Strongest K Pop Survival Episode III-IV

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Again, I’m attaching screen caps at the end! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

We’ve got good further development and a lot of characters are falling into place. It’s good to realize that some of the characters are not as straight as they seem. Example, Team Leader Han. The M2 Junior members learn the basics of what being a team is about although they’re still miles away from truly being one, Hyun Woo is slowly starting to be more aware of people around him and his past is slowly drawing up. Seung Yeon shows us that she’s not simply a decisive and strong willed person in herself, she knows how to fight against the odds when she takes a stand and reprieves their senior members for acting childish. I loved the way everyone simply stared speechless! ^^

Episode III & IV Recap:

Seung Yeon agrees to do anything to get Hyun Woo to forgive her but her agreement is with the devil, which she doesn’t seem to realize yet. He gives her back her hand phone and on her way back in the bus, she remembers his words. She has to do everything he says as long as his eye is still bruised. She can’t even be a second late when he calls or messages. Funnily, Seung Yeon doesn’t realize her curses at Hyun Woo are being misunderstood and the little boy sitting in front of her stands up, meekly apologizes and offers up his seat to her. At that moment, Hyun Woo summons her.

She arrives and is put to cleaning duty and scrubs down the whole house. When she brings him lemon water later during the day, she imagines throwing it in his face and smirking in glee but scowls to know she can’t. Next she’s at a dance session and a bit late at it too but her phone keeps buzzing throughout. One by one, all the participants except two make mistakes are sent to the back. At the end, one of the two forfeits and this leads to a fist fight between the two.

Seung Yeon gets 58 messages for coffee and as retaliation brings him 58 cups of coffee to drink at leisure! The fistfight is witnessed by all the remaining members and Team Leader Han. She gives the ultimatum. Today onwards, M2 Junior is finished.

The members sit in their dorms worrying about what’s going to happen and the two members who got into the fight launch into a blame game. Seung Yeon tries to break the two away and ends up throwing a jug of water on them, which brings them back to sense. She tells them of course they’re both amazing, everyone knows that but can’t they see the rest of the members who are being kicked out because of them? If they’re so not interested, why don’t they leave? Why does everyone else here who got this chance after working so hard have to leave because of them. Then she turns to the CCTV camera installed in their room and shouts out to the person watching on the other end- President Hyun Suk that they are definitely not going to leave.

He has a meeting with Team Leader Han who tells him he already gave her all the authority so she’ll do as she sees fit and deems they shouldn’t forgive M2 Junior members so easily. She’s surprised by his easy agreement and he heads out to have drinks with the M2 junior members and she rushes to stop him.

Hyun Woo is discarding the entire extra coffee when he gets a call from his manager and that gives him another devious idea. Seung Yeon tells her brother they definitely aren’t leaving when she gets another summons and shouts out in annoyance. Turns out, Hyun Woo has called her to help him out with practicing a scenario. He tells her to put in more feeling and her feeling does come out well in practice, since it’s a scene where she has to curse his character and does so with all her heart. Hyun Woo stops her, annoyed and gives her another scene to do. Except, this time, it’s a lovey dovey scene!

She plops down beside him and making cutie faces, puts her hand on his cheek before pouncing on him. it’s so cute to see him so out of the scenario since his heart starts beating fast with the contact. Seung Yeon in an exasperated shouting voice asks him if she should continue and he shoves her away, downing a glass of water to calm himself. Sending Seung Yeon away, he thinks to himself, “What’s with that brat? Isn’t he really a pervert?”

Seung Yeon heads to a convenience store to eat ramen and runs into her uncle, Hyun Suk there. She’s exasperated with the behavior of boys and starts drinking with him, asking him if they’re really going to be thrown out. He tells her he left it all to Team Leader Han. Seung Yeon asks if he’s dating Team Leader Han but he denies it just as she comes up behind and scolds Seung Yeon for being out so late.

