the process of learning Korean and have a loooooong looooong looong way to go yet but am enjoying recapping a lot and thankfully, my knowledge of Korean is proving sufficient for now, hehe! ^^ Fighting!!

  2. Thank you!! It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but at the moment, I like Ga Young paired with Jae Hyuk. I saw a photo that seems to show Anna and Young Gul kissing… might be for next week’s episode… oh-oh.. it is all getting so entangled..heehee.

    I have been reading your recaps for Equator Man too, but not sure I feel brave enough to watch it after the first episode (seems too dark at the moment). I might see how the story develops and decide if I should continue watching later on. It is a shame, I do like the two actors who are great at their craft.

    • Yeah, there’s a kiss scene between Anna and YG next week! And I am not linking that storyline at the moment… It seemed like YG takes advantage of Anna’s moment of weakness… Let’s see if I’m wrong!

      As for EM, I’m not very keen with that drama… I will continue recaps though, but I might switch to mini recaps instead of full recaps… It’s always putting me in a down mood… 😐

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