Fashion King Episode 4 Recap

Hehe, all my favorite characters together! <3!! 😉

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Again, I’m attaching screen caps at the end! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode IV Recap:

Young Gul is heading out in a happy mood when he runs into Anna, scattering her stuff. When he tries to help her pick them up she tells him not to touch them and picks them up herself. Young Gul notices the spoilt mascara and liner on her eyes. She’s been crying. He makes an offer for drinks again but she doesn’t respond. Anyhow, he heads home in a happy mood and with groceries.

Jae Hyuk meanwhile is listening to a presentation about brand fashion and doesn’t like it. A phone call announces a guest of his and before leaving, he orders the designer (giving the presentation) to be fired. His guest has come to him regarding Young Gul and asks what relationship the two have, asking for his contact but Jae Hyuk doesn’t have it. The guy tells him he got a call that the girl Jae Hyuk helped out in the Fashion School matter is related to Young Gul. Jae Hyuk denies it and as soon as the guest leaves, he asks for his car to be brought out.

Ga Young is walking home when she feels like someone is watching her but can’t see anyone. Of course, it’s the spawn of the evil Madam Jo! She opens the door to her apartment to be stopped short at the sight of a candle lit dinner. Young Gul tells her he promised to buy her meet when he got good news. Ga Young is curious about the details but Young Gul says they’ll talk after they’ve eaten. While they’re eating, he relates the details of his and Michael’s arrangement when there’s a knock at the door. Young Gul sees through the eye hole. It’s Jae Hyuk.

He asks if Ga Young is inside and asks about their relationship, inviting himself in for a talk. He asks Ga Young what their relationship is and if she loves Young Gul. If not, why is she helping him, how long does she think she can live like this? What if she’s thrown out of university because of this after all she went through to get in? Young Gul snaps back at him. Why’s he so concerned about all this? He tells Ga Young she should have thought of his situation before she got involved in this. Young Gul wonders what he means and Ga Young apologizes to Jae Hyuk, who tells her to take care of things well and tells them he can always call the police. It ends up in a fight where Jae Hyuk punches Young Gul before leaving. At the door, he turns back and thanks Ga Young for the shirt, which he’s wearing.

As he heads down the stairs, two men pass him on his way up and Jae Hyuk seems to realize they’re trouble. Young Gul opens the door to come face to face with the two men, who are police officers and who arrest them both. Jae Hyuk, standing on the side walk, is surprised but Young Gul and Ga Young seem to think he’s the one who called the police. Jae Hyuk catches sight of Jung Ah and her smirk in the corner.

He’s relaxing at home when there’s a doorbell. It’s Anna. She asks if the offer for the designer is still open and offers to come back for work. He asks why her mind changed but she doesn’t give the reason. She asks if he still loves her and his response is to kiss her. Hehe! But which is cut short by Jung Ah. Anna gets up to leave and Jae Hyuk tells her he’ll drive her back. And he turns to Jung Ah and tells her to move into a hotel immediately until her house gets completed. When Anna asks who Jung Ah is, Jae Hyuk replies, “A nobody!” Haha, I love you more, Jae Hyuk! 😛


Ga Young is bailed and brought back home by Jae Hyuk’s secretary who is not too happy with what he’s doing and tells Ga Young to stop bothering people who have nothing to do with her (means Jae Hyuk) and warns her not to appear in front of Jae Hyuk again. Ga Young heads upstairs to find the apartment as they left it, dinner still unfinished, candles burning and starts tearing up as she remembers Young Gul’s words and stares at the pictures they took tonight, finally breaking down and crying. In Korea, the gangsters watch the news on TV about Young Gul being arrested. Hearing he was cohabiting with a girl, the head gangster mutters in a miffed voice if the affair he had here meant nothing. Meanwhile, Young Gul is brought back to Korea and taken to trial. As he stands in the court, flashbacks of his journey and the hardships he endured come to him and he can’t say a word. Anna joins Jae Hyuk’s company, to the annoyance of his secretary and another director. Michael J is holding a catwalk of his designs when his secretary comes in to tell him something.

Young Gul is sent to prison. Anna works at the company and Jae Hyuk’s secretary calls up his mother to report the latest happenings. Jae Hyuk’s company holds a debut show which some like but most people simply call ‘okay’ and Michael J calls ‘terrible’. Young Gul is trying his best to survive in jail and has his anger to help him through. The anger is directed towards Jae Hyuk whom he thinks is the one who called the police.

He gets a visitor-his gangster friend who tells him his boss is counting the days until Young Gul is released to get revenge. He asks about Ga Young but is unable to get an answer. We cut to see Ga Young working at a local shop in Korea but is let go from her job. Young Gul meanwhile is sewing in prison and gives a guard a panda suit for his new born baby. Ga Young heads back to the shop where she and Young Gul worked together but it’s closed.

In America, Jae Hyuk reads the bad reviews his company has gotten in the papers and gets a call from his father. Anna is relaxing in her office when Jae Hyuk walks in and she tells him she’s sorry. He tells her his father has called him back and asks her to come back with him, giving her time to think it over. Next, we see them both heading back but Anna appears anxious and Jae Hyuk seeks to hold her hand to comfort her but she withdraws her hand. Young Gul is working when the guard he gave the suit shows him a coat and asks if he can make a replica. The coat is the one he designed and Michael J offered to buy. Seeing it made and in fashion makes Young Gul smile. Ga Young catches it on the news too where she’s gone for an interview. She goes for a string of interviews but is rejected.

