Color Of Woman Episode 18 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Again, I won’t be able to put up screen-caps!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)


The episode starts with a young college age Junsu coming out of a restaurant in a huff. Sora runs up to him as he exits and is sorry for coming two hours late. While Junsu wants to run off for two hours to get even with her, she drags him back inside.


Now Sora is back on the bus heading home as she reminisces the memories of college days and watching Junsu walk away dejectedly in the amusement park.

They’d both settled down for their date and the store owner had given them a camera so they could take their picture and hang it on the wall. Now outside her house, she holds the picture as she looks across the street at Junsu’s place.

Here they reveal the title for today’s episode which is Romance something (Again, lack of Korean)

Jinju walks out of the house and asks Sora if they didn’t meet up. Sora doesn’t reply and tells Jinju to stay the night, it’s late already but Jinju walks off. Sora walks in home to find the place filled with balloons and birthday stuff, thanks to Jinju. She also boiled Sora a pot of birthday soup (I think it’s seaweed soup they eat on their birthday) and though Jinju meant it as a present, it tastes horrible. Jinju’s walking down the street when she runs into Junsu on his way back.

Relocating to inside a restaurant, Jinju asks if he didn’t meet Sora. He replies in affirmative and she explains that Sora’s phone was off all day until night but Junsu doesn’t take the excuse and says he thinks Sora and he really were meant only to get this far. No matter how he thinks about it, all he does is cause Sora to be hurt and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. Jinju points out he’ll be hard without Sora but he smiles it off saying he’ll have to deal with it. Changing the subject, he asks Jinju if she’s sleeping at the sauna; the building she was headed into earlier was a sauna. She makes an excuse about going for a bath and Junsu points out it’s so late in the night and offers her his own place again. She turns him down.

The next morning, Jinju catches Sora on the street and the latter points out, she smells like a sauna. Sora asks her to move back in and Jinju repeats her apology and tells her thanks. Jinju catches Sora’s new necklace and correctly guesses, “It was Chanjin, right?”

At the office in a meeting, Junsu turns down Chanjin’s proposal to have Jinju model for the Special Line as well and Chanjin still presses the issue as it would be beneficial to everyone which causes Director Song to snicker in enjoyment. Rattling off orders for the marketing team, Junsu finishes the meeting. Chanjin tells him he’ll be using Jinju’s services for the Special Line today and if Junsu is okay with it. Junsu asks him since when he’s asked permission when borrowing someone else’s person. Chanjin points out, “Is Jinju hyung’s person now?” Chanjin leaves.

Director Song waits for Chanjin outside and Chanjin warns her not to interfere without his permission and specifically says “I’m warning you.” Director Song isn’t too pleased but has plans of her own. Watching Junsu from afar, she makes a comment which I think is about involving him in things now (Again, at a loss in Korean!) Everyone in the marketing team is discussing their work and the manager hands over the tasks to Sora. When asked if she’s to do it alone, she’s told she’ll be meeting up with someone for the work. When she arrives at the hotel for her work, she sees a wedding taking place. Just then, Junsu walks in and turns out he’s the one she’ll be doing the work with. They both refer to each other by their official titles; though Sora calls him Sunbae at first but then corrects herself, saying “President!”

They head through the place, examining services and standards. Sora injures her foot but doesn’t say anything. When they’re about to leave and are waiting for the elevator, Sora tells him sorry about yesterday. He asks if she came and when she replies in negative, tells her he also left immediately. She knows it’s a lie but just agrees. Junsu tells her

“You can do whatever your heart wants now. There’s no need to be uncomfortable. We don’t have any relation at all now, okay?”

Though she says yes, once he’s gone, tears build up in her eyes. Walking out, she limps but doesn’t say anything. He asks if she’s going to the office but she tells him to go ahead and she’ll follow. Once he’s gone, she starts walking and looking back, he notices the limp. Reversing, he gets out.

Junsu: “Byun Sora!”

Sora: “Sunbae!”

