Color Of Woman Episode 15 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) I don’t have time to put up screen caps cause it’ll take me forever to copy paste and then insert them and it’s already 3:30 am here! Have to sleep, more studying to do tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy the recap!)

The title of Today’s Episode is “What should I do?” which is the same as the title song that runs at the end of every episode!

The episode starts with Sora desperately searching for a taxi as we hear Jinju’s voice in the background who called Sora and told her Chanjin was “unwell”; the words she uses actually means a lot of things- unwell, sick, hurting (in both literal and figurative sense). Meanwhile Junsu is staring at his cell and in a bad mood, probably because he’s waiting for her when his Dad walks in. Dad asks him where Yoon Ji is and Junsu tells him the person he wanted to introduce isn’t Yoon Ji.

What follows is the best scene ever! Sora runs in through the door and Jinju tells her Chanjin is running a  fever and probably sick so Sora and Jinju head over to check on him. Sora places her hand on his forehead and asks him if he’s hurting anywhere. Chanjin, in a bit of a daze, asks her why her hands are so cold-what’ll she do if she catches a cold and taking her hand, puts it inside the blanket. Jinju looks on in surprise. Sora tells him to get up; they’ll go to the hospital and helps him up.

Junsu tells his Dad there’s someone he loves and his dad already guesses its Sora. Dad doesn’t agree and asks him if he’s confident and certain Sora will only love him all her life. Dad admits he’s caused Junsu a lot of hurt but wants him to meet a better woman and asks why she hasn’t shown up. Junsu tells Dad she had a lot of work at the company. Dad comments “So you’re not first priority to her?” and tells Junsu to stop going to Director Park for answers. Junsu asks his father to say it outright to him then. Dad tells him Chanjin must never know the truth so he can never feel wronged. It’s for Junsu’s and Chanjin’s sake.

Junsu calls Sora but she left her phone home and Jinju tells her Sora forgot her phone home and will probably be back soon. Junsu asks where she is and then promptly shows up at home, asking her where Sora is. Jinju lies that she wasn’t feeling well so asked Sora to go out and buy her medicine. She pretends to have a dizzy spell and Junsu carries her to her bed and asks if she needs to go to the hospital. Jinju tells him it’ll be fine if she rests and asks him to stay by her side. He tells her he’ll stay with her until Sora comes back. Jinju goes to sleep.

At the hospital, Chanjin is sleeping and has a drip on his arm while Sora looks at the picture she discovered earlier in the envelope and remembers both Chanjin and Director Song’s words. Sora takes Chanjin’s hand and whispers his name.

At home, Jinju wakes up after a bit and Junsu has gone to sleep on the chair too. She watches him with a smile on her face and reaches out to touch him but stops herself.  She says out loud:

“Waiting for the person you like, it’s a little hard, isn’t it?”

At the hospital, Chanjin wakes up and smiles when he sees Sora sleeping by his side. When the door opens and the nurse walks in, he motions her to be quiet as she takes off his drip. When she’s gone, he puts a blanket around Sora, removing a strand of hair from her cheek and moves in for a kiss but stops at the last moment as he remembers Junsu and Sora’s words.

“Give up Sora.”

“I don’t want to make Junsu sunbae unhappy anymore.”

He walks away. Sometime later, Sora wakes up and looks around for Chanjin as her mobile buzzes. It’s Jinju, telling her Junsu’s fallen asleep waiting for her and asks her to hurry back. Belatedly, she realizes her appointment from last night and starts to head just as Chanjin walks in with drinks for them. Seeing her purse, he teases her he’s still a patient and she’s running off abandoning him. Before she can say anything, he smiles and tells her to hurry and go.

When Sora gets home, Jinju tells her she lied that she was sick so Sora went to get medicine and asks after Chanjin. Sora tells him he fell sick from stress. Jinju remarks Sora’s giving Chanjin medicine after making him sick. Sora goes in to check on Junsu. Watching him sleep, it seems she feels bad about missing the appointment today. Junsu wakes up and smiles when he sees her, calling out her name.

When she sees him out, he tells her she should’ve called if there was something and she couldn’t make it and she tells him she’s sorry. He tells her he was going to introduce her to his father today. She asks him to tell her in advance the next time. He tells her he’s doesn’t want to wait anymore and wants to be next to her every day. Back home, he finds Chanjin’s room empty and calls him up. Chanjin stares at the phone for a while before leaving it unanswered. Junsu proceeds to tidy Chanjin’s bed and is about to leave when he spots the couple cup and plant in the corner and reaches out to touch it.

Later, Chanjin wakes up and sees Sora sleeping next to him. He lightly plays with her hair and then pulls his hand back. When he reaches out again, she vanishes. He was imagining her. He puts his hand on the place where she was.

