Mini Recap Episode 19 Color of Woman

Junsu hears Jinju talking to his father about how much she likes him and telling his father to hurry up and wake up so he can give strength to Junsu. He approaches Jinju and tells her they should get engaged. Although it isn’t easy for him to give up on his love, he needs time and can do it, telling Jinju he’ll try to bring the day when he only looks at her.

Junsu tells Sora. She asks if it’s because of work and he tells her it’s for real and that he thinks the person who is most suited to him is Jinju. When he asks what Sora wanted to say, she tells him it was something from work and congratulates Junsu. Reminiscing of memories ensues!

Director Song tells Chanjin apart from the Chairman’s collapse, everything else is exactly as she wanted. Her final goal-to be at the top of Laura with Chanjin and make it the best (Duh?!) and tells him to prepare a document.

Chanjin goes to see the Chairman and remembers all the good times and trust he’s given to the Chairman. Just as he’s about to take the Chairman’s hand, he remembers Director Song’s words about his mother and retreats. Outside, Jinju sees him and tells him about the new engagement plans.

Junsu and Chanjin meet up and exchange blows over Sora and each other. Junsu then tells Chanjin he’s always been happy because of him and trusted him. If it weren’t for Chanjin’s request to come back, he would never have come back from the States.

Chanjin: “Even if Sora were here?”

Junsu: “Even if Sora were here, if it weren’t for you, I’d never have come back.”

Chanjin asks if he’s the reason for the engagement but Junsu tells him it’s his own decision, because he wants to be happy now.

Sora doesn’t blame Jinju and calls up another friend and Jinju hears of her plan to go abroad. Sora throws the teddy bear she and Junsu won at their first date. Junsu sees it on his way home and picks it up.

Next morning, someone’s ringing their bell a lot. Finally they get up and let Chanjin in. He tells Sora to hurry and get dressed and follow him out. When she’s gone to change, Jinju and Chanjin exchange triumphant glances and a thumb up. Sora and Chanjin go for a morning walk and run. Finally, she wins and he asks her to make a wish. She tells him she’s got none.

Chanjin: “On your birthday when you didn’t make a wish, do you know what I wished for you? Byun Sora! Always keep smiling, got it?”

Sora : “Kang Chanjin!”

Chanjin: “I don’t know how to make you smile but when you’re smiling, when you’re crying, whenever, I want to be by your side. As a friend, as a man, in whatever way you want me there. So don’t go to America.”

Jinju told him and he asks her to reconsider. If she still wants to go, they should go together.

Director Song tells her secretary to prepare the “last party!”

Junsu asks Sora not to go; if she wants to go, she should go with Chanjin. She tells him not to misunderstand-Chanjin is just her friend. Junsu tells her Chanjin isn’t that way and he needs her. She hardens and tells Junsu his words are even more hurtful than when he told her he was getting engaged. Was she of so little importance to him that he’s okay with sending her to another man? Her matters, whether its studying or being with someone, she’ll take care of them herself.

Chanjin is preparing the document. Director Song visits the Chairman. Junsu walks in on her there and tells her that thanks to her, he’s realized how important his father, the company and Chanjin are to him. Director Song tells him it’s regrettable but his realization has come a little too late. He’ll know soon enough what she’s talking about.

Chanjin finds out the Chairman had a heart surgery ten years ago because of an accident. He and a co worker had been heading somewhere because of work when they got into an accident and though he survived, he had to go into surgery and the woman instantly died. (So it was an accident!)

At work, there’s a revelation when another company releases something extremely close to their Special Line Concept (Director Song never gets bored, does she?). The Chairman wakes up. Junsu calls Chanjin but Chanjin’s in his office and ignores his calls. Junsu tells his father Chanjin must be extremely busy with work. He introduces Jinju as his fiancée.

At work, Sora tells Chanjin something is off. Concepts can be similar between companies but they shouldn’t be identical. Someone stole her work. With this going on, she can’t just leave anymore.

