Fashion King Episode II Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap! Sorry for miswriting the name in the last recap. Yoo Ah In’s character’s name is Young Gul. I’ll write it so hereon.)

So, Young Gul is working on a ship, slaving away in catching fish with the other crew members. A fight breaks out on the ship when the person in charge starts beating up a coworker. He wants everyone back to work while the others beg for a bit of rest. Young Gil tries to stop him but earns a beating for his efforts. While Young Gil is getting beat, the others look on with mutiny in their eyes. He lies in bed that night, in pain but smiles in irony as he remembers a scene from his childhood. His father had left him with his mother who had balked at the responsibility. Seems that was the beginning of his troubled life and wipes away tears.

On the other side of the ocean, Jae Hyuk is getting ready for his day in full rich mode. Ga Young finds out about the rejection and cannot believe it. Ga Young pleads her case but there’s no helping it. She wonders how her application could have been rejected, and from the corner, we see Ms. Evil, aka Jung Ah smiling. Yeah, mom and daughter pair seems to be made in heaven!  She teasingly berates Ga Young for not even keeping in touch and tells her she’s gotten into this university, on a full scholarship. So mum must have bought it off after evil daughter told her this was the only way for Ga Young to make it in. Jung Ah says she was originally in the waiting list, but someone cancelled their admission so the scholarship went to her. Heading off, she deliberately bumps into Ga Young. But Ga Young is too shaken to realize it.

She goes to a pay phone and calls the shop, wanting to talk to Young Gul but learns he’s gone away on a trip. Taking her luggage, she roams the streets looking for a place to go. This scene is a great contrast to the one at the end of yesterday’s episode where she had just arrived in America and stood at this very spot, brimming with happiness and hope whereas now, she’s like a lost soul with no place to go. It’s also heartbreaking the way she is chased away from the bench on the park where she sat because it was someone else’s sleeping place. Wherever she goes, she is chased away one by one until she checks into a motel. Once there, she remembers President Jo’s words and Jung Ah’s words and realizes what must have happened.

Young Gul is woken up by sounds of a fight when two men enter his room and drag him outside, where his fellow Koreans and the man who beat him up yesterday are tied up. One by one, the mutineers throw the men off the ship. When they’re about to throw him off, Young Gul remembers an encounter with two other such men who’d loved his Rolex sale. He offers the same to these men who decide to throw him off nonetheless until he promises more, in America. They decide to keep him alive.

Ga Young reads the paper and sees a newspaper clipping about Jae Hyuk and the Fashion Design School. Meanwhile, Jae Hyuk sits in a meeting room as people come in for the meeting at the dot. He suggests a brand launching for their company but one of the attendees tells him it’s not that easy. Jae Hyuk mutters, “Then from tomorrow onwards, the meeting will start earlier” and leaves, everyone left wondering. His manager tries to speak up but one glare from Jae Hyuk shuts him up.

In the elevator, they run into Ga Young. Jae Hyuk and his manager look at her as if she’s from Mars for a moment. She introduces herself and tells Jae Hyuk she was coming to find him and asks if he doesn’t remember her. She gives reference to Madam Jo’s shop where she worked and he came several times with his mother. He doesn’t remember her and as soon as the elevator stops, heads out. She follows him and tells her problem and when he finally does stop, tells his manager to “give her some money” before stalking off. The manager takes out a few bills for ‘plane fare’ and puts them in her pocket while insulting her. She drops her bags and heads inside to Jae Hyuk’s office. In a defiant tone, she tells him he seems to have misunderstood something. Did she ask him for plane fare? He has money, lots of it, but does he have to treat people like her this way? She simply came here to ask him to look into her application at the Fashion School and find out what went wrong where. She holds up the bills his manager gave her and promises to use them well before stalking off.

Jae Hyuk remembers her name and nonchalantly asks his manager to look into the matter. Once his manager is gone, he thinks back and remembers the party where he had seen Ga Young stuffing food in a plate and heading upstairs secretly. He’d followed her and when she’d gone back down, he’d hidden. Once she was gone, he’d headed into the room she’d carried the food in and found it on a table with a burning candle and her parent’s picture. After that, he’d roamed the room and found her portfolio and from his smile and expression, he’d liked what he saw.

He was distracted by the sound of cutlery breaking and when he headed to the place where it was, Madam Jo was having another tantrum and scolding Go Young. Madam Jo was scolding Go Young for holding her parents memorial when it was such an important day for their shop-the opening ceremony. As soon as Madam Jo was gone, his phone rang and he answered it immediately, turning to Go Young and putting a finger over his lips. The memory brings a smile to his face.

Ga Young heads to a place and knocks on the door. The woman who answers invites her in and it seems, they’ll be sharing living quarters. The woman is a designer and the whole apartment is a wreck. She rattles off a number of conditions for living together and when Ga Young tries to speak up, tells her, “I don’t want to know your situation.” Ga Young wins her over by helping her in resizing a dress for a client.

Young Gul has reached America after all. But seems the situation here won’t be that easy after all as his captors demand extra payment (I.e. Rolexes) and he doesn’t catch a word they are saying since they’re speaking in English and when he does make a deal with them, he ends up making it wrong. The men drive him along with the other boat men in a freezing truck and warn him that if he’s lying, he’s a dead man. However, he seems to have an idea. Later, when the men in the back wake up after a nap, Young Gil has escaped. However, escape isn’t the end of his troubles as he walks around and when he finally does find a station and a pay phone, he is unable to get help. He is stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The loanshark and his men are watching the news as the captain of the ship who was thrown into the water is rescued and creates furor all over the news. In the middle, Young Gul calls up his thug friend who sneaks away to answer but the call gets cut off in the middle. I could feel Young Gul’s despair as he cried. He takes to walking again and no one stops in the middle of the desert to help him until finally a pick up stops and the driver takes him along.

