Color Of Woman Episode 16 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Again, I won’t be able to put up screen-caps!  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

The title of Episode 16 is “Hwangdanghan Scandal!” I hope I read it right!

Sora tells Junsu they should break up which takes him by surprise. Before he can argue, she tells him she’s tired of being angry, jealous, all the misunderstandings and everything and although she always said she was okay, she wasn’t a bit okay. He tells her he’ll try his best to change things but she tells him she’s too tired and wants to rest now. Junsu argues, they already had a hard time starting over, why the sudden break up and Sora tells him they should never have started over, he is just her first love and to not end things was their mistake.

Junsu doesn’t know what to say and asks why the sudden change and guesses there’s a reason she’s saying this. He wrongly thinks it’s Chanjin and Sora tells him to think whatever he wants. All she wants now is end things with him. When she hets up to leave, Junsu grabs her hand to try and stop her but she tells him

“Sunbae, let’s finish this – us now. Please.”

Junsu can’t hold her back. When she leaves, he collapses in his seat. Outside from the window, Sora watches him as she cries too.

We cut back to what the Chairman had said to her.  He tells her to break up with Junsu because if they marry, she’ll come between Junsu and Chanjin as Chanjin will leave Junsu’s side. More than the Chairman himself, Junsu and Chanjin are family to each other; does she want to come between the two? Sora has no answer. He tells her Chanjin’s mother died because of him and he will protect Chanjin till the end. He tells her,

I don’t want to see those two hurting because of you, I’m begging you. Break up with Junsu.”

Junsu walks out of the restaurant lifelessly and Sora watches him go. As she watches him go, a waiter from the restaurant runs out and seeing Junsu gone, gives her the package Junsu forgot behind which contains the couple rings he bought. Seeing them, Sora remembers his words from the morning and tears up again.

Junsu is walking home when he realizes he left the package behind and runs back but the place is already closed. Going home, he thinks over the evening and Sora’s words. Outside, Sora is staring at his window and whispers “I’m sorry” just as Chanjin walks up to her.

He asks her why she went to meet Chairman Yoon and that Jinju was worried so he went after her but she was already gone when he got there. She tells him he said to break up with Junsu. He asks her to understand the Chairman; he cannot help but say such words but Sora disagrees. She tells Chanjin she already broke up with Junsu and not because of Chairman Yoon; it’s because she was never a person who could suit the place next to Junsu and is tired now and wants to rest. Chanjin asks her if she’ll be okay. Tearing up, she says of course, she’ll be okay. Chanjin rests her head on his shoulder as she breaks into tears and softly calls her a fool.

He comes home and Junsu’s in bed. Chanjin asks if he’s sleeping and Junsu doesn’t respond. Turning the light off, Chanjin closes the door and walks away. Junsu opens his eyes and stares in the darkness. Sora tells Jinju they broke up and asks her never to tell Junsu she met Chairman Yoon. Jinju objects; Sora liked Junsu so why break up. Sora tells him she did, a lot; they were so similar in everything. Jinju points out she still likes him but Sora tells her it’s because she still likes him that they have to break up. Jinju can’t understand the logic and even broods over it in her room. Sora stares at the couple rings again when she’s alone.

The next morning, Junsu comes to the office and finds the package on his desk. Going out, he asks the secretary who brought it and heads out to find Sora. When he calls her up, she takes out the battery of her mobile and heads out but runs into him coming to find her. She’s ready to walk away but he stops her. He asks her why she had the package and if she came back. She lies that she forgot her handphone and had to come back. She points out she has no intention of accepting it. He tells her he can’t break up with her but she tells him her feelings are already sorted out. When he argues, she tells him if he keeps this up, she won’t be able to continue coming to the company, is that what he wants? Chanjin watches Sora walk away and follows her. She goes to the stairwell and sits there, trying to gather herself together and Chanjin simply watches her from below.

Back in his office, Junsu throws the package into the bin. Jinju walks in to remind him of an appointment. In the meeting, he’s not listening clearly but when the board members start criticizing him for the scandal, he asks what Chanjin thinks but instead of Chanjin, Director Song speaks up. Junsu wants to deny the scandal, after all, he has someone he loves but Director Song tells him people won’t believe it. She proposes to take care of the matter with the media, with Chanjin’s help. Chanjin agrees to help her.

Jinju is aggravated at all the negative comments regarding her on the net when she’s sent in to clean the dustbin from Junsu’s room. There, she finds the package and takes out the rings. They’re even engraved “J ❤ S” and Jinju realizes its couple rings for Junsu and Sora. Not able to stop herself, she tries it on but later on, can’t take it off and ends up stuck with it on her hand. She’s called by Director Song who takes her out on a shopping trip. They’re Director Song and Jinju admire shoes together and Director Song asks Jinju to try them on. Jinju is curious as to why Director Song would want to buy her shoes. Director Song tells her if she follows her plan, Jinju can become Cinderella. Jinju doesn’t like the idea of betraying Jinju and is about to get up when Director Song grabs her and seats her down again and heatedly tells her whoever it is, friend or not, you have to snatch away what you want. She takes out a piece of paper and gives it to Jinju, it’s her plan. Jinju almost takes it before rejecting it and leaves.

