Color of Woman Episode 17 Recap


(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Again, I won’t be able to put up screen-caps!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)


The title of today’s episode is “Color of Love”

The episode starts with Chanjin pulling Sora in for a kiss while Junsu watches. Seeing the two of them together like that, Junsu turns away. Sora pushes Chanjin back in surprise. He pulls her in a hug and tells her to stay still, Junsu is still watching. Sora freezes and Junsu walks back into the house. When he’s gone, Chanjin and Sora pull away. She asks him if they really have to be so cruel and he tells her this is the only way to completely cut things off.

Sora: “Still, this isn’t it!”

Chanjin: “Do you dislike me?”

Sora: “That’s not it. You and I, we’re -”

Chanjin: “Being friends… I don’t seem like that.”

Sora is taken by surprise and simply tells him she’s tired and heads in first.

Once inside, Chanjin and Junsu face off. Chanjin tells him he knows Junsu saw them and tells him he already knows they broke up. Like Junsu knows, he likes Sora and now wants to pursue her officially. Junsu asks if Sora has the same thoughts as him and Chanjin tells him Sora is the one who knows how Sora is thinking. He tells Junsu he didn’t want to lie to him. Junsu points out Sora  and Chanjin were friends but Chanjin points out they were friends, until a while ago. The one who made Chanjin like this is Junsu himself. He tells Junsu he knows he won’t give up on Sora easily and holds out his hand, “Let’s play fair for it.” Junsu agrees with him but doesn’t take the outstretched hand and walks back to his room. When he’s gone, Chanjin downs the glass of wine/beer he’d poured and his fist tightens around the empty glass.

At home Sora is in a daze as she thinks back over the events and takes out her mobile, almost dialing Junsu’s number but stops herself. Junsu sits in his room looking at the photograph of himself and Junsu before turning it over. Outside the house, Jinju is speculating whether to go in and face Sora as she remembers her meeting with Director Song. She’d been apprehensive of acting it all out and that Junsu would hate her for it but Director Song tells her it’s too late for that already and now she’s Cinderella.”

Inside, Sora has her bags packed and at the door. Jinju tries to apologize bur Sora cuts her down. She’s not angry that Jinju lied about being in a relationship with Junsu; she thought of Jinju as her friend and told her the words she’d never told anyone and Jinju used them too easily. Jinju is thrown out and decides to spend the night at the office. Junsu finds her asleep at her desk and wakes her up. He asks her if she didn’t go home and sees her suitcase. She confirms Sora threw her out and Junsu asks her why she did it. Jinju tells him she did it because she wanted to live. It was the way she, Junsu and the company could survive. Junsu tells her she should have told him earlier. He asks her about the ring and she tells him it was an accident and she didn’t mean for any of it deliberately. Junsu tells her he can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth whenever he thinks of the hurt she has caused Sora.

That causes Jinju to lash out at him, wondering what about her hurt; why does everyone worry about Sora only. She’s goes on to say, “Because of me, my parents …” but cuts herself off and calms herself.

“Still, I don’t hate anyone. But why am I only made the bad person? Why only me?”

Bursting into tears, she runs off and in the bathroom, tries to take off the ring with soap but it poses difficulty and cries to herself. She returns it to Junsu later who spies the red spot on her finger and asks her if she’s eaten. She scolds him for not having eaten until now. She tells him it’s the first time she’s seen Sora like this and was scared. Junsu tells her kind people tend to be that way when angry.

At home, Sora is worried about Jinju and finally goes out but doesn’t see her anywhere. Just then, Junsu and Jinju pass her by in the car but don’t see her. For a moment, she’s about to go after them but then stops herself.

“Why should I be bothered? We already broke up!” and heads back inside. Jinju tells Junsu she’ll be okay if she sleeps in the car but he doesn’t accept it and takes out her luggage, settling her up in his room and tells her to rest here today.  She looks around the room with a smile and spies the ring box in the corner. Junsu sleeps on the couch in the living room.