Junsu: “When did you hurt yourself?”

She tells him its okay and she’s not hurt much, in a formal manner and he testily asks if she’s going to keep being a fool like this. Without a further word, he picks her up like he did on their date and both their thoughts go back to that day.

Driving back, he tells her even if they’re not lovers anymore they should be frank and at ease with each other and to go home. She tells him she has to go to the office, there’s something she needs to show to Chanjin. That riles Junsu and he doesn’t say anything else. At the office, everyone’s gone out and her manager takes out her computer, copying her data about the special line onto a usb. As soon as she finishes and closes the computer, Sora walks in so she hides behind the tables. Sora thinks she might have left the computer out and doesn’t give it a second thought. The manager, now hidden, can’t come out.

Junsu walks in behind and watches her working. The manager spies him looking and wonders, “What’s with his gaze? Do those two still like each other?” and wishes Sora to quickly leave so she can come out. Junsu leaves and shortly afterwards Chanjin walks in. He asks if she’s not going to get off work and she tells him she was about to call him. He asks, “Why? Were you missing me?” but she tells him it’s because she has something to ask him regarding the Special Line. He tells her he has to leave for another meeting. When she asks where, he doesn’t elaborate and she laughs that he’s really suspicious these days and not at all like the Chanjin she knows. Chanjin laughs at that, asking her if she’s worried he’ll be out meeting other women. The manager, hidden in the corner makes a bleak face. Chanjin tells her not to worry, he’ll be telling her everything tomorrow. She agrees; they can work tomorrow. Chanjin points out it’s a holiday tomorrow, who’ll want to work.

Chanjin: “Not work; let’s go on a date tomorrow!”

Sora is surprised and he tells her it’s his wish from yesterday that she goes with him on ten dates, as a man with a woman. She doesn’t reply and he asks if she’s afraid to date him while she remembers the Chairman’s words about how Junsu and Chanjin will be troubled because of her. She agrees and he leaves, telling her he’ll call her tomorrow. She tries to continue work but can’t for much longer and leaves.

Junsu catches her outside and offers to take her to the hospital but she refuses. When he offers to take her home instead, she tells him she’ll be comfortable going alone. Watching her go, Junsu follows her to the bus stop, on to the bus where she gives up her seat for an elder lady and consequently all the way home without her knowing where he watches her as she stares at his house for a while before heading in. Once outside her house, he remembers Jinju’s words about Sora having a reason for breaking up with him and calls up someone and asks for a favor. He’s called Jinju. When Sora gets in, Jinju’s already prepared an ice bag for her foot and tells her Junsu called and asked for it. On the table, there’s the birthday cake Junsu prepared for her yesterday and the flowers. The cake is her favorite flavor. Jinju tells her to sort out her feelings and stop making Junsu waver. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Next morning, Chanjin is heading out and tells Junsu he’s going for a date with Sora. Junsu asks if her foot is alright and asks Chanjin to take her to the hospital. When they’re heading out together, Chanjin asks her if her foot is alright and tells her she should’ve told him. It’s their first date together but if her foot hurts, she should tell him and he’ll take her back immediately. They’re lined outside a restaurant and waiting in a long queue to get in. Sora complains about it and Chanjin points out she’s not usually annoyed at these things but she tells him she isn’t when she’s with a friend; on dates, she’s worse. He takes her another place but that’s also closed down. He’s trying his best to impress her and wants to do well, they’ve been friends for ten years but it’s their first date so he wants it to be good but everything seems to be back firing on him. When they get back to the car, it’s gone. While Chanjin’s trying to figure things out, Sora rattles on about how she hates people who are like that. He asks her to be quiet for a moment while he studies the paper posted on the wall.

Sora: “Why? Annoying, isn’t it? Isn’t it? I’m always like this!”

Chanjin: “I’m going to kiss you!”

