Strongest K Pop Survival Episode II Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Still, I hope to give you an idea about what is happening.  All in all, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Overall, I’m enjoying the series because its light, it has funny and it makes you laugh. If not anything else, some of the expressions are worth it! Like I said before, its not original and the storyline has been done before, but somehow, there is a kind of fresh element here in the way the characters are built. I’m hoping it continues to be this funny and get even better! For now, I can’t wait for the time when Hyun Woo will start doubting his own sanity after starting to notice and be attracted to Seung Yeon! Haha! 😀 Only one problem though! Koreans definitely do not know how to speak English and even if they do, somehow the grammar is really messed up and it gets annoying!! 😐

Episode II Recap:

So, as everyone watches, the President of the Agency, Hyun Suk, announces the open and blind auditions for M2 Junior, amongst whom one member will be selected as the fifth member of M2! The last four that were selected will be teamed with four new selected members and they will play the battle of survival. When he gets back to his office, Team Leader Han asks how he could make the decision without consulting her first. Since there’s no choice left now, she tells him she’ll go along with it but has her own condition. Hyun Suk agrees to her condition before three of the selected participants from yesterday barge into the office and demand the audition be cancelled. Team Leader Han harshly tells them it’s a done deal now and if they lack confidence in themselves so much, they are always welcome to quit. Outside, one of them mutters, “Not 4, bring in 400! I’ll trample on them all!”

This time, the whole concept is a hit and everyone starts sending in videos of their performances. Fans take the whole thing positively and give their votes and comments for the audition. Hyun Woo watches a video uploaded on the internet and is flabbergasted at the quality of the performances, which he believes are way down his standard! Ha! Team Leader Han comes in and brings him coffee. He threatens to quit immediately and tells her to take care of her new arrivals. Then he goes on a motorbike ride around the city.

Thousands of participants take part and Seung Yeon realizes Ji Woo won’t give up on new audition and tells him and her grandma that she’ll take part in the auditions too!  They point out its for a male group and she responds that she’s simply trying out and not joining. What she really wants is to prove her talent to her uncle, Hyun Suk. While the others gape, she tells them she uploaded hers and Ji Woo’s performance already. Even in her uploaded video, everyone’s mistaking her for a guy.

Team Leader reports about the 50 participants that were selected. The test for them is today and they all go into the building. When Seung Yeon gives Ji Woo an energy drink, he refuses it saying, “It’s okay. Today you’re by my side!” Ah, I love these two! Seung Yeon tells him to do it just like when they practice-just look at her and do it! The first test is to sing a song for the music that will be played in the background. Seung Yeon and Ji Woo, holding hands and singing together, nail it! Contestant number 8 raps away in English for the song and makes it through too. Most are unable to sing through and are disqualified. Seung Yeon also waves hi to contestant number 8, but gets rebuffed. Then, there’s a dance sequence.

President Hyun Suk doesn’t attend the preliminary rounds and hence, doesn’t see Ji Woo and Seung Yeon. In the dance sequence, both Seung Yeon just watch each other and perform together. 8 of them get selected and they head to the final blind audition. Hyun Woo also shows up for the final round, stating he’s curious to see who’s so crazy enough to come ahead. One by one, all the performers perform their dance or song behind the stage. Fans in the hall cheer them on. Contestant 8 wins the most fans over by his dancing skills. Next is Kwon Ji Woo and Seung Yeon tells him this is his first step towards his dream! He just closes his eyes and sings away to a loud response by the audience. Next Seung Yeon performs. She has reinvented Beethoven’s masterpiece with a new sound and song. Everyone loves her performance and claps or head dances with it. Even Hyun Woo is surprised and Hyun Suk likes the performance. Finally the four chosen contestants are announced and they are called out from behind the curtain. Hyun Woo exclaims “That brat” when he sees Seung Yeon and Hyun Suk is left thinking of what to say!

