Fashion King Episode I Recap

(I’ve decided to take up Fashion King for Recaps and hope I can see it through. I just hope my Korean skills support me through the series and I can understand it well enough to continue the recaps. My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

The episode starts off with Young Gil at an International Fashion Show, sketching away as he watches the models walk the ramp. He’s copying the dress the models are wearing which is then faxed to a tailor shop, along with the color and pattern of the dress and the dress is then stitched there. Then we see him making adjustments and fittings as some girl is wearing the dress as trial. He’s pretty engrossed in his work, but the model is pretty happy about the skin ship going on. While the real dress goes on sale in high end boutiques and malls, it also goes on display in a small shop, made by Young Gil. Talk about accessible fashion!

Elsewhere, a secretary hands a board an application as the board rummages through various applications and seems to be making a decision for something. The last application is Ga Young’s. The panel goes through a series of sketches and is pretty impressed by what they’re seeing. Ga Young meanwhile is sitting at a machine, stitching away amongst a bunch of other women. It seems like a small end designing and stitching place. Stealing a peek downstairs through the window, Ga Young sees the mailman riding away and runs downstairs to check her mailbox but someone’s already taken the mail. In a posh office, a woman sorts through the envelopes until she finds the one addressed to Ga Young from Korea. Tearing it open, she reads the letter. Turns out, the portfolio was hers and she’s been accepted. When Ga Young comes in to ask for the mail, the woman whom she refers to as ‘President’ hurriedly hides the letter. When Ga Young asks if there’s any mail for her, the President acts ignorant and asks what letter Ga Young is expecting. Ga Young tells her she applied for Fashion Design School in America and the President asks her how she intends to pay for it. Ga Young tells her she was going to ask to borrow from her (The President) and promises to pay her back one way or another. The President admonishes her for going this far without even consulting her, how she could simply think of leaving like that and dismisses her. Ga Young asks her if she can reconsider if Ga Young is accepted. The President tells her they will talk when she is accepted. As Ga Young walks away, the President’s face turns angry and she tears up the letter.

A group of high profile girls and guys pull up in front of a boutique and once inside, they start partying up. Somewhere close, Ga Young is sleeping in a room. Two of the friends cozy up a little too much in their partying and head to an inside room for privacy. They go to the back room where the guy drops his cigarette into a basket, full of clothes. Uh oh! Slowly, smoke rises up. Soon, it’s a spreading fire and the smoke wakes up Ga Young, who heads outside her room to see the flames in her way. She tries to put out the fire but its spread too much and the extinguisher isn’t much help.

The President comes up to the boutique as police and freaks out as she seems everything burned to dust inside. (Hilarious how everything’s burnt but the carpet’s still there, hehe). As she heads upstairs, water starts dropping down from the fire extinguishing system, aggravating her more. Upstairs, she slaps Ga Young and asks her how she could do this to her. Ga Young protests, she didn’t do it but the president doesn’t buy it. If not her, was it a ghost? Ga Young still protests with tears in her eyes. The President is in no mood to listen and tells her she’s already done all she can for Ga Young and yells at her to leave. Her secretary tries to protest, Ga Young is still young and has no place to go but the President yells at her too. Ga Young tells her she’ll leave but wants the money for all she’s worked. The President beats into her once again, telling Ga Young she should be thankful she isn’t handing her over to the police, even laughing at her spine for trying to apply to Fashion School and warns her to leave within the night or she’ll hand her over to the police. Taking her bags, Ga Young roams the city in the morning as she looks around with nowhere to go.

With the help of an address on her diary, she heads over to a place but no one answers at first. Finally, a woman crawls and Ga Young tells her she came to meet their President. Inside, people are sewing as the woman shows her the President’s room from where she can hear loud music. She goes inside where Young Gil is sleeping, in an awkward position and snoring until a phone call wakes him up and he actually falls down from the seat. He sees Ga Young but is engrossed in the call. The phone call is not a happy one though and even when he puts down the phone, he slips into thinking. Finally, he’s brought out of his thoughtful reverie and asks Ga Young who she is. She reminds him she called and told him she was coming over. He assigns her to work as he starts getting ready to head out. When she’s gone out of the room, he turns around and watches the closed door thoughtfully.