Junsu asks Chanjin to call a conference. He wants to explain the situation but Chanjin tells him this isn’t the way to go about it and it won’t help Sora at all. Junsu asks Chanjin if he took Director Song’s hand today because of him but Chanjin tells him it wasn’t because of him but because of the company; because of the company he will do whatever is necessary to be done, as repayment to the Chairman and Junsu. With a smile, he asks Junsu to let him handle it; does he not believe in him? Junsu tells him he and Sora are the only people he believes in. Before leaving, Chanjin tells him to give Sora time; no matter what has happened between them, Sora needs time. Belatedly, Junsu finds the package from the garbage bin missing and initially gets angry but then apologizes for shouting at the secretary and asks for a glass of water. Outside, the secretary tells Jinju to take water to Junsu.

When she brings it in, Junsu absently reaches out for the glass and Jinju drops the glass, hiding the hand with the ring. Sora is walking around in a daze and bumps into other workers making their files fall and apologizes, helping them pick it up. Chanjin watches her with a sigh and whispers to himself, calling her a fool at for walking around in such a daze. When Sora gets back to her station, she hears Chanjin has called for her and heads to his office.

In the office, Chanjin is sitting with an ice pack on his injured arm. When Sora walks in and notices it, she immediately asks him if it’s hurting and asks him to go to the hospital but he tells her it’s not that bad. He needs her help; he has a lot of work and with his arm like that he can’t do it. So Sora heads to the computer to do the typing. He tells her once she’s done with that, there’s more to do and Sora tells him to bring it all on.

Junsu’s heading out of the office when he sees Sora and Chanjin come out of his office. Chanjin tells him not to misunderstand; his arm was hurting so he asked Sora to help him with work and tells him Sora and he will be pulling an all nighter. Sora addresses Junsu as President and tells Chanjin they should head out, they’ve got work to do. Jinju is at the pojangmacha downing drinks when Junsu enters but seeing her, turns to leave. The store manager sends out his lackey and promises them there’ll be no pictures taken so Junsu sits down with Jinju and they share drinks. Junsu tells her Sora and he haven’t broken up, it’s just a small problem. Junsu tells her when he likes something; he only sees it always (as in will stay faithful to them to the end). Jinju asks if he will turn to another person if Sora doesn’t return. He tells her that will never happen. Jinju sadly watches him drink.

After they walk in home, Chanjin tells Sora they have something more important to do as she helps him out of his coat. When she asks what it is, he says “Food!” Sora tells him she doesn’t feel like eating but he pushes her towards the kitchen telling her he’s so hungry he feels like he’ll faint. At his strength, Sora asks him if his arm is better already but he tells her he’s so hungry he can’t feel the pain. When she sets the table and tells him to eat, he opens his mouth saying “Ah!” Sora tells him to eat with his other hand but he points out he’s injured because of her so she proceeds to feed him like a child. He behaves so much like a child that she finally bursts out in a smile and Chanjin points it out. When she brushes it off, he tells her

“This is the first time you’ve smiled all day!”

He asks her if she’s confident she won’t regret her decision, she tells her she doesn’t know. She tells him to hurry up and meet a good woman and not stick to her side all the time. He asks her what if he sticks around her side forever. She tells him to forget it if it means she’s going to be cooking for him like this forever and continues to feed him.

Back to work, Chanjin tells her the work isn’t urgent and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t done for a long while to come either. She wonders if he did it purposely and he points out she didn’t think of anything else all day thanks to work and points out “There’s no one better than a friend.” Hearing him say that jogs Sora’s memory about what Chairman Yoon had said when she’d told him she and Chanjin were just friends.

“Friend? You don’t know Chanjin yet, do you? If Chanjin simply thought of you as a friend, he wouldn’t have stuck to your side for so long! You might think of him as a friend but he doesn’t.”

Sora turns to Chanjin and asks if he likes her. He tells her no, he hates her a lot. She tells him not to joke around and he tells her of course he likes her, otherwise why would he stick to her side for ten years. She asks him if he sees her as a woman and Chanjin tells her, “Who knows? Even I’m confused about that!” and listing off a number of hormones, tells her they should put it to test. She asks how they’ll do that and he tells her to simply stay still and moves in as if to kiss her. When she fidgets around and backs away, he grabs her arms and asks her if she’s scared. She denies it even as her hand forms a fist from nerves and at the last moment, bursts out “Gas! I forgot to turn off the gas!” and runs off to the kitchen, trying to calm her heavy breath and fast beating heart. When she comes back, she changes the subject and he scoots closer, telling her they should complete what they were doing but she tells him she’ll throw him out if he keeps this up. He points out her face is all red and playfully kid around when there’s a bang. Jinju’s just arrived and stares at them disapprovingly and tells Sora not to regret her decision before stomping into her room. Once inside, she contemplates the ring on her hand and makes a phone call.

There’s talk throughout the company about Jinju’s upcoming television interview and it seems only Sora and Junsu were the two people who knew nothing about it. Chanjin walks in and points out he’s the one who allowed it. Since its time for the interview, they all sit down to watch it. Jinju is wearing the shoes Director Song showed her that day and Director Song is standing behind on the set, clapping and smiling. The whole interview goes alright except at the end, Jinju tells everyone the scandal is false; because it’s not a scandal and both she and Junsu are lovers. Only Chanjin isn’t surprised at it and Director Song is all smiles. Jinju tells the story of how they met ten years ago at college and repeats Sora’s words about why she likes Junsu. Smiling shyly, she raises her hand to her lips and everyone sees the ring and she confirms that it’s a couple ring and it’s been inscribed with initials, J ❤ S where J is Jinju and S is Su from Junsu. Chanjin seems surprised at the whole couple ring thing though. Sora walks out in a huff and Junsu follows her to try and explain. Chanjin seems a bit bothered by the turn of events. Junsu catches up to her but she asks him how much more laughable he’s going to make her. He tells her Jinju’s lying and he doesn’t know how she got the ring but he never gave it to her. Sora tells him she has no right to believe in him anymore-they’ve already broken up.