The next day, Sora is yawning as she enters the office when she sees Junsu waiting for the elevator and shies away. When he’s gone, she spots Chanjin coming and remembering last night’s incident, turns back. Chanjin sees her. Moments later, she tiptoes back sees the elevator spot empty. She gets in and the doors are about to close when Chanjin comes up. He asks her whats wrong with her face and if she didn’t sleep well last night. She tells him, “just a bit.” He tells her he couldn’t sleep for a second either. He kept thinking about yesterday and teasing her says,

“I really liked it yesterday. Since it was with you, the mood was completely different. (Here’s three words I don’t understand) I really want to do it again. Should we do it again?”

Sora is embarrassed and tells him he’s crazy, their kiss yesterday was… But Chanjin cuts her off, telling her he was referring to their playtime yesterday and asks her if she really wants to kiss him again but she elbows him and cuts him off. When she gets off, Chanjin watches her go with a smile; they’re back to their usual rapport.

There’s news all over the internet about Jinju and everyone at the office is reading the comments as Sora comes in. Seeing her, they all rush back to work quickly. In a subsequent meeting, Director Song is all smiles. Everyone comments about the idea of Junsu meeting his first love after ten years and Junsu walks in. When Chanjin relays the idea once again about how it will be publicized and forwarded, Director Song points out Junsu will not allow it but Junsu tells them it’s a good idea and to follow through with it. He points to Sora and asks her to design the theme and concept for it. Sora accepts it.

Later on, all the employees lament about Junsu’s actions and wonder how he could do that to Sora. Sora walks up to them and tells them Junsu and her have already broken up. Everyone’s curious and asks her how and why it happened and if Junsu and Jinju are truly dating when Chanjin walks in and tells them to focus on their own work and not be so curious about other people’s lives. He asks Sora to see him in his office. When she comes, he tells her to forget about the concept for Junsu and Jinju; he already has something else planned that she will need to do. When she asks what it is, he promises to tell her after he’s back. He’s going to meet the Chairman.

At lunch, the Chairman tells Chanjin the issue was resolved because of him and asks him to keep taking care of Junsu and the company. Chanjin tells the Chairman he will be taking over the care of the Special Line and the Chairman agrees. Chanjin tells him he has a favor to ask. He wants to add Byun Sora to the team. The Chairman disagrees but Chanjin tells him it is Sora’s specialty and to believe in Chanjin just like he has so far. The Chairman finally agrees, telling him its fine as long as he won’t disappoint him. Chanjin tells the Chairman he has been like a father to him and that he should return the favors he owes the Chairman; that way, his mother in heaven will also be at rest. The Chairman is uncomfortable for a bit before he says that Junsu and Chanjin are the same to him- both are his sons.

At the office, Jinju hears the secretaries gossiping about why Junsu would allow his and Jinju’s scandal to be continued and how something big is about to happen and they should be ready for it too. When Jinju walks in, the other secretaries make fun of her and refuse to go with her for lunch. She decides to call Sora but doesn’t. In the cafeteria, everyone’s talking about how she stole Junsu from her friend. Just then, Sora and her team walk in for lunch and Sora is worried at her sitting alone. When everyone comments about how cruel Jinju is to snatch her friend’s lover, Sora tells them to stop, Jinju’s not that kind of person. Just then, Junsu walks in with two cups of coffee. After looking around the cafeteria, he walks up to Jinju and sits with her.

In the restroom, Jinju is lost in thought when Sora walks in. She tells Sora to stop pretending. Why can’t she admit she still likes Junsu and only broke up because of the Chairman? Sora tells her she’s wrong. Jinju tells her she slept at Junsu’s last night and Sora tells her she knows. Jinju is incredulous at her off handed response and Sora tells her

“What do my feelings matter? Junsu and my relationship is already over.”