Chanjin’s warning sends her into silence. It’s clear she’s trying to make Chanjin hate her by acting all annoying and he knows her well enough to know what she’s up to. They end up at a jjampong restaurant and Sora thinks back to her and Junsu’s conversation where they’d decided what to say when one of them wanted to say “kiss” and decided on “jjampong”. It tears her up and tells Chanjin she can’t eat it. When he drops her off at night she tells him “Being friends suits us!” Chanjin tells her to look forward to their next date. She tells him its weird for her; the friend she knows is a certain color, how can she suddenly see him as another color? But he doesn’t want to give up and tells her not to make a decision so quickly.

In Laura, there’s a meeting going on when Junsu asks for material to be sorted regarding the hotel matter and Sora’s manager tells her to go but Junsu stops them saying there’s no need to send her and asks where Jinju is and is told she’ll be a bit late so he leaves. The manager takes the usb she copied off of Sora’s laptop and heads to hand it over to Director Song. Chanjin calls up Sora and tells her to reach the address he’s sending as a text and tells her he’s prepared everything, she just needs to follow suit. Director Song is pleased to get the usb and wonders, “Should we perfectly prepare up till dessert?” and asks her secretary if things are all prepared. He assures her it is. They’re talking about a party that is scheduled for tomorrow and need to do things at just the perfect time.

Sora arrives at the appointed place, it’s a restaurant and the attendees take her stuff. Inside, Jinju and Junsu are attending to two gets together. The wife is Korean while the husband is Chinese. She tells the two their love story is quite heart touching and Jinju asks if they should proceed with dinner but the lady tells them she’s expecting another guest just as there’s a knock and Chanjin walks in. He sits beside the lady and takes her hand as a greeting, showing their close. Junsu asks how she knows Chanjin and she tells him she’s known him for a while now; if I’m not wrong he helped her once when she was having some trouble at her own company. Junsu’s expression isn’t pleasant though his smile remains. She turns back to Chanjin and asks him where his girlfriend is. Just then, there’s a knock and Sora walks in, dressed in Chinese style clothes. Junsu and Jinju’s eyes widen. The lady curiously notices Junsu’s reaction to Sora. Seems she is a sponsor whom both Chanjin and Junsu are scouting for their respective projects and she praises both the Special Line and Yoon Line (Junsu & Jinju’s), not giving any hint of her final decision.

Outside, Junsu faces Chanjin and tells him he didn’t know he’d stoop to such lengths. Chanjin points out the one stooping is Junsu; Chanjin has known the sponsor for many years now. Junsu tells him he should have told him and Chanjin tells him the Special Line is his responsibility alone. He adds for good measure

“You win or I win, it’s both the company’s matter. After all, we are one team.”

“You and I, are we one team?”

“Of course, just like hyung and I are one family.”

At the pojangmacha, there’s no guests and the boss and his lackey discuss how “something big” is going to happen. At the office the next day, turns out Special Line got the sponsor (My Korean, again, lags a bit so I think this is what has happened) and everyone congratulates Chanjin and he says it’s all thanks to Junsu. While everyone’s wondering what will become of the Yoon Line, one of the secretaries walks in and tells them bad news; the Cinderella story is out! Director Song can’t hide her gleeful smile. Phones are ringing over and over. Chanjin confronts the Director and asks if she’s really the one who let it out. She tells him it wasn’t going to stay a secret forever and asks Chanjin why she should tell him; after all, Chanjin has a lot of secrets from her. Chanjin tells her it’s a mistake he cannot accept/tolerate and walks out. Director Song heads off to meet Junsu.

She tells him if things continue like this, the Yoon Line will be sidelined, the Special Line will get all the glory and Chanjin will be the one who basks in victory. [Okay, she said it in different words but I wanted to be a bit dramatic and say the short version!] Junsu asks her what she’s trying to say and she tells him these kinds of situations are created by a perpetrator. He knows who was responsible for the Cinderella Story, the Cinderella marketing, doesn’t he? Junsu asks if she’s pointing at Chanjin and asks what reason Chanjin would have to do such a thing. She tells him Chanjin knows the truth about his mother and without further thought, Junsu’s expression hardens and asks if she was the one (who told Chanjin). Director Song (Oh me,  ever the innocent one) says if she’d wanted to say it she’d have done so a long time ago and then emphasizes that it wasn’t her and asks why that is important at a time like this and in this situation. Junsu walks out.