Ga Young calls up Madam Jo’s secretary and asks to talk to Madam Jo but she pretends not to be there. Her secretary tells her Ga Young said not to worry. Madam Jo whispers, “Why should I be worried? She’s the one who needs to worry.” In through the door walks her rich friend (Why am I so bad with names?!) Jae Hyuk’s mom. Madam Jo asks her for a favor-Her daughter has gone to Fashion School and was wondering if her son could keep Jung Ah company as it would be dangerous for her to live alone. Jae Hyuk’s mother deflects but then grudgingly agrees.

And hence Jung Ah moves in with Jae Hyuk. And I’m surprised by how good Jae Hyuk is to her while Jung Ah’s responses are curt and at best, civil. When she’s about to leave, Jae Hyuk asks her if she know Ga Young. Anna asks him how he knows Ga Young. He asks her if she has her phone number but doesn’t specify why he needs it. Jung Ah tells him Ga Young set fire to her mother’s store and Jae Hyuk’s response is a dull “Oh really?”, as if he’s not bothered by it and doesn’t tell her why he wants the number despite her insistence, leaving her stewing.

Her mother tells her to make sure Ga Young stays in the sidelines and calls up Jae Hyuk’s mother but his mother cuts off the call early. Her seamstress tells her of the gossip that her son is dating a girl named Anna. She cuts the seamstress of annoyingly. The girl in question seems to be the apprentice of a famous designer. When she heads into her office after work in the studio, Jae Hyuk is waiting for her.

She’s not happy to see him. But Oh my God, he does smile! He asks her if she’s still angry at him and asks to talk to her. Whatever he says, she simply ignores it until he asks if she missed him and admits he missed her a lot, at which she smirks in contempt. Anyway, he didn’t come here to talk about that and makes a business proposition. Quit work here and work with him at his company. He leaves an envelope for her on the table, telling her it’s the best he could do and leaves. She opens the envelope and finds a contract as a freelance designer inside. At home, Jae Hyuk takes to the drinks with a heavy expression.

The next day, he’s back to his usual gruff self. Ah, I’m missing the smile! His secretary finds out Ga Young’s number for him and Jae Hyuk dismisses him. Omo, the powers that be heard me because as soon as his secretary goes out, there’s a hint of a smile.

Ga Young stitched dresses for her cohabiting friend’s clients who love them and a good friendly rapport is established between the two roommates. Her friend answers the call from the Fashion Design School where Ga Young is given a chance for interview. At the same time, guess who makes it to town? Young Gul! He approaches the Fashion Design School, borrows a shaving blade from a student, changes into the clothes there made by students and looks for Ga Young but there’s no trace of her in the student’s list and misses seeing her pass right behind him. And the students’ clothes he borrowed? They come back to claim them and he changes right there on the staircase.

He does however, run into Jae Hyuk. After all he’s been through, he’s ecstatic to see Jae Hyuk, any familiar face he can find. This time, Jae Hyuk isn’t curt or cutting at first but rather friendly and can guess Young Gul is lying about being in town for a fashion show. However, he’s not overly concerned about others and heads off for a meeting. Young Gul tries to stop him or wheedle an invitation out of him but fails. Finally, he tells him the truth. Jae repeats what he said last time. “I’ve no money to give to the likes of you.” before walking off.

Young Gul follows him in anger and crashes the meeting by grabbing him by his collar. When Jae Hyuk asks him to let go-it’s embarrassing, Young Gil bursts out.

“Embarrassing? Do you want me to show you what’s truly embarrassing? Should I show you?”

The end! See you with Episode 3  next week! 😉

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  2. This show is definitely getting more interesting 🙂 Love how the characters match with each others attitude but I sensed that there was already something up with Madam Jo, and I think I’m right (hehe). Though I coudn’t get one part, about the Rolex watches, was that a real Rolex watch, or did he just want to save his ass? I’m pretty sure it’s a fake, judging from the flashbacks. Sorry if I’m spamming here 😦

    • Hey1308, All comments and views are most welcome so don’t worry about spamming and keep ‘spamming’ away! 😉 I’m also liking Fashion King a lot and I’m really looking forward to see how things develop and the development of Yoo In Ah’s character and the second hero. And Madam Jo is one of the ‘evil beings’! Those things don’t die so easily! 😛 hehe… ^^

  3. Wait, isn’t Anna Jae Hyuk’s ex-girlfriend? I thought Jung Ah is the one who moved into his house? (Jung Ah’s mom is the evil one who tore up Ga Young’s acceptance letter & threw her out) Anna is the designer Jae Hyuk is trying to hire away from her present job and Jung Ah is the snotty girl who took Ga Young’s place at the fashion school & moved into his house. (I have a feeling HIS mom is the reason Jae Hyuk and Anna parted)

    • Lol, I knew I was getting something wrong! 😛 I’ll change the names! Thanks tessieroo! 🙂
      And Jae Hyuk’s mom is a little too over the edge… I’m sure she’ll be a big player in the episodes to come!

  4. I recently came to your blog in search of Fashion King recaps and couldn’t wait for the next one. But l didn’t think that you were going to be this fast! Thanks for devoting your time and effort into recapping!

    • Thanks Acrasia! Im glad to be of help, hehe.. By the way, my recap today was a little later than intebded because I had to work with my Mum in the kitchen preparing dinner for guests coming tonight.. See you with Episode 3 next week! 😉

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