Announcement about further Recaps & Comments on Color of Woman Episode 17-18

Okay, I don’t even know where to start! Truthfully, I do not like where things are going! Even if the writers are trying to mess with our heads, can’t they do something more authentic?

So, this week we had Chanjin declaring his feelings out loud, Jinju showing a vulnerable and good side which is further off set by the fact that Sora still considers her a friend and defends her, Sora and Junsu moping (as they’ve been doing for quite some time now on and off! It feels like eternity already :P)

Let’s go over each character and I’ll start with Junsu and Sora. Somehow, I feel like I’ll have little to say about both of them.


Junsu. It’s no secret I haven’t been particularly fond of him since the 9th episode. In these two episodes, I just have to say, why hasn’t he approached Sora at ALL? Yes he tried that at the end of the 16th episode when Jinju announced she was dating Junsu but why hasn’t he done anything after that at all? In these episodes, he didn’t do anything but mope until Jinju urged him to go to Sora. He even forgot her birthday! Jinju reminded him about it!

Chanjin told him outright he was going to date Sora and he asked Chanjin if Sora felt the same way. Chanjin told him clearly he doesn’t know how Sora felt. Why not ask Sora herself?? You like her, right? When you came back from the States, you were dogging (I don’t mean this in a bad sense, just wanting to say he was persistent. In the beginning, I liked the way he courts her again) her to get back and did your best and actually got together but now, your just moping on the side until someone nudges you to go forward! If you want to pursue her, make up your mind and do it! And when he finally does find out it’s her birthday and goes after her, she doesn’t show and he decides not to go any further! Jinju told him her phone was off but he just wants to give up. At least go face to face with each other and see behind the veil! Instead of thinking she’s with Chanjin and misunderstanding everything, why can’t he just face it all? Sora already told him she thought of Chanjin as a friend and was going so far as to distance herself from Chanjin for him!

Jinju told you Sora had a reason. So instead of going around with Jinju, why not find out the reason? It’s not until its accidently revealed that he says “Oh, so that’s how it was!” And what happens after that? He decides to get engaged to Jinju?

Alright, one redeeming point here for Junsu; the reason he’s going ahead with Jinju is because he wants to help her out after the Cinderella Story was leaked as a fake. If it’s confirmed as a fake, everyone will turn their fingers towards the person who lied-Jinju and she’ll be ruined. Hence I think he’s being the noble guy here and trying to save both the company’s reputation and Jinju by getting engaged to Jinju. Plus, with his father in a coma now, he wouldn’t be able to get back with Sora knowing his father is against it.


Sora. First of all, was that even a sane reason to break up with Junsu? (This is why I hate these K-Drama clichés). Also, now that Junsu’s completely put you to the side, just wake up and make a better choice! You don’t have to go with Chanjin, but at least put the past behind you! Yes, Jinju lied and Junsu had nothing to do with it so he’s not to be blamed for that fiasco. But what about what’s happening after that? The way Junsu’s acting, give up on him! Especially the way he acted in episode 18, where he was rudely dismissive of her in front of the employees regarding work.


Jinju. Believe it or not, she’s one of the characters that has actually grown and changed over the drama. In the beginning, she was a person of looks. She went for what she wanted and got it. Over the series, we’ve seen her interaction with Chanjin and the way she’s changed. She’s not one of the completely transformed into good character, but rather she’s someone who knows her actions are going to have repercussions whether on her or the ones around her. In the beginning, she approached and went after Junsu but Chanjin cut in the middle and he was the one who told her it would be better if she went to the sidelines. He encouraged her to let Junsu and Sora get back together. For once, Jinju gave up and actually gave Sora advice on love life. Yes, later on she did make the wrong choices but then again, she saw the results of her choices and worked to sort them out. She’s not a great friend; hell, Sora would probably be better off without her, but the way I see it, Jinju is slowly starting to sort out her loyalties. There are worse friends than her in real life that don’t have the slightest scruples about taking something away from someone! What she needs now is to step out of the shades of grey she’s always been in and move towards the brighter better sides! So in the next six episodes, I hope she doesn’t make any other bad choices and works harder at redeeming herself!