The Chairman is shocked that Chanjin knows and frantically wonders how and why he could have found out. Junsu reminds him he told him there were no secrets that were forever in this world and asks his father to meet Chanjin immediately and ask for forgiveness. The Chairman is shocked and lost in thought.

Chairman: “Yes, it was then! That day when Byun Sora came and Chanjin came but just left without meeting me, did he hear it then?”

Junsu: “What did you just say? Sora came here? What on earth did you say to Sora?”

Junsu hears his father’s words and remembers what Jinju had told him, “Sora has a reason for breaking up with you!” and realizing what it is begins to talk to his father but the Chairman has a heart attack. In the office, Sora, Jinju and Chanjin are deliberating things.

“What do I do now? Yoon Line- What’s going to happen to President?”

Sora tells her not to worry and that things will be sorted out just as a secretary barges in and announces that the Chairman has had a heart attack. Chanjin is shocked and worried and collapses back into his seat. Sora and Jinju ask about the hospital but the secretary tells them not to go; the place is crawling with reporters and things would become worse. She tells them they should go when things blow over. Chanjin walks out in a daze. At the hospital, the Chairman is under treatment and the doctors tell Junsu it’s not going to be easy and they should wait and see.

Jinju calls up a newspaper and identifies herself, she starts to tell them that she was the one who lied when Junsu grabs the phone from her and asks her what she’s doing. She tells him she wants to own up to her lie because he will be okay then. Junsu asks if she’s okay with quitting being a model then but she tells him she won’t be okay with quitting but she would be even less so with him hurt. He tells her not to make her so tired and tells her not to worry, he’ll make sure everything is okay. She asks about his father and he tells her all they can do is wait. She moves forward and hugs him, telling him she’s sorry.

Sora is looking for Chanjin until she finds him outside on a bench, his head in his hands and walks up to him. He doesn’t reply when she asks if he’s okay and simply looks up, tears in his eyes with a tortured expression.

Sora: “If you don’t go to the hospital, will you be okay?”

Chanjin: “I can’t do that. I can’t see face the Chairman.”

Sora rests his head on her shoulder.

Sora: “I know. The Chairman is like a father to you.”

Chanjin: “Sora, I really don’t have anyone now… besides you.”

A tear drops down Chanjin’s cheek as Junsu walks out and sees  them like this, hearing Sora say

Sora: “Don’t worry. I’ll be by your side.”

He turns around and leaves as Sora adds “Because we’re friends.” but doesn’t hear it. Chanjin realizes this is her informal answer but doesn’t say anything, simply sighs and closes his eyes as he cries.

Junsu spends the night at the hospital by his father’s bedside as Sora opens the door but is unable to bring herself to come in and after a while, retreats. Both of them sleep at the hospital, he in the room and she on the benches in the waiting room. At six in the morning, she checks the clock and rushes out just as Junsu comes out and sees her leave.

She meets the sponsor lady and is here to thank her for the Special Line and ask the lady if she can consider the Yoon Line again too. She’s brought a marketing draft for the Yoon Line and presents it for consideration.

The lady: “Who is it?”

Sora: “Huh?”

Lady: “The person you really love? Who is it?”

We see Sora walking down the road as she remembers what the lady told her.

“For love, I gave up my friends, my family, my everything and went to China but I don’t regret it”. Because I’m with the person I love.”

She tells Sora to consider her words; she has to make a decision if she wants both Junsu and Chanjin to be at ease. Bracing, Sora starts forward as her phone rings. Seeing it’s from Junsu, she smiles as she picks up and runs over to the place he’s asked to meet. There, he’s holding both couple rings in his hands as he contemplates something but puts them back in his pocket as Sora comes up.

