Thorawatta (I’ve come back)!!! :]

Hhhheeeeeyyyyyyyyy everyone! I’m back! Finally! 😛

Sorry for the delay in getting back but I spent the last two three days literally sleeping my fatigue off! The papers went just fine (Bleh!) and the result isn’t going to be out for months now, but I’m going to start gearing up to retake the exams next year! Still, that’s a long road ahead, so for now, I’m completely going to be at Akiko’s! 😉

I’ll start posting up some stuff soon! It’ll include movie and series reviews for some stuff I’ve seen while I try to sort out whether to start recapping series and if yes, which ones! All ideas and suggestions are forever welcomed! 🙂

Also, let’s get started on our Korean lessons soon too, so I’ll start preparing for them too! 😉 Stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. Well, lets agree to NOT discuss COW at all. *hee* New dramas coming up that are in my sites are Rooftop Prince, Love Rain, Fashion King and King2Hearts. Gonna be a busy summer! Welcome back, hope things are good with you!

  2. You’re back! WOOHOO! Let the party begin! *hee*

  3. Oh, excited about the Korean lessons, totally need it! Welcome back!!

  4. Oh, the cute prosecutor (Lee Jun Hyuk) in City Hunter will be in Equator Man and he is supposed to play a friend turned baddie. The main lead will be Uhm Tae Woong. I think it should be good with the 2 of them as the leads.

    It is actually my 3rd time back at University… sucker for more book work and exams…:) But you are right, when I am at university, it does not feel like being in the real world at all! Each time I return, I just notice that the students are getting younger each time, when in reality, it is me who is getting older! Heehee.

    I actually learnt Mandarin at a young age from home and then from school. However, since I have left my home country (Singapore) for a long time, I have not used Mandarin very much and my command of the language has deteriorated severely :(. Do you read or write Hanja (I think that is what they call it in Korean) or Japanese Kanji? If you do, it makes it a whole lot easier to pick up Mandarin. I will have ponder over the best way to start and let you know!

  5. Welcome back!!!:) Glad the exams are over for you. Think positive… don’t think about any retakes!

    Completely understand the need to sleep off the fatigue. Just finished a 3-day group assignment that involved late nights, little sleep, lack of food and dehydration, and I feel completely wrecked already… it was a test of physical and mental human endurance than a test of our investigative and analytical skills!

    I have not been watching much kdramas since the disaster of Colour of Woman…lol. That seems like such a long time ago! I finished watching Wild Romance and also checked out ‘Glowing She/ My Shining Girl’ out of curiosity. But not watched anything else due to workload. I think there are quite a number of promising dramas starting end of March (Equator Man, Fashion King, King 2 Hearts etc.), but not sure how to fit them into my schedule… I am definitely in for the Korean lessons though!!

    So glad you are back! You have been missed!

    • KL!!! SO Glad to see you!!! 😀 😀

      Hehe, yeah, I’m not letting the exams bother me and I’m keeping an optimistic outlook. Besides, there’s no law against hoping! 😉

      I hope your getting good rest after your assignment! Your comment made me remember our university days… I miss those times when we’d be so stuck in work! Life was so much more fun and so less of the real world! 😐 Enjoy your fun days while they last! There’s nothing quite like them! 🙂

      Oh, don’t even mention that “CoW” 😛 I still get riled up whenever I think of it! The writers really were a lost cause on that one! I’m downloading Wild Romance but otherwise there’s nothing on my list. Like you I’m waiting for the new drama lineup, in particular Fashion King and King 2 Hearts. I don’t think I’ve read about Equator Man…

      Korean Lesson 1 is going to be up soon! 😉 Also, how did you learn Mandarin? I want to get started on that but I’m confused on how to start. :S

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