Chanjin. Yes, he’s still my favorite character; the character who’s really grown and changed over the series and I’m really sad he’s not going to be Sora’s final choice. Mostly because of the reasons I’ve already stated and also because of what’s happened in these two episodes. When Chanjin learned about his mother, as Director Song put it “It would be really big!” and that’s almost exactly what it has become, but in a completely non-bad way! We’ve seen Chanjin lash out in two manners after hearing about his mother. 1) He encouraged the Cinderella Story forward and 2) He took over the Special Line. HOWEVER, he’s done nothing to harm the company or Junsu or the Chairman. The change that has come in him is that he’s no longer the person who “blindly believed” in or supported without question what he fondly called his family a.k.a. the Chairman and Junsu. I stated this in the last comments section too that the reason he went ahead with the Cinderella Story was both because of the company and to protect Sora as well and this time, when he’s taken the lead in the Special Line against Junsu’s Yoon Line, he hasn’t done anything backhanded or wrong. He followed what he told Junsu in the beginning of the last episode, “Let’s do fair play!” While under circumstances before, he’d have done his best to help Junsu, this time, he’s simply doing what he can for the Special Line.

What I love most is the way we’re shown how vulnerable and not suited to this revenge game he is in the way he reacts to the Chairman’s heart attack. Yes, he’s angry about his mother but no, he hasn’t done anything to harm the company or the Chairman or Junsu but in that moment, when he hears about the Chairman’s attack he is as broken up as any son would be. He also tells Sora he can’t face the Chairman anymore. The reason for saying that is because before, he felt complete loyalty and was always thankful to the Chairman whereas now, he can’t help but be sad about his mother’s circumstances and what’s eating at him is “How can I face the Chairman when I’m feeling like this?” Hence he can’t see the Chairman in such a vulnerable state; if he does, he’ll probably forgive the Chairman but he can’t go down that road just yet, not when forgiving him feels like it will be a betrayal to his mother.


All that said, I probably won’t be watching the episodes or recapping them next week and after that too! I absolutely cannot do the recaps after next week. Those are just before and right in the middle of my exams! I know everyone’s waiting anxiously for them every time they’re out but I need to focus every minute on work and a recap usually takes more than three hours! I’m thinking I might do a small review and comments for the next two episodes only but that is, if I watch the episodes and right now, I don’t feel like watching anymore episodes just yet! I don’t like Junsu anymore and I don’t think the writers can redeem him enough in six episodes, not when they spent nine episodes making him this crooked! I want Sora to end up with Chanjin because he’s really too selfless towards her against the selfish Junsu but I don’t see that happening either. I had my hopes raised when Jinju told Sora to wake up and realize she loves Chanjin but there on, the writers took another 180! Why do I think Chanjin is selfless? Remember the beginning scenes of episode 15 when Chanjin is ill and Sora rushes home to find him in bed? When she puts her hand on his forehead and seeing he has a fever, asks him if he’s hurting anywhere. Chanjin, in a daze from his fever, asks her why her hands are so cold-what’ll she do if she catches a cold and taking her hand, puts it inside the blanket to warm it. Even Jinju looks on in surprise at his reaction; she knows he loves her but she didn’t realize how much and it’s after this that she tells Chanjin he should be honest with Sora and tell her how he feels. He’s sick, he’s hurting and isn’t even completely conscious, but in that state, he’s more worried about Sora. It’s the little things that count and seriously, who remembers others in their own moments of pain? I can go on and on about Chanjin for pages! 😛


When I get back from my papers (would be first week of March), the drama would have ended by then and if you guys still want, I can do the last six detailed recaps then! In those days, I’ll have all the time in the world! So, what do you guys suggest? 

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  1. To me it doesnt matter anymore who Sora chooses, i will be okay ,but i cant stand JinJu ….she doesnt deserve any of them!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your recaps! I dropped this drama a while ago (at episode ten), and even though I have no patience to sit through an hour of Color of Woman, I love having your recaps to keep me in the loop. Good luck on your exams, and I hope to see more recaps from you whenever you can spare the time.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the recaps! 🙂

      I kept going at the drama in the hopes of seeing Chanjin x Sora together but alas! 😦 Anyhow, all their intermediate scenes were worth the watch so at least I had fun! Every time I saw them together, my heart would warm up and I’d go all, Awwww at the screen! 😉 😛