“Did you run here?”


“I have something to say so asked to meet.

“Me too! I have something to say to you too!”

“You go first!”

“No, sunbae, you go first!”

“Okay. I felt like I should tell you first.”

“What is it?”

“I’m getting engaged… to Jinju.”

Maybe it’s just my hatred saying this, but I seriously think he’s smiling mockingly when he says that! Or perhaps his expression was just wrong!


 [End of Episode]

See you in my next post regarding review and comments! 🙂

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  1. PS – I rewatched the fun early episodes and she did not look as bad in the beginning. At least her hair wasn’t constantly in stupid side braids. She wore her hair down and remember, she was actually trying to look nice with that mustard colored dress. sigh … I think they must have switched writers around episode 5 or 6. sad.

  2. Luv it! Thank u(:*

  3. Well…he shud just do that…I mean JS gets himself engage to JJ, after all those donkey works she made JJ did for him to pursue SR, fully aware of JJ’s feeling for him…Sure JJ isnt the greatest person on earth but she’s not totally evil too…she still has conscience & guilt tho she acted on impulse at times she often worried abt the mess she created for SR & even encourage her to be with JS…

    But seriously JS is a total crap to me..he’s not in love with SR, he’s just in love with the idea of being faithful to her…but no man who truly loves & appreciate one woman wud openly admire & spacing out when looking at another woman..CJ mostly flirted playfully but never really look at them, he’s aware of SR most of the time & she is his priority..JS didnt even remember SR’s birthday until JJ reminded him…& CJ is rite too, rather than worrying & frantically looking for SR, he’s more worry abt his own dissappointment with CJ bla bla bla…actually what they did was a damage control to the company reputation…how else can they explain the president & his secretary cum model spending a night together in a hotel without making them look cheap & sleazy…

    No matter how I look at it CJ shud be the one with SR becos he knows the current SR from a girl she was 10 years ago to the woman she has become today but JS only remember SR from the past same goes for SR…she has been with CJ the boy from college to the man CJ is now…

    Also the kiss between JS & SR are too mechanical, SR doesnt seem affected much by the kiss, so different from her reaction when CJ playfully wanted to test their chemistry hormones…she cant handle it that she ran off from him…thus it is CJ who make her heart beat faster, not JS….

  4. I really hope Changin and SoRa end up together.. and I still have some hope left.. I really don’t understand where things are going.. At some point I was definite that writers lead us to a blossoming Changin-SoRa relationship.. which would have been the best outcome.. but now everything is confused again.. Sora is so certain that she doesn’t have feelings for Chanjin that I probably wouldn’t be able to believe her if she changes her mind in the next episodes.. On the other hand, if Sora chooses to be with Junsu and they work things out, this would still look to me as a fake love, as we see Sora is being her true self only with Chanjin.. This show is really unpredictable, but I don’t mean it as a compliment at this stage.. It will really surprise me if writers manage to sort things out in the next episodes to viewers’ satisfaction..
    P.S. Thank you so much for the recaps!!! It’s a preasure reading them:)

  5. i seriously can’t watch this drama anymore. i only read the recaps now. (thanks, btw) at first it seemed interesting and now it’s all over the place. i don’t mind the frumpiness and crazy hair but i do mind how she all of a sudden turned into this indecisive person and her smarts are underutilized. what happened? where the heck is this drama going? i had really high hopes for this drama. all i can say is, i hope that jinju’s prediction that sora really loves chanjin comes true. that’s the only reason i keep up-to-date with it.