Director Song is heading back to her office when she runs into Chanjin, just on his way back from the lunch with the Chairman and asks him how it went. He tells her a few instructions regarding the Special Line and she comments that his mother would be proud of how he’s handling things but adds that it would be best to keep Sora away from this job (the Special Line work). He’s angry at her and asks if she doesn’t know how much effort Sora put into the Special Line.

Director Song: “How much do you believe in Byun Sora? She still has feelings for President (Junsu). It’s dangerous to be with a person who might betray you anytime.”

Chanjin: “This matter (Revenge) has nothing to do with Sora. I will never forgive whoever tries to bother her.”

Once he’s gone, Director Song whispers to herself, “So Byun Sora is your Achilles heel! Interesting. It will be very interesting.” Calling up a person, she asks the person where he/she is.

Junsu signs a few documents and Chanjin tells him he’ll do well in the Special Line and is going to include Sora in it. Junsu tells him the matter already ended, after all, his father didn’t allow Sora on the matter and Chanjin tells him he already has the Chairman’s approval. He tells Junsu he won’t do it if he doesn’t allow it, but he’s hoping he won’t disagree. He’s helping Sora find and do the work she likes to do. Junsu tells Chanjin he should be thanking Chanjin but Chanjin cuts him off.

“I didn’t do it to hear those words from you. I did it thinking of Sora.”

He tells Junsu he did it to protect what the woman he likes wanted.

He calls Sora to his office and gives her all the files with work on the Special Line, terming them a “Present!” She tells him it’s his leftover work, how could it be a present (She means it’s not a present because she’ll be covering his work for him. She thinks she’ll be doing his work.). He tells her it’s the Special Line work and she pouts; why is he giving it to her, she was thrown off the team. He smiles and congratulates her for being a part of the Special Line Team again and tells her to do well, saying, of course she’s bound to do well! She confirms he’s not joking with her and can’t help but be excited. Director Song asks about how Sora is doing these days and her manager tells her she’s like a broken hearted woman. Director Song asks the manager to do a task that must be done without anyone knowing.

Chanjin and Sora are going over the project when Jinju walks in with tea and asks Sora to let her and Chanjin speak in private. When Sora exits the office, Junsu is standing at the secretaries table and congratulates her on being restored to the Special Line. She thanks him and tells him she’ll do well. Junsu watches her go away with a heavy heart and the secretary watching them wonders if it’s because they both still have feelings for each other. Turns out, what Jinju wanted to share with Chanjin was an idea.

When Sora walks back to her station and takes up her laptop, her manager keeps sneaking peeks at her. Director Song had asked her to do something related to that. Chanjin takes Jinju’s idea to Junsu and tells him it’s a good idea, if he won’t utilize it, it can be used in the Special Line. Although a bit skeptical at first, Junsu accepts it and decides to give it a try. Junsu and Jinju have to work on it together. So, off they go shopping and take pictures of their time together. At one shop, two kids walk up to Jinju and ask to take a picture with her and her rich boyfriend. It’s kind of sad however how Jinju’s the only one smiling in the pictures.

At work, Sora is going through all the work and Chanjin jokes that Sora’s like a hyena, eating up all her work! She reminds him this is the way she always is. He asks her to cook him food since he’s dying of hunger but she tells him she can’t cook him at home and at her response, he asks her, “This is good! Is Byun Sora thinking of me as a man?” She denies it and says it’s because she’s tired after working all day.

Chanjin: “Well, we have to eat before we go home! What should we eat?”

Sora (with a wide smile): “There’s something I want to eat!”

Cut to the pojangmacha where Jinju and Junsu are sitting together for a meal and have their picture taken. When the store manager makes a comment, Junsu remarks that he’s not doing it because he likes it. His words can be translated doubly as to say he’s referring to Jinju and Jinju comes to a pause for a few seconds. Junsu however tells her he wasn’t referring to her and she tells him she knows. Just then, Sora and Chanjin walk in. They join Jinju and Junsu and Chanjin tells them a pojangmacha date is a good concept. Junsu asks if they’re on a date too and Sora denies it but Chanjin doesn’t and asks Jinju to take a picture of the two of them too. Sora fidgets and Junsu tells Jinju they should leave.