      I still can’t fathom what’s going on in the minds of the writers!!! If they wanted Junsu x Sora, they shouldn’t have made him such a horrible character! 😦 And they made Chanjin’s character so deep and well written just to have him get dumped?! 😦

      Thanks! Stress from studies and the drama is truly getting to me and I am so on the way to go crazy! 😀 I’ll definitely visit your blog once I’m done with my papers! 🙂

  3. Thanx for sharing your recaps…I like JS & SR in the beginning but it stop up until their scripted kisses…30 sumthing couple trying to kiss like 18 sumthing high school kidz…c’mmon give me a break…and there’s not even any romantic spark afterwards..I mean when you’re in love, you dun do count down to kiss, it just happen…

    Like you too I love the little things Cj did for SR..things that JS never even tot of doing. Tho CJ talk big & flirted with women all the time, everyone can see he’s just being playful & friendly…even as he flirted, he never let SR be the wallpaper, he sumhow wud drag her along either being attentive to her or teasing her. He understand her very well like when she’s upset he simply gave her a lot of work just to get her off her heartache & worries..tho it doesnt seem like it in the beginning now I see him as one very smart guy…JS was jealous & piss off becos CJ knew those ppl from their sponsor but then whose fault is that? Just becos he didnt like his father very much JS choose to live abroad until recently, now he’s not happy ppl knows & trusted CJ better?

    Anyway is it already confirm/official that SR is going to end up with JS? If so I dun think I have the heart to follow the show anymore…

    • Isn’t Chanjin just perfect for Sora?!! 😀 And seriously, with the way Junsu’s been acting, I don’t want him to end up with Sora! Why does he have to have people telling him to go after the girl? Does he really like moping that much! I hated him when he became a jealous guy over the company and his father against Chanjin and told Chanjin to move out and since then, he’s just done down scale stuff! Every time he comes to my mind, I feel like pulling my hair in frustration! Has the writer(s) completely lost sense?!

      And Chanjin! Ah, he warms my heart! 😛 It’s really the little things that count! Look at him, he’s always the one pushing Sora forward, helping her with what she wants and doing the most adorable things for her and what does Sora get when she’s with Junsu? Look at him staring at Jinju and feeling even less self esteem in herself than ever before?! The best part about Chanjin, he’s flirted with Jinju and with countless others, but he’s never let Sora feel out of place or lacking when she’s next to him!! It speaks volumes that she trusts him completely and my favorite scene from the whole series is the one where Chanjin is sick and he’s more worried about her!! Who ever does that? No one cares about others all the time, let alone when they’re in pain! The fact that he’s thinking about her and for her even then shows how much he truly cares for HER!

      Why oh why Writers???? 😦 Dammit, I can’t continue anymore! I’ve gotta go punch the wall to let my frustration out or next thing you know, I’ll have a voodoo doll of the writers and I’ll be stabbing needles in that!!

  4. Hi all,
    According to welcometohappy’s world, ep 20 might be the last episode!! Anyway this is the preview of 20th ep.

    • If episode 20’s the last episode, then it’s definitely a Junsu Sora pairing! 😥 If so, I think I’ll officially declare I hate this series! 😥

      • I just checked Baidu… seems no one knows for sure. Someone started a post titled ‘Ep20 (finale)’ and so others thought it was definitely 20 eps in total. Now there is a new post and people are arguing whether it is 20 vs 24. There was an old post stating that when Ji Ho was asked about the length of the drama on Twitter in the past, he said ‘Err…planned for 20 episodes’. I am not sure how long ago that was and whether the plan could have been changed along the way.

        Hmmm… I guess it is not just the scriptwriting that is a mess, they can’t even communicate the right length of the drama to the audience…lol!

      • Okay, I think it’s safe to say the drama has 20 episodes! Most of all because there’s absolutely no conflict left apart from the Chairman’s collapse, the leaked Cinderella story and the fake engagement, which can easily be wrapped up in two episodes! Also, the writers are definitely aiming for a Junsu x Sora (:@) couple and 6 episodes would mean more added angst which would be running in circles again! Duh, been there, done that, a little too MUCH! 😦 :/ Unless of course, they’re really going for Chanjin x Sora for which they have my full support and will need the six episodes from 18-24! I’ll even forgive them for the terrible job they’ve done in everything already if only they gave us a heavy heavy dose of Sora X Chanjin cuteness together!! 😛 😉 😀

      • Somehow I don’t think episode 20 is the final one, given the preview. If anything, the culprit/instigator of all this drama is Director Song. She skillfully manipulated everyone; it’s call “divide and conquer”. She needs to be uncovered and fired.

