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Announcement about further Recaps & Comments on Color of Woman Episode 17-18

Okay, I don’t even know where to start! Truthfully, I do not like where things are going! Even if the writers are trying to mess with our heads, can’t they do something more authentic?

So, this week we had Chanjin declaring his feelings out loud, Jinju showing a vulnerable and good side which is further off set by the fact that Sora still considers her a friend and defends her, Sora and Junsu moping (as they’ve been doing for quite some time now on and off! It feels like eternity already :P)

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Color Of Woman Episode 18 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Again, I won’t be able to put up screen-caps!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)


The episode starts with a young college age Junsu coming out of a restaurant in a huff. Sora runs up to him as he exits and is sorry for coming two hours late. While Junsu wants to run off for two hours to get even with her, she drags him back inside.


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