Calling up Director Song, he asks her what the hell she’s been doing without his permission but she tells him she asked Chanjin already. In his office, Chanjin and Junsu face each other and Junsu asks him if he really was the one who did this. Chanjin tells him he’ll make any decision he has to, for the sake of the company but Junsu cuts off his sentence as he slaps him. Unfazed and with stony eyes, Chanjin stares back at him and repeats his last words; it was a decision for the company and Chairman Yoon allowed it. Junsu tells him he’s disappointed in him but Chanjin says those are the words he should be saying to him, not the other way around and points out he’s supposed to be worried about Sora right now. She has yet to come back since she left right after the broadcast. Junsu walks out and Chanjin stares ahead with a cold expression, eyes steely hard. We cut back to the scene where he’d reached the Chairman’s house. He’d been about to knock on the door to the room where the Chairman and Sora were when he heard the Chairman’s voice, asking Sora if she was going to come between Chanjin and Junsu and admitting he’s the reason Chanjin’s mother died. Next, Chanjin is in a bar with Director Song and asks her how his mother died. She gives him the picture of his mother and Chairman Yoon. She tells him the relationship between the two was not what Chanjin was told-an official relationship of boss and employee, and that Chairman Yoon thought his mother was “easy” just like any other woman. [I’m a little confused about what she says ahead so I’m writing what I think but it might not be exact] And that Chanjin’s mother, who’d always, had high hopes and dreams for Chanjin was led to death by Chairman Yoon’s “wrong love”. Chanjin asks if Junsu knows and Director Song tells him they’re father and son-of course he’d know. She tells him to get revenge on Chairman Yoon.

Junsu is calling Sora but she’s not picking up and wonders where she is. Of course, Chanjin knows where to find her and shows up at the game centre where she’s taking out her frustrations on a game and he asks her why she’s stewing alone just as the phone rings and its Junsu but Sora ignores it. Chanjin challenges her to a game and they both play each other. On the way back, Chanjin makes a few remarks and Sora makes off handed remarks as her mind isn’t totally here. Chanjin remarks she’s really lost her senses. Before they can chat more, Chanjin spies Junsu walking out of the house and grabs Sora’s arm, asking her.

Chanjin: “Tell me, do you really want to finish things with Junsu sunbae?”

Sora: “It’s already finished.”

Chanjin: “Not for Junsu hyung. Think clearly; do you really want to end it all?”

Sora: “Yes, I want it to end. That’s all I want to do.”

Chanjin: “Stay Still”

He moves in for a kiss as Junsu watches and Sora remains still. Junsu turns back with angry tears as Chanjin watches him.

[End of Episode]


So, what we get from this episode is that Chanjin finds out that the Chairman is responsible for his mother’s death and in an act of defiance-or to protect Sora, he helps Director Song throw Junsu and Jinju together.

The Chairman and Junsu have never openly discussed Chanjin’s mother’s issue and we haven’t seen what Director Park told Junsu; we’ve only seen Junsu apologizing to Chanjin and going to the extent of conceding things. I think its more likely Junsu does not know the whole picture but has an idea regarding its severity which is why he feels sorry towards Chanjin.

But Chanjin believes his mother was wronged and that Junsu also knew about it but never told him. Probably his mother’s death was the Chairman’s fault, but I don’t think she was as wronged as Director Song has portrayed. Still, to Chanjin it’s a betrayal by the persons he trusted and believed in the most so I’m not surprised at his actions. From what the preview shows, we can expect more Junsu-Chanjin spars in the future as Chanjin takes out his anger on Junsu and is no longer fully supporting and helping Junsu like a loyal brother.

I’ll hold off judgement on the end scene of this episode until the next episode or until we get a clearer picture regarding Chanjin’s actions and intents. So far, I don’t believe he did it out of spite to Junsu or revenge because from the preview, it’s shown that he did it for Sora and tells her so. However, the next episode will be able to clear the air a little more around the trio as Chanjin’s actions throughout this episode were mild, even having Jinju admit to the false scandal and helping out Director Song translates into two purposes but its not necessary that both apply: To go against Junsu and to protect Sora because if he’d allowed Junsu to have his own press conference and reject the scandal as false, it would have brought Chairman Yoon’s anger onto Sora again. At the end of the day Chanjin tells Junsu too that what he should be worried about isn’t his disappointment or anger at him but Sora.

