Fashion King Episode 3 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Still, I hope to give you an idea about what is happening.  All in all, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Another good episode which gives us more on characters and their journeys, especially Ga Young who is slowly coming out of the shell of being too good always and giving back as she gets them, even Jae Hyuk shows both a human and a cold side making it a rather solid building to all characters and the upcoming story! 😉

Episode 3 Recap:
So Young Gul tells Jae Hyuk the truth but Jae Hyuk cuts him off and tells him, “I’ve no money to give to the likes of you!” So Young Gul follows him in and grabs his collar and tells Jae Hyuk he hates the thought of eating with him too but couldn’t he have helped him when all he asked was money for eating and living? Security comes in and drags him away but he keeps fighting till the end. Once he’s taken away, Jae Hyuk turns back to his guests and continues the meeting.

Meanwhile outside, Young Gul sits with a fancy wallet in his hand and opens it to reveal a stack of money in there! Ha, did he just pick Jae Hyuk’s pocket?! Haha, as he’s counting the money, he thanks Jae Hyuk for his help! When he sees his driver license, he flicks Jae Hyuk’s picture too. So childish. And he finds a picture of Anna, with the words, love you forever, Anna written on the back. But his luck turns bad once again when a thief grabs the wallet from his hand and runs off. He chases him like a mad dog! In the end, the only thing left in his hand is the picture of Anna.

Jae Hyuk finds his wallet missing and guesses Young Gul ran off with it. Later on the news, he hears the news about the shipwreck and remembers Young Gul’s words, now realizing he had been telling the truth. Young Gul is walking around the city, cold and hungry until he comes upon a fast food place where he sees half eaten burgers being thrown into the trash and having no other way, he starts eating those burgers until he is thrown out. He checks the trash of other restaurants and picks bits and pieces to eat from here and there.

Ga Young meanwhile, writes an email to Young Gul telling him about being admitted in the fashion school after all and promises to work hard. Meanwhile, poor Young Gul tries to shop lift food but is seen although he manages to run away. He later sits in a park, eating and stats crying but then wipes away his tears. He also finds clothes thrown away in the trash which are perfectly good and usable and also finds a little money in it. He goes to a café and reads the email Ga Young sent and ends up tearful in relief before replying to her. Then he heads to her school, where she is also working late and sits on the stairs, hoping to find her when she passes. He finally runs into her as she’s leaving.

She’s surprised to see him but he’s as happy as can be. She takes him home but wonders if her roommate will be alright with it. Lol, Young Gul’s first concern at hearing she has a roommate is “Is it a guy?” When she tells him it’s a girl, he bursts out into a big smile! Her roommate is surprised but treats him with good courtesy and sends him in to shower, wondering to Ga Young why he would come this far to find her. Lol, she asks her twice if they’re just president worker just to make sure! Before she can go on more, Young Gul walks out in a towel and asks for spare clothes. Her roommate takes Ga Young aside and tells her not to mess around and call the police. They’ll be in trouble if this goes any further (cause Young Gul is in America illegally). Ga Young asks for a few days time but her roommate refuses to relent at first, but then agrees. Ga Young goes back in to see Young Gul asleep on the couch.

The next day, Jae Hyuk arrives at the office to find Sa Young waiting for him. She’s come to say thank you and that brings a slight smile to Jae Hyuk’s face. She promises to treat him as a thank you and he agrees to it, today! She hands his secretary a parcel and an envelope before heading out. Jae Hyuk smiles as she leaves. Her secretary wonders what’s in the parcel and bag and opens them. The parcel has the money they gave her the first day she came and the bag has a shirt as a present for him.

Jung Ah finds Ga Young at a restaurant and tells her she came with Jae Hyuk for the dinner she promised Jae Hyuk and Ga Young cuts her off, she’s not buying her dinner.  Jung Ah warns her to stay away from Jae Hyuk as he belongs to her. Ga Young challenges her, “What if I mess with him?” Jung Ah is caught flabbergasted and Ga Young adds, “In my eyes, you’re the one who can’t compete with me!” The discussion is cut short when Jae Hyuk walks in. And yes, he does smile. Ah, me heart’s melting!! One Jae Hyuk is here, Jung Ah turns on the ‘angel’ mode and tells Ga Yound she should have come to her if she had a problem regarding the Fashion School, how could she go to an unknown person. Ga Young ignores her. Then she starts asking Ga Young about where she’s living and the rent and Ga Young gives her curt short answers or retorts. Jae Hyuk is amused by the whole exchange. Jung Ah tries to rub her circumstances in and asks her if she should ask her mother to help her out. Ga Young tells her, “Yeah, do that!” At the end, Jae Hyuk asks Ga Young if she knows Young Gul and if he’s really her President. She asks why and how he knows her and he asks if they’re living together now. She denies it and asks for another favor but this time, Jae Hyuk angrily tells her to mind her own business if she’s thankful for his help with the Fashion School and leaves.

Young Gul becomes a favorite with Ga Young’s roommate’s clients and helps around with the shop. However, just as Ga Young returns home, there’s a phone call from the police, probably asking about Young Gul and the roommate tells them he isn’t here. Meanwhile, a gangster is at the shop in Korea, demanding to know if the workers have gotten a phone call from him. He asks who Ga Young is, since both of them are still exchanging emails.