Once they’re gone, Sora asks Chanjin why he did that and he turns the question onto her and asks if she still has feelings for Junsu but she tells him that’s not it. He tells her to promise him then, when she’s ready, she’ll start anew with someone else.

Jinju tells Junsu she’ll be sleeping at a friend’s place starting today. Mood dimmed, Junsu agrees with her before going inside. The next day, a picture from the day before is up on what seems to be Jinju’s twitter page and everyone at the company watches them while one of them wonders why Junsu’s expression is so stiff.

Sora and Chanjin are out for work. Chanjin asks for her handphone and when she hands it over, removes the battery and puts it away.It seems they’re in a neighborhood they used to frequent in college days. He tells her they need to focus while on work and complete each other’s sentences as Chanjin takes out his own and removes the battery too. [The sentence they say is “Get rid of your phones” and it’s probably what they used to say when working together during college. Again, Korean lacks a bit in this part!]

They’re examining makeup in a store. When Sora wonders how people do something, Chanjin tells her to try it and she responds by applying blush on on his cheeks. Next they hand out souvenirs and complete their surveys before sharing ice cream and food together. Jinju looks over the photographs from the day before when she remembers Junsu’s words about how he can’t believe anything she says and is brought out of her thoughts when her phone rings and her mother is on the other end to remind her about something.

Jinju shares the photographs with Junsu and asks how she’s looking. He tells her she’s looking pretty but she tells him no one makes such a sour face near someone looking so pretty. She gives Junsu a heart to heart and tells him not hide the couple rings anymore, they’re evidence f his feelings.

“You like Sora, don’t you? You’re nothing without her! Sora’s the same! Sora has a reason for breaking up with you!

He perks up at her end remark and asks her what she means but she tells him she promised Sora she won’t say so he should as Sora herself and reminds him that today is… The scene cuts there and we see Junsu rushing out of his office, calling Sora and leaving a voicemail.

Sora and Chanjin are at the game centre again and Chanjin warns her he won’t go easy on her. She tells him she’ll definitely win. They bet that the person who wins gets a wish. She loses. Chanjin tells her he’ll tell her his wish tomorrow. She tells him that won’t count. He tells her she has to listen to him tomorrow or he’ll throw her off the Special Line. She concedes that he’s petty and agrees!

They go to a restaurant which they used to frequent once a week in college. The owner remembers them and remembers their favorite drinks too. They spy their old college photos still hanging on the wall and they tease each other about the old days and Sora remarks about his girlfriends and Chanjin tells her, after a moment’s pause, “I was a kid back then!” [He adds something else and I think it means “So I didn’t realize what I really should see”]. Even Sora is surprised at his half serious tone but before anything else, he heads to the restroom. Sora looks around at the old photographs hanging on the walls with a smile until she finds one of Junsu and herself. On the bottom of it, she’d herself written while Junsu also chuckled: “Junsu Sora will love each other forever!”

She turns away just as the lights turn off and Chanjin comes forward carrying a birthday cake. It’s her birthday. He tells her to blow out the candles and she does but forgets to make a wish. He tells her he’ll help her with it but it’s a secret. She berates herself for forgetting her own birthday and thanks him, saying the signature phrase “There really is no one but Chanjin”. He gives her a present, a red pendant and she’s taken aback. He asks her if she knows the meaning of such a present and tells her that it shows a person’s true feelings. He tells her he wants to properly date her, to no longer be as friends, but as a man and woman. She begins to say something but he cuts her off and tells her that he’ll give her time so she should think about it slowly. Although she smiles slightly at him, she seems troubled.