Next morning, when Chanjin comes home, Junsu tells him he should’ve called and told if he wasn’t coming home and asks if everything was okay. Chanjin tells him he spent the night at the hospital because he was unwell. Junsu tells him he should’ve called and told him and asks if he spent the night alone. Realizing Sora must not have told her, he nods. Junsu tells Chanjin he thinks of him as family and if he’s going to be like this, there’d be no point in living together. Chanjin says he thinks the same way which is why- but cuts himself off and then jokingly tells Junsu next time he’ll call him up and ask permission before falling sick.  Junsu laughs back and tells him not to fall sick or he’ll kill him.

As he pours water, Junsu asks what’s with everyone falling sick last night. When Chanjin asks who else fell sick, Junsu tells him he planned to introduce Sora to his Dad but Jinju was sick so Sora was taking care of her and missed the meeting. He asks Chanjin if he’ll be able to work and tells him to take his time in coming to the company, there’s no rush and take care of himself. Chanjin tells him he’s sorry for everything and Junsu tells him so is he.

At home, Sora’s making porridge and Jinju tells her her actions with Chanjin and Junsu are otherwise called two-timing. Sora tells her she doesn’t know anything and Jinju tells her she’s holding on to the hands of both and isn’t willing to let go of any one. Sora tells her to take the porridge to Chanjin but not to tell him she made it. Jinju tells him he won’t believe her and tells her to take it. Sora reminds her she was the one who said not to two-time and Jinju tells her to give up her first love then. Sora ignores her and is walking away when Jinju calls out to her, making Sora pause.

“You love Chanjin! I’m saying this just so you hurry and wake up!”

Chanjin meanwhile is talking to his “Sora” (the plant) when the bell rings. It’s Jinju with breakfast for him. She tells him he must have been pretty sick, looking at his face and Chanjin jokes “I’m sexy, right?” Before taking a bite, he asks Jinju if she really made it herself and she tells him she did. Soon after he takes the bite, he stops chewing and stares at her. Jinju wonders if there’s something wrong with it and takes a bite from her own bowl, realizing it’s delicious and involuntarily tells him Sora made it. He smiles as soon as she admits it. He knew it was hers even if Jinju didn’t admit it. He’s eaten a lot of her cooking. He eats the rest without a word. Jinju tells him to be honest with Sora. He asks Jinju if she’s okay. Jinju tells him she’s not and is simply pretending to be alright. It’s her pride. Her heart isn’t really in her control now. With these thoughts, she proceeds to eat her end of the portion and Chanjin reminds her she has a makeup shoot today. Dismayed that she this much already, she tells him she’ll go first and runs off, but not before she and Chanjin exchange a hearty “Hwaiting!”  

At work, Director Song is pissed (as usual) and calls for Sora to come to her office ASAP. While everyone’s having a meeting and preparing for the makeup shoot, Sora tells them it’s all because they have Jinju as their model which is why things are so well and they should support her when Sora is called. In the office, Director Song tells her she thought Sora was a smart person but must have been mistaken. Sora tells her she has to go prepare for the makeup session and asks the Director to say whatever she wants within ten minutes but Director Song tells her their matter has more importance than that. She presents Sora with the same photo Sora has already seen and asks if Chanjin is alright knowing his mother died because of Chairman Yoon. Sora tells her even if she asked Chairman Yoon anything about the matter he would want to know how she found out and asks Director Song if that is okay with her and says there’s no need for Junsu or Chanjin to know if Chairman Yoon hasn’t said anything. Director Song is left speechless.

Chanjin and Junsu meet up. Jinju’s having her makeup done when Sora comes up and Jinju is really relieved and happy to see her and asks if she’s looking strange. Sora teases her that she is; she’s looking adorable pretty and just like a queen! Once in her dress, Jinju tells Sora she’s feeling tears in her eyes continuously because she’s too happy. Her dream had always been to be a model. Even if this is a small modeling job, it’s something she’s dreamed of. Sora tells her she’ll admit it today- Jinju is pretty and the best and tells her to have confidence. Jinju says they just need a king to appear in front of her and it’ll all be just like a dream. Sora jokes – who knows the king might suddenly just appear! Well, Junsu does appear and Sora stares, surprised and taken back as he offers his hand to Jinju!