Outside, Ga Young makes patterns on clothes with the sewing machine with precision and perfection, leaving everyone astounded and even Young Gil smiling as he checks up on them before heading out. He’s gone to a sauna for a meeting with some mafia type people, complete with tattoos. One of the guys is not happy to see him and Young Gil dismisses the others before turning to talk to the guy. They chitchat about the other guy’s Chairman-a sore topic for both and then Young Gil asks him sheepishly, “Do you have some money?” That sends his friend into a speech about how much he’s already suffered because of that damn question and because they’re friends. Young Gil wonders how there can be no person who has money and the other guy points out there is and mentions the name, Jae Hyuk.

Cut to a fashion photography session where Jae Hyuk sits passively watching all the chaos around him before bursting out, “Is this a joke?” The designer tells him the model’s are a little out of place today but the fahion line, i.e. the designs are great but Jae Hyuk gives a sarcastic smile and a curt order, “Do it again from the beginning!” The designer is appalled at his nerve but Jae Hyuk is the big boss and walks away. Jae Hyuk’s secretary tells him the collection was even approved by the Chairman and asking them to do it again might be considered cruel on his part but Jae Hyuk could care less. When he gets to his office, Young Gil is waiting for him.

It’s hilarious the way Young Gil checks out the girl who serves them drinks while Jae Hyuk watches with a bland face. Turns out, Young Gil has told Jae Hyuk they’re old class fellows (Don’t know if its true or not) but Jae Hyuk doesn’t recognize him or even remember his name. Young Gil hands him his card and Jae Hyuk doesn’t bat an eyelash and guesses he’s here to ask for money. Almost in a snide and degrading manner, Jae Hyuk points out there are many people like that out there these days so Young Gil falls silent and makes no comment. He hadn’t asked for the money yet but his face is an expression in itself. Jae Hyuk excuses himself, he’s got work to do and after a handshake and a sarcastic smile, heads off. About to leave, Young Gil turns back and slaps his hand on Jae Hyuk’s table.

Young Gil: “Actually, I came to borrow money.”

Haha! Good going! Jae Hyuk smiles as Young Gil rattles off a number but tells him he has no money to lend to him, emphasis on the word him. Young Gil smiles at his refusal and heads out, collecting his name card before walking out. Outside, Young Gil turns back to the building and his disappointment and anger is evident from his face.

Back to the shop, he heads inside, takes off his shirt and grabs a beer from the refrigerator. As he sits down on the bed, he sits on a pair of legs and both he and Ga Young start screaming. He can’t believe she’s seriously going to live here. Anyway, he’s too tired to discuss it and just tells her to go to sleep; they’ll discuss it in the morning. Ga Young asks if he’s also going to sleep here and he points out the place she’s using was his. He heads into his office and Ga Young hears him on the phone asking to borrow money. She slips out and sneaks in a log of wood to sleep with, for protection, ha!

Ga Young’s President meets another high class woman and recaps her sad sob story. She presents the woman with a gift when they’re interrupted by a phone call and the President learns her dearest daughter was responsible for the fire, not Ga Young. Young Gil is not happy with the clothes Ga Young has made and asks her to simply follow what he instructs her to do in making clothes but she diffuses his logic. He tells her to do as he says or he’ll have no choice but to take away her job and cancel the sleeping arrangements. On her way out, Ga Young slams the door. Ha!

When she’s gone, Young Gil studies the clothes and then watches her through the inner office window. She’s at work and is trying to hold back tears. Young Gil takes those clothes to show them to a friend who’s amazed at the clothes and asks if they’re designer clothes. Young Gil manages to score a good bargain for them and sells them at a high price. Later he roams around the store market and they’re making more of these clothes in the office. Ga young finds him asleep at her seat and puts a jacket over him before heading off with a short smile. The clothes go on sale and are a success.

Young Gil gives money to a person who seems to be a loan shark and is happy with the progress of the money he is receiving. He gets a call in the middle and tells his underlings there’s some new guy hanging around with his lover these days and to find out who it is and of course, deal with him. As Young Gil‘s leaving, he hands him a 10,000 won tip. Outside, Young Gil runs into his thug friends (So they work for this guy) who congratulate him at his great work. At the office, the girls are chatting away in a happy mood about the awesomeness of their President (Young Gil) while Ga Young is engrossed at work. They heap praises for his face and body like fangirls until one of them turns to Ga Young and asks “Don’t tell me you’ve seen it! You guys share the space at night!” and tease her as her face goes red. When Ga Yoon sends them off, she heads to cleaning the place. Inside Young Gil ‘s office, she has an idea as she sees the computer and checks her email to find the acceptance letter from the Fashion Design School just as Young Gil walks in and asks her what she’s doing. She closes the window and tells him she was only checking her own mail. She hesitates when he asks her to open it again and wonders if she is a spy. She opens the mail and he asks her to translate the mail out loud.