  5. hey Tessieroo, thanks for sharing. Do you have any idea whether ep drama has uploaded ep 19?

  6. There is a site that does nothing but translate text previews of dramas (that’s all she does – no recaps) It’s here:

  7. Hi, this is the preview for the next episode, ep 20…anyone knows how to translate …
    준수와 약혼준비를 하던 진주는 준수의 진짜 마음을 알고 난 뒤 약혼을 취소하게 된다.
    준수는 도덕적 책임과 기업이미지를 위해 후계자 자리에서 물러나기로 하고
    소라는 찬진에게 이사회를 포기하라고 하지만 찬진은 결국 이사회를 강행하게 되는데…

  8. How many episode does this drama have? I saw in one of the place – episodes = ?
    As for Sora running away to the US, you know what, I would do the same thing. What does she have left? Her guy friend from high school (which she had waited 10 years) is now going to marry JJ. The chairman of the company wants her to stop dating JS. Her close companion (CJ) wants to date her but she cannot because she still have feelings for JS. Her work is being sabatage by people at work. So my friends, would going to the US is the best choice where she doesn’t have to run into JS, JJ and CJ everyday. I am all for running away if I had a ticket to go.

  9. @Hillary:

    Hey, thanks for posting my link on Dramabeans! That really is the queen of recaps site! 😉 I’ve seen the open threads there but I’ve never actually followed them! I’ll try to start after my exams! I started doing CoW at first within 24 hours, like I’d download the episode, do the recap that very night, then make screen caps the next morning and post it by mid day but theres been a bit of change in the last few episodes due to my studies… I wanna change that after my papers (because I’ll have a lot of time then) and do future recaps like I did the initial episodes. Hopefully by then, there’ll be new series coming up that I could probably pick up or do some other series that haven’t been recapped but are interesting and people would want to read… Thing is, I wanna develop Akiko’s as a regular recapping site and any and every help from you guys will be much appreciated! 😉

    Hehe, I know about Dramabeans but I haven’t heard of the other sites! Thing is, I stopped searching after I found DB and have since relied on it for info and recaps!! I’ve seen Ojakgyo Brothers up to Episode 40 and then forcefully stopped myself but it’s definitely my favorite! Once my papers are over, I can’t wait to pick it back up! 🙂 I’ll try and make the Hangul lessons fun and easy so everyone can have an easy time going through them and it’ll be fun picking them up! If you get to it once, it doesn’t take long to pick up the language! 🙂

    • You are welcome. You should definitely check out Open Thread on dramabeans. I posted a couple of weeks ago and I think that tessieroo posted on this week’s Open Threads and also on Soompi. So you should definitely have seen some traffic from people who were following CoW.

  10. @KL, I’m glad you enjoy the recaps! Yup, I enjoy doing the recaps (though putting pictures in the recaps on wordpress takes a lot of time!!) and one of my aim at Akiko’s here is to make it a regular drama recapping site so I started with Color of Woman. Once my papers are over, I’ll have loooots n looootsss of “tiiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeee” on my hands and I really want to get this going! 😀 So any series you guys want, just let me know! Like Hillary said, most series’s are being covered elsewhere so maybe we can start when the new lineup of dramas comes or till then we could do another weekend drama or some drama that isn’t getting subs fast enough or not being subbed quickly! If it’s hard for me to do, i.e. my Korean isn’t enough, we’ll improvise!

    I’ll also start the Korean sessions right after my papers! That way, we can start learning side by side! And we’ll do it more creatively than just words; we’ll take along scenes and songs and that way, you guys’ll be able ti pick em up faster! 😉

    Wild Romance is on my to watch list along with many others after the papers! And the new comedy sounds fun! What’s the title?

    Thanks for the compliment! I plan on giving the site a change in March and you’ll get to see a lot more artwork around! 😉

    • Hi Akiko,
      The new TvN show is called ‘Twelve men in a year’. I think it is starting on 15th Feb. Here is the link to a youtube clip:

      I am so excited to hear of your plans for recapping, lessons, website etc. Whoopee… great news for us all here! I’ll definitely recommend your site to my friends who are crazy about k-dramas and want to learn korean. Can I say anything else besides ‘thank you’ all the time? 🙂

    • Looking forward to it.