At the amusement park where Junsu and Sora had their first date after they started again, Junsu stands waiting for her and remembers Jinju’s words. She’d reminded him it was Sora’s birthday and he should make her happy. He’s carrying a cake and flowers as he waits. It’s almost 9 o clock.

Sora and Chanjin walk home in silence.

Chanjin: “I confessed because I wanted to be closer to you. Are we even more apart now?”

Sora: “Chanjin, I -”

Chanjin: “Sora, we’ve been friends for ten years. Just like I’ve been beside you for ten years, hereon too I want a place by your side where I can be! Not as a friend, but as something else! I won’t make you uncomfortable. Think slowly and then tell me! Do your best at it, Okay?!”  

She nods and he tells her he’ll head in first after wishing her happy birthday and good night. On the way in, Sora runs into Jinju whose coming out of the house. Jinju asks her why she’s here and not with Junsu; he left to meet with her so long ago! Didn’t he call? Sora turns her phone on and finds a message from Junsu. He asks her to start over again and is waiting at the amusement park. She runs over after hearing the message. There, Junsu is beginning to think she’s not going to show. She comes but stops at a distance and watches him from afar. Junsu looks at his watch; it’s six minutes past 12 o clock! He whispers to himself “Byun Sora, It’s late but Happy Birthday!”

Standing there, Sora remembers Chanjin’s words today to her as well and closes her eyes and bits her lip in frustration. Turning, Junsu walks away and Sora watches him go away with tears in her eyes.

 (I simply love the song playing in the background here! It’s the same song they played before for Chanjin’s scenes and is simply wonderfully soft and sad at the same time! )

[End of Episode]

Hope you guys enjoyed the recap! See you again tomorrow, hopefully! 🙂

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  1. oh thanks soo much Akiko, i am going to miss you when you are busy preparing for your recaps….GOOD LUCK for your examssss!!!!

  2. there is a preview in the official website, anyone knows how to translate? It is in Korean…
    충격을 받은 윤회장은 쓰러지게 된다. 준수는 그런 아버지를 보고 진주와 약혼하기로 마음을 먹게 되고 준수의 약혼얘기를 들은 소라는 준수에 대한 모든 것을 정리하고 유학을 결심하게 된다.
    한 편 애심의 계략으로 스페셜라인에 대한 기밀자료가 경쟁회사로 유출이 되고 찬진은 임시 이사회를 소집하기로 하는데…

    • Alright, not completely but here;s the overall:

      Junsu is shocked with his father’s sudden collapse and deciding to keep in compliance with his father;s wishes has decided to get engaged to Jinju.

      Meanwhile, because of the leak of the Cinderella story, the Board of Directors have decided to convene a meeting and I think it’s going to be regarding Chanjin!

  3. Does anyone know or seen the ep 19 preview? I can’t find one. :o(

  4. I agree with most of what Mary dea said.

  5. Actually for the first pic, I think that Sora’s braid is rather made by dividing the hair in 2 parts, not in 3…OK, I get out of here now XD

  6. @tessiero
    Why would Sora not wash her hair? Just because she wears the same hairstyle doesn’t mean she doesn’t wash them. Also, I actually noticed that her ponytail isn’t exactly the same all the time. Sometimes it is like this:
    And sometimes like this:
    🙂 lol

    Thank you Akiko for this recap!!

  7. WHAT? No way! Why would he call her to meet him just to say that? Wow, that’s just … mean. (unless he does have a motive and that’s to protect her from something?) Yea, the usual k-drama self-sacrifice garbage like KL said.
    I wanted her to be with CJ (for my own selfish reasons) however it appeared to me that JS and Sora were going to end up together! So I’m shocked. I say lets give this some time and see where it goes. And yes, wait for recaps for EP 18.