When Seung Yeon is gone, she tells Hyun Suk this is the only chance she’ll give M2 Junior members. All members in question are currently awake, wondering what the next morning will bring. They all receive a message, telling them to have their bags ready and be in front of the building at 6 am tomorrow morning. When team Leader Han joins them the next morning, they start to apologize but Team Leader tells them to sit in the van first and they head off. On the ride there, we see that Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk are interested in each other although they don’t seem to be dating.

The boys and Seung Yeon begin training outdoors just like it is in the army complete with uniforms and although the team has yet to reach mutual understanding and friendship, they at least promise to do well together. They’re not allowed anything other than the basic necessities and their mp3 players, hand phones are confiscated. Training begins.

The team members manage to bond a little while Team Leader Han and Hyun Suk also get along well. When his hand gets slightly burnt, she tends to it quickly and he wonders aloud to her.

“How am I going to live without Team Leader Han? Team Leader Han, you’ll be by my side forever, right?”

Aww, cute!!! ^^ She tells him not to jokw so lightly and he tells her he’s serious but she runs off to check out the progress of the kids and stops when out of sight, trying to calm her heartbeat. The kids are exhausted and spent. Team Leader Han tells them it’s their last chance and they must think and do well.

Hyun Woo sits at home, bored and wonders why he has no one to call and have fun at times like these. He calls up his hyung from MBLAQ but they’re busy playing and can’t show. He finally thinks of calling Seung Yeon but finds her phone turned off and calls up his manager to find and bring ‘that pervert’ but his manager tells him they’re gone out for training.

The members think amongst themselves on whom to appoint as leader and point out that the only two who’ve always persevered till the end are the two members who don’t get along. Hence it should be one of them. So begins a dancing contest between the two to determine the leader and the others cheer as they watch on. Hyun Woo decides against going to find Seung Yeon at the camp and sits down to practice his script which is when he remembers the last time him and Seung Yeon practiced together. Spooked by his memory, he blames it on being hungry and proceeds to jog. Haha!

The two members dance away even though one of them has an injured shoulder. Realizing this, the other one starts to dance using just his legs, making the competition fair but when he stumbles, the other grabs him and steadies him. Hyun Woo is puzzled about the members being taken to training camp and wonders what Team Leader Han is thinking, taking the kids so far when they have to be fired in the end. Hyun Suk comes to tell Team Leader Han the kids are done for the day and asks her to go help Seung Yeon. She’s currently stuck in the middle of seven boys as they take off their clothes and head to shower. Ji Woo watches in worry as Seung Yeon stands there and worries what to do. One of the others encourages the two to join them and to delay, Seung Yeon grabs her belt as if fiddling with it and wonders loud why it isn’t budging. The other member offers to help her which hilariously has both Seung Yeon and Ji Woo shouting out loud, “NO! It’s alright!” Just in time, Team Leader Han comes and takes Seung Yeon away. While showering, the members share their experiences of the day and bond, even the sour two end it on a helpful note. Seung Yeon showers in Team Leader Han’s quarters and thanks Team Leader Han for her help.

“For a short while, I forgot you were also a girl.”

“Haha, sometimes, I forget it myself too!”

When they get back, as soon as Seung Yeon turns on her phone, while heading for a hip hop session which she’s super excited about, she gets a call-from Hyun Woo. Meanwhile, he has gone to meet Team Leader Han and is worried to see his bruise all healed. She tells him not to worry about the M2 juniors and just focus on his own work, handing him a CD. Going in, he realizes he’s sent Seung Yeon on a fool’s errand and calls her but she doesn’t pick up. When she calls back, he can’t pick up since he’s left his phone outside. Consequently, Seung Yeon misses her session.

After his session is done, he picks up Seung Yeon’s calls and she blows at him for not telling her so he annoyingly cuts off the call. Cursing him out loud, Seung Yeon calms her anger down. When he’s heading down, he runs into a makeup artist and has her do his eye so it still looks bruised. Seung Yeon however, runs into the makeup artist as she’s talking on the phone and realizes his eye has healed.

Hyun Woo is at home eating an apple when Seung Yeon shows up and he complains about it still hurting and wonders if her conscience is acting up. She brings out a big bowl full of water and throws it at his face. Angry, he turns back to her.

