Equator Man Episode III Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Again, I’m attaching screen caps at the end! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

I feel so sorry for Jang Il and I can’t help but hate him too. His circumstances are making him take all the wrong decisions and steps and his greed is making him blind. He’s lost faith in his father, snubbed a girl because of her poor background and ended up with the death of his best and only friend with his own hands (Yeah, Sun Woo doesnt die but for now, he’s assumed dead) But more than him, I hate Chairman Jin. He’s the scariest of the bunch just because he’s cruel and unfeeling to the bone. He’s killed a man over a supposed ‘treachery’ and he doesn’t have the slightest bit of remorse or regret! I’d loathe to see him go ‘all out’! 😐

This drama is too dark for my taste folks and I hate all the evilness going around!! <_<

 Episode III:

Walking back, Sun Woo remembers Jang Il’s words about helping Sun Woo once he’s powerful and throws the knife into the water. Then, he heads to a snooker pool where he asks for Jung Tae. Immediately a fight breaks out and after injuring the said man, Sun Woo runs off but is captured. Jang Il’s father has dreams of Sun Woo’s father strangling him and wakes up screaming, “Save me, save me!” Jang Il checks in on him but he lies and says he probably drank too much. Once Jang Il is gone, he whispers out, “I did it for my son. Please forgive me!”

Sun Woo lies beaten in a warehouse while Sumi’s dad scribbles on some papers, writing a blackmail letter to Jang Il’s father, demanding money for keeping silent. Sumi goes to a parlor and when the beautician refuses to cut her hair, she takes a knife to it herself. On her way home, she meets a boy who asks her if she’s seen Sun Woo but she’s not too bothered about it. Herself, she’s off to Seoul on a train and unfortunately happens to share seats with Jang Il. Both remain silent throughout the journey until finally, Sumi stands up a little before they reach the station and looks thoroughly at Jang Il, remembering his features. Outside, she finds her wallet missing. Jang Il passes her by and she asks him for a loan which he refuses, thinking she came following him today. She tells him not to think that highly of himself and tells him there’s a day he’ll regret making her like this. Proud and indifferent, Jang Il walks away. She calls someone on her phone and orders them to bring her money. As she sits there waiting, the earlier encounter runs through her mind.

Ji Won is moving belongings to a new home while the Chairman’s wife is undergoing singing lessons. Sumi’s father comes up and teases her before they both head back home. Once there, Sumi reads one of the letters of blackmail her father had written, perking up. In her room, her dad finds sketches of Jang Il and shouts at her when she says she likes the guy. She holds up the letter and asks what that is all about but he doesn’t reply until she threateningly calls the police. Finally, he confesses he saw who killed Sun Woo’s father. She makes him promise to keep it a secret from everyone, including Sun Woo and you can see the wheels turning in her head. Jang Il and his father are looking at an apartment for him. Later, he stops at a notice board outside his university and doesn’t see Ji Won pass behind him.

Sun Woo is put into a bag and is being taken somewhere in a frozen foods truck. He manages to run away onto a bridge but is cornered by both sides. Making a split second decision, he jumps onto the train coming below. Jang Il’s first day in class is going boringly until he realizes Ji Won is in the same class as him and smiles. She’s called to the front to speak an incident about her life and she relates her first meeting with Sun Woo. Jang Il volunteers to go after her and recounts the first time he saw Ji Won when she performed on stage and meets with her after class. Sun Woo finally makes it back, bleeding and weak. Collapsing on the floor, he whispers, “Forgive me Father. I wanted to help Jang Il. Please understand.”

Jang Il sees Ji Won studying through lunch and after finishing his own, brings her an apple and a drink. The Chairman’s secretary recounts the details of what he had asked and finds the story the same as Sun Woo’s father had recounted. He calls Jang Il’s father to ask abut Sun Woo and is told that he’s been missing for some time now. Sun Woo is cutting wood when he friend, who’d asked Sumi where he was, comes to see him and is injured. He tells Sun Woo he can go home now since Jang Tae has no more interest in him. His friend tells him he also heard something regarding his father from the policemen. There are irregularities in his father’s suicide and it was found that he took a taxi to Chairman Jin’s project site on the day of his death.

Sun Woo goes to meet Jang Il’s father to ask him why his father came to the workshop where Jang Il’s father works (Chairman’s worksite) but Jang Il’s father tells him he never saw him and Sun Woo asks him to let him know if he hears of anything. He spies a picture of the Chairman there and wonders if his father came to meet Chairman Jin. At home, he takes out the picture of his father with the other two men and it’s the man from Thailand on the other end. He perks up when he hears who Sun Woo is but deflates and is surprised and shocked when Sun Woo tells him his father is dead.