We cut back to see Chanjin suggested Junsu to escort Jinju. He tells Junsu it’s a great time to show the Chairman he’s capable of handling the company. The company is Junsu’s; even if the Chairman always takes pity on Chanjin and is encouraging him further, Chanjin thinks Junsu is best suited to the job. His words make Junsu frown but he agrees. Chanjin walks in on the three and Sora tells Jinju it’s a great marketing idea. Junsu proceeds to help Jinju with her jewellery and although Sora doesn’t say anything, Jinju catches her looking sad and takes the jewellery from Junsu and puts it on herself. The event is going on smoothly and well. Finally it’s Jinju’s turn to be brought out and Junsu escorts her on stage. There, she almost stumbles and Junsu catches her while reporters click away on their cameras. When the reporters ask him why he’s finally coming out and endorsing the event himself when he’s always stayed away from spotlight, Junsu puts his hand around Jinju’s waist as he answers. When they ask why they chose Jinju as the model, Junsu says that whoever sees it, Jinju is the most beautiful woman. Sora can’t help but feel dejected so Chanjin puts his arm around her shoulder and simply pats her as she frowns. Junsu sees them like this and his smile falters a bit. Later in the washroom, Sora remembers Junsu and Jinju and tells herself “It’s all work. It’s all work!”

While everyone is standing in the hallway discussing the success of the day, Jinju is tiredly walking out and not seeing where she’s headed, topples a heavy ladder. Sora and Chanjin are standing in its path. Sora falls and Chanjin stops the ladder but hurts his arm. As everyone moves away and Junsu straightens the ladder, Chanjin grips his arm in pain and Sora turns to him in worry, asking if he’s okay. Junsu stops for a bit when he sees them and even though Sora looks up and sees Junsu, her mind doesn’t register his expression and she turns back to Chanjin in worry while Chanjin plays it off and says he’s okay.

At home, Sora applies medicine on his arm while Jinju gives him tea and tells him she’s sorry. Chanjin tells her his mood is great, he’s getting special service from two women and turns to Junsu, teasing “Envy me?” Junsu tells him thanks for saving Sora. Chanjin tells him it goes without saying, Sora’s an important person to him too, after all, they’re friends and Junsu watches on as they joke around with each other. Here, Sora lets slip about Chanjin at the hospital but I’m not sure Junsu notices as he doesn’t say anything.

Director Song is pissed again. The event was a success and throws the paper away. Her secretary, while picking up the paper, seems to have an idea and runs out to find a camera in their work desk. There, Jinju is enjoying watching the pictures from yesterday and the secretary takes the camera to Director Song. It has pictures of Junsu and Jinju from the day they spent the night at the hotel. Director Song is a little too pleased by the development.

The next day, the pictures and scandal is all over the newspaper. The shop manager and his lackey discuss the turn of events and converse what’s going to happen next. Sora meanwhile is at a convenience store and sees the paper. So does Chairman Yoon, who is reported the news by Director Song. She tells Chairman Yoon the problem is Byun Sora and Chanjin. Chairman is surprised at Chanjin’s mention. Director Song tells him Sora and Chanjin have had a relationship for ten years. Chairman Yoon says he heard they were friends. Director Song says they’re not. Chanjin has also lived at her place. The Chairman is shocked. Director Yoon makes it better by saying that Sora is the reason the relationship between Junsu and Chanjin could get bothered and tells him the only way to remove Sora from their life is through using Jinju.

At the office, the phones wail away with questions by reporters. Sora stares at the pictures on the internet too. Jinju comes to see Sora and they go out for a bit. Jinju asks Sora if she hates her but Sora says she already knew everything so it’s okay and asks if Junsu said anything. At the same time, Junsu is in his office worrying about what to do regarding the scandal and tells Chanjin he was planning to propose to Sora. Sora walks in a bit later and Chanjin goes out to give them privacy as they talk. Junsu tells her he’s sorry and she tells him it’s not his fault. He’s surprised she’s not angry and she tells him its because she believes him and he thanks her before saying they should get married. They decide to meet elsewhere after work and Sora promises she’ll show up for sure. When she walks out from there, Jinju tells her Chairman Yoon asked for her number. Soon after it rings and next thing, she shows up at the Chairman’s house with a basket of fruit in hand as well.

Before getting off of work, Jinju goes to see Chanjin who rushes out of there, making a call. As soon as she’s face to face with the Chairman, her phone rings. It’s Chanjin but she turns off her phone. Chanjin reaches to the Chairman’s home in a hurry. At home, Jinju is a wreck of nerves as even Chanjin isn’t answering her phone. Next thing we see Sora heading to meet Junsu with a sad expression.

Inside, she tells him she has something to give him. Junsu admits he does too. What he has are couple rings. With a heavy expression, Sora gives Chanjin her seal and a credit card and tells him they should break up.

The episode ends!

Guys, the next episode is going to be awesome! I saw the preview and was totally blown away by the changes coming up! Hehe!! Can’t wait to get started on it! 😀 

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  1. Thanks again!!