  11. @KL, that would be a great idea, except, they’d probably throw us off the team in a jiffy when they realize we’re actually serious and good at it because that would mean more work for them! 😛 Also, their writers would probably not like the competition either, even if it’s meant there as a helping hand! 😉

    Also, they’ve got some great writing teams (City Hunter, Dream High, Protect the Boss) and they just seem to mess things up every once in a while. Me thinks it might be because they get too drained of ideas and effort in the best dramas! 😉 😛

  12. hmmmmmm…….. so SR is getting out of Dodge before the showdown huh. I really don’t understand what these writers are thinking of with her character. I may be wrong, but I thought the character description has her as being smart, strong, competitive, and self reliant. And yet, outside of that opening scene when she bashed her cheating boyfriend, she hasn’t shown one ounce of any of those qualities. All I see is a helpless, hapless, woe-is-me long suffering – dare I say – “heroine”. If she’s our role model, we’re all in trouble.
    I want to shake/slap her and say ” Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your life. If you want JS, then you need to go after him. He’s waiting for you!” grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • That is exactly how i feel. Though in my experience, women who “smart, strong, competitive and self-reliant” tend to be so in everything (especially their careers) except their personal relations with significant others. So I should have known better.

      • It’s sad but you’re right about that. No matter what, when it comes to matters of the heart, woman are always vulnerable. However, I was hoping that since this was suppose to be “fiction”, the writers should have given a more positive spin on her character, However, since this is an Asian written drama, I suspect that the writers would probably turn her into a “bitch” in order to demonstrate those attributes so it’s just as well. Look at the Director Song character . She has those same attributes and utilizes it to the full extend and portrayed as an immoral villianess with no man in her life. Oh well.

  13. Hi Akiko,
    Could you translate the following text if you are not too busy? Thank you.
    I saw this on a Chinese C of W blog.

    In brief, the Chinese translation was that it was a big shock that JS’s dad collapsed. JS has decided to get engaged to JJ as a result of his father’s condition. After hearing the news of their engagement, SR have decided to ‘tidy up’ her feelings for JS and will pursue studies overseas (is it just me or do the protagonists always escape overseas when their hearts are broken? Maybe she will return with a new look…. with her hair washed and conditioned… and also more confident and not such a wet blanket!). Also, the special line secret has been leaked to the competitor company (by the horrible Director Song), so CJ decides to convene an ad-hoc meeting with the directors.

    충격을 받은 윤회장은 쓰러지게 된다. 준수는 그런 아버지를 보고 진주와 약혼하기로 마음을 먹게 되고 준수의 약혼얘기를 들은 소라는 준수에 대한 모든 것을 정리하고 유학을 결심하게 된다.
    한 편 애심의 계략으로 스페셜라인에 대한 기밀자료가 경쟁회사로 유출이 되고 찬진은 임시 이사회를 소집하기로 하는데…

    • KL, Vivien posted this up last night and I gave her the translations of what I could understand, which is the same as what you’ve posted, except I could only understand half of it (The part about Junsu in shock because of his fathers condition and decides to get engaged to Jinju and that there’s an upcoming meeting for the Board members and Chanjin is involved in it…)! 😛

      Ah, the protagonist running away! Again, an ages old K drama cliche! Can’t this drama be just a bit creative and original anymore?! 😦 Anyway, now that she is going out to tidy her feelings, I hope she’s gone for good until she decides not to let her life be ruled over by the Junsu factor anymore or (finally) decides to go in favor of Chanjin! 😉 I go with option two! That’ll act as the slap she really needs to give Junsu! 😛

      • Thank you! I did not realised Vivien has already posted it. Hmmm… do you think we should write to the production company/TV station and ask them to include all of us here as an international committee of creative advisors for their future k-dramas (to avoid/minimise the cliches, improve the logic and flow of storylines, character development etc.)? Teehee.

  14. Hopefully, you can see the photos via these links:
    CJ & JS having lunch:

    CJ & JS looking like they have been in a fight:

    Yes, a few of us here are biased (you know who you are!), but Ji-Ho(CJ) is very cute off-camera too!