“Are you crazy?!”

“Why? Want me to call Su Yoon Noona again? The makeup is all gone!”

He curses at the artist for leaking the word and she shouts at him, releasing all her pent up exasperation and feelings. It might be nothing to him, but because of him, she’s lost an important chance. For her every chance is important and tells him not to look at her chances as if they’re nothing. While she’s speaking, her eyes fill with tears and she glares at him. He’s at a loss for words and feels bad so when she turns to leave, he stops her with a question but she leaves without a word.

Later, he’s walking in the company with his manager when he comes upon loud music and discovers Seung Yeon practicing dance by herself and not doing well. He watches with gloomy eyes and a heavy heart until she does well when she bursts into a smile and unconsciously so does he. However, she’s about to come out so he runs away, dragging his manager along. Seung Yeon passes them by but simply leaves with a greeting causing Hyun Woo to be irritated. His manager wonders if Seung Yeon hates him.

Training for M2 Junior continues in full swing and although Seung Yeon messes up at times, she does her best. Hyun Woo tells Team Leader Han he doesn’t want to do the movie she chose for him and leaves. Team Leader Han asks his manager if he told M2 Junior about the signing tomorrow. Outside, the manager runs into one of the M2 Junior members and tells him about the signing tomorrow but is cut off before he can say more. Oooh, that’s bound to be wrong.

The M2 members get all excited practicing signatures. They arrive at the venue the next day, all excited for their first signature event. Once inside, they find prepared clothes and change up before anybody else comes but when the stylist comes in, she realizes the mistake but before she can correct them, M2 and MBLAQ members walk in. The signing is basically for them today and M2 Junior members are only here to help them. MBLAQ walks out and M2 members rub into M2 Juniors until Hyun Woo comes up and shuts up his band members, sending the juniors out to change. M2 Junior helps the others with their sign, taking the fans gifts for the idols and putting them away. When Seung Yeon comes to the corner, one of the M2 members sees her getting a gift from a fan meant for her and snaps at her to get him coffee. When she brings it, he spills it all over in an ‘accident’. Seung Yeon apologizes for the mistake and heads out. From across, Hyun Woo watches with concern and remembers Seung Yeon’s words about it being an important chance to her.

The evil member gets it back when two foreigners walk up to him and ask him if he is gay. Since he doesn’t know English, he replies, “Okay, thank you!” Seung Yeon’s teammate laughs at that and points it out to the member. Cut to the back area where the M2 member starts a fight with the junior. (Man, I cringe at their English skills! K) Seung Yeon and the team leader for M2 junior interject and Seung Yeon apologizes and asks the Team Leader to take the other member away. The M2 member is angry and tells Seung Yeon she can get hit in place of her team member. After all, they are a team and should take responsibility together. Seung Yeon prepares herself t be beaten and the member raises his fist and strikes but someone grabs his hand. It’s Hyun Woo.

He orders Seung Yeon to scramble and she leaves. Hyun Woo asks his team mate if he doesn’t even feel embarrassed for acting like that and to go out and continue signing unless he wants to be embarrassed even more. However, their exchange is overseen by a fan. Late that night, M2 Junior members lament the day’s proceedings and one of them wonders if Seung Yeon has connections within the company. They decide to send the leader to talk things out with team Leader Han regarding the events. The internet goes viral with the news about the fight between the M2 members.

Team Leader Han is mollified at the new turn of events and when the leader of M2 Junior comes in, she tells them she is in no mood to listen to apologies but they tell her they’re not here to make apologies and come with a proposal. She agrees but gives them a ridiculous condition as well. Hyun Suk watches them leave and wonders at their down faces.  Meanwhile, Woo Hyun is practicing singing and dancing alone as if relieving stress through them. As he dances and sings, images of Seung Yeon pass through his mind. When his manager comes to get him, he tells him he isn’t finished and bumps into Seung Yeon heading out of practice. She’s her usual self and answers him nonchalantly until she thanks him for his help yesterday. He tells he didn’t do it to help her.