Also, I think the reason why he doesn’t try to help the Junsu x Sora vehicle anymore is because he already told Junsu and Sora both that he won’t be a mediator for them anymore. I’ve read comments about Junsu x Sora ending up as the end couple and the way things are heading, that’s probably exactly how it’s going to end but I’m still a slight sticker to the Chanjin x Sora ship! 😛 Thing is, I think Chanjin is the one with whom Sora is really Sora. He’s the one who’s the most accommodating and accepting of who she is and unlike Junsu, supports her on what she wants. There’s a famous saying “Choose the man who loves you rather than the man whom you love!” and I kind of understand it after seeing this drama. Sora probably doesn’t love him back, probably does; but she certainly does have feelings for Junsu; whether they’re true feelings or just culminations of a first love that’s unfulfilled, I can’t say. And whatever the final decision, as long as it feels right, I’ll be on-board! Right now, I feel myself 40/60 between the Junsu x Sora and Chanjin x Sora boats; I won’t be disappointed if she ends up with Junsu. If things are executed right and every character gets a clean and good break and deserves that final decision, I’ll go with whatever the end is! 

Let’s see how Chanjin’s character culminates further and what he does and if he is indeed in for revenge, how far is he willing to go. I just hope he doesn’t become an evil just for the sake of evil type character! I love the character too much to watch him go down the drain like that! 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed the recap! See you again next week, hopefully! 🙂

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  1. Thanks again for the wonderful recaps 🙂 I don’t knwo what i’d do without you. LOL.

  2. Subbed version of episode 10 finally out.

  3. Akiko, just want to wish you good luck for your exams! Can’t thank you enough for the recaps, in-depth analyses of the plot, answering our questions etc. It is great fun to read everyone’s views and perspectives… make me smile/laugh. 🙂 I tend to share the same views as you though, as I like CJ-SR pairing more, even though I feel sorry for JS (but I agree with Jack and everyone else that the slapping rather pathetic… hehe ). By the way, did you follow Jaehee/Jiho/Soyi on twitter in the end? I think they have finished filming the drama, but I might have got the wrong end of the stick relying on the garbled translation by ‘google translate’. 🙂

    Thanks Hillary for the link. Sadly, I will be in lectures at the time when C of W is shown, but no doubt it will come in useful for other shows/ on other occasions. I have also shared it with my sis who is a k-drama addict and has time on her hands to watch many of them!

    Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode and have further discussion/debate/analysis!

  4. Akiko,

    I was just venting some of my frustrations about the drama and the acting/writing. JS is showing more feminine side when he should be manly. Sorry JS fans but he is best cooking/keeping house for Witch Yoo Hee. He could learn a thing or two on how WYH beat the crap out of that rude driver. 🙂

    1>> Why would SR even wants to hear what CJ feels? Once SR accepted JS that’s it, don’t care less what CJ feels. SR should maintain a respectable distance and CJ must not cross that line.

    I heard this about how Indians cook their rice- It’s like brothers, no matter how close they are they don’t stick together.

    I don’t think The Chrmn is totally against SR for JS. He is more concerned about what people think about SR and CJ thanks to Dir Song misinforming him. The staff didn’t even believe when JS told them he is dating SR because they see CJ and SR more of a couple. Plus Chrmn was told CJ and SR once ‘lived’ together? He probably misunderstood as ‘sleeping’ together as man/woman.

    2>> She is a class act. CJ calls her ‘noona’ so I guess she is not someone to be un-heeded/taken lightly.

    3>> Sorry but with all those lies she spewed on TV she is more evil than ever. Whatever good deeds she did are just aberrations.

    4>> There is no excuse to go through her stuff as they are not even that intimate. That’s a very BIG RED FLAG to CJ’s color. I hardly open my wife’s drawer/wallet, and on very rare occassion I let her know. But she has my absolute permission for mine though (she takes care of my undies/socks/insurance cards, etc.) 🙂
    I can’t figure out the relevance of the scene to the drama other than to show CJ’s flawed color. If it’s to let JS know about it they could have just have CJ chance upon a misplaced copy on the printer, or heck, there’s no need to show how CJ got it anyway. It could have been on a status report?

    5>> I think this is a big lie from CJ. He started thinking -‘Why didn’t I think of her as a woman’ only after JS told him SR is a special woman. He got 9 x 365 days to do it again but he seems too busy womanizing others.

    6>> Yes as a friend but don’t go offside. A man is a man and an overly overt woman could give the wrong signal. One might think of BOF with benefits. It’s annoying for SR to keep asking.

    As for JS running away, he was just a boy then just turned 20 I think. He freaked out because he didn’t take on his womanizing father! He probably was shocked on how SR was so calm about it and again gave the wrong signal – easy girl?. It would scare a guy keen on serious relationship, something special to treasure. Like fine china not disposable plate thrown after use. If he stayed a second longer he would have been trapped.

    7>> Every time JS and SR has a spat SR runs away and goes to CJ instead of talking it out/listen to JS. It hurts a lot if you see your love being comfortable with someone else and not you. I see it more as taunting. Not as much being jealous but making JS mad and angry why SR doesn’t talk it out with him. Especially when JS knows CJ covets her. I hope SR grow up and stop being childish. She doesn’t need CJ or anyone else for that matter in resolving her problems. As they say in k-drama – Fighting!!! They are not helping anyway, just making her confused. A true friend never says ‘I won’t help anymore’.

    After all, she was an asst prof and on course to be a prof of law. So she is a lawyer but right now could not tell a lie from truth.

    8>> Yes we are thru 16 eps but yet to see anything about SR’s color or what is this ‘color of woman’ all about. I’m assuming she is the main lead, the rest are just props to buttress the arguments. I wonder what is the literal translation from the Chinese character for the title?