  8. Oh, please don’t be so upset Hillary! Even though I like CJ-SR, I can empathise with your pain! I thought JS was very mean to say this to SR… so hurtful! There might be a ‘reasonable’ explanation… he might be doing it to save the reputation of the company and for his dad (because he is in hospital). You know the usual k-drama and self-sacrifice nonsense :). I think it might be best to wait till Akiko recaps ep 18 and give us her insight. Don’t give up just yet!

    • Wasn’t this supposed to be a romantic comedy? Or maybe it is a melodrama and I ajust didn’t know. I have enough angst with Ojjakyo Brothers … dont need another angst program.

      I am so mad at Junsu … and I am especially mad that Jinju who has been plotting to get together with Junsu seems to be getting her wish.

      • I feel the same Hillary……….i started watching Color of Woman cause friend told me it was romance comedy and i really need to laugh after OB episode 49….but now its getting sooooo complicated….i really feel sorry for JunSu…he is a little lost and confuse but i confess i HATE him in that episode the photo shoot session he was staring in trance at JinJu with Sora by his side! what is this?????? !!! I would slap him! lolololol…………And JinJu as i posted before I really dislike her!!!!

      • With friends like JinJu, you really don’t need enemies. They have tried to redeem her somewhat as the series went along, but they have not succeeded.

        And I don’t care what reason Junsu has for going with JinJu (teach his father a lession, because the father is in hospital, trying to protect Sora, etc.), it does not make up for the fact that he is now going to humiliate her in front of the whole company with his relationship with JinJu (pretend or otherwise). At this stage, if I was Sora, I would definitely hand in my resignation.

      • i feel the same, i will hand in my resignation and find a new job, maybe a new bf…geez..who needs Jun Soo.. Did you see the way he smirk after he told Sora about him getting engage to Jin Joo.

  9. What … No way … Okay, I am really out now. There are just too many other shows out there that I could watch instead of following one that is just breaking my hear.

  10. I just watched ep 18 with Chinese subs….my suspicion when watching the raw version was confirmed – JS told SR that he and JJ are getting engaged!!!

    • OMG! please,,,…. let it be just a con. I just can’t accept JS hooking up with JJ …… in my book she lacks moral scruples and is not in the same league as JS – he can do so much better. I wish SR would realize that true love is something you have to fight for especially when you have a roommate underminding you and the relationship from day one, a disapproving chairman, scheming director and a so call friend. Everyone talks about how CC is so loyal and faithful to SR for 10 years, treating her so well and should be her man. But those 10 years have been based on she helping him in his work/girlfriends, without aversaries underminding the relationship. It wasn’t until JS came into the picture that CC saw her in a different light. With no roadblocks it was very easy to develop a close rapport with each other after so many years.
      JS, on the other hand, have been behind the 8 ball since day one.
      1. Getting SR to resolve the first misunderstanding .
      2. Not falling for/rejecting all of JJ seduction attempts
      3. Chairman dislike SR
      4. Chairman doesn’t support him, favors CC
      5. Whenever there is a problem in the relationship, SR doesnt address it with him, but goes to CC to cry.
      6. Director Song underminding him.

      With all that, he continue to stay committed to SR and his love for her and is constantly chasing after her to resolve their issues. I suspect, like SR, he never loved anyone but her over the past 10 years. The cryptic remark he posted on the employee bullitin about reopening his heart again was very telling. sigh.

      I can only hope the writers give this a happy closure with SR/JS. fighting! : )

  11. Well…….i would like to have a loyal friend than a lover, friends are forever, they are always be there for u, but lover, hummmm……its complicated! lollololol!
    But in CJ’s case i think u wait 10years to confess???????????? give me a break! i just forgive u cause ur such a kind person! 🙂
    JinJu….i dont know what to think about her….cause i still have in my mind she was dating the same guy that Sora liked in the begining! u dont need an enemy if u have a friend like this, so selfish! i really dislike her!……but fortunately she is making some progress in this episode! i do hope from now on she thinks about Sora! 🙂
    JunSu……..still a naive and shy kid! lololol….he doesnt know anything about Sora! its so sad, rite?!…but with his family history we can guess why he is like this!
    Sora……….i think she really loves JS!!…….poor girl! she is a genius! she can quit and find another job, rite?!….
    Thanks for recapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was anxiously waiting! 🙂