“Alright. I’ll cancel the thanks. Bye.”

He stares at her leaving and then calls out to her. “I don’t take it as a laugh. Your chance, I’m not treating it as a laugh (taking it lightly).” She’s surprised and watches him leave.

The M2 members wonder what they should do. If Team Leader hadn’t wanted to give them their permission she should’ve just said so instead of giving the condition and so they wrack their brains for a solution. Seung Yeon wakes up just as one member of M2 Junior goes out with his guitar but she doesn’t see him. Seung yeon tries to wake up the others to go and sleep in their rooms but finds Ki Bum’s sketch book with caricatures of all the members and is hit with an idea. She wakes them all up and shows them the sketches, telling them to use Ki Bum’s sketches. He reaches out to grab his sketchbook back, but everyone starts checking them out and agrees with the idea. They scan the photos and make stories for each and everyone. Seung Yeon and Tae Gun start making the music for their video. Seung Yeon sees the member that left earlier coming back and asks him where he was but he brushes it off. All the members head off to record their song and practice dance together.

Hyun Woo tells Hyun Suk the next morning he won’t do the movie and Hyun Suk tells him to think carefully about what he wants to do, go solo or not. Hyun Woo tells Team Leader Han this is the same as telling him to quit M2 and says it seems like the President is adamant on taking M2 to the end but Team Leader tells him that can never happen since there’s a reason he’ll have to give it up if he takes it to the end. Hyun Woo wonders what she means.

The video of M2 Junior goes viral and the members meet fans and promote their website and caricatures. Hyun Woo finds out about their adventures and checks out the video online, learning about Team Leader Han’s condition and his mood turns sour. There’s an anonymous comment online that worries M2 Junior and Team Leader Han is shown talking on the phone when someone is eavesdropping from the door but it isn’t shown who. The members watch their fan base and wonder why the numbers are increasing so slowly. They don’t have much time left to meet the deadline Team Leader Han set. Seems Hyun Woo’s manager is making comments in his name too but for the benefit of M2. When Hyun Woo finds out, the manager tells him it’s because of Team Leader Han and her condition and promises to remove the comments but Hyun Woo tells him to leave them be. Even his manager is surprised.

Team Leader Han is surprised that Woo Hyun helped the junior fan club out and that they already have 4000 + fans. M2 Junior has a photo session and their motto is written as “We Have a Dream”. Hyun Woo heads with Team Leader Han where he endorses a brand during photography and she wonders why he helped M2 Junior with their fan club. They run into a scene where an actress In Young, who is scolding two workers and walks by without acknowledging Team Leader Han and Hyun Woo. Haha, we were missing out an evil lady in the check list for characters. Looks like she finally showed up! Hyun Woo turns back and on the drive home, seems lost in thought and tells his manager to stop the car. He drives himself, leaving his manager behind and heads to the river. Flashbacks show us the days he used to date In Young and they both looked cute n happily in love.

Late night, Seung Yeon heads down to get water when she sees her team mate heading out with his guitar. Curious, she follows him. Hyun Woo just pulls in front of the building as she’s heading out and decides to follow her. They end up at a club where her team mate is working as a singer. Seung Yeon’s mouth is left hanging open watching him perform since they’d be fired if they were working part time. Hyun Woo takes a picture of her team mate as evidence and then takes a picture of her too. She’s startled to see him here and he tells her he was keeping an eye on her and tells her they’re definitely getting fired now. Seung Yeon turns to grab the phone from his hand when his hat falls off and people start to recognize him. Taking his hand, Seung Yeon runs off. Outside, they’re both panting for breath when he realizes she’s still holding his hand and she jerks his gaze away. They’re bickering when a drunken guy passes by and Seung Yeon draw close to Hyun Woo to avoid being recognized. Both find the distance too close and avoid looking directly at each other until the man passing by stumbles into them and they both end up in an accidental kiss. Haha, it’ll be great watching Hyun Woo go crazy in the next episode!!

See you with Episode 5! 😉

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