  15. I have mixed feelings like Kaciemom. My selfish side want you to continue the recap but I know that your work/school must come first.
    Again, I want to thank you so much for giving us the recaps because it has been murder for us English only viewers.
    And yes, PLEASE do the recaps after your exams in March because I would like to know what happened. Even though I will continue to watch the show, I already know I will be missing a lot of it or guessing it wrong. : (
    Good Luck with your exams.

  16. I still think SoRa will end up with Joon Soo (he is considered the lead) but it’s getting there that’s making me crazy! Joon Soo needs to be much more proactive since Sora is being sort of stupid about the whole “self-sacrifice” thing. (this part of dramas makes me insane)
    It’s okay, if SoRa doesn’t want Chan Jin – I’ll take him. LOL!

    • Tessieroo…lol… I thought you might say that. But is it CJ the fictitious character or SJH the actor (or both) that you are after? Hehe.

      • BOTH! (yes, this is me being greedy) LOL! He’s so hot I can’t help myself – I now have a full-blown crush.
        I’m not sure how they take JS backwards to redeem his character? Tough spot for the writers because a lot of viewers won’t buy it. But we’ll see.

        Good luck on your exams! And don’t worry about being too anti with recaps. I rant a lot on Soompi about other dramas but it’s only my opinion and I really enjoy reading everyone else’s point of view. It makes the dramas much more enjoyable plus things get pointed out in the story or plot that I’m not aware of.

        I’m hoping for a CJ/Sora pairing but I’ll live if it doesn’t turn out that way. I think the ending would be better with that pairing too.

    • Yes, the way things are headed, it seems JSxSR will be the end result! But if it is so, it’ll be really not a good end! Their love and the whole relationship now seems too flat and without emotions! :/ Whatever I do, I can’t feel sad or empathize with them the way they’re acting!

  17. One side of me want you to keep recapping (selfishness) and the other side say you must concentrate on your school. As you said, by the time your exams are done, it will be March. Please continue to do the recapping after your exam. At the rate this drama being sub, your recapping will be here before the subs are done.

    I just wanted to say “thank you” for taking your precious time to do the recapping of this drama for us. Without you and the darn wait, I would probably bail out of this drama.

    I am jumping ship by rooting for Chanjin and Sora. And after seeing the pictures of Chanjin (OMG), I am definitely rooting for him.

    • Alright, I’ll continue with the recaps, but I hope the writers give us at least some good stuff here on or they’ll be too anti! 😉 😛

      I am glad you guys are enjoying the recaps! Thanks for the wonderful feedback! 🙂

      Hehe, I’ve been a Chanjin Sora shipper since day 1! 😀 It’s just, damn writers don’t seem to be getting my telepathic messages! 😉 😛

  18. I just wanna say again, im grateful u did the recaps!
    I wish good luck with ur exams!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you so much for your recaps! Good luck with your exams! Fighting!

  20. Gosh, I love your analysis above. Like you, I don’t feel like watching this show any longer, so I totally understand.

    Thank you for your beautiful recaps but it is really time for you to concentrate on your exams. I have my Ph.D. so I know how much university takes out of you. It is really more important for you to concentrate on them rather on a silly drama (… I am actually saying … blankety-blank drama because I am so mad at the writers right now). I will continue to visit your blog in the future.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks Hillary! 🙂

      I’m totally back to my books now and am getting the exam blues already! T_T Thing is, I’m taking the Civil Service Exams and I’ve prepared for just two months and hence can’t help freaking out! People usually prepare for more than a year before taking it! Since there’s three chances for the exams, I decided to take them this time just as a tryout even if I don’t get through but I’m really hoping I can make it in! 🙂

      I hope I can put up more stuff in the future so you guys can enjoy! Like I told KL, I’ll probably take up recapping on a regular basis! Any suggestions on where to start? 🙂

      Also, if you guys want, I was thinking we could even start Korean sessions so you guys can start picking it up if you’re interested! It’ll take time and be a slow process, but it’s really fun! 🙂

      • Let me think about upcoming series and I will let you know. The thing is to recap a drama that’s not recapped anywhere else but has a niche following. And one way to know that is by going to dramabean’s Open Threads blog (posted every Friday). Because you get to see where people’s interests are and what they are looking for … and it would help drive users to your blog if they cannot find a recap about a drama they are interested in elsewhere and where there is a significant lag time in subbing (which is why I think most of the CoW fans flocked to your site when viki took drama down and subbing went from within 7 days to God knows when the other one will be out).