  12. THANK YOU! (I’ve been so confused about the whole patent thing for weeks now – LOL!) You’re awesome, KL. *hee* Yea, JS removing her from the project was the wrong way to deal with his dad AND the wrong way to deal with SoRa. He acts offended that she loves her work. I just think Chan Jin understands her better. She’s going to end up coming between them no matter who ends up with who. So if she’s hiding from JS she should also be hiding from CJ too.

    And round & round in circles we go…LOL!

  13. Tessieroo, my understanding (I could be wrong 🙂 ) was that she sold the patent to JS (JS wants her to benefit from the sale of the patent). The part about being kicked off the project was due to the demand by JS’s dad. JS thinks by taking SR off the project, he is actually protecting her (from his dad). He thinks he can bring her happiness in other ways. While CJ knows what makes her tick and wants to get her back on the project which she loves. I guess both guys have different perspective of what makes SR happy. (For me, I am like you… on CJ’s side…hehe).
    I think she hid behind the building because she was torn… she does not want to come between CJ and JS (as per JS’s dad’s philosophy) and especially after what CJ said to her earlier that he wanted to be more than friends etc. She feels torn/guilty/sad etc. etc.
    I am v confused though who will end up with who in the end…the writers seem to switch sides all the time. Lol!

  14. Wow, I’m now so confused! Can someone explain – what happened to SoRa’s patent? Did she sell that to Joon Soo? (and she then gets kicked off the project that her patent is being used on?) Also, does SoRa EVER wash her hair? (it’s in the same pony-tale style for the last 5 or 6 episodes!)
    If she still loves Joon Soo, why did she stop and hide behind the building instead of walking up to meet him? On the other hand, how wonderful that Chan Jin got her back on the Special Line project! He clearly knows how very important her work is to her. Ah, I hope she ends up with Chan Jin but don’t know if it’s going to happen. *sigh*

    • She signed a contract with the company and sold (or maybe licensed) the patent for $1 million. Because I remember she was told to meet Junsu in his office at 3:00 and Chanjin said that they had a Special Line meeting at that time. Junsu said that this meeting took priority. I think it was right after the Old Years’ Eve fiasco so Sora thought that she was going to get an apology or explanation. Instead, when she turned up, Junsu was there with 2 company lawyers. Think it was in episode 10 (which was recently subbed) as I remember seeing it recently and have not been watching raw for a while now.

  15. Thank you very much for your wonderful recap!

  16. Thank you!!! I fast forward through the raw versions of 17 and 18…. hmmm…. Shame she seems to only consider CJ as a friend… *sigh!* and a bit perplexed about ep 18 ending. Maybe seeing your ep18 recap (when you are free to do so) and your analysis (if you have the time) may put my mind to rest…

    • I know!! I’m so curious about EP 18 and why he tells her that he is engaged to Jin Joo!! Nnoooo …. my thought is that he is doing it to set her mind at ease to be with CJ ??? Or perhaps it’s his last effort to get her jealous to see if she still has any feelings for him??? aaahhhh …. can’t wait for the recap!!

    • Hey KL! Episode 18’s recap is up and I’m just working on my analysis/review! I’d originally decided against recapping it (I’m pressed for time because of the exams) but reading everyone’s comments, I felt guilty about not doing it when everyone was waiting so anxiously so ended up doing it today! 🙂

      • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! my heartfelt thank you for taking time out from your exams to do the recap. I’ve been waiting with bated breath on it,

  17. From all of us english speaking addicts, thank you thank you thank you. Please continue to recap. This is such a good series. BTW. I’m rooting for Junsu. : )

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