    • Lol, don’t worry Jack! Your entitled to your own opinions and just because someone likes one character, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will feel the same way… We all have our own ways of seeing and interpreting things! 🙂

      I’m also frustrated over Junsu’s character ever since the 9-12th Episode but for entirely different reasons!! :@ Again, it’s simply a matter of perspective; you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine. 🙂 It’s not necessary either of us are wrong! 😉

  5. Just replying to what Akiko said:

    quote: “Junsu ran away because he couldn’t sleep with her (nerves or whatever) but was running away really the best way, or the “real man” way to deal with it? She had to deal with the misunderstanding for ten years thinking she wasn’t good enough! I’ve mostly liked his character otherwise; but that was his fault and he’s a jerk for it!”

    I disagree^^ Junsu wanted to clear things and felt sorry but she didn’t want to talk to anymore as she thought he didn’t want to have to do anything with her. Her stubborn character or pride must be another factor as well. Junsu and Sora had a talk about it and this is what happened according to both of their versions/perspectives. Junsu was/is not a jerk. He was like 20 years old, a virgin and obviously anxious about moving forward…he even tried to explain his feelings to her when she was having a shower but finally gave in to panic, he was actually afraid and unsure of what to do as it must have been the first time he was in such a situation (I don’t even understand why they needed to go to a HOTEL in order to dry up). I understand his behaviour. Some inexperienced people, no matter their age, have a serious anxiety about relationships and sex, and litterally run when they’re in such situations! I’m serious, I’ve read real experiences on the internet.

    • This reminds me of a funny story of a coworker years back. When the girl told him to marry her, his brief was up to his neck instantly. And this guy was a player big time and it scared the hell out of him. Not me BTW. 🙂

    • Yeah, it was Sora’s pride and stubbornness that stopped her from hearing Junsu out earlier but it’s understandable on her end too. Even if by a misunderstanding, her feelings were the ones that got hurt more… But looking at it your way, I agree both sides share the guilt on the running away incident!

      Lol, as for going to the hotel, classic K drama land cliches! And seriously overused! 😀

      • Interesting Jack =)
        Akiko, yeah I understand Sora was more hurt than him but as you said they both share guilt in this 🙂

  6. Sorry for multiple posts. But I thought some of you might be interested to know… I just saw a translated trailer for ep 17 (Chinese subs on Liang TV), it seems CJ was only pretending to be close to SR in front of JS for SR’s sake. CJ asked SR at the end of ep 16 if she was sure she wanted it to be over with JS and then he swooped in for what appeared to be a kiss. When SR was puzzled over his move, he hugged her and said ‘don’t move, JS is watching’. Next scene, CJ put his arm round SR in the corridor of the company. SR removed his arm and asked what he was doing. He smiled and said ‘have you had a change of heart?’ and she smiled back. He took her arm instead and they walked down the corridor with JS watching. In the boardroom, JS and CJ had a spat.. JS was critical of whatever CJ said in the meeting and CJ replied that he was disappointed with JS’s short-sighted view and approach for the company. JS reminded him who was the boss and CJ counter-argued that he was in charge of Special Line. This is my translation of the chinese translation, so may not be 100% accurate! 🙂

    • I know that they are pretending but I am not sure the purpose… to try to get Junsu to accept breakup or to make him jealous?j Don’t think it will work but we will see with next’s weeks recaps (as I am still not going to watch raw).

    • Your synopsis is spot on!

      He’d already told the two he won’t be helping their relationship anymore and that he’d dislike Junsu if he hurt Sora. What he does is to help Sora completely break off with Junsu so both of them (Junsu and Sora; though his motives are more for Sora’s benefit) can move on from their relationship and the hurt in it.

      When he puts his arm around her in the corridor though, its before Junsu shows up and it’s more of a personal gesture on his end-the way he’s always putting his arm around her whenever they’re walking around as friends but she becomes a little aware of the gesture so asks him what he’s doing. What he says literally translates as “To you, have I changed?”. I think he’s asking her if she’s seeing him as anything other than “best friend” Remember, to her, he’s not a guy and I think that’s the thing he is reinforcing in this scene; that before anything else, he considers himself her best friend and that is the meaning behind his gesture, it’s not as a guy against a girl, it’s a friend against a friend..

      Anyways, we’ll know the exact meaning when we see the whole scene! 😉

      Hillary, I think he’s doing it for Sora so that she can move on from the hurt of the break up. The longer it stays in the air and she has her mind on it or Junsu tries to approach her without a solid stand, the more she’ll end up hurt. The way I see it, his actions will force Junsu to take serious measures if he wants to reconcile with Sora so that he doesn’t hurt her or allow her to be hurt again – he’ll have to take a stand and then protect her from harm. If he moves on, it’s forcing both of them to get closure rather than to stay in sorrow over the breakup!

      • Good analysis. Here and above.

      • I think I see a flicker of hope that SR is coming to her senses if she told CJ ‘what are you doing?’ Fighting SR!!! It’s about time we see that smart woman SR as we saw in the beginning.

  7. I just wanna say thank u !!!!!!!…..

  8. By the way, could someone explain to me what are the roles of the two men who ran the Italian restaurant and now the roadside food stall? Are they supposed to be supernatural beings or what? The older chap seems to be always making predictions about the 4 main characters. I don’t know if it is just me, but it feels like he is always pushing JS and JJ together.