Ga Young can’t help but cry as she translates it. It’s heartbreaking because it’s already a chance she cannot have even though it’s so close. Young Gil doesn’t know how to respond as she reads on. Her voice breaks down and she finally ends up crying by the end. (Gosh, this is such a well done scene!)

Young Gil asks her where the school is and she tells him it’s in America. He asks what her parents do and she tells him they passed away when she was a girl. He wonders where she lived before she came here. She doesn’t reply and Young Gil dismisses her as he stares at his computer, unnerved and smiles as he has a thought when he sees her name in the mail. This sparks off a memory where a child is crying and begging a woman (President Jo, Ga Young’s former boss) but the woman discards the child and heads off while a younger Young Gil stands watching. Present day, he strokes the ring he wears around his neck as he remembers approaching the girl at night, showing her a magic trick while she cried, making a coin become a necklace (the one he’s wearing) and asks her name. She’s Lee Ga Young. Then he makes a piece of paper become a candy and young Ga Young smiles and claps in awe. (So awesome sweet!! Show, you’re winning me over!)

Jae Hyuk is having a meeting with his Dad who isn’t quite happy with Jae Hyuk’s attitude and work. He’s sending Jae Hyuk off somewhere (America) and calls up the designer Jae Hyuk had told to redo his work and makes Jae Hyuk apologize to the designer. Jae Hyuk swallows his pride as he smiles yet glares at the designer and apologizes.

Jae Hyuk is on a plane and so is Ga Young. A woman walks in wearing the same design she had made and she smiles as she remembers Young Gil’s words. A flashback shows us Young Gil had approached her one day as she lay in bed and given her a thick paper bag filled with money and told her to go to America and study at that school; it seems like a really good school. She breaks out into tears and Young Gil asks her to be sure to pay back the money in the future. When she doesn’t know what to say, he adorably says, “Aren’t you going to say thank you?” She smiles and says it. He smiles before heading off. Now she’s in the plane, on her way to her dreams.

Young Gil is asleep with some girl when his phone suddenly rings. Some thugs have attacked the shop and are throwing all the stuff around. Haha, turns out, he’s been sleeping with his loan shark President’s lover; the same people who just turned the shop upside down. And he’s heading over to catch Young Gil here. When he bursts into the room however, there’s no one there. He heads to the window, where Young Gil is hanging by the ledge and sees him. Scared but with guts, Young Gil jumps down from the third floor into a mound of boxes and runs off. The thug reports to his boss, the loan shark. Young Gil borrowed the money to give Ga Young from him but he has yet to pay back. So they probably don’t know about the affair but are working to reclaim the money.

At the shop, the thugs are waiting around for him and Young Gil calls up the guy he met in the sauna earlier. He tells Young Gil to run off before they catch him but Young Gil has no place to go and just two bills in his pocket. The gangsters catch sight of him and chase him all around in streets but he manages to get away by hiding in a dark alleyway.

He walks around at night and approaches a home. The gate is open and he heads inside just as noises of a fight and a husband hitting his wife come from inside. He stands there disgruntled, listening for a while as a young boy comes up to defend the wife before he heads back out. Next day, he’s at the docks and walks around aimlessly before turning back towards a signboard.

Ga Young stands in the middle of a bustling street in America at night and looks around in wonder. Jae Hyuk jogs in the morning. Both are shown working and going about their daily life. Ga Young reaches the school to hear that she sent in a rejection application. (Ah, so her previous President Lady is a true b***h!) Ga Young denies it and they show her the letter of rejection. Elsewhere, Young Gil is working on a ship in raging waters.

Hope you enjoyed the recap! See you with Episode 2! 🙂

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  1. I liked the first 2 episodes of Fashion King too but got a little bit weary of the lead girl being beaten down. *sigh* Why must the underdog go through so much before episode 10 or so? (LOL) Lied to, stolen from, slapped, kicked out, lied to again…YEESH! Enough already!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I really enjoyed this – especially with all those photos in between. I find Asian features very attractive (my son is Eurasian). Ohhhh, LOVELY photos! 🙂

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