Next, she’s in his office with him and Team Leader Han. She tells him she’s come back from UK and there’s no point in calling home. She points out there was no fast rule that only men should apply for the M2 audition and pleads her case. She wont let her identity be found and begs him to let her stay on. Surprisingly, Team Leader Han supports her. She points out the technicalities. If this gets revealed now, their company will come under fire for allowing a girl to get this far so it’s a bad situation otherwise too. They should just make the best of what they’ve got. Finally he relents when she repeats the words he said when he was thrown out of the house for pursuing music. This is what she wants to do and there’s nothing to stop her now. What she wants isn’t to enter M2. She just wants to make it to the top four and then debut alone or in a girl band. In return for allowing it, if she fails, she has to promise to return to UK and learn piano. She cannot reveal her identity and her connection to the president. Once she’s gone, Team Leader Han tells the President not to worry too much and he replies, “Who’s worried about her? If her father knew he wouldn’t even let me live! You don’t know what a scary person her father is!” Ha, now I’m curious! I wanna see her father!

Ji Woo is given the good news and he and Seung Yeon celebrate. Hyun Woo remembers about Hyun Woo and cannot help but be sour. However, this is his face for everyone. He signs autographs and smiles at the girls, telling his manager under his breath to finish up quickly or he’s dead! Meanwhile Seung Yeon and Ji Woo come to the same shopping mall for clothes for Seung Yeon. He also offers to buy her a new hand phone but she vows to take it back by force from Hyun Woo which is when he appears. She apologizes for the accident and gives him the password so he can check. He tries and there are no pictures of him although there are pictures of her dressed as a girl. His eyes widen, as do his stylists. Ji Woo realizes what’s going on and so does Seung Yeon when she catches his expression and grabs her phone away.

Hyun Woo: “This brat… really is a pervert. Why would you wear girl’s clothes?”

Seung Yeon’s had enough and says, fine, she’s a pervert. Since he’s confirmed there aren’t pictures of him in there, she’s taking it back but he grabs the phone back and challenges her to ‘take it back by force’. In the scuffle that follows, she falls and people notice. Hyun Woo puts on a smile and helps her up.

Next day, all eight participants are put together and their sleeping arrangements made. Seung Yeon shares the room with Ji Woo. It’s an interesting contrast how the room is messy and Seung Yeon doesn’t bother but Ji Woo can’t stand it and forces her to clean with him. Their schedule, by the way, is completely exhausting, from 6 am in the morning to 2 am at night. Contestant number 8 comes along to check the schedule in a towel, making Ji Woo and Seung Yeon run away. Meanwhile, two participants do not get along at all.

Seung Yeon forces Ji Woo to wake up in the morning for their schedule. First is jogging, then studies, then gym (how cute, Ji Woo is sweating with his smaller weights while Seung Yeon is easily picking up the larger ones without a sweat!), then cleaning, then lunch which is sparse at best, then singing practice and then dance practice at 11 pm in the night! At 2 am, Seung Yeon tucks Ji Woo in before turning to sleep herself.

Hyun Woo is resting at home because of a cold when Team Leader Han walks in. She argues against his three day leave and he tells her he’ll do the important stuff and then rest otherwise but she tells him they’ve already made contracts and cancelling would cause them problems. He shouts out that he’ll leave then and they can give their all to the juniors they’ve got. President is playing a game on his cell phone when Hyun Woo walks in and slaps a ticket on the table. He tells the President to clear his schedule or he’ll use the ticket and head off to Paris. On his way out, he passes by the M2 Junior group and upon learning they are heading for boxing, he follows them and once there, fights each one of them one by one. When it’s Ji Woo’s turn, Seung Yeon offers to go first but Hyun Woo tells her she’s next. In the ring, Ji Woo is scared and Seung Yeon shouts at him to attack. On her encouragement, to Hyun Woo’s annoyance, he does but can’t get a hit and is knocked out instead. Seung Yeon rushes up to help him and fights Hyun Woo next, finally knocking him out, to everyone’s surprise.

Of course, she’s in the President’s office again, apologizing meekly and begging not to be fired. There’s only one way around that though. She must apologize to Hyun Woo. So she heads over to his place but he doesn’t want to forgive her so easily. She asks if its hurting and exclaims that she didn’t really use her full strength and he takes off the glasses he’s been wearing to show her his black eye and says, “That wasn’t your full strength? Then what do you call this?!” Finally, she tells him she’ll do anything he asks for, since she doesn’t want to be fired. Hyun Woo’s eyes perk up and he asks, “Anything?” He hands her phone back to her with an evil glint and she wonders if he’s just forgiving her like that. He says, “How can that be?”