Jinju brings Junsu a document. It’s been forwarded to all the Board Members. Chanjin didn’t turn up for work. Junsu takes the document to his father and the Chairman tells him to let Chanjin do as he wants; Chanjin must have some kind of thought. Jinju tries on her engagement dress and takes Junsu’s to drop off at his place. There, she spies the teddy in his closet with one of the couple rings around its neck. Jinju tells Sora what Chanjin has done and that he must have done it to get revenge on the Chairman and Junsu. Sora remembers the day Chanjin had kissed her in front of Junsu. Jinju asks Sora to stop Chanjin; she’s the only one who can.

Chanjin is working at home. Turning to his plant “Sora”, he tells it “I miss you, Sora” just as his phone rings. It’s her! Cue, sweet smile! Awww… Jinju meets up with Junsu and breaks the engagement.

Chanjin meets up with Sora.

Sora: “Do you like me?”

Chanjin: “How many times do I have to tell you I do?”

Sora: “You said you want to be by my side, whenever I’m smiling or crying. Did you mean that?”

Chanjin: “Should I say it again?”

Sora: “Why did you suddenly like me as a woman?”

Chanjin: “What?”

Sora: “By chance, was it to use me? Was it to get revenge on Junsu and the Chairman?”

Chanjin: “To you, am I nothing but that kind of person?”

Sora: “I thought it might not be that way, I thought you wouldn’t do something like that. But if you have any other reason, give up on the company. (She uses another word though) Don’t make it hard for Junsu sunbae.”

Chanjin: “To you, Junsu is still number one? What if I can’t give it up?”

Sora: “I’ll never see you again. You and me, we’ll be over!”

 [End of Episode]

Short comments:

I hate Junsu! Watching him in this episode was like watching a mechanical guy! He seemed to be all like a martyr going off for slaughter, giving the vibe of being ever good, ever noble! It was so irritating! And the goodwill towards Chanjin? Isn’t that too little too late? At least that’s where I agree with Director Song!

As for Sora, I’ll repeat what Chanjin says; Is that the only way she can see him? She’s known him ten years and because of what she hears once, she is willing to completely misunderstand him and his feelings towards her without giving him the chance to properly explain things or even asking him why and what? Shouldn’t she be asking him how he feels now that he knows about his mother? Shouldn’t she, as a friend ask him what’s wrong, listen to him, be there for him? Isn’t that what he’s always done for her? I’m off the ship Sora! You don’t deserve him AT ALL!

Chanjin isn’t that evil that he’d go for everything like that, especially knowing it was just an accident. I have to agree with what the Chairman said, he must have a plan! And I’m sure its to take Director Song along as if he were working with her, and then at the right moment, send her to her downfall! Me thinkings the final party will be interesting!

@ Tessieroo, give Chanjin a shoulder, would ya? N if you happen to run into Sora and Junsu, bury her deep and bury him even deeper! 😛 😀

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  1. Besides Chanjin, the only good thing about this drama is that they did not give Sora “a makeover” (hair, makeup and wardrobe) because that would have completely put me over the edge. At least she “won” her guy by being the “same” appearance-wise.

  2. worst drama ever for sure! Really.. such a disappointment.. There was so much potential in this drama even around the 18th episode and they managed to ruin everything just as I anticipated..
    To writers: why would you create such an adorable character such as ChanJin – to leave him alone at the end longing for his unrequited love?!?!.. And why would you discredit your main lead Junsu throughout the whole drama to such extent that viewers come to hate him..
    If Sora really choses to be with Junsu after all this I’d really say she doesn’t deserve ChanJin even as a friend..
    When I see a clumsy, stupidish, awkward character at a beginning of a drama I’m always excited to see how the character will grow throughout the drama.. Unfortunately we were not able to see such a growth neither for Junsu or Sora. Such a waste of plot line.
    Thank you for the recaps:))


    thanks for the recap even when you’re so busy. after reading the recaps, i don’t really feel like watching the rest of the drama. so disappointed in sora not believing chanjin, it’s just not fair. did the years of friendship mean nothing? does she not have her own judgement just because junsu might be in trouble? i don’t care for junsu’s character, so i won’t comment on him.
    as many others have said, the drama started out great, good characters and a potentially good plot, but it went downhill for me with the whole chairman and overthrowing company fiasco. sora’s character was strong at first, but grew so weak in the end, she didn’t seem like the smart independent girl anymore. it doesn’t matter what the ending is, looks like chanjin has gained many supporters. oh well, it was nice to read what others have been saying. thanks again!