        Makes no sense doing a recap of drama that dramabeans, koala’s playground and cadence are already doing (ok … I admit, I read all three blogs’ recaps of MoonSun … stream it live and then watch it at least twice on viki when it is subbed at 50% and then fully subbed … it has me in its grip as much as OB).

        And one of the things I appreciated about your recaps (and particularly your analysis which I really value in recaps) was the speed at which they were posted (often 24 hours of the shows airtime once you decided to do them). It makes a big difference for someone like me (impatient and likes instant gratification).

        I would actually welcome a chance to participate in Korean (or should I say Hangul) sessions. I just started using the Talk To Me In Korean website to get a rudimentary knowledge of the language. I have to admit that as a science major since I was 13, I am very language-challenged (how I managed to pass GCE O’Level French is still a miracle). But I am hoping that because I want to understand the kdramas, that I will overcome my “disability.”

        Again, good luck with those exams.

  21. I found your recaps soon after I started watching this drama and have been enjoying your recaps. I actually stopped watching the drama a while back and have been relying on your recaps- only because I don’t really care for Junsu and Sora. Honestly, from the beginning to now, my favorite character is Chanjin, I seem to always have 2nd lead syndrome!! Honestly, I don’t really care for anyone else besides him, he is perfect! Sora and Junsu, can’t stand their mopiness and being the noble idiot routine. I feel like they are not right for each other only because they can never honestly talk to each other about how they feel. If you can’t do that in the past and now, how do you expect your relationship to work. Jinju, she is growing up but I still think she’s immature and selfish, if she was my friend I would’ve dropped her a long time ago. I’m crossing my fingers that Chanjin doesn’t end up with Sora and finds a nice girl – he’s too good for her.

    Good luck with all your exams and papers! Hopefully you decide to do recaps after or mini ones while you are busy, I do want to find out who ends up with who!

    • Twinkles, since everyone is frustrated with this drama, I posted some pics of Chan Jin (Shim Ji-ho) here at the Soompi thread:

      He’s my fav too – I have serious 2nd lead issues in this one!

      • Have you seen him in ‘Open City’? Be warned if you want to watch it, it was rather violent and I had to cover my eyes for some of the more gruesome fight scenes. From what I recalled, he played a cold-blooded gangster (sidekick of Son Ye Jin) and he was cool in the fight scenes :). I saw it a while ago and did not click that he is Shim Ji Ho until recently.
        Ok, I really need to get offline and do some work now! 🙂

      • oh my god, i almost spit out my coffee – he is just too hot! I’ll always be thankful for this drama for introducing me to him – not I gotta go watch Open City to get my SJH fix. Thanks tessieroo for sharing!!

    • I feel the same way exactly! Sora’s always too meek in front of Junsu! With Chanjin, she’s her! And isn’t it ironic that she’s never felt insecure about herself next to Chanjin even with Jinju around, but with Junsu, she’s lacking self confidence! Yes, its a given that she has feelings for Junsu which is why she might be over reacting but even though Chanjin has had a good rapport with Jinju, he’s always made Sora feel good about herself! I love that even though he and Jinju flirted in the beginning but to Sora, he’s always been more attentive and more adorable! 😉 hehe!

      I already hate the writers for not giving Chanjin the happy end and hope the writers regain their sensibility and make a wise decision and Sora also regains the depth she had in the beginning!! 😦

  22. Yep, the writers really messed up… now it just makes me think that SR should be on her own. JS does not deserve her. Even though CJ has been good to her, she does not fancy him at all (she keeps emphasising they are friends throughout ep 18) … so no point! CJ better find another woman…lol!
    I might carry on watching because I saw a pic of JS and CJ with their bruised lips (like they have been in a brawl) on twitter. I want to see CJ beat the hell out of JS…lol! That will probably bring me some measure of satisfaction 🙂
    Akiko, thanks for the offer for writing recaps in March. Personally, I am wondering whether we should hold off for a bit to see what happens with the plot before we ask you to devote your post-exam time writing it up. If the plot line continues to depress us all, you might be better off doing something else… like watching another drama…lol. See how the others feel about this. 🙂

    • Hehe, I’ll wait for your decision regarding the further recaps though it seems you have been outvoted already by a few others who’d like me to continue! Personally, I don’t feel like watching the end because I know it’ll be Junsu Sora but then I keep thinking I should watch the end and bash up the writers for making the series take such a dreadful turn throughout! The writers have totally messed up!