See you with Episode III! 😉

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  1. I see Mariah! Is it because you’re uploading the screen captures directly to your wordpress account? I tried that method when I first migrated to wordpress….and it gave me headaches. Time-consuming. So I went back to trust-worthy photobucket. It’s faster that way. A good investment would be pro photobucket account, seeing that you’re writing a lot of recaps nowadays. It’s best for your time and effort. =)

    Cdramas? Specifically from mainland (like BBJX) or from Taiwan? There are a couple of shows premiering this week. Tw version of Absolute Boyfriend. 😛

    I’m thinking of guest posts too. ^^

    Ah, I see rotating banners! Weee ~ Now I understand the urge of fans to click refresh….


    • I’ve uploaded the banner I’ve made into a separate page, just like on your site! (Hehe, copycat me! :P) I’d love some feedback on them! Yours are really good!! ^^

      Yeah, I upload pics straight onto the wordpress database. It takes HOURS and it is such a headache! <_< I've made a photobucket account, but I can't go pro right now. I'll see how I can manage without that for a bit, using both wordpress and photobucket… But, how do I put photobucket pictures in the posts, I mean link and all? I'd love any help!! ^^

      Cdramas- romantic comedies from mainland or taiwan!! Ive only seen TW dramas until now and I can't take serious dramas at the moment… Somehow, I'm completely in the mood for comedy comedy comedy romance romance and romance! 😛 And NOT Absolute boyfriend! I saw the Jap version, just four episodes and HATED it! 😛 Somehow, I don't like that storyline!! Although I loved the jap version of Hana Kimi and have seen one season of Gokusen! They're hilarious and great to watch!! Have you seen them? 😀

      Alright, how should we go about the guest posts? 😉

  2. Hehe, Actually, I’m staying at home these days, not working and just studying so that’s why I manage to sneak out this much time for recaps… The only thing I find annoying and time consuming is to put the screencaps in the middle of the recaps… It takes HOURS! I Kid not! So I simply put screencaps in between when I can, otherwise attach them at the end…

    The new drama I’m thinking of is either Chinese or Japanese… I’ve got a contendor on the Japanese end but nothing on the Chinese end… Either case, it has got to be a subbed series because I know neither language beyond a few words… 😀

    Yes, collaboration! 😛 I actually don’t have much ideas right now though… 😐 How about we both think about it and come up on something? Although, apart from a guest post, my mind is out of ideas! X_X

    Yeah, hope Yoo Hwan and Yoochun are recovering well. I’m amazed at how well they’re working even in the wake of such tragedy! Losing a father is life changing and they’re coping well! Hope they stay strong and well in the future too!

  3. Oh! Mariah! I’m so upset! How could you?

    You found the door to the 4th dimension without telling me? =(

    3 Drama Recaps! Holy! To think that I’m complaining about one… *embarassed*

    Yoo Hwan looks ill. Are they feeding him nutritious food? Yoochun is glowing with his cherry lips and Yoo Hwan inherited none of that?!

    • Kaptain!!! I am truly glad to see you here!!! Thank you!!! ^^

      Hehe, your comment made me laugh out real loud! 😛 hehe! Somehow, the fourth dimension is good fun and working out well!! You might faint hearing this, but I’m actually thinking of another drama to pick up as well and just can’t decide on which one! 😐 Hey, someday, lets collaborate on something, if you’d like, you know, like guest bloggers or something! 🙂

      Yeah, somehow Yoohwan look quite sickly compared to before. Maybe its the aftermath of his father’s death so thats why. Hope he gets back to better soon!

      • O_____O Another drama? The 4th dimension must be flexible! 😛

        Is it a Korean/Japanese/Chinese drama that you’re thinking of? I’m full of envy you can listen and translate Korean texts. Talented!

        Collaboration! Aw! With a slowpoke like me? Since I don’t understand anything until it’s subbed but I would love to see how this guest blogging system works out. It would be fun and sweet!

        I was looking through my screencaps for A Thousand Days’ Promise and boy, Yoo Hwan look more sick than the one who should be sick (Su Ae’s character). Such an unfortunate incident with their father’s death. 😦 Hope they are recovering well with the support from family, friends, and the crew.

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