Jang Il comes back and meets up with Sun Woo. Sun Woo tells him he’s going to start his own furniture shop and Jang Il tells him to come to Seoul but Sun Woo declines and tells him he sent him a present sometime back, he’ll be getting it soon. They both go out to drinks and have fun. Jang Il even tells him about Ji Won. Sun Woo tells Jang Il he’s handing a request to the police to reopen the investigation since he knows there is another person involved. Jang Il recommends asking Chairman Jin for help and Sun Woo shows him the picture he found of his father and Chairman Jin.

Next day, Jang Il buys Sun Woo a suit and takes him to meet Chairman Jin. The go to meet President Jin and shows the picture. Sun Woo wants to know if his father came to meet Chairman Jin the day he died but the Chairman tells him he wasn’t even here on the day in question. As Chairman Jin watches Sun Woo, he remembers Sun Woo’s father’s words and seems to think there is resemblance between Sun Woo and the man in Thailand who called Chairman Jin ‘hyung’. As they’re leaving, Jang Il tells Sun Woo they’ll go to the police together tomorrow morning and leaves to see his father. When he arrives at the place, his father isn’t there so he writes his father a note. At home, Sun Woo puts the picture back.

That night, when Jang Il comes to find his father again, he hears Chairman Jin yelling at his father who begs Chairman Jin to keep things a secret and never let Jang Il know but he’s listening at the door and puts the pieces together. He goes away and stands at the river side looking out all over the city where tears fall and he shouts out. Next, he’s running on the docks and calls out Sun Woo’s name over and over again as if in agony. As Sun Woo’s lying down for sleep, Jang Il comes up. He asks Sun Woo to go with him to Seoul tomorrow, to forget his father’s matter and come with him, to think about what’s most important and don’t be stupid but Sun Woo tells him to go home. For him, his father’s matter is most important.

When he gets home that night, his father is drinking. When his father asks him if he was with Sun Woo, Jang Il flares up and angrily asks if he has to report to him whenever he’s with anyone. Heading inside his room, he collapses against a cupboard in the dark. He asks his father why he did it, although his father does not understand his meaning so tells him not to worry and just go to sleep, he’ll handle things.

Next morning, Sun Woo goes to the spot where he scattered his father’s ashes. Behind him, Jang Il appears. There’s a wooden log on the ground near his feet. He begs Sun Woo to change his mind and leave with him. Sun Woo guesses he probably knows something. Jang Il says he wants to salvage their friendship and be there for each other. Sun Woo can’t leave the matter alone though because this is most important to him; if it were Jang Il instead of his father, he would still have pursued this matter like now. To him, Sun Woo says, the people he loves are most important. Jang Il gets down on his knees to beg Sun Woo. He says it was his mistake, he killed his father and doesn’t want him to go to the police. But Sun Woo tells him he wants the truth to be revealed. If he killed his father, if it was a mistake, he’ll forgive him, but he wants the truth. Jang Il begs a final time but Sun Woo walks away. Desperate, Jang Il’s eyes fall on the wooden log.

At first, he approaches slowly, walking doggedly behind but then suddenly quickens his pace and in a single blow knocks Sun Woo to his knees. He’s surprised at his own actions and tears fall down his eyes but he hits him again until he falls to the ground. Beaten but conscious, Sun Woo watches him as he gasps for breath.

Jang Il drags an unconscious Sun Woo to the edge before seeming to realize what he is doing and turns back for a moment, crying in desperation and anger at his situation. He’s doing the wrong thing to the best of person he knows. Still, he turns back and dragging Sun Woo, throws him off the cliff. In the water, Sun Woo’s eyes slightly open as blood splashes all around him from his wound on the head. For a moment, his fingers twitch as he sinks further into the water, eyes open and crying before he closes them finally.

On the cliff, Jang Il shouts loudly in despair and sadness.

Man, he’s pitiable, Jang Il, that is! 😐 But the actor did a good job in the last scene, especially after he knocks Sun Woo out with the log… Kind of like in a trance and trying to deny what he’s doing, knowing the reality full well and he can’t help but be torn down by it…

See you with Episode IV! 😉

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  1. Thanks for the appreciation guys! Hope you keep enjoying them in the future too! ^^

    Yeah, Jang Il’s character is fun to watch and you cant even truly love or hate him. You sympathize with him, understand his pain and his decisions but also don’t agree with them and hope, wish for him to change, to take the right way so he remains on the good end!

    Let’s see how he proceeds here on! 🙂

  2. thanks a lot

  3. strange enough, I’m more drawn into Jang Il’s character, He is so flawed and such a conflict character and it’s fascinated me the most! Lee Hyun Woo did a good job potraying Sun WOo;s character, but Jang Il is the one who intrigued me the most.

  4. thank u

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