    “Director Song is pissed (as usual)”

    > So true lol I’d like to see this actress in other dramas or movies, just to see her with different roles, not as the “bad” character :p

    Off topic but I find it cool that there’s a foreigner (non Asian) in a Korean drama. He’s good-looking but not interesting (of course, very minor role).

    As for the main characters, it’s getting more and more interesting. Will Chanjin reveal his feelings to Sora no matter what Junsu had told him?
    And Junsu’s female “friend”…what’s her “agenda”? Hm, interesting, we’ll know that in due time 🙂

    • Hehe, sometimes I can’t help but put in the comments just as I rattle them off while watching the drama! 😀

      In an indirect way, Chanjin has already told Sora how he feels at his mother’s memorial. Only thing is, she doesn’t realize he is serious. Now with the Chairman telling her as much again, she might realize it is true after all but I think there’s little chance Chanjin will say anything again… He doesn’t seem like he will make a move on her when she’s still broken up over Junsu. He is helping her put the relationship behind her, but he’s not asserting his own feelings on her in the process! *God, I love his character!!* 🙂 🙂

      I wish they show more of Junsu’s female friend too! She was used in a very interesting manner and I’d like to see more of where she’s coming from!

  2. if CJ and SR will end up at the end of this drama, i feel so bored rewatching it again… 😦
    i like CJ… but i like him for SR as a close friend, great friend or a lover for awhile haha it’s sound selfish o.O … but i want SR and JS at the end!!!! ;)))

    BTW Thanks for the recap!!! ^^

    • Your welcome Kc! 🙂

      Who knows what might happen in the end but I love that even though Chanjin does kiss Sora at the end of Episode 16 it’s not for selfish purposes or to make a move on her but that he’s actually doing it as her friend, helping her move things along the way she wants them to go! *_*

  3. Thank you so much for your quick recaps (actually, thank you for recapping this drama … period). I mentioned your site on Dramabeans’ Open Threads because there were several people who watch Color of Woman and became discouraged at the lack of subbed episodes. Since viki pulled this drama, no one seems to be subbing. At least with the recaps, we could watch raw and understand what is going on.

    I think that I will just be reading the recaps until Sora and Junsu gets back together. Don’t think I can handle episodes 15 and 16 until I see where this drama is going.

    • Thanks a lot for the mention at Dramabeans, Hillary! That is one of the best drama recapping sites I’ve seen to date on the internet (I stopped searching around once I found DB! hehe)

      I’m glad I can help you guys out in understanding the drama! It’s the first time I’m attempting recaps and thanks to you guys, it’s been a wonderful experience so far! 🙂

      And you might get your wish in the end and Sora and Junsu might be the final couple after all! Let’s see what the upcoming episodes’ll bring! 😉

  4. what did the chairman said to Sora?anyone have a clue?

  5. Yes, I agree. I want SR-CJ together, but I do feel sorry when I watched the bits where JS was so sad and devastated. I think the writers are doing a good job messing with our brains! 🙂 There are some parts of the plot/scenes that make you think SR loves CJ, but she is not aware of it yet and JS may start to have feelings for JJ. Now I am not sure and think they will separate SR and JS for a bit and to bring them together at the end. It looks like CJ may turn nasty/vengeful (normally, a bad guy will not get the girl in k-drama). Agree he is a cutie and a great actor too!
    Thank you Akiko for the quick and detailed recap!!!

  6. Woohoo! Thank you so much for this recap!

    Ya know, I’m a die-hard SoRa/Chan Jin shipper however, watching & listening to SoRa cry in this episode made me realize how much she loves Joon Soo. *sigh* Okay, so they’re probably going to get back together. (I’m giving in on this ship) Both SoRa and Joon Soo broke my heart.
    Does anyone wanna bet the other ring has the initials “B S” on the inside? (for Byun So Ra) I still wish she’d end up with Chan Jin, I adore the way he fawns over her and looks at her…*shiver* He’s a cutie-pie.

    • Hehe,the JSxSR ship is looking more likelier to make port at this moment so your change of heart came at the right moment! 😉 I’m still torn between the two! 😦

      The reason I love Chanjin for her is because he’s the one who understands her best and is always nudging her forward, unlike Junsu who wants himself to be more important to her than anything else. I get his logic; in love you wanna be the everything of the person you like but rather than making someone (who already values the other things in their life) put everything aside for yourself, its better if you walk with them and appreciate them as they are! What say? 😉

  7. Thank you so much, you must have worked really hard to complete this recap so quickly! Your readers greatly appreciate it!

  8. speechles…the drama just started

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