Ga young finds a new apartment for herself and Young Gul and he feels sorry for being a burden on her like this but she tells him it’s okay. He tells her he has an idea and they set up the place and both of them sit down to sew, from curtains to accessories to set up shop and make the whole apartment lively. Young Gul finds her asleep on her desk that night and carries her to bed. Then he gets to work again. Ga Young’s roommate calls on them the next morning. She asks Ga Young to help her design clothes that she will sew and then sell them, kind of like a partnership. Meanwhile, Young Gul has gone out to sell the coats he made and receives a card from a man (the designer Michael J), who tells Young Gul to come an see him sometime, promising ‘good news’.

That night, Ga Young asks Young Gul if he knows Jae Hyuk, pointing out Jae Hyuk has a lot of influence so they could probably ask him for help but Young Gul snaps at her. What gives her the right to go to Jae Hyuk for help for him, pointing out Jae Hyuk never has time to help ‘people like us’. Ga Young disagrees, Jae Hyuk is not like that and Young Gul asks her if she likes him or something. She tells him it’s not what he thinks and he cuts her off, promising her he’ll get lost whenever she says the word. He remembers his encounter from this morning and realizes who Michal J is.

He goes to meet him the next day and is shown to a room where he is told to relax and even take a bath. (I just realized Michael J is Anna’s boss!) He does just that. Anna walks in with a wardrobe and tells Young Gul to get out so she can ‘see’. Hilariously, under her breath, she calls him gay in Korean and he points out, in Korean, “I’m not gay!” She asks what he’s doing here then and he says, “I’d like to know that too!” Seems it was all a misunderstanding due to his name. Walking around later, he finds Anna in her office, trying to tie her zip which he does for her and asks to accompany her to the party since he wants to meet the person he came to meet. Anna tells him to make a meeting before coming next time. He tells her he’s here because of ‘these clothes’ and points to the jacket he’s wearing. Finally, she sees the design and the tag-Michael J. They head to the party together and to shut him up in the car since he’s talking and talking and talking, Anna makes a sharp turn.

At the same party, Michael J is meeting Jae Hyuk but doesn’t give him much time or take his card. Jae Hyuk catches sight of Young Gul at the party and asks him what he’s doing here but doesn’t believe him when he says he came to meet a person because of work. Anna walks up to them and calls Young Gul away, leaving Jae Hyuk flabbergasted. Its only when Anna asks him if he knows Jae Hyuk that Young Gul remembers Anna was the girl in the picture he found in Jae Hyuk’s wallet. Michael J greets Young Gul warmly and Jae Hyuk, watching from afar, is left fuming.

Ga Young is working till late in the night and has bread and milk for dinner until Young Gul walks in with Anna following behind. He shows her the clothes they’ve made and tells Anna Ga Young is attending Fashion School. Ga Young is a little miffed at Anna’s presence. Anna asks for Young Gul’s phone number and he runs down, noting down the number on the pay phone. He gives it to her. Anna and Ga Young manage to bond in the time Young Gul is gone and part on smiles. Young Gul tries to ask Anna out for drinks but doesn’t even get an answer. Ah, forever a playboy, huh? Hehe! Once Anna’s gone, Young Gul promises to buy Ga Young good meat to eat (equivalent to a good dinner) but not today, he has no money yet, and asks her if she can lend him some!

Jae Hyuk goes jogging the next morning and remembers all his encounters with Young Gul, including the one where Ga Young asked for his help and Anna at the party. He waits outside Anna’s apartment and invites her out to breakfast. He asks why she hasn’t replied to his proposal yet and she guesses he’s being this way with her since he’s probably sorry or for work. He agrees that it’s both. She puts down an envelope. It’s her answer. Before she can leave, he asks her what her relationship with Young Gul is but she refuses to cater to him. He tells her they should start over together and she tells him they’re both finished. When she gets back to her office, Jae Hyuk’s secretary is waiting for her. He warns her to keep her distance from Jae Hyuk since she knows well what will happen otherwise. She thanks him for her words and for thinking about her so much. Once he’s gone, Anna sweeps things off a table in anger.

The man that was at the shop earlier in the episode asking about Ga Young and Young Ah is talking to Madam Jo. At first she resists but hearing something changes her mind and Madam Jo calls up her daughter, Jung Ah to find out Ga Young’s address. Since Jung Ah doesn’t know it herself, she finds Ga Young and sucks up to her, trying to get Ga Young to allow her to drop her home so that she can find out the address. But Ga Young knows better than to believe Jung Ah’s sorry so she allows her to take her home and takes her to her last address. In an attempt to look through the house, Jung Ah looks around before anyone can stop her. Once done with her task, she makes a few jabs about their living conditions and circumstances and leaves. She tries listening in through the door but Ga Young’s roommate opens the door and shouts at her, “WHAT?”

Young Gul waits by the payphone the whole day, only running up when he needs to go to the restroom. While he’s coming down, the phone rings and he picks up just in time. Elsewhere, Michael J is scolding Anna when Young Gul walks in and he approaches Michael. He apologizes for the last time he was here and everyone misunderstood him as gay. Michael tells him he’s impressed by his work and asks where he studied. Young Gul, “The biggest fashion Market in Korea.” Michael J tells Young Gul he’d like to buy his design, his talent. When he understands the man’s words, Young Gul bursts into a smile!

See you with Episode 4! 😉

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  1. Thanks for the appreciation guys! And I hope to stay that fast in the future too if I can help it, KL! Hope you keep enjoying in the future too! ^^

  2. Thanks for the recaps!

  3. Wow… you are super fast! I have finally got round to watching the first 2 episodes from last week and read your recaps too. Yes, it is getting more interesting now that they have introduced the characters and given us some insight into their background. It is good to read that Ga Young is coming out of her shell, as it would be not much fun if she is just a long-suffering type and will not fight back. Look forward to the next episode! 🙂

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