Hey guys, just wanted to say goodbye formally for the Hiatus and thank everyone for their wonderful feedback and for sharing in the journey of “CoW”; even though it didn’t turn out even close to good, I feel we’ve had a lot of fun even poking fun at it (except for the times I literally felt like pulling my hair out! [Read: Any Junsu scene])!

I’m sorry for not responding to all your latest comments but I’ve read through them all and wanna say thanks again! 🙂

My papers end on the 7th March so you’ll see me back on the 8th/9th! 😉 Hope to see all of you then and continue with recapping and reviewing series and so much more!! Till then, you’re welcome to use Akiko’s to stay in touch with each other or discussions!

Ja Ne! 🙂

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  1. CoW 12 (english subs) is out if there is anyone who still cares. I am not going to watch but I saw it on kimchidramas.net.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the CoW recaps. Though the show was quite horrible at the end, you showed great fortitude in recapping a show when your heart (and my heart) was no longer in it. And I loved making new friends on this blog (I now see them everywhere I go).

    Now, please go and write your papers, study for your exams and I will catch up to you when you come up for air in March.

  3. Yes, ditto…. HUGE Thank You! A big round of applause for your contributions!
    I do like the title of the show abbreviated as COW… Director Song was a big COW, JJ was a cow most of the time, SR became a cow at the end, JS was dog poo, CJ is the only stallion we love and adore! This sounds like an animal farm … 🙂
    All the very best and keeping fingers and toes X for your exams!!!

  4. I really owe you a HUGE thank you for being patient enough to recap COW in spite of being busy with exams & prep. And for putting up with my rantings. (LOL) I sorta went off the deep end a few times with COW.
    Best of luck with everything and I’ll most certainly be here when you get back!

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