    • yeah, it seems they are like “angels” looking over the others and all because they’re always making predictions about what’s going to happen, especially the older dude, and always refer to the others as “humans”…

  9. Thanks for the link Hillary! 🙂

    • Just passing on what someone passed on to me… The close captioning is not great (I realized when I was reading the recaps and then when I saw the subbed version that lines were missed, etc. ) but it worked well enough that I understood what was going on in MoonSun (and 100% better than my understanding of korean which is 0%). And I was surprised that it worked on a sangeuk, so I am hoping to have better results on a contemporary drama.

  10. Gosh the discussion here is getting lively. I believe that friends should not even think about dating current or ex-girlfriends of their friend. And if JS and Chanjin were friends as long as they were, Sora should have been immediately off limits once he discovered that Junsu and Sora were together 10 years ago, and started back dating now (even if Sora and Junsu have now broken up again). It is just an ethical block I have.

    • CJ never thought of SR as a woman for all these years and started dreaming about it only when JS showed up and told him SR is ‘a special woman’. But I don’t understand SR always leading CJ to believe she has feelings for him by keeping asking those stupid questions – you want to sleep with me?, or you see me as a woman?, especially to a womanizer. While JJ is all over JS, he didn’t bite. It takes a man to say NO.

      Everytime JS and SR has a misunderstanding, SR keeps using CJ to hurt JS. It’s perfectly sane for JS to be uncomfortable as opposed to some viewers thought. Otherwise, the man has a problem and a perfectly sane woman would want her man to be jealous. The relationship has to be special not just like a disposable plate, don’t care attitude is not good.

      Another thing is why does SR is not open with it with JJ. Mark your man especially with that JJ around. Her memory seems to be short. JJ keeps telling her don’t blame me for stealing JS since you are not dating at all.

      Most men would make you a woman SR easily, but the real man ‘not yet.’

      I wish JS man up a little bit. Give up SR, stand up to his old man and I run the place I want- get rid of JJ, Dir Sung, CJ or I’m outta here. JS has proven his skills by cutting cost when revenues are down which Chrmn Park likes.

      And show SR there are other better catch- go with the one that loves you per Akiko. Yoon Ji noona who isn’t married yet because the one she loves isn’t yet.

      We know JJ’s color, Dir Sung color but what is SR’s color?

      • I actually understand where Sora is coming from. I have friends who I feel so comfortable with that we flirt … and say things that could be misconstrued when heard by others. Sora is clueless to how CJ feels. So, if they had that kind of relationship (kidding, joking, flirting) where neither was interested in being a couple (or so she thinks), why would she change the way she talks to him now. Granted, when Junsu told her that he felt uncomfortable with her relationship with Chanjin, she did make some effort to change how she interacted with Chanjin (just not enough for Junsu … or me). I don’t think she intentionally used Chanjin to hurt Junsu… I think she leaned on her best friend (who happens to be Chanjin) as we all do when bad things happen to us (which hurt Junsu).

        I think Junsu has man(ned)-up … in a cold, Junsu way. He told his dad about Sora; he told Sora and Chanjin that he was uncomfortable with the relationship between them; he acknowledged that Sora was his girlfriend to the Ivy Leaguer that his father wants him to marry; he repeatedly rebuffed JinJu; he wanted Sora to go to the States with him and leave everything behind … He just hasn’t told his dad to take his job and shove it but I thought he was leaning in that direction before Sora broke up with him.

        I am still not going to watch any more raws (did not watch this week’s episodes … just the last 5 minutes of each) and will only follow through these recaps because I don’t like current direction of story.

      • Hehe, interesting posts Jack! I don’t agree with you but everyone sees things in different dimensions and yours may be valid as well! Here’s my take:

        1- The reason Sora asks Chanjin if he has interest in her is because it is an important point to her. She likes Junsu and Junsu likes her; but the reason the Chairman gave her to break up with Junsu was because she’d never match his status and because Chanjin likes her as well. Understanding the first reason and apprehensive because of the second, she took the step and broke up with Junsu. However, she also needs to be sure of her relationship with Chanjin in order to either maintain the same easygoing relationship with him or to give him an answer or closure on his feelings.. Does he really have interest in her? If he’d said yes, she’d probably have toned down the relationship on her end!

        2- It’s not yet clear who the person Yoo Jin likes is. I rather hope they show more of her! She was such an interesting character and a delight to watch! 😀

        3- Don’t judge Jinju as too bad! She had already given up on the Junsu because he was with Sora and at the beginning, rejects Director Song’s offer because she doesn’t want to “betray” her friend and even tries to make Sora realize she doesn’t want to break up with Junsu and helps her at a few times too. When she does decide to go ahead with Director Song, its because she’s broken over how dejected Junsu is and how Sora doesn’t seem the same.Not the bestest of friends I agree, but not truly evil either! We all make bad choices in our lives.

        4- The reason Chanjin goes through her drawers is because that paper is what Sora has been working on for sometime until she is removed from the special line and can no longer actually have faith in it or present it herself. Also, he didn’t take it for personal gain-he did it to help Junsu x Sora move further in their relationship.