      I haven’t been on twitter much though I have seen a pic of Junsu and Chanjin sharing lunch! Personally, I’d also like to see Chanjin beat up Junsu so I’m game with you! hehe! I’ve hated Junsu’s character ever since he’s been a jerk to Chanjin! 😀

      There’s a few series I wanna pick up after my exams and I’m hoping I can continue recapping more dramas here on, that is, if my Korean is adequate enough! Any suggestions are welcome! 😉

      • I don’t mind being out-voted…. Your recaps are such a pleasure to read! My initial hesitancy for begging you to do recaps post-exam was more out of concern for your ‘well-being’, i.e. if the ending is so bad, would you be tearing your hair out writing the recaps? 🙂 But seems my concern is unfounded… you really enjoy doing it, which is good news for us all! 🙂

        Your idea on some korean sessions is fab! I can pick up a few words here and there when they use ‘borrowed words’ from the Chinese language, or words they used repeatedly across dramas (like everyone else who is a k-drama addict), but no clue about anything else and the grammar etc.

        Like you, I have my studies as well, so I restrict myself to 2x dramas at a time (except during vacation). I usually go for comedies and angst-free/minimal ones, but did not realise C of W was going to be so! Wild Romance is the other one I am watching now. I read about a new comedy coming up on TvN cable channel that might be fun. It is about a woman who has to date 12 men in a year before she turns 30. Other than that, I don’t have any specific recommendations, but Hillary and other more experienced viewers will probably have some good suggestions for you

        By the way, I love the artwork on your website. They are so beautiful! And I just want to wish you all the very, very best for your exams!!! Think positive 🙂

  23. Thank you! I love your descriptions of each character and completely agree. (although I don’t like Jin Joo as much as you do, I do agree she’s had some major character growth) I do feel like we’re going around in circles with nothing being accomplished. And to me, Joon Soo’s behavior has become intolerable – IF he’s getting engaged to Jin Joo to help the company, that’s one thing. But not telling SoRa the reasons for this? Unforgivable. And calling her out just to hurt her? (if that’s indeed what happens, we’re left a tiny bit hanging at the end – he might well go ahead and explain the whole mess) He’s become more and more the bad guy to me. I’d tell him to take a flying leap if I were SoRa.
    As far as recaps go, of course school and/or work is more important! You could just do what we call “mini recaps” where you highlight anything major that happens (ie – “The Chairman has a heart attack, Chan Jin hires Sora back on the Special Line and Joon Soo tells Sora he’s getting engaged to Jin Joo”) Since nothing much is happening that’s only 3 sentences. (LOL)
    If you no longer wish to even watch the episodes (or have time) that’s a whole other story and I understand. School and/or work ALWAYS take priority over TV shows.
    I’ve very much enjoyed your reviews especially as you’re the only one we could find doing them. And still no subs yet (although ep 10 was finally released! WOOT!) I know my life doesn’t revolve around a drama so you need to make whatever decision is best for you!
    Thank you again

    • These two episodes were totally in circles and repetition of the angst! Either the writers are trying to mess with out heads, or they’ve lost their own heads while writing this out! 😛 Seriously, they had such better development and headway going on in bringing Junsu and Jinju and Chanjin and Sora together, but they messed it all up and went back to square one and ruined their characters doing that! 😦

      Hehe, I’ll probably do the mini recaps next week if I watch the episodes. Whatever I decide, I’ll make a post so you guys know! 🙂

      And thanks a lot for all the good publicity on soompi! 😉 I owe you a lot for that! 🙂 Hope you continue to be a reader at Akiko’s in the future too! I don’t know for sure yet but I might pick up other series too, that is, if my knowledge of Korean proves useful on them! 😉

  24. Guys, you can have your own opinions and differ with mine! I’ve tried to explain things the way I see them but I might have missed something which someone else might see! If you do, don’t feel afraid to share it! The more the comments and views here, the more every reader can make their own judgements! 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the review! 😉

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