Equator Man Episode IV Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Again, I’m attaching screen caps at the end! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

The story moves forward into another era now, the adults! It’s surprising to see the different sides of some characters-actually, just one character- Chairman Jin. The way he treats his daughter, who I’m suspecting isn’t his real child either was quite surprising and his wish for feeling like family felt heartfelt as well. However, we still see the evil in him more often than not and which is about to be amplified now that Tae Joo is coming back to Korea. Then there’s Sumi. The girl is still hung up on Jang Il and it’s hard to see where she’s being honest and where she’s being manipulative. Ji Won is still in the shade. There’s not much further work on her character and she almost got like less than 5 minutes in this episode. (Don’t tell me it’s really less than 5 minutes! I can’t recall her being anywhere except the drunk and then the library scene!)

Jang Il’s character is growing and it’s going where it was doomed to go since the end of last episode. He took that one final plunge from where there’s no turning back when he took the log in his hand and used it on his friend. Even he realizes it and it’s kind of heartbreaking the way he puts it into words himself. He’s not truly evil, unlike Chairman Jin, but the actions he takes and his fear of losing is what makes him fall further and further into the abyss. He truly mourned for Sun Woo’s father and felt remorse when he knew his father was involved. He was thinking for the best way out when he begs Sun Woo to go with him to Seoul, to forget everything and start afresh. But it’s his fear of losing what he had gained (his father, the entrance to university in Seoul, the chance to becoming a prosecutor and having power) that makes him take the wrong way out and he ends up betraying a friend-the first one he ever had and who sacrificed his life for him time and again.

The cinematography is still showing us some great shots at times and at times, the very angle of the shots makes it all the more interesting! Although, I am still not heavily invested in this drama. I’m curious about Sun Woo and Jang Il, what their future is going to be and how things are going to move here on, but somehow, none of the other characters has gotten that deep into me, especially none of the leading ladies. Hope that changes soon too! Anyway, onto the recap!

Episode IV Recap:

Jang Il begs Sun Woo but Sun Woo is adamant to pursue the case. Left with no other choice, Jang Il takes a log to Sun Woo’s head, knocking him out. Dragging his unconscious friend to the corner, Jang Il throws him over the side. As he falls, Sun Woo sees Jang Il’s figure staring from the top.

Once it is done, Jang Il’s tears flow and he shouts out, again and again. Clutching the folder Sun Woo had, he walks away in a daze before stopping and turning back for a while. Every time he starts to turn away, his conscience nags at him and he slightly turns back but then simply stands frozen there, clutching the envelope. He makes a decision and starts to run away.

Later, he sits in a warehouse and burns the envelope and the picture, all the while, panting and afraid. Sumi runs into him on his way home and asks if he knows where Sun Woo is but Jang Il denies it. Shivering, he reaches home and hides under the bed covers. Moments later, he starts packing up to leave as the day’s events run through his mind, finally making him vomit. Sumi calls out to Sun Woo again and again at his apartment but there’s no response and waits there.

On the train, Jang Il runs into the boy who had helped Sun Woo before. He tells Jang Il to treat Sun Woo well, telling him Sun Woo risked his life for him against the gangsters and almost died. Overcome with the thought, Jang Il clutches his collar. Once home, he runs to the fridge and drinks water before throwing the bottle away, finally sitting down and crying in the dark. Jang Il’s father finds him gone with a note left behind. Sumi’s still waiting for Sun Woo till nightfall when the landlady comes to tell her he didn’t come home. Jang Il’s father hears the info.

Sun Woo’s friend comes to ask the police officer but learns he hasn’t turned in his application yet. Jang Il’s father remembers Jang Il’s words and worries to himself, “Jang Il, you didn’t, right?” Jang Il meanwhile spooks even as his name is called out. Sumi worries at home, wondering what happened.

Sun Woo washes up to shore, injured and weak. Jang Il goes out drinking with his new friends and doesn’t listen to anyone but like a mad man, just drinks by himself and keeps laughing out loud until he’s dead drunk. Elsewhere, Ji Won’s having dinner at a pojangmacha where Jang il walks in and starts drinking again. Suddenly, the radio announces . He runs out and vomits by the street side, tears finally escaping again. As Ji Won stands behind, Jang Il whispers to himself, “Why did you do it? What do I do now? Making me tired, it was for my sake? Father, what do I do now?”

Jang Il, still drunk, shoves Ji Won out of the way before collapsing on a bench muttering, “Now, I’ve gone to a place I never wanted to go.” Ji Won tries to wake him and ends up throwing water on his face. That wakes him up. She tells him to go home and rest, whatever the matter is, he’ll feel better in the morning. When she’s about to leave, he asks her to stay with him for a while, just for a while and they both sit together. Later, when he wakes up, she’s gone but left her scarf for him.