        5- At the beginning, we’re made to think Chanjin never thought of Sora as a woman. However, its also revealed that Chanjin is a pro at hiding his feelings. From the very first episode, Chanjin shows care for her. The scenes where they show him starting to fall for her are actually indications that he’s unable to keep himself from hiding his feelings for her, the way he’s done in the past ten years. When he takes her to his mother’s grave, he confesses that when he first brought her here ten years ago, it was to introduce her to his mom (Introduction to the parent is a big deal- its a gesture of complete seriousness; you introduce the girl you want to marry to your parents) and his intention was to ask her out. However, it seems he never got the chance.

        6-Sora never leads Chanjin to believe she has feelings for him. They both recognize each other as their best friends. Like Hillary said, she leaned on her best friend! When someone’s feeling down because of something (work, life, love issues) you unconsciously turn to the best person at your side and need them to reinforce your belief in things. In Sora’s case, it is her confidence as a woman. Junsu ran away because he couldn’t sleep with her (nerves or whatever) but was running away really the best way, or the “real man” way to deal with it? She had to deal with the misunderstanding for ten years thinking she wasn’t good enough! I’ve mostly liked his character otherwise; but that was his fault and he’s a jerk for it! It left her with a lack of confidence in herself. Doesn’t help that her other boyfriend was just as bad. At times like these, she needs her best friend and turns to him. It’s what we all do when anything bad happens or when we’re sad and need someone to share it with. Her words are harmless because even Chanjin knows she only regards him as a friend. He;s never seriously given her an answer for those comments either.

        7-Sora has never used Chanjin to hurt Junsu.When has she ever done that? She even told him they would have to cut back on their friendship because she doesn’t want Junsu to be unhappy even though she tells Junsu there is no reason he should be worried about her and Chanjin! In fact, whenever Junsu Sora fought, Chanjin was there to smooth things over for them so that they could get back together. Who’s the one that told Sora to trust in the person you love no matter what? Junsu was the one who was needlessly jealous of Chanjin because of Sora and his father’s attitude. He’s okay with him and Yoon Ji being best friends and being close in front of Sora, but he can’t even stand the fact that Sora and Chanjin are best friends to each other? Sora defines her and Chanjin’s relationship really well; “He’s the one who stood by her and helped her in everything in the last ten years, when Junsu WASN’T there!” Furthermore, Chanjin is always pushing Junsu and Sora together so except for his own sense of insecurity, is there any other reason Junsu should be bothered?

        8-I love your end comment though “We know JJ’s color, Dir Sung color but what is SR’s color?” Director Song is shades of grey-a person with hidden motives but no one knows what. I’m not sure about Jinju. As for Sora, I think that depends on what decisions she makes here on and how things end for her… 🙂

        Phew, that was a long reply! :O 😀

  11. Sorry about my rambling but I just couldn’t stopping laughing on JS acting. Even a woman can slap better than him(right hand in pocket?). A real man would have slugged CJ and broke his jaw/nose and grabbed him by the collar and slammed him on the wall, glaring on him – don’t mess with me, you get it? Bastard (no pun intended).

    Give the PD/writers one too!!! for lame production.

    • why do you hate CJ so much, i mean he has been there for Sora and JS, he is not doing this just to hurt JS and take Sora, he is angry because he thinks that JS and the Chairman have been toying with him his hole life, so for now i dont think he is evil more like a real person i mean he is not an angel neither a demon

      • CJ knows SR and JS are a couple already so I don’t know what will CJ gets out of it. So he can smile to JS and say I got your woman ‘big brother’ whom he lives with most of his life? Why does SR and JS has to pay for whatever happened to his mother? The only thing that connects JS is he is the son and SR is the woman of the son. Does it makes him not-angry anymore? Happy? Good? I don’t think forcing a kiss on someone in grief is consoling/comforting at all.

        The classy woman has the most to benefit(not guaranteed) from it but this ‘noona’ nicely reminded CJ ‘he should be helping JS (from others like Dir Sung) but his coveting SR is not helping a bit’.

        No one knows for sure what exactly happened. JS just knows bits and pieces but these are just ‘someone heard from someone who heard it from someone..’ at best. Even Dir Sung had only a picture which proves nothing but they were together alive.

        The pain and sorrows of SR are all self inflected. If only she trust and believe JS and not others then it will be ok. She knows full well that JJ is telling a lie. BTW where are the lawyers Chairman Yoon? Lock this JJ in jail for fraud.

  12. Sora was built up to be a smart woman but disappointingly super idiot. She rejected/broke up with JS; but why act so desperate about it? Why would she even care at this point? Really.

    JS loves you Sora and you love him too so go with the ‘one that loves you’!!! Easy as 1+1. Why even ask CJ if he likes you, as a woman? I gues you are the type too who likes the sound of those sweet lies? Love is felt not heard. JS’s love is pure not calculated.

    I would rather have JS give up on Sora and the company as he wanted to. Get away from it all and go to the classy woman Jinyoo who loves you- she has an impeccable IVY league education and money so I don’t see any calculation there.

    Sora if you want to keep a secret keep it to yourself. If you need to tell someone ask first a promise not the other way around. And of all people, not to Jinju!!! Why even live with her in the first place when she stole your boyfriend, and you have lots of hints already she is doing all she can to get JS. For God’s sake, Sora wake up, open your eyes!!!

    Sora is so stupid that I guess she deserves CJ. Who on earth would go through your dresser/drawer and rummage through your personal stuff. Not once but twice because CJ returned that piece of paper.