Jae Hyuk brings Anna to an apartment and tells her to let him know if there’s anything more she wants. As he’s leaving, she asks if they’re starting over again. He asks, “Then what else?” Madam Jo comes to meet Jae Hyuk’s mother and wonders why Anna is back. This sours up his mother’s mood, which is what Madam Jo wanted and heads off. Jae Hyuk’s mother goes to see Anna and treats her coldly but Anna strikes back in the same attitude. When Jae Hyuk’s mother refuses to leave, Anna calls security to send someone to escort ‘a strange person in my apartment’ out which angers Jae Hyuk’s mother. Anna tells her she’s simply giving her back what she gave Anna all those years ago. However, once his mother is gone, Anna breaks down into tears and starts shivering, finally letting her fear out and takes pills.

Jae Hyuk’s father literally beats into him for failing him and the matter with Anna but Jae Hyuk takes it all. It’s only until he’s back in his office that he reacts by throwing away his name tag and receives a call. He runs home to find Anna on the ground and in a trance. Jae Hyuk hugs her and she tells him she can’t do it, she’s scared and has no confidence. She wants to go back. Jae Hyuk can’t say anything.

Finally comes the day for Young Gul’s release. His only belonging is his necklace and he receives some money for the work he’s done. Outside, the gangster’s his gangster friends are there with tofu. The boss wants to see him. On a stop at a traffic light, Young Gul runs off when he hears Jae Hyuk is back.

Jae Hyuk has new locks installed in the apartment and takes Anna to the office. She’s shown her new office by Jae Hyuk’s secretary when the old designer (the one Jae Hyuk once snubbed) walks in and the two colleagues sit together for a talk and he tells Anna he’ll never accept her to the end. Young Gul heads to a department store where Jae Hyuk is sitting alone in a theatre watching a movie. Young Gul tells him he should be happy he had good parents which is why he’s got so much money. When Jae Hyuk turns to leave, Young Gul tells him he should apologize if he’s at least human. Jae Hyuk asks why he should apologize and it turns to a fistfight and its mostly Jae Hyuk who beats him up but Jae Hyuk tells him he has no interest in wasting time with him and he doesn’t care who reported him. As he’s leaving, Young Gul tells him one day, he’ll be much bigger and better than Jae Hyuk.

Ga Young is thrown out of the room she had rented and is walking on the street when she sees a poster of “Young Girl” (Young Gul’s shop) She goes there to find a lot of people at work but there’s a new person there as a president. When he learns she’s the girl Young Gul went to in America, he gets angry and grabbing hold of her hair, asks where Young Gul is. Young Gul passes by to see the commotion and a new girl arrive. It’s Young Gul’s old lover and she slaps Ga Young. Passing outside, Young Gul catches sign of Ga Young being beaten on the floor and gangsters approaching. He has no choice but to walk away. But it beats at his conscience and a little ahead, he gets off the bus he was onboard.

See you with Episode 5 next week! 😉

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  1. Thanks for the appreciation guys! Hope you keep enjoying them in the future too! ^^

  2. Thanks you for the recap, I was trying to find someone recaping this show.

  3. thank you for the recaps!

  4. @Raine: Yeah, she should be bringing it out willfully and I’m hoping that is the way the drama takes her forward!

  5. Tessieroo, I think she was repatriated for harbouring an illegal immigrant, so she had no choice but to leave the school. I think that was what that evil woman (Jung Ah’s mother) was planning in the last episode and got Jung Ah to investigate whether GY was living with YG.
    Yes, I agree with you… I just wish they would give GY a break … she has just been insulted, slapped and beaten for 4 episodes and from the trailer, it looks like it is continuing in ep 5 too (with her scarred face). Poor girl!

  6. Thanks for the recap! I’m really tired of the slapping & beating, that needs to stop. Hilarious that YG wants to buy a bigger movie theater and watch porn. (LOL) Big hole in the plot for me was why GY left school, they didn’t explain it.

    • Yeah, its time for the slapping and all to stop, the underdogs need to get up and conquer now! 😉 The reason for Ga Young leaving might be explained later on but it was hinted in this episode. Jae Hyuk warns her she would be expelled if its found out that she has been harboring an illegal immigrant and Jung Ah reports the matter so that she is…

    • Huge GAPING plot hole. The time continuity is pretty horrid. I have no idea what’s going on in that aspect.

      Nice recap!

      • They really should’ve shown Ga Young’s expulsion scene and all. I was anticipating it after seeing it in the preview for Episode 4, especially because it shows her slapping Jung Ah! That would be utter satisfaction! ^^ hehe!

        And the time jump! That was jumbled up & kinda like saying St(We’re here already)art! But still, I’m enjoying the drama and I hope it gets better and we actually see more of the leads as leads and not the crushed stones anymore, especially Ga Young. It’s time she found some peace! Although, I am not too bothered about it because of her attitude towards it. She’s not the usual meek and always tramp-able heroine. I loved the scene where she was rude to Jung Ah and snubbed her in Episode 3, and even at the end of Episode 4, when she stares back at the girl who is Young Gul’s lover rather than to wallow in misery and look pitiable! Girl’s got guts, she just needs to stand up more!

      • She has gumption but it only manifests itself as a defense mechanism. When Je-hoon insults her, when Jung-ah attacks her, when So-ji attacks her, when the maintenance guy locks her out. We see her spunk then. I want her to be able to bring it out willfully!

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