He finds her in the library the next day with a gift as thanks for her scarf yesterday. She tells him not to blame his father too much, whatever the matter is. No parent wants his child to suffer deliberately. A rescue team finds Sun Woo and brings him to the hospital. Jang Il gets a message on his pager and freaks out. The call from the hospital goes through to both Jang Il and Sumi’s father. Sumi and her father head to the hospital.

Sumi stops her father from saying too much about Sun Woo’s father and report it to the police. Sumi’s father begs the doctor to save Sun Woo and tells her that if Sun Woo dies, he will tell the police everything. Sumi balks at that but assures her father that Sun Woo will definitely wake up. They are leaving when Jang Il’s father is heading inside. Sumi’s father doesn’t want to let her meet Sun Woo but Sumi stops him and they head home.

Jang Il gets a call from his father who tells him to forget about Sun Woo and just work well. There are no decided results about Sun Woo yet anyway. Jang Il is washing his face again and again when he imagines it could be the police here to tell him about Sun Woo and practices responses. When the doorbell keeps ringing, he opens it to find a mailman who’s here with the package Sun Woo had told Jang Il he had sent him. He sits in the dark later; tears streaming down his face and whispers, “Sun Woo, I’m sorry.” His father reports to the Chairman about Sun Woo being in the hospital in a coma and is unlikely to wake up.

Jang Il’s father visits Sun Woo and although he seems to have guessed the truth, he tells Chairman Jin Sun Woo probably drank too much and fell in the sea himself. Sun Woo meanwhile, in his coma keeps going over his and Jang Il’s days together before having a dream about his father cooking and feeding him food. They later discuss and share their dreams. Sun Woo wants to go around the world and finally go to Peru, a place where there is only crazy people, similar to himself. He asks his father why he adopted him since both his parents died and his father jokes back. As Sun Woo pours a glass of soju, he tells his father, “I’m really happy to have you as my father” but when he looks up, his father is leaving. He follows, only to hear his father tell him to go back. In the hospital, now an adult, Sun Woo comes to consciousness for a while. The nurse calls a doctor and the doctor talks to Sun Woo, who responds to the doctors words but is unable to open his eyes or talk.

Elsewhere, Chairman Jin is giving a press conference at the very place he killed Sun Woo’s father. It is being launched as a gallery. In Thailand, the third man- Tar Joo is completing a deal as well. Chairman Jin’s wife- Mrs. Ma is holding a home party/concert where she sings alongside her daughter. Chairman Jin arrives and sits down for a small chat with his daughter. She apologizes on behalf of Yoon Seok for not coming due to being busy with work. She asks the her father to let her work in the company with him but Mrs. Ma interrupts the conversation and tells her daughter Yoon Jo to simply enjoy. When her daughters gone, she asks Chairman Jin if he’s afraid Yoon Joo will take away what Chairman Jin believes belongs to him. This makes Chairman Jin sigh, wondering when they will truly feel like a family.

As they’re saying goodbye to guests, one of the guests tells Chairman Jin about an investment that is coming from an international investor who is actually Korean by birth and relates the name, Tae Joo, bringing a scowl to Chairman Jin’s face. He asks his friend if he knows where Tae Joo is but the man doesn’t. Later, Chairman Jin stands alone in the dark hallway, the settings still lying around and in anger, smashes the glass in his hands.

Jang Il gets a message from his friend about Sun Woo finally waking up. That sends Jang Il into panic. The news spreads to everyone and Sumi and her father are the first to come looking for Sun Woo, who doesn’t respond to them well. Tae Joo decides to return to Korea to “search for my son”. Meanwhile, Chairman Jin also pays a visit to the hospital but only stares at Sun Woo from outside. Still in a daze, Sun Woo tells everyone he is waiting for his father. The doctor assures everyone that its normal for such patients to ramble and take time to adjust to reality.

Adjustment comes early for Sun Woo as the whole scene of his injury starts to replay in his mind again and again and he starts screaming and shaking on his bed, asking himself in voice over, “Why did you do it? Jang Il, why did you do it?”

Jang Il, now worried and anxious, takes the early morning train back to come and see things for himself. Sun Woo wakes up once again but this time, doesn’t remember anything about the accident and asks for his father. Realizing he is unable to see anything, he is taken for a checkup. After taking him back to his bed, Sumi goes out where she recognizes Jang Il coming in. She asks if he’s here to see Sun Woo and tells him not to be too disappointed if Sun Woo can’t remember him since the accident has left his memories jumbled. As Sun Woo walks towards Sun Woo’s room, Sun Woo staggers out, stumbling and shouting out loud, “Turn on the lights! I can’t see!”

Jang Il watches him coming with dread and fear and is unable to take a step further. He doesn’t even have time to sigh in relief when Sun Woo passes him by but then suddenly, Sun Woo grabs him from behind.

“Doctor! Help me please! I beg you!”

Releasing Jang Il, he heads to the side. “It’s a lie. It’s a lie. Turn on the lights. Turn on the lights!”


See you with Episode 5 next week! 😉

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  1. so intense, thank you so very much.

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