  13. I was introduced to a website that allows you to stream live show and provides English captioning (have to register which takes seconds but it is free). I don’t know if it is available for Color of Woman which airs on Channel A at 21:20 (Mon and Tues) but it is worth a shot to try see if it is available (I am certainly going to check next week). They have all the other major Korean channels as well. I watched Thursday’s Moon Embracing the Sun episode 8 and was thrilled with it. You do have to have high speed internet as they stream at 596Kbps (high quality video) and the captioning rate is slower than the spoken dialogue but it was great to understand the show as I was streaming live. And I will still read your recaps as they often provide additional information that I missed. Link below.

    • Oh, wow Thanks so much! I’m gonna check this out this weekend for a drama I’m watching! (pray it works) Thanks for passing this link along!

      • Thanks for the link Hillary! I hope it works well for Color of Woman too! 🙂

        Thing is, the last four episodes are just before and in the middle of my exams so I probably won’t be able to recap them immediately because then, I’d be totally in the books 24/7! I will recap them once my papers are over (in the end days of Feb; 27-29th. Date sheet hasn’t come yet so aren’t too sure when) and everyone would be so anxious so I hope you guys can follow it well over there! I’ll post the link into a regular post before I leave too! 🙂

      • Good luck with your exams, H. And we understand. Hopefully Color of Woman is close captioned. So far, I have watched Moon Embracing the Sun (yes the sangeuk) and Ojakkyo Brothers using the close captioning. It worked really well with OB this weekend (much better than the sangeuk for obvious reasons) so we will see on Monday.

        Please note that the airing time (21:20 monday and tuesday) is for Seoul’s time, so you’ll will need to calculate when show is on based on your location (I am based in Chicago so it is around 7:20 am my time). I would sign in at least 30 minutes before it airs.

  14. wahhh.. i feel so pity with JS when he was in teary eyed reaction in the end of this episode! i also remember this scene in Sassy girl chun hyang and now i see it again here! Poor JS! 😦

  15. Luv ur recaps…Mahalo (:*

  16. Thank you for the recaps. Even though I am no longer watching the raw, I still want to know what happened.

  17. Thank you so muc for your recap. This really helps the non-speaking Korean. With subs not coming out (and we don’t know when), this really help the anxiety as what is going with this drama. I only have one word for Junsu, don’t make Sora cry anymore – gosh if you love her – admit it.

    • There’s no perfect relationship… if you’re in love sometimes you had to take a risk.. because if your not experience that your not in love or u don’t know how to love… i mean not all relationship is always be happy Sometimes there are trials that comes to your way to test your relationship.. 🙂

      Thank to your recap! Akiko 😉

    • Thanks Kaciemom! Hehe, I remember my own anxiety days well when I didn’t know the language and also had to wait anxiously for subs or reviews so things make sense! 😀

  18. Thanks Akiko for the time and effort you put in to recap this drama!
    Your work is very much appreciated..

  19. thank u thank u thank i am off to work thanks again, u made my day

  20. Thank you 🙂

  21. I love your recaps so damn much <333
    Thank youu !!! ❤

  22. Wow, I didn’t see any of this coming! (well, except for evil director to continue to try to stir things up) It’s seems unrealistic that Joon Soo wouldn’t immediately confront Jin Joo after the press conference? But then again, maybe he knows she’s not smart enough to come up with that plan to save the company on her own. (LOL – stupid is as stupid does)
    It also seems odd that Chan Jin would immediately believe a story about his mother & the Chairman without confirming it. (how to do that?) The cliche break-up warning from the Chairman was … cliche and – boring. So was SoRa doing the “self-sacrifice” thing but yea, it’s a drama so I’m not horribly surprised. *hee* None of these people ever talk to each other which is the biggest problem.
    Thanks again for recaps, very much appreciated!

    • Junsu doesn’t confront Jinju because he’s been told it was done by Director Song and Chanjin and Chanjin owns up to doing it as well. Maybe he’ll rip into her for following such orders in the next episode, but right now his mind is reeling because he’s torn about Chanjin being responsible for the whole thing.

      The Chairman scene-Yes, boring and cliche! He didn’t even have a very solid excuse! :S

      But the reason Chanjin believes Director Song’s words immediately is because she’s been going at him about it since the very beginning when he didn’t stop to listen but now, he even heard the Chairman admit he was responsible for his mother’s death. He’s especially vulnerable because suddenly, his world of belief in the people he trusted has collapsed. All his life, he thought of Chairman and Junsu as his benefactors-the ones to whom he owes everything for taking him out of a crisis and giving him a home after his mother died, but now that he knows they were responsible for it in the first place and hid the fact all these years, he’s bound to be angry and won’t approach Junsu and the Chairman easily or at least yet!

      Otherwise, yeah, in Kdramas, not talking to each other is the biggest and oldest problem in the book… hehe! 😀

      • Thanks for the explanation! This is why I’m camping out here because I know I’m missing major plot lines watching without subs. *hee* All of your observations and thoughts are spot on to me and I 100% agree. We’ll see what happens in coming episodes.
        I have to say … when JS slapped CJ, I laughed so hard. Confirmed my opinion of JS in that moment. *snicker*

  23. That was quick! Thank you so much, not just for your recap, but also your comments and analysis! It is much better than the rest of us trying to hazard a guess at what is going on by watching raw versions of ep16! It is so exciting… can’t wait for the episodes next week!

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