  6. You’re funny Stacey. Like Hilary, I thought this series was going to be a romantic comedy – the first few episodes were in that vein and I loved it. But somehow the writers ran out of comedy and started filling it with drama which is not cool. Talk about bait and switch. I think this series would have been better off sticking to the original format because now it’s just like any other Korean drama series as in D-R-A-M-A.
    However, I will finish watching this series since we are nearing the end and it would certainly be worth it if they do a makeover on SR. In my book, she looks way better than JJ – very attractive in that red cheongsam. She should be the product line model. : )

  7. I have no idea where this show is taking us. They make JS into this great guy, and then into a petty/jealous guy. And now, he’s a total moron for thinking that he can save his reputation and that of JJ and the company by marrying her. C’mon. These writers suck. BUT, of course, I will still watch the rest of this drama – if not to just see SoRa triumph somehow in her life. AND PLEASE …. I know this show is about her being smart and not caring about her looks, but she’s obviously insecure about her looks b/c of her doubts about JJ and JS’s attractions, and thus her own looks. SO COME ON ALREADY, just give her a makeover that lasts!! No more stupid side braids and messy bangs in her face and those HUGE glasses with NO lenses!! And does she own every type of frumpy, ugly sweater and shoes?

    sigh … please make her look decent at least.

  8. KL, you’re right, the current evidence doesn’t look good right now for JS. However, I’m going to reserve judgement right now because we don’t know why he’s made that decision – it’s definitely out of character – as least in my book. My only consolation or wishful thinking is that he mught be putting out a challenge to her. Throughout this series, he was always chasing after her in keeping the relationship going. Maybe he’s now going for reverse psychology. Remember, how he told her, in college, that she was very competitive, doesn’t like to lose, For example, she kept helping/buying gifts for her two-timing ex-boyfriend who wasn’t really interested in her .
    The Korean wife noted the love JS had for SR from the dinner and supected SR’s feelings for JS in their following meeting. In that meeting, she told SR about the strength and courage she had to take to follow her heart and was encouraging SR to do the same.
    The only question now is whether SR can look pass her hurt/shock and have the courage/strength to fight for what she wants. I think that if she made a move toward him like she did with that exboyfriend of hers, she would be pleasantly shock — so would JS. he he. he.

    In any case, it looks like the climax is coming, with Director Song orchestrating things behind the scene – an after party dessert?????I hmmmmmmmm

  9. I am afraid my Chinese is v rusty these days, since I don’t use it much, except for watching k-drama with Chinese subs (when no Eng subs are available)…lol! How long did it take you to learn Korean? If I have the time, I would like to learn too.
    You are really such a star for providing us with the recaps despite your workload! Can’t thank you enough! 🙂

  10. I don’t know what to say. I have been backing Junsu since the first episode and he pulls something like this. I absolutely hate him (and normally when I hate a character, I don’t like any other show they are in either ….)

    I think I need a break from this show. I don’t even think I can read your lovely recap, hitomiakiko. I just went directly to the last paragraph to see if KL was wrong (hoping her translation was off) but it was such a crushing blow that I don’t even want to read the rest of the recap.

    Hopefully, things will turn around in the next episode because I was following 8 dramas last week (including CoW), am now following 10 current dramas (as I added both Dream High 2 and the Flower Boy drama), already have some tough episodes ahead of me with OB (breakup of my favorite OTP), Padam Padam (breakup of OTP and cancer that has spread though out the body of the primary character) and Wild Romance (the poor OTP has to deal with male character’s first love), so I really should just drop this show.

    Just too much angst when all I wanted out of Color of Woman was a romantic (stressing romantic) comedy (stressing comedy). And I haven’t seen either the romance or the comedy since episode 9. This drama should have been 16 episodes long … the 24 episodes just made it go wild and crazy.

  11. Thank you!!! Yes, v disappointed with JS. He is such a prat! The way he announced it to her was v mean and insensitive, given he now knows a) his dad has got something to do with the break-up, b) she still pines for him (saw her looking at his window when she limped home), c) she came to hospital out of concern for him and his dad. I was hoping against hope that you might come up with some redeemable features of JS by watching the original korean version (in case something was lost in translation when I watched the Chinese subs)… lol. Conclusion: JS is not forgivable based on current available evidence… (unless writers can quickly think of some ways to redeem him next episode). SR should just give him a kick or a slap (she slaps better than him for sure) or pour coffee over him…teehee.

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