  4. thank u so much for the mini recap. i was going to die because i didn’t know what was going on…okay, so i fast watched it only because you said you weren’t going to be able to do any recaps for a while. thanks again.

    i’m not liking this as much as i could. 😦

  5. Thank you so much! (I agree, this is a long recap) I hope you didn’t mind that we all continued to gather here & talk about this drama yesterday.
    I’m in shock that Jin Joo would go to SoRa and have the nerve to ask her to “control” CJ. I’m also in shock that SoRa would indeed do this! My feelings towards JJ were justified (in my mind) this whole time, she’s a crap friend who should have been kicked to the curb in the beginning. What a horrible person she is. Her motivation seems to be to make sure JS continues to be the head guy at the company since she’s marrying him.
    I have nothing but contempt for JS. This guy has no backbone, no sincerity, no intelligence…there is nothing redeemable about him whatsoever.
    And SoRa? Wow, all those years being her friend and sticking by her side were all for nothing for CJ. She doesn’t know him at all. She believes something JJ tells her about CJ and attacks him without asking him first? HAHAHAHA! (I’m sorry, that a joke, right?) Pfffftttttttt. What a crock of bull.
    I’m disgusted with every single character with the exception of CJ. And the writers must be drunk. Or they believe us viewers are stupid and will swallow whatever they throw our way. WRONG. *walks away grumbling to find CJ and buy this man a bottle of champagne*

    • Since I haven’t seen (or read the recap) of eps. 20, I am going by what I have read here. You know the truth of this, CJ really does loves Sora and I will leave at that. We don’t know the future (ha, ha – writers??) but some day he might get his chance with Sora.

      I agreed with all the beginning was really good but I think because of all the shift and rating, the writer(s) might had to change the story line to boost the rating. I don’t really know but from what I have been watching, from eps. 10 and onward, the whole story line has been to the gutter.

      So let’s not keep hashing this, but just say we did enjoy the first part of the drama. And thank you all for your sharing in this group.

      • i have to agree. wth were the writers thinking? i enjoyed it until the break up and it was all downhill from there. there was just so much potential that i wanted to keep watching it. it’s so disappointing when a good drama goes bad.

    • I so totally agree with you and you know I was a strong Sora/Junsu shipper. I have to admit that the only person I liked in the end is Chanjin. As kaciemom said, lets just say the first half was great and the leave it at that.

    • @Tessieroo Tee hee…any excuses just to be with CJ 🙂

  6. Thank you so much – even a mini recap is better than “nothing”. You are much appreciated by me.

  7. where did u streamed it?

  8. So I just streamed episode 20 … it was the finale. They are back to the feel good atmosphere of the early episodes. Too late. I am so not going to watch the remaining episodes to be subbed. I may watch subbed episode 20 only. Really pissed at the writers for what they did to this once promising show.

    Essentially Chanjin brought down the director (the best part of the episode) during a board meeting, Sora quit Laura and went to work elsewhere, Sora refused to get back together with Junsu, Jinju and Chanjin schemed to get Sora to meet with Junsu, Sora and Junsu meet and I think she turned him down again, Sora kept on seeing the bear everywhere she went, Junsu waits for Sora at amusement park and she decides to get back together with him, Junsu and Sora at a lovenest where Junsu fell asleep while waiting for Sora. The END.

  9. Worse drama ever! It started with so much potential and after awhile the writers mess everything and made it a joke. I can’t believe I spend my precious time on something like that! (even the fast forward in my video player hate this drama).

    Thank for the recap. I can’t see a good reason for full recap, I think it’s more then enough to waist your efforts about CoW.

  10. Thank you so much!! Yes, CJ is the only worthy one, as for the rest of them …sigh… need a kick in the butt…lol! The writers…. don’t let them write another drama in the future… or at least, put them on probation and send them to a remedial writing course before they are ever let loose again! 🙂
    I saw a lot of rants on Baidu yesterday while searching for info on the 20 vs 24 ep debate. One of the more descriptive captions made me laugh…. said the storyline is like dog poo….lol.
    Akiko, hope you can concentrate on your studies after this C of W fiasco! Good luck!

  11. Akiko!!! thanks a lot…that’s so not a mini recap, that is like a “giant